The Best Erotic Stories.

Bonnie and Ron Pt. VI
by Doug4Dirt

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"In here, look in here!"

Bonnie led me to the bathroom and pointed to the toilet. "Look at your cum mixed with my shit!" "Doesn't it look cool?"

"You got me up, at 5:45, to show me your shit?"

"Yeah, can you believe that I shit your cum?" "That was a great load of cum you shot in my ass last night, I thought it was big, now I know!"

"Great, now I don't need to be anywhere until 9:00, can I go back to bed?"

"No, we need you to take care of something else."


"Deidre needs to shit too!"


"She wants to shit your cum, just like I did, she wants you to fuck her in the ass before she takes a shit this morning, we need you, we need your cum in her ass!"

"Are you serious?" "You want me to fuck her ass at the same time that she needs to take a shit?"

"She's on the bed right now, I've already eaten her pussy, I've had most of my hand up her butt, I can feel a big turd, and she wants to shit your cum!"

"And what are you going to do while I fuck her ass, and fight her turd with my dick?"

"I'm going to eat her sweet, sweet pussy, and she's going to eat mine." "Now, let's go, I want to watch you fuck her ass, I need to see your dick in her ass!"

Deidre was already face down on the bed, head in a pillow. Bonnie crawled onto the bed and stuck her face squarely into Deidre's ass, and started to lick. I slid out of my shorts and shirt and moved up onto the bed, my growing erection directed toward Deidre's face.

As she opened her eyes to the movements on the bed, she also opened her mouth. I slipped my semi-erect dick between her lips and started to fuck her mouth.

I looked to my left and watched as Bonnie attacked Deidre's asshole with her tongue. As she dug deeper, I heard, and then smelled a fart. It was real obvious that Deidre was ready, ready to shit, all right, but ready to ass fuck? I was worried.

Deidre started to work on my dick, licking and sucking, drawing my erection out, making me hard. As she pulled her mouth from my dick, she looked up and me.

"Fuck my ass, please, I need to have your cum in my ass!" "I want your cum to mix with my shit, I want to shit your cum!"

"Are you sure, can you hold out, can you take my dick and your shit at the same time?"

"Fuck me, fuck my ass, drive my turds back into my stomach, I want your cum!"

"Is she ready?"

"You tell me, I've got shit on my fingers, and I can taste it, if you don't fuck her ass soon, she's going to shit on the bed!"

As Bonnie moved out of the way, I moved in. Deidre's asshole was wide open. I watched as Bonnie moved under Deidre and assumed a "69"`position. Bonnie looked up at my through Deidre's out spread ass checks. "Fuck her, stick that dick in her ass, fuck her, now, she's ready!"

I moved in behind Deidre and placed my dick head at her asshole, and it seemed to beckon me in. As I touched her pucker, it opened and swallowed the tip easily. Bonnie pulled Deidre's hips down, and began to lick her pussy. I looked over Deidre's head and saw that she was beginning to lick Bonnie.

Deidre pushed her ass onto my dick, I held my position, and she buried her asshole onto my erection. "Oh, I needed that, I needed a dick in my ass, you don't know how much I needed you last night!"

Bonnie continued to lick Deidre's pussy and clit as Deidre began to hunch her ass onto my dick. As Deidre rocked back and forth, she methodically licked Bonnie's pussy. I watched as she snaked her right hand behind Bonnie's thigh and stuck one, then two, then all of her fingers into Bonnie's asshole.

"Oh, Deidre, yes, that's it, my ass is so empty, fist me, eat me, fuck my ass with your hand, oh . . ."

Bonnie's mouth dropped from Deidre's pussy as she came. "Oh, Deidre, make me cum, eat me, fuck me, oh, yeah, oh, oh, uh!"

As Deidre had attacked Bonnie, she had wiggled her asshole fully onto my dick. I could feel the restriction of a turd in her rectum as my dick was forced up into her ass.

Deidre lifted her head from Bonnie and looked back at me. "Fuck me, fuck my ass, fight with that turd, win, fuck my ass and cum!"

At this hour of the morning, haven been awakened for this, I was ready. I started to thrust my dick into Deidre's asshole, long methodical strokes, strokes to ensure that I came, I didn't care about her needs.

Bonnie looked up from her vantagepoint. "Cum in her ass, shoot your cum, make her shit, do it!"

