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Bonnie and Ron Pt. V
by Doug4Dirt

<Weeks later>

Bonnie and I work in the same industry, and occasionally would see each other at business development conferences. As I walked into the lobby of the convention hotel, Bonnie caught sight of me and motioned me over. Discretely handing me her room key, she whispered: 'My room, thirty minutes!"

I knew what she wanted, and had to place my briefcase in front of me to hide the almost instantaneous erection.

I checked into my room, stored my clothes and luggage, and proceeded to do as directed previously. I knocked on her door and got no answer, so I used the key to let myself in. As I closed the door behind me, and walked further into the room, I heard the toilet flush.

Setting down my briefcase, I turned to see a totally naked Bonnie emerge from the bathroom.

"I need to talk to you!"


"About a couple of things, but first, I think you know what I need!"

"And what makes you think I'm interested?"

"Because I saw you get hard as soon as I gave you my room key!" "Now get undressed and get on this bed!"

As I proceeded to follow Bonnie's orders, she crawled up on the bed and began to finger herself and play with her tits. Her hands manipulated her various body parts, and her actions showed me that she could excite herself quite sufficiently.

"You still want it up the ass?"

"You better believe it!" "I've been looking forward to this conference every since we left Ron's." "I keep thinking that I'm going to ask Donald to do it, but then, why spoil the excitement you and I have together."

I watched as she scooped pussy juice with her fingers and applied it to her asshole. I crawled up behind her, as she reclined on her right side, and began to jack off. A blob of pre-cum formed on the tip of my dick and I moved in closer. Bonnie, by now, had three fingers up her ass, getting ready.

She motioned to a bottle of lubricant on the side table. "I want you to just stick it in and wait, don't fuck me just yet, I need to talk to you, but I think we can talk while you're in me!"

She pulled her hand away from her ass and replacing her fingers with my lubricated dick, it slid right in.

"Oh, that's it, stuff your dick up my ass, oh, yeah, deeper, all the way, oh, oh, yeah!"

I slide inside her and worked my way in and out until my balls rested against her butt cheek.

"Not too much, now, I don't want you to cum just yet, but, my how good that feels!" "I can make myself cum by finger-fucking my own ass, but nothing takes the place of your dick!" "That's it, just hold it in me, don't move any more than you have to."

"So, what did we need to talk about?" "You planning to go public to Donald?"

"Oh, no, I told you this was too much fun, and I still need to work on Donald." "I know he's attracted to Donna, but I think he's concerned that you and I might not understand."

"Understand what, that you and he are attracted to your own sister?"

I felt her start to squirm and shifted my position to accommodate her.

"No, but that's kind of what I want to talk to you about." "Oh, but wait, I'm going to cum, just the feeling of your dick in my ass is going to make me cum!" "Don't move, I don't want you to cum yet, but, oh, oh, oh," I watched as she dropped her hand to her clit and finger fucked herself to an orgasm. "Fuck, that felt good!" "I can't believe that just having your dick in my ass made me cum!"

I could feel what she was talking about, as a dribble of pussy juice flowed out, over her leg, and onto mine.

"What I need to talk to you about, is, well . . ."

"Well, what?"

"I think I've found another woman, one who will let me eat her pussy, one that I think will also eat mine."

"Okay, so what does that have to do with me?"

"I want to eat her while you have your dick in my ass, I want to sixty-nine with her and have you fuck my ass while she eats me." "Oh, don't move, I'm going to cum again, oh fuck, oh cum, oh . . ."

I felt her wiggle and shake as another orgasm passed through her.

"Will you do it, will you fuck me in the ass, will you do it with another women in the room?"

"Well, I've already done it with my wife in the room, would this be any different?" "Do I know this person?"

"Well, as a matter of fact, you do, it's Deidre!"

"Deidre?" "Are you kidding me?" "You mean to tell me she's a dyke?" "What makes you think she'll eat your pussy?"

"Well, she and I were at lunch the other day, and I kind of hinted around at it, you know we go way back?"

"And she just up and volunteered that you could eat her pussy?"

"Well not really, but she did acknowledge that she was as curious as I am about it."

"But curious and carrying it out are two separate things!"

"Look, you let me handle it!" "What I need to know is, if I get her in my room, will you join us?"

Deidre is a petite Asian American, and quite attractive. Married, and with a young daughter, I knew that she had a good time at conference social functions, but never thought of her as being bisexual, or even promiscuous.

"After the cocktail reception, I was planning to go straight back to my room." "If you want me to join you, give me a call, but not too late!"

"Okay, now fuck me, fuck my ass as hard as you can and give me a load of cum!"

As I pulled out to begin stroking my dick up her asshole, I started thinking about how authoritarian Bonnie had all of a sudden become, and decided to take out a little of my frustration on her.

"You want it bad?"

"Oh, yeah, fuck me deep, fuck me hard, fuck my ass!"

"Okay, get ready!"

With that, I plunged my dick back into her ass so hard that it took her breath away.

"Oh, yeah, that's it, fuck me hard, I need to feel your cum, I need you to make me cum, oh fuck me, fuck me!" She dropped her hand back onto her own pussy, and began to vigorously finger her clit.

I stroked in and out with a vengeance, going full length, and then pulled almost all of the way out. I held Bonnie's hips and used my arms for leverage.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh!" Bonnie groaned each time I pumped into her. "Oh please, fuck me harder, harder, deep in my ass, I need your cum in my ass, oh yes!"

Bonnie's right hand was working her pussy and clit, rubbing up and down, occasionally smearing pussy juice up onto her tits, taking her hand into her own mouth, licking it clean and stuffing it back into her dripping cunt. Her left hand had snaked under and behind her back and her fingers tickled at my balls as they bounced off her butt.

"I need you to cum, oh please cum, cum in my ass, fuck me hard in my ass!"

I was ready, my balls were swollen and full of cum. "Okay, are you ready?"

"Oh fuck me, let me feel your cum in my ass, oh fuck me deep!"

About two or three more strokes and I was history. I buried my dick as deep as I could and shot.

"Oh your cum, I feel your cum, oh, yeah, your cum in my ass!"

I felt her start to shudder, with an impending orgasm, as she wiggled under my dick.

"Oh, stay in my ass, I'm going to cum, oh fuck, I'm going to cum, oh, oh, ah!" As once before, a stream of pussy juice shot out between her fingers and onto our collective crotch area. Again, she scooped up a handful and licked her hand clean, repeating this action until almost all of the flow was gone.

As she relaxed, my now limp dick popped out of her ass, followed by a stream of cum.

"That has to be the biggest load you have ever shot up my ass!" "That was tremendous!"

"Well, hopefully, I'll be able to repeat later on tonight."

"I'm counting on it!

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