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Bonnie and Ron VII
by Doug4Dirt

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

I drove up to the house, thinking to myself: "It's not my birthday, nor Donna's, nor our anniversary, I wonder what this surprise Beth wants to talk to me about is?"

Neither Bonnie nor Donald was going to home when I arrived, so when I got there I knew just what to expect. Bonnie and Donna's widowed mother had called me while the family had been planning this get-together, and asked me to make an excuse to get there early, both in the day of arrival and the hour.

Beth greeted me at the door in an attractive designer robe. "I just knew that was you, it had to be, I would have died if it had been anyone else, come in, come in!"

I couldn't help but stare. I had always thought my mother-in-law was attractive, but she had never worn clothing that revealed her figure. "You look outstanding, I never realized how beautiful you were, that outfit certainly compliments you!" "I have to admit, I've always thought you had a pretty face, but didn't have a clue about the rest of you, now I can see that your beauty goes all the way through you."

Beth thanked me for the compliments about her attractiveness and asked if I would make sure that my assessment of her desirability was accurate. She closed the door behind us, and leaned back against it. I wasn't sure what she was getting at until she shrugged her shoulders and dropped her robe, to reveal a very sheer dressing gown that left little to the imagination.

Her breasts held up the top of the gown, and let it drape down to her hips, where a slight pooch of her tummy kept it off her well-trimmed pubic mound. She turned to allow me to see her backside, which, while starting to exhibit some sag, still retained firmness. "You know it's been a long time since I've been with a man?" "I never thought I'd find myself in this situation, again."

As she turned back to me, she could see I approved, as I could not hide my state of arousal. As she walked toward me, I stood and we embraced and kissed. She melted into me, draping her arms over my shoulders. We kissed, and then kissed again, smothering each other, sharing our tongues and probing each other's mouth. As she leaned her head back, I kissed the nape of her neck and her earlobes, tracing my way around her throat from one side to another, the breath from my mouth and nostrils spilling down onto the tops of her breasts.

As I pulled back to admire her once again, I could see her nipples shared my state of arousal, and that her eyes were beginning to smolder with a passion that obviously had been pent up for longer than necessary. She looked me in the eyes and said: "I want you to be the first, please take me!" I took her offered hand and followed her to a bedroom, lit with candles and bathed in soft music. I could tell that she had been planning this since she had called.

She slid into the king-size bed, and disappeared under the silk sheets and satin comforter. I walked to the other side of the room and began to remove my shirt and slacks. Her head re-appeared to view my impromptu strip tease, and she nodded approvingly as I removed my socks and shorts and walked toward her.

Her perfume permeated the bedclothes, and as I lifted the covers, it mixed with the musky scent of a woman in deep desire. I moved closer to her and we became a tangle of arms and legs, each trying to capture a moment and hold onto it forever.

My lips found her again, and I retraced my previous path, along her neck, around her ears, and finally down to the crest of her cleavage. The slight ribbon that held the neck of her gown closed must have been reading my thoughts, as it almost automatically released to give me access to the first of what would prove to be many treasures. My warm breath preceded me into the valley between her heaving breasts, as her moans encouraged me downward.

I encircled her globes with my mouth, stopping to kiss and nip, nip and lick, lick and kiss my way around first one, then the other. I purposely avoided her nipples, which I could tell were now rock solid, in order to enhance her anticipation. She would have to become used to this technique, as I intended to linger at each body part, enjoying myself and heightening her pleasures.

After I had thorough knowledge of her breast flesh, including the soft and supple areas under her arms, I advanced my charge up the hill and feasted on two of the tastiest nipples I have ever experienced.

As I sucked first one, then the other into my mouth, savoring each upon my lips, drawing it across my teeth, and tonguing it, she began to gently thrash her legs back and forth across the sheets, creating a current of air that whisped her scent upward.

