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Bonnie and Ron Pt. IX
by Doug4Dirt

<after they got through with me>

Bonnie crawled off of me, and wandered over to her sister. "That was so great, I can't believe you were fucking him that hard, I could feel every thrust up my ass as well."

"Well, once I started, it began to feel natural, not that I'd want to, but I could get into that fucking part, pretty easy."

"Here, let's clean up and go see what Momma's doing, let me help you off with that." Bonnie bent down and knelt in front of Donna, pulling the rubber g-string down from around the dildo. "Oh, Donna, I know you don't want me to, but I'm gonna take the dildo out of your pussy."

"That's okay, Bonnie, I need a break, that thing really fucks back, my pussy is stretched." Bonnie slid the dildo from my wife's pussy, and I watched as she took a little longer than necessary. 'Oh, Bonnie, don't tease me, go ahead, take it out, give my pussy a rest from that monster."

"Donna, your pussy looks so beautiful, I need to eat you, eat you again, oh, Donna, I love your pussy!" Bonnie had pulled the dildo out of her sister's pussy, and it had spread Donna's pussy lips so wide that it gapped open. "Oh, Donna, I can't help myself, oh, I love your pussy so much, oh, mmmmm!" Bonnie buried her face into Donna's crotch and began to lick and suck her sister's pussy. I watched as Donna leaned back against the wall of the shower and held her sister's head with both hands.

"Oh, Bonnie, yes, oh, yes, lick me, suck me, eat my pussy, make me cum, I need to cum, oh, yes, that's it, oh, yes, your finger, my asshole, oh, now two, eat me, suck my clit, ahhh!" Donna held Bonnie's face to her pussy and shuddered. I looked down and saw a dribble of pussy juice flow out of Bonnie as well, obviously performing oral sex on her sister had done the trick, and she was cumming, too.

"Now, let's go get Momma, I bet she needs a shower after those clowns shot their cum all over her this morning!" Donna helped Bonnie to her feet, and holding hands, they walked over to one of the shower stations, and Bonnie turned on the water. The sisters rinsed each other off, lingering occasionally at the various erogenous zones, fingering, probing, touching, feeling. "That's good, I feel better just feeling the water rinse me off, we can take a longer shower, together, later."

"Wait, before we go, I have a present for you." "I never thought I'd get to use them, but, now, since we are getting so close, well, I hope you like it." Bonnie reached into one of the drawers and pulled out matching pink and purple butt plugs. "Do you like it, they feel so good, I use one all the time, can I help you put it in?"

"But, Bonnie, what, why, oh, okay." Bonnie had stuck one of the 6" long rubber plugs into her own pussy, and fucked herself until the thing was fully lubricated. She then bent over, with her butt toward Donna, and worked the slickened purple plug all the way up her ass, as Donna watched and wondered. "Oh, I see, does it really feel that good?"

"Just feel it, it's almost like having a dick in your ass as you walk around, and as you walk, it works itself in and out." Donna bent over, facing her sister. Bonnie gave her sister's asshole an eating out, sticking her tongue deep into it, and leaving a slick of spit. She then stuck the rubber plug into her own mouth and sucked on it, leaving it coated with her saliva as well. Bonnie then placed the tip at the entrance to Donna's asshole and worked the plug in, slowly, as my wife wasn't nearly as adept at ass fucking as her sister was. "See, isn't that great, now, straighten up and take a few steps."

"Yes, I love it, oh, man, I could get used to feeling like this, that's nice." Donna wiggled her ass as she walked around the shower, adjusting to being filled, feeling the sensations. "Let's go, this feels so good, I can't wait to walk around outside with it stuck up my ass." Donna gave the plug a little push with her hand, and looked over at her sister.

They left, hand in hand, heading off toward the door that led from the Master Bedroom to the pool. For some reason, I felt the urge to take a shit, having Donald's load still buried somewhere up my ass, packed even further by Donna. I found Donald's private toilet area, and closed the louvered door behind me. The custom-made toilet was not only padded, but reclined. After I had shit, and cleaned up, I lay back and dozed off.

"There she is, still, look at her, the cum has dried all over her, we need to take her in and clean her up." "Momma, get up, here, let us help, Momma, you need a bath."

"No, I need another fucking, that felt so good this morning, the boys were so good. I can't believe I had every one of my holes filled with a dick."