I had never thought of it that way. If I shot my cum up her ass, would that be enough to start a bowel movement? I continued to ram my dick into Deidre's asshole. I could feel the restriction of her morning turd, and worked my hardest (so to speak), to overcome it.

"Oh, you dick is too much, not so deep, oh, it's driving the shit back, oh, but I need your cum, fuck me, harder, harder!"

Little farts started to escape between my dick and Deidre's asshole. I could tell there was a great deal of pressure, but I kept on, fucking her long and deep.

Deidre began to squirm, and her asshole contracted onto my dick. "Oh, I'm going to, oh, yeah, I feel it, oh, oh!"

Bonnie looked up. "Fuck her, cum in her ass, can't you tell she needs it, fuck her, fuck her!"

I shot my load into Deidre's ass, just in time to have my dick forced out by a gigantic turd. It's cum-lubricated path, and the force behind it pushed it out onto the sheets above Bonnie's head. A loud and smelly fart followed, accompanied by a trail of smaller, less explosive turds, several of which landed close to, or on Bonnie's head.

"Oh, yeah, what a shit, what a fuck, oh, I couldn't hold it anymore, oh, I have never shit like that before!"

Bonnie pulled Deidre's pussy to her mouth and started to eat the pussy juice that accompanied the shit.

"Oh, I can't believe I just shit, I've never done that before, oh, that was so good!"

As I rocked back on my knees, I watched as turd after turd escaped from Deidre's ass. The tip of my dick was coated in shit, and I had no desire to fight for possession of Deidre's asshole. Her shit had won, hands down.

Deidre collapsed onto Bonnie, exhausted from her experience. As she panted, trying to catch her breath, she turned her head to the right. "I have never done that before, you cannot imagine how that feels." "Bonnie, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, although I've never been shit on before!"

"Well, get ready for another first, because I need to pee, and I can't wait."

"What do you mean, you can't wait?"

"I need to . . ." And with that, I let out a stream of piss, the first squirt hitting directly on Deidre's shit smeared ass. With an erection, and the spasmodic reaction of my dick, the second stream shot up, over Deidre's ass and onto her back and head.

"What, oh, is that your piss, oh, Bonnie, don't miss it, oh, piss on my ass, wash my ass, oh, Bonnie, eat his piss, like you did mine this morning!"

I moved my hand down, grabbed my dick, and directed the rest of the stream on Deidre's asshole. The piss, cum, and shit combination washed down, over her pussy, directly onto Bonnie's face.

"What the shit, what are you doing, I, oh, I, ah . . ."

I looked over Deidre's back to see her face buried in Bonnie's crotch, trying to take her attention away from what was happening.

I continued to piss, directing my stream at Deidre's asshole, washing the residue off, watching the results splash down onto Bonnie. Deidre farted, again, this time a combination of cum and shit, which was easily washed off by my last squirt of piss.

Deidre looked up at me from Bonnie's crotch. "I have never done that before, but I need your dick in my ass. Now that I have shit, will you fuck me again, will you fuck me deep, will you cum in my ass?"

"I tell you what, Deidre, if you and Bonnie will meet me in my room after the noon luncheon, I'll fuck you in the ass until you faint!"

I was exhausted, not only from the exertion, but also from the earlyness of the hour. As I gathered my clothing, I noticed that it was only 7:00. I stumbled back to my room, hoping that anyone that saw me thought I had been in the workout room, and then collapsed on my bed.

<That afternoon>

"Was that boring, or what?" "I could barely stay awake!"

"Oh, Deidre, it wasn't that bad, you're just preoccupied!"

"Yeah, Deidre, I watched you squirming around in your chair, you're thinking about my dick in your ass, aren't you?"

As I opened the door to my hotel room, a female hand grabbed my ass. "You better believe it, I need cum in my ass, and I need it now!"

Before I had even closed the door, Deidre had already taken off her skirt and blouse, and was working on the clasp of her bra. Only a pair of thong bikinis remained as she crawled onto the bed. Removing the last vestige of her clothing, she took a position on all fours, ass facing the foot of the bed, wiggling and shaking. "Fuck me, fuck my ass, I need it now!"

As I slipped off my boxers, Bonnie was coming out of the bathroom. "Deidre, can I eat you while he fucks your ass?"

"I don't care what you do, I just need his dick!"