I bid my two new friends "Adieu," and proceeded on my quest. The area below her breasts, clearly scented on my behalf, provided a temporary pause to my exciting her erogenous zones, although it too received the same lick, kiss, and nip treatment that I had employed earlier. As I felt my chin begin to graze the tip of her pubic hair, I employed one of my favorite diversionary tactics: Divide and Conquer.

Working my way across the smooth expanse of her tummy, I feigned downward and then moved right to begin a trek of discovery along her outer leg, stopping at her knee to find the moisture hidden behind it, and then lower to find her ankle and toes.

Each toe received its own treatment, as I sucked them like her still turgid nipples, running my tongue in between each one. I then moved to the left, beginning the slow climb up this limb, again along the outside, lingering to feel the freshly shaved leg skin against my cheek and lips.

As I returned to her hips, to begin my final assault, her anticipation was growing to a point of no return. As I worked my lips across to nibble at the top of her protective turf, I licked my way down the crease between her hip and leg, just touching the flat of her stomach that blended into her awaiting pussy.

Raising her butt cheeks with my hand, I proceeded to lick, nip, and kiss along the bottom of each ass globe, purposely staying away from the place she wanted me the most.

As my nose just barely flipped her longer pubic hairs, the aroma became almost too much to pass over, but my mission was not quite complete. I drew my tongue up the crease between her left hip and thigh, and headed for my (and her) final reward.

The buildup of moisture on the lips of her treasury told me that I had succeeded in my mission. As I split her labia with the tip of my tongue, and just touched her swollen clit, she shuddered, unleashing a torrent of sweet fluid for me to taste. Taking long strokes with my tongue, I lapped up all her juices, spreading them from clit to asshole. Beth squirmed and wiggled her hips as mini-orgasms built to full-blown climaxes.

Using both hands, I spread her thighs apart, opening her pussy and asshole to my tongue. As I rolled her hips back exposing her full crotch, I directed more attention to her little pucker; tonguing and stabbing it, feeling it loosen as she relaxed. With my left hand, I steadied her back onto her upper hips, as I worked my right hand toward her asshole.

Her slot was one massive puddle of her pussy juices and my saliva, dripping, coating, running everywhere. I began to slowly and gently work my middle finger into the outer reaches of her asshole, while concentrating my tongue on her clit. Timing my next action to coincide with her next orgasm, as she stiffened, I pushed and buried my finger deep into her asshole.

Wave after wave of energy flowed out of her body in the way of a liquid feast, spilling out onto the sheets, drenching my face. Each touch of my tongue produced an additional reaction, which I gladly consumed, until she shuddered one last time and collapsed, spent. I licked and sucked up the product of my oral attention to her pussy, touching her clit lightly and softly, letting her come down slow.

I worked my finger in and out of her asshole the same way, making sure that it was fully lubricated, not wanting to hurt her in any way, not wanting to scare her off from one of my favorite activities. As she slowly relaxed, I gently pulled my finger out of her asshole and gave it one last lick and kiss. I moved up to hold her in my arms, and kissed her lips, with the taste of herself still lingering. She pecked, then kissed, then smothered my mouth with her own kisses, seeming to enjoy the flavors that I had brought with me.

As she regained her composure, she looked at me through her lust laden eyes and asked me to enter her. As she rolled to her back and spread her legs, I rose to my knees and moved between them. The wetness I had tasted was now a puddle under the crack of her ass, creating a dark target area in the subdued light of the room.

As I moved forward, I touched her clit with the tip of my dick, and she shuddered, once more. Her senses were at a fine tuned pitch, and the slightest contact moved her over the edge. As I slid my member down the canal leading to her pussy, it collected the residual moisture left from my previous ministrations. I purposely moved past her pussy opening and just grazed her asshole. I felt her withdraw, instinctively, and moved my cock back to her pussy. By now she was gaping large and ready, and I slid in without the slightest hesitation. As she felt me enter, a gasp of pleasure took all the breath out of her body, and she stiffened to meet me.