"Come with us, Momma, let's go take a shower, at least you'll be clean and have all this cum washed off."

The sisters took their Mother by the hand and walked back into the house, toward the Master Bath, each one of the sisters wiggling their ass on the deeply inserted butt plugs. "Momma, you are going to just love this, Bonnie's shower room is so cool!"

As they entered, the small talk and jabbering woke me up, and I peered out through the slats in the louvered door. I had a perfect view of the lounge in the middle of the shower enclosure.

"Here, Momma, let me turn on the water for you, come over here, get under this one, and rinse off, there you go." Bonnie herded her mother under one of the showerheads and began to rinse her off, rubbing the dried cum off with her hands. "Oh, Momma, we shouldn't have left you out there so long, this stuff is like glue."

"Yeah, but it was so much fun getting it put on me, those boys sure know how to treat a woman."

"Momma, they fucked you in the pussy, in your ass, shot cum in your mouth and left you out there by yourself, now what kind of treatment is that?"

"Good sex treatment, that's what, I've never felt so fulfilled in all my life." I can still feel all three dicks, poking and spurting, it was so great." "But, oh, my, what are you are you two doing, oh, that feels good, too, yes, oh, you can rub me clean anytime you want!"

"Here, Mother, now it's starting to come off, Donna, that's it, you get that side, this cum that's on her tits is really sticky, I wonder who's it is?" Bonnie put her fingers to her mouth and tasted. "Hmmm, if I didn't know better, I'd say this was your husband's!" Donna looked at her with a faint expression of disgust.

I watched as Donna and Bonnie continued to rub their hands all over their Mother's body, and watched the expression on Beth's face, and the attention to her tits, butt, and pussy hair was starting something. "Oh, girls, that feels so good, that's it, oh, yes, rub me there, yeah, oh, yes." Beth took Bonnie's hand and placed it over her pussy, and Bonnie instinctively curled her fingers under Beth's crotch. "That's it, oh, yes, again, Bonnie, yes, play with me, I can still remember when you kissed me there, it was almost as good, oh, yes, that's it." Beth held Bonnie's hand tight to her pussy, and obviously, Bonnie was in the right spot.

"Mother, Bonnie, what are, I don't, have you?"

"Oh, yes, Donna, I've had quite an experience since I've been here, I don't think there's anything sexual that I could add?" "Come here, darling, kiss your Mother's tits, help your sister, oh, yes, now, yes, suck my tits, ahhhh!" Donna leaned in and began to nuzzle and nurse on her Mother's nipples, one of her hands snaking behind her Mother to rest on the crack of her ass. Bonnie, in the meantime, was on her knees in front of her Mother's crotch, spreading her pussy lips, looking closely at Beth's rapidly moistening slit. "Oh, yes, that's it, oh, Bonnie, eat me, eat my pussy again, it feels so good, so good!"

Bonnie buried her face between her Mother's thighs and began to lick and suck. As she bent over, I could see the butt plug firmly in place. Donna was still working on her Mother's tits, kissing all over them, under them, under her armpits, devouring anything that tasted like breast flesh. "Oh, I need to be fucked again, where are the boys when you need them, I need a dick, in my pussy, and, oh, Donna, is that you, is that your finger, oh, yes, that's it, finger my asshole, oh, I need two dicks!"

From my vantagepoint, I could see the two daughters attacking their Mother's body, and I watched as Beth went limp from a massive orgasm. Bonnie continued to lick and slurp up the pussy juices that flowed out of her Mother's pussy, her hands now spreading Beth's ass cheeks to enhance her sister's attention to their Mother's asshole. Bonnie leaned back to catch her breath. "Momma, we could fuck you, Donna and I could take care of you."

"What, how, I don't understand?"

"Donna, let's show Momma, let's do it, let's both fuck her." "Here, Momma, lay down over here, that's it, just like that, you just wait." Bonnie went to the drawer unit and pulled out another of the rubber g-strings to match the one they had left on the shower floor. "Come on, Donna, you know how this works."

"Yeah, but it feels so much better when you do it to me, come here, Bonnie, you fuck that dildo into my pussy, I want to feel you fucking me." Bonnie crawled over to where her sister was standing and dove her face into Donna's pussy. "Oh, yeah, get me ready, make me wet, make me cum, eat me, yes, suck my pussy, oh, yes!" Bonnie grabbed the dildo they had used on me and brought to the gapping slit of her sister. "Oh, yes, that's better, oh, it feels so different with that plug in, I'm so full, oh, Bonnie, thank you, thank you!"