Bonnie wormed her way under Deidre, and pulled her crotch to her face, in a classic "69". "Oh, Deidre, I love how your pussy tastes, eat me, eat me too!"

"As soon as his dick is in my ass, my tongue will be in you, so now, give it to me, fuck me in the ass!"

Bonnie was licking Deidre's entire slit, from clit to asshole, taking extra care to tongue Deidre's ass, getting it ready for my assault. "Oh, yeah, honey, eat my ass, get me ready, oh, stick that thing in my ass, lick me, oh, that's, oh, yeah, oh, oh . . ."

With that, I watched as a stream of pussy juice erupted from Deidre, flowing onto Bonnie's neck and upper chest. Bonnie lowered her face from Deidre's ass and licked up the flow from Deidre's pussy, moving it up to her asshole with her tongue.

"Fuck me, fuck me now, I need you in my ass!"

I positioned myself behind Deidre, and with little resistance, shoved my dick all the way up her butt. As I bottomed out, she squatted to find Bonnie's mouth, and lowered her own head to Bonnie's crotch. "Oh, yeah, that's what I needed!"

I began to slowly stroke in and out, and could feel Bonnie's tongue occasionally brush my cock and balls as she ate Deidre's pussy. Deidre had Bonnie's legs pulled back almost to her shoulders, as she worked her tongue in and out of both of Bonnie's holes.

With Bonnie's licking, my dick stayed lubricated, and I was able to quicken my pace into Deidre's butt. She lifted her ass up from Bonnie's face, and started to buck back at me, in a rhythm that had my dick at once fully buried, and then again, almost totally out of her asshole. Deidre raised her face from Bonnie's pussy and looked back over her shoulder. "I need that cum, I missed it this morning, I need it now!"

I was ready to accommodate her, and with one last thrust, started to unload my aching balls into her asshole. "Oh, yeah, I can feel it, what a load, cum in me, cum up my butt, oh, fuck!"

I pumped and pumped until I was spent. Deidre collapsed in her own orgasm and my semi-hard dick popped out of her ass as she lay across Bonnie. Bonnie looked up at me, smiled, and opened her mouth. I dropped down a little lower and my dick found a new home. Bonnie closed her lips around me and began to suck the last drops of cum out.

Deidre lay across Bonnie's chest, and then, let out a moan. "Deidre, what are you doing?"

"Oh, Bonnie, I needed to piss, but it felt too good to get up, I'm peeing on you now."

I looked down and watched a yellow puddle form on Bonnie's chest, and spill out onto the bed. "Deidre, how could you?"

"I needed to, I needed to pee, you peed on me, I ate your pee, I needed to!"

"Then, you won't mind this, will you?"

"What's that?"

"I need to pee also, suck my pussy, and suck me while I pee, lick me, drink my piss!"

I watched as Deidre lowered her head to Bonnie's crotch, and began to slurp. Bonnie raised her knees to her chest, and let out a sigh.

"Oh, Deidre, lick me, lick me dry, suck my pussy piss, make me cum and pee!"

Deidre began to take long strokes across Bonnie's pussy, and I could see pee flowing out of Bonnie, hitting Deidre's chin and mouth as she moved up and down Bonnie's slit.

"Well, if you two are going to pee, so am I." And with that, I let out a stream across Deidre's back, then pointed my dick down toward her ass, and directed it at Bonnie's mouth.

"What, oh, are you, oh!" Bonnie lay there, with Deidre's full weight on her, helpless, drinking my piss as I shot at her mouth.

"Bonnie, don't waste it, take it, suck it, drink him like I'm drinking you!"

I stopped for a second, watched as Bonnie opened her mouth wide, placed my dick inside, and finished relieving myself down Bonnie's throat.

The bed was a mess; three piss stains being very obvious. "Boy, housekeeping isn't going to like us, are they?"

<The following week>

"I need to see you!"


"Well for the obvious reasons, and also to talk."


"My place, Donald's gone for the next three days."

I rang the doorbell, and a naked Bonnie answered. "Oh, good, it's you!"

"Who'd you expect, the mailman?"

"Oh, shut up, you know what I mean!"

"So what do we need to talk about, you finally going to confess to Donald?"