I plunged to the hilt, then retreated back to where only the tip of my circumcised dick remained inside. I then repeated, again and again, each time withdrawing to just the point. I increased the tempo of these plunges as I felt her start to respond. The increasing wetness surrounding my charger told me that another orgasm was pending and I began to prepare myself to meet it with my own.

Her breathing became shallow and raspy; her muscles began to tense and contract, as if her body was an ocean, about to unleash one final wave. I felt myself begin to throb, and my dick to enlarge as I prepared my own reinforcements for the onslaught. As she lifted her back off the bed, and slammed back down, I sensed the warm gush of her final orgasm, and released my own, filling her pussy with a load that had been growing for the last hour's worth of lovemaking.

Our combined juices sprayed outward with each thrust, forming a puddle that would be the memorial to our efforts. As we bucked together in an ever-decreasing rhythm, we slowed shifted our bodies to accommodate each other's comfort. As the final throws of our mutual orgasms subsided, I found her in my arms, in the same tangle we had begun in, although now we were both spent and fully relaxed. She drifted off to sleep, and I kind of nodded off as well.

"What the hell is going on here?" "Mother, is that you, and who, what, I can't believe this is happening in my house?"

"Listen, Bonnie, I can explain," her mother started, "I've been lonely, and one night, when I knew that we were both going to be here, and Donna was traveling, well, I called him, and, and, its all my fault."

"But, Mother, that's you daughter's husband, your son-in-law, how could you?"

As I rolled off the bed, in dire need to pee, I interjected: "Now wait a minute, Bonnie," as I came to my own defense, "Look who's calling the kettle Black!"

"Don't you dare, that's different, we're not, well, I guess we are, but, but . . ."

"Beth, you need to know, I've made love with both your oldest daughter, and your youngest daughter, and her husband, and your son."

"All at the same time?"

"Well, not exactly, but close."

"And with Ronnie, and Donald?"

"Beth, I love sex, can't get enough of it."

"So I noticed, I can still feel you inside me."

"And Bonnie, did he fuck you, too?"

"I thought you and Donald were trying to get pregnant, is there a chance it might not be Donald's if you are?"

As I closed the door to the bathroom behind me, Bonnie stood at the doorway to the bedroom and began to disrobe. "No, uh, Mother, we made sure that wouldn't happen."

"Oh, did you use a rubber, I never did like those, it took a lot of the fun away."

Now, clad in only panties and her bra, Bonnie continued, "No, we didn't use a condom, either."

"Well, what did you use?"

As Bonnie bent over to remove her panties, with her ass directed toward the bed, she spread her butt cheeks, and looked between her legs: "We didn't need anything, he didn't fuck me in my pussy."

"Then, where, oh, you are kidding, you didn't, he didn't, how could you, how can you?"

I returned to the bedroom to find Beth, my mother-in-law, now sitting upright in bed, watching her youngest daughter perform. As Bonnie buried two fingers of one hand into an already wet pussy, still bent over, she pulled them out and stuck them into her asshole. "Oh, Mother, you haven't been fucked until you've had it up the ass, it's the best feeling in the whole world!" "And I need to feel that way right now, why don't you watch while I take that big dick up my tight little asshole."

Bonnie crawled onto the bed, turning toward her mother, on her right side, and looked back at me: "Let's do it, let's show her what its all about, you know what I need, and I can see that you've been thinking about it."

My full erection gave me away, and I crawled up behind Bonnie and placed my dick at her ever-ready asshole.

"I need it, it's been weeks since I had a good ass fucking, and I can't wait any longer." With that, she backed her ass onto my dick, as I held it in place against her pucker. "Oh, ah, yeah, slide that thing into my ass, bury it deep, oh, yeah!"

Bonnie's mother looked on in amazement and awe as her daughter's asshole swallowed my full nine inches without even a flinch. "Doesn't that hurt, isn't it too big?"

"Oh no, Mother, on the contrary, it's just right." "Come down here, bring your head down and look at him, look at what a dick up your ass looks like close up." "Come on, look, look close!"


This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Doug4Dirt.

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