Bonnie lay back on the shower floor and spread her legs. "Now it's my turn, eat me, Donna, eat my pussy and fuck me with that dildo." I'm not sure Donna and Bonnie had the same idea, as Donna approached the reclining Bonnie, and, instead of diving face first into her crotch, brought her already connected dildo to bear on Bonnie's pussy. "What are you doing, Donna, what, oh, my, yes, yes, fuck me, yes!" Donna placed the tip of her dildo at the entrance to her sister's pussy, and pushed, burying the plastic fuck stick. Bonnie just lay back, reached down to Donna's butt, and pulled her all the way in. "Ah, fuck me, fuck me hard, oh, yes, make me cum."

Beth looked on as her daughters were engaged in sexual intercourse on the floor in front of her. "Here, Bonnie, take it, yes, now, oh, I can't believe I'm fucking you, fucking your pussy, I'm gonna make you, oh, my, and me, cum, yes, oh, fuck, take it Bonnie, take it!" Donna's hips were a blur as she slammed the dildo into her sister's pussy, and Bonnie helped by pulling her in on each stroke. "I'm cumming, are you ready, yes, here, now, oh, yes!"

Bonnie stiffened as here sister jammed the dildo deep into her pussy and held it there. "Oh, my goodness, I cannot believe you just fucked me like that, that was great!" "Now, eat me, eat my pussy, taste the feast you just created!" Bonnie reached up to her sister's shoulders, and pushed and pulled simultaneously. Donna's face ended up at Bonnie's crotch, and she dove in. As she bent over, you could see her butt plug straining to pop out, but apparently the shape prohibited it. Donna slid her hands under her sister's ass cheeks and lifted her pussy to her mouth, her tongue replacing the dildo as she continued to fuck Bonnie's pussy.

Beth lay back on the lounge and began to finger herself, watching the sapphic exhibition of her daughters. "This is all well and good, and I hope you both are having a good time, but I thought I was the one who was going to get fucked!" Donna lifted her face from her sister's pussy, and Bonnie looked up as well. "Are you two gonna take care of you old Mother, or am I going to have to take care of myself, like I did before the boys got up this morning?"

"Oh, Momma, no, we're sorry, we just kind of got carried away." Bonnie reached over and handed another double dildo to Donna and lay back as her sister buried half of it into her pussy. "Ah, another dick, oh, how sweet, I could live with a dick in both holes all the time." "Here, Donna, help me on with this, thanks, now the snap, okay, I'm ready."

"Now, what is it that I have to do to get fucked?"

"Here, Momma, move over here for a second, Donna's going to lay down, that's it, like that, and here, you get, yah, see, now, squat." Donna lay on her back, in a similar position to the one I had occupied earlier, and her Mother climbed on top of her, and buried the dildo into her pussy. "Now, see, is that good, oh, Momma, that is so much dick, can you handle it?" Beth just wiggled a little more and dildo disappeared.

"Yes, that feels good, now what, what are you going to do?" Bonnie had leaned into her Mother's upraised asshole and began to lick and suck on it, sticking her tongue deep into Beth's ass. "Oh, darling, that feels great, oh, yes, is that, oh, my, your tongue, my ass, oh, yes!" Satisfied that her Mother was ready for an ass fucking, Bonnie stood up and aimed the dildo as her Mother's wide-open asshole.

"Momma, I'm going to fuck you in the ass with mine, fuck you until you scream!" And with that, Bonnie carried out her plan, the two sisters making a fuck sandwich out of their Mother. Bonnie pushed into her Mother's butt, and then Donna would push back on her Mother's shoulders, in kind of a seesaw motion. One would force the dildo up her ass, the other into her pussy. Beth's tits flopped in front of Donna's face, and she would grab at one, then the other with her lips and teeth, occasionally catching one and chewing or sucking.

As I had rummaged around in the various drawers in Donald's private toilet, I came across something that, while not necessarily unexpected, it was certainly unusual. Behind a stack of face clothes and hand towels was a brand new, in the wrapper, black butt plug, apparently identical to the one's the sister's were enjoying. Next to it was new tube of anal lubricant. I leaned back on the toilet, fingering my asshole with the lubricant, and watched the sisters continue to double fuck their Mother.