"No, and hurry up and get naked, I need you, its been almost a week since I had a dick in my ass!" "Plus, the last time I was with you, your dick was in another woman's butt, and not mine!" "And wasn't Deidre weird?" "All that stuff about peeing on each other, and then when she shit I the bed!" "I don't think I need to do that again!"

"Okay, then what do you need to do now?"

"Follow me, I think you know what I need!"

I shed my clothes as we walked toward Bonnie's bedroom. "Do you still think Donald doesn't know any . . ?"

As I walked naked into her bedroom, I was confronted by a similarly appearing Donald, lying on their bed, with a serious erection.

"Well, that answers that question, doesn't it?"

"You gonna tell me what's up, besides Donald?"

"I couldn't bear it any more, I love a dick in my ass, and so I told Donald."

"And obviously, Donald didn't object?"

"Not after I told him about you and Ronnie."

"So, Donald wants his dick sucked, or his ass fucked, or both, right?"

"Yeah, and you can start with the first one, come over here, I've never had a man's mouth on my dick, and since you've had your pleasure with my wife's asshole, I think it's only fair!"

I confidently approached the bed and knelt between Donald's out spread legs. He watched, stroking his erection, as I settled into place. "You really like this, huh?"

"You'll learn to, as well."

"Oh, no, not me, I'm not going to suck a dick, not this guy!"

"Well then, you're going to miss a great thrill, that was the attitude your brother-in-law had before I stuck my dick in his mouth after fucking your wife's ass."

"We'll see, but for now, I need to cum, and I want it in your mouth." "I've been thinking about this for two days!"

I lowered my face to his erection, and opening my mouth, took him all the way in with one gulp. "Oh, man, how did you do that, Bonnie can only take about half?"

I raised up and looked him in the eye. "Maybe it's because I enjoy it, and she just does it to make you happy!"

With that, I went back down on him and began bobbing and stroking. Bonnie, a silent bystander up until now, joined us on the bed. With a handful of lubricant, she began to rub my ass, balls, and dick. I continued my attention to Donald until I felt a nudge at my asshole. Turning, I saw Bonnie, with a strap-on dildo, preparing to fuck my ass. "Now, that's kinky!"

"Just be gentle, that thing looks a lot bigger that Ron."

"Oh, it is, it's about the same size as you!"

With that, Bonnie shoved and buried about half of the dildo into my asshole. "Oh, man, that's good, go slow, but, oh, yeah, that's the biggest thing, oh, yeah, oh . . ."

Bonnie began a slow methodical thrusting in and out my asshole, having the obvious effect on my dick. Donald looked down his body, past his own erection to mine. "Damn, Bonnie said you were big, but . . ."

"You want to look closer, I tell you, once you've had a dick in your mouth, you get over the stigma." It's not like we're gay, or anything." "I don't go out looking for guys to suck off, but I also know that it can be a turn-on, especially with Ronnie, and now with you."

"I don't know, I still . . ."

"Donald, honey, you said you'd try, you promised!"

"Oh, alright, but I don't have to like it!"

Bonnie pulled the dildo out of my ass to allow Donald to change positions. He moved around under me, my cock bobbing inches from his face. "That's it, lick him, suck his dick, like I showed you, take it in your mouth!"

Donald pulled my hard-on toward his mouth and stuck his tongue out. A drop of pre-cum had oozed out of me, and he tasted it tentatively. "Go ahead, Donald, take it in your mouth, I eat your cum, and it doesn't kill me.

I decided that I didn't care if Donald sucked my dick or not. "Bonnie, stick that thing back in my butt, I'll cum whether he touches me or not."

With that, I lowered my mouth to Donald's now semi-hard dick and sucked it into my mouth. Bonnie followed my heeding and plugged the dildo back into my asshole. As she shoved forward, I again took Donald's full length into my mouth.

As she fucked, I bobbed, and we started a rhythm. I felt Donald, again, tentatively lick the end of my dick. "Donald, suck him, you tasted you own cum last night after you fucked me, now suck him!"

I felt Donald's lips close around the end of my dick, as he also began to stroke me up and down. "That's it, go Donald, I want all three of us to cum at the same time!"

Bonnie's strokes into my asshole were now taking on a deliberate motion, occasionally interrupted by little shudders that I assumed were her own orgasms. "Oh, yeah, I love this, I can't wait until you both cum, I want to taste each one of you!"

I continued to pump up and down on Donald's cock, finally working a finger into his ass, as Bonnie continued to dildo-fuck mine. Donald finally got about half of my cock into his mouth, and I knew that I could cum, especially with the anal massage the Bonnie was giving me.

Donald was first. I could feel his cock begin to contract, and then, he groaned and a load of salty sweet cum poured into my mouth. Not sure what was totally arousing Bonnie, I felt her shudder, and stop her thrusts. "Oh, yeah, now I'm gonna cum, oh, fuck, this is so great, oh . . ."

As she came, she leaned forward and pushed the dildo deep into my ass, and my cock deeper into Donald's mouth. Her pressure and his suction triggered my orgasm and I shot a load of cum directly down Donald's throat. I felt his neck tense up and one after another spurt shot out of my dick. The weight of his wife on my back kept him pinned as I finished.

I let Donald's limp dick slip out of my mouth and tried to raise up. As I moved, Bonnie now more or less recovered from her climax, slipped the dildo out of my ass and rolled over, freeing up her husband. "Bonnie, you made me eat his cum, he came in my mouth and I couldn't get up!"

"Well, did you like it?" "I want to taste, here, give me a kiss." Bonnie moved her face toward Donald, and stuck out her tongue. "Um, yup, you sucked his cock, I'd know that flavor anywhere." "Now let me taste what Donald left for you." She leaned toward me and we met for a tongue swapping French kiss. "Yeah, and that's my Donald, now if I only had Ronnie here!"

We rested for about an hour, laying around, having a drink, visiting, engaging in small talk. Finally, Bonnie raised the issue: "Okay, Donald, now it's you turn!"

"Are you sure I have to do this, we've already gone way beyond what I agreed to?"

"Look, I let you fuck my ass, and you promised that you would try it, as well."

"But, Bonnie?"

Butt, nothin', I want to see if you can take his cock in your ass, like I can!"

Obviously, I was there to fuck Donald's ass. "Don't worry Donald, I'll be gentle!"

"Okay, but I still don't think this is that much fun."

"Well, would it be better if you fucked my ass first?"

"Oh, yeah, Donald, fuck his ass, fuck him while he fucks me!" "Will you fuck my ass while he fucks you?"

"Bonnie, you know I like to fuck you in the ass, you are the best ass fuck I've ever had."

"Oh, yes, come over here, stick it in me, quick, now, do it!"

I watched as she stripped off the strap-on, and pulled a butt plug out of her asshole. "I'm ready, I knew someone would fuck my ass, but I wasn't sure it would be you."

"How do you want to do this?"

"Can you do me doggy style, and then let Donald fuck you the same way?"

"Is he, you know, aware of what needs to be done, like in terms of lubrication?"

"Oh, yeah, I've let him fuck my ass a couple of times, plus, you weren't the first for the dildo."

"If only Ronnie was here, that would be perfection!"

<Several Weeks Later>

"I've been so excited since we thought this up, I don't think I've had a dry minute since!"

"So how are we going to do this?"

Bonnie continued: "My idea would be to have Ronnie fuck you in the ass, while you sucked off Donald."

"And what will you do?"

"I think I'll watch and see who needs help." "Is that okay with you two?"

"Fine with me, I don't mind fucking him in the ass, with his dick, I prefer it that way."

"And you, Donald, that's what we agreed to, isn't it?"

"Yeah, baby, I'll force myself to let him suck my dick."

I got on my hands and knees in the middle of their living room, and watched as Bonnie moved behind me and felt her begin to lick and tongue my asshole. She moved back and applied a flavored lubricant to me, and stuck her tongue back in my ass.

Ron and Donald stood and watched, jacking off their respective erections. "Okay, Donald, drop down here, let him suck you, put your dick in his mouth." Donald did as directed by his wife, and presented his cock head to my lips. I opened and accepted the entire length, deep throating now being one of my favorite pastimes.

"Ronnie, he's ready for you, too!" "Look how wide open his asshole is!"

I was fully relaxed, Bonnie's attention to my asshole had completed dilated my asshole, making me ready for a dick even bigger than Ron. I felt her place the head of his dick at my opening, and heard her encourage him to fuck my ass.

"That's it, fuck him, fuck his ass!" Ron's thrusts started a rhythm that I tried to match with my bobbing head on Don's cock. "That looks so cool, three guys, fucking and sucking, but I need something, I need . . . "

"I know, oh, yeah, I'm going to suck a cock, too!" "Here I go."