"Oh, yes, that's it, fuck me, fuck me, oh, that feels so good!" Beth rocked back and forth between her two daughters, getting fucked and, in a way, fucking as her actions would drive the dildoes back into the sister's pussies. There were common and unique moans and whines as respective erogenous spots were alternately stimulated.

I worked the butt plug into my ass, and settled back to let my asshole relax and get used to the rubber plug. I had a raging hard-on and my balls ached from arousal, but I had hesitated to jack off, hoping I might find something to do with a massive load of cum. Now, with my asshole full of silicon rubber, I really needed relief. From my vantagepoint, all the holes were full. Both of Beth's, with the two-sister dildo act, and both sisters, with a combination of dildoes and butt plugs. Beth's mouth gapped open on each thrust of Bonnie's dildo up her asshole.

I had an idea!

As I walked toward the shower area, feeling the actions of the butt plug on my prostate, I began to stroke my dick, getting myself closer to cumming as I walked. The daughters continued to rock their Mother back and forth, and from the moans, sighs, and other sounds, they were all getting close. To my advantage, Bonnie and Donna both had their eyes closed, in concentration, so I was able to enter the area undetected. Beth's eyes were closed as well, in anticipation of her own orgasm.

The combination of steam within the shower enclosure and the distraction of their actions gave me a perfect cover. I maneuvered around to where I was directly opposite Beth. As her two daughters rocked her back and forth, I moved closer, continuing to jack off, until the tip of my dick was only inches from my mother-in-law's lips. Pre-cum was literally dripping off the tip as I waited for the proper timing.

Beth hunched Donna's dildo and held herself down, an orgasm about to be released from deep within her. "Oh, yes, I'm going to cum, hold that, right there, that's it, Donna, stick that thing deep into my pussy!" Bonnie continued to pound her dildo into her Mother's asshole, and her actions caused Beth's head to bob back and forth. "Yes, yes, fuck me, make me cum, oh, fuck me!"

As Beth held her position, her mouth gaping open, I touched her lips with the pre-cum soaked tip of my dick. She opened her eyes, and looked up, to meet mine. I smiled; she smiled and winked at me. She slowly opened her mouth wide, and stuck out her tongue. I rested the head of my dick on her outstretched tongue and began to cum, slowly pumping my load into her open mouth.

Beth would shut her eyes and then close her lips over the tip of my spurting cock as she retracted her tongue to swallow. After having watched the three women show for almost an hour, my balls were full, and I let Beth have the entire measure. After she would swallow each burst, she would open both her eyes and her mouth again, and I'd shoot another load, as we would make eye contact.

I don't think either of the sisters knew what was going on, as their collective focus was on fucking their mother, and fucking themselves with the double dildoes. I finished cumming, and stuck the tip of my dick all the way into Beth's mouth one last time. She gave me one more suck, to make sure nothing was left. As I backed away, she mouthed "Thank you" to me and smiled. I mouthed "You are quite welcome", turned and left the shower area.

Donna shook under her Mother as her orgasm exploded; Bonnie rammed her dildo into her Mother's ass and held it as pussy juice sprayed from around her end of the dildo. "Oh, yes, that's it, that's all I can take, oh, girls, that was great, I feel so fulfilled, so fucked, oh, thank you, thank you!"

Bonnie backed away from her Mother's butt, and helped her Mother climb off her sister. Donna just lay there, as I had earlier, the pussy juice soaked dildo sticking straight up in the air. Bonnie and Beth sat on the edge of the lounge and hugged. Bonnie turned to their Mother, and they kissed, Bonnie's tongue snaking around her Mother's open mouth. Donna joined them, sitting to her Mother's other side.

A look of surprise flashed across Bonnie's face. "Here, Donna, kiss your Mother, go ahead, you just fucked her, the least you can do is give her a kiss." Donna complied and shared her tongue with her Mother as well. Bonnie looked on as her sister's face registered a similar reaction to her own. "Momma, you need to brush your teeth, I can still taste cum in your mouth, even after all this time!"

I looked back over my shoulder, made sure the butt plug was secure, and headed for the swimming pool to cool off.


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