With that, Bonnie lay on her back adjacent to me, and worked her head under my waist and stomach. Her lips nibbled my bursting cocking into her mouth, as I began to fuck her mouth, while I sucked her husband's cock, and her brother fucked my ass. I felt her hands snake their way up under my chin to grab her husband's throbbing balls, and begin a massage. I could only imagine where her other hand was, although I surmised (and was later correct) that she was also massaging her brothers balls at the same time.

Bonnie removed her mouth from my cock, and I heard her spit into her hands, and then place them back under the two ball sacs. "Oh, honey, that's nice, oh, yeah." Obviously Bonnie had found her husband's asshole with at least one finger.

"Yeah, me too, keep it up, finger my ass, oh, yeah!" Ron confirmed my suspicions, and there were three male assholes being manipulated.

Ron's slow methodical thrusting into my asshole was beginning to work wonders on my prostate. Plus, my balls were also brushing against the inside of Bonnie's wrist as they swung back and forth with every push. I lifted my mouth from Donald. "I'm going to cum, anyone else?"

"You keep sucking me, with my wife fingering my ass, and I'm not far behind."

"Yeah, me too, her finger I my ass is starting to get me going, I'm going to cum any minute!"

I felt Donald's cock start to expand, and knew that load of his cum was getting ready to release, I cold also feel more pressure from Ron, and know that either one of them would shoot any second. It was Ron first. "Ooh, yeah, I'm cumming, I'm fucking your ass, feel my cum in your ass, suck my dick with your ass!" I felt the familiar warmth of cum filling my bowels, and relaxed and let him drive into me until he was spent. His dick slipped out of my ass with a fart, and he collapsed back onto his knees.

"I guess I'm next, plays with my balls, honey, squeeze a big load into his mouth!" Bonnie's unoccupied hand, having freed itself from Ron's asshole, as now fingering herself, as she continued to manipulate her husbands balls. "Oh, oh, ugh, yeah, squeeze me, squeeze my balls, oh, oh, yeah!"

With that, a flood of cum rushed out of Donald's balls, up his cock, and down my throat. With Ron out of my ass, I had grabbed Donald around the waste and had his cock fully down my throat. Each burst shot past my tongue, directly into my stomach. "Oh, yeah, great, now, honey, slow down, don't hurt me, be careful!"

I looked over at Bonnie, who was still trying to slurp on my dick, and watched her hand in a blur, fingering her pussy as she lay on her back. She was transferring her intensity to Donald's attention, and he obviously didn't need it any more.

I had been so caught up in the other two orgasms that I now held inside me, that I had not paid enough attention to my own needs. As Donald moved away, and lay on the floor by my head, I raised up on my knees, removing my cock from Bonnie's lips with a "plop", and surveyed my options.

"Bonnie, it looks like its you and me again, just like the start." "You better be ready, because this loads up your ass!"

I moved between her legs, and she placed one hand behind each knee and lifted them to her shoulders. "Give it to me deep and hard, I want to feel your cum on my tonsils!"

Her always-inviting asshole opened wide as I touched the tip of my swollen cock to it. "That's it, fuck me in the ass, like old times, like the first time, nobody fucks my ass like you do!"

Her cum self-lubricated asshole was receptive and ready, and I plunged in, as naturally as if I was fucking a pussy. With no hesitancy, I began to fuck her deeper and deeper, taking her breath away with each stroke. "Oh, yeah, oh, yeah . . ." she puffed as I moved in and out. "Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, oh, yeah, cum, I'm, cum, I, oh, cum!"

Her pussy unleashed one of her signature torrents of pussy juice, flooding our joined pubic areas, actually spraying up my stomach to my navel. "Oh, fuck, cum in me now, cum now, cum, cum, cum cu . . . .!"

And I did as asked, shooting the largest most powerful load of my life. I though my balls were going to flow up through my cock and be deposited whole inside her ass. "Oh, no, oh, is that, yes, yes, I can feel your cum, I can feel it, oh, what a load of cum!"

I buried my cock deep in her ass for one last shot and pulled out. A spray of my own cum followed the tip of my dick, as her body tried to reject the accumulation. As her asshole began to slowly close, a steady stream of cum trickled out.

"You know, guys, we really need to keep meeting this way, that was great!"

The End

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