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Bonnie and Ron VII
by Doug4Dirt

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

Beth bent over, out of her own sexual curiosity, and rested on her right elbow, about a foot away from her daughter's pussy. "Does that really make you excited, what does it feel like, can you feel it, you know, getting in the way?"

"Oh, Momma, you have so much to learn about sex, there's plenty of room, and it feels like heaven, even better when he shoots a load of cum in your ass, I, I, oh, I'm going to cum just thinking about it!" Bonnie reached her hand down between her legs and began to strum her clit, spreading her legs wide, alternating fingering her clit with sticking her fingers up her pussy.

I held my position, knowing not to interrupt one of Bonnie's ass fucking induced orgasms, holding her left leg up, out of the way.

"Oh, yeah, oh, fuck, I'm cumming, I'm, oh, watch me cum, Momma, watch me cum!" With that, Bonnie released one of her patented cum sprays, launching pussy juice out from her crotch and, coincidentally, toward her Mother's face.

"Bonnie, oh, my, what is that, are you peeing?" "Is that piss you've sprayed on me?"

As Bonnie continued to manipulate her pussy and clit, I watched the expression on her face contort again: "No, Momma, it's cum, watch me, I'm going to cum again, oh, yeah, cum, now, fuck me, fuck my ass, cum in my ass, now, now!"

I began to stroke in and out of her asshole, her juices flowing down her snatch and onto my dick. "Look, Momma, look close, bring your face down here by my pussy and watch his dick in my ass." Beth followed Bonnie's heeding, mesmerized by the spectacle. "That's it, Momma look close, have you ever seen anything like that?"

"Bonnie, your asshole looks like it's going to split apart, are you sure it doesn't hurt?"

"Oh no, Momma, it feels really good, and I know what feels even better!"

"What's that, Baby?"

"Eat me, Momma, eat my pussy while he fucks my ass, lick me, kiss me, kiss my pussy!"

"Oh, Bonnie, that's unreal, you can't expect me, what are you doing?" I watched as Bonnie grabbed her Mother's hips and pulled them toward her face. "Momma, I'm going to eat you, eat your pussy, I can still see his cum in your pussy, and I want a taste." "Do you know what a pussy tastes like Momma, have you ever eaten another woman?" With that, Bonnie buried her face into her Mother's crotch. Beth instinctively spread her legs and gave her daughter all the room she needed.

"Oh, Bonnie, that's not, oh, you can't, you're my, oh, my, eat me, suck me, oh, yes, your tongue, my clit, my pussy, my asshole, oh, your tongue in my ass, you can't, you, you, uh!" I watched Bonnie snake her right hand under her Mother's left thigh, and knew exactly what she was doing. Soon, two fingers penetrated a wet asshole. Beth's eyes rolled back in her head as she experienced, apparently, her first female induced orgasm. "Oh, Bonnie, Baby, I can't believe you just did that to me, your tongue, your fingers, oh, my, oh, don't, don't, don't stop, oh, yes, I'm going to cum again, oh, uh, yes!"

"Now, me, Momma, eat me like I did you, kiss me, lick my pussy lips, eat my clit, tongue me, kiss my pussy, please, please, make me cum!" Beth, in her euphoria, conceded and bent her face to her daughter's gapping pussy. I felt her tongue graze my balls as she searched for her target. "That's it, yes, there, now, yes, oh, good, yeah, fuck, fuck my pussy with your tongue, eat me, eat my pussy!"

Mother and daughter, face to crotch, all tongue and lips, pussy juices flowing with abandon, and even though I had just fucked Beth less than an hour ago, I shot my load up Bonnie's ass. "Oh, wow," as Bonnie surfaced for air, "great load, I can feel your cum in my ass, that's huge, oh, Momma, watch as it squirts out of my ass, lick my ass, eat his cum out of my ass, taste his cum, yeah, now!"

I pulled out, shot one or two last small bursts onto the outside of Bonnie's ass, and rolled over to the side to observe the finale. Bonnie and her Mother wrapped up in each other's pussy, licking and slurping like they hadn't had a drop of water for a month. I laid back on one of the pillows and watched them slowly come down from multiple orgasms, and fall asleep, still face to crotch. I could only wonder what could happen next.

<About two hours later>

"What are you all doing in here?" "Momma, is that you, Bonnie, what did you do to Momma?"

"I just ate her pussy, that's what I just did, I ate her while I was getting my ass fucked!" "And then, she ate me, too!"

Ron surveyed the scene on the bed, and appeared to be reaching some conclusions. "Did you fuck my mother?" "In the ass?" "And then fuck Bonnie in the ass, too?"

"One question at a time, please?" "Yes, I just fucked your mother, but I only fucked Bonnie in the ass, while she was eating my cum out of your Mother's pussy."

"Oh, Ronnie, they made me feel so good, so wholesome, so alive, I couldn't believe what I've just done, I just tasted another woman, and I watched someone get fucked in the ass." "But, I don't think I can do that, especially not with him, I'd be afraid he'd rip me apart!"

"But you liked my fingers in your ass, didn't you Momma, didn't that make you cum?"

"Yes, dear, but there's a big difference between your fingers and his nine inch cock, it felt great in my pussy, but I don't even want to think about it up my ass."

Bonnie looked over at Ron, who, by the bulge in his Dockers, was getting aroused at the scene in front of him. "Would you like something smaller in your ass, something that's maybe a little bigger than fingers, but smaller than him?"

"I don't know, your fingers sure felt good, I couldn't believe you made my cum like that, I've never had an orgasm, much less several in a row, like that first one."

Ronnie already had his shirt and pants off, and was standing in the door with his erect cock contained by his briefs. "Momma, I'll fuck your ass, I'm smaller than he is, I'll take care of you, if that's what you want."

"Ronnie, look at you, I'm your Mother, how dare you undress in front of me!" "Come over here, I think you need to be scolded."

Ron looked a little startled at his Mother's sudden tone of voice, but began to approach his Mother's side of the bed. "And, young man, you can leave those briefs in the pile of clothes you left at the door, your Momma wants to see everything you have."

Ron stripped off his underwear and threw them back toward the door. As he got closer to the edge of the bed, Beth reached out and grabbed his dick. "Yes, you are smaller than he is, you might just do nicely." "Why don't you come up here and let's give it a try." "Do you think you can fuck your mother's ass, and fill me with your cum?"

"Oh, Momma, I'll do anything you want me to." Bonnie, still in a modified sixty-nine position to Beth, motioned Ron to position himself behind his Mother.

"Let me get her ready." " Momma, I'm going to eat your ass some more, so that you can relax, just lay back and let me take care of you." With that, Bonnie, lowered her face to Beth's ass, and began to lick and tongue fuck her asshole, leaving spit and pussy juice inside her asshole, preparing it for Ronnie's dick.

I looked over at Ron, looked down at his cock, and crawled over toward him. Reaching my hand out, I fondled his balls as I took his dick into my mouth. "Don't make me cum, like you did with Bonnie, I want to shoot my load into Momma's ass." I continued to lick and suck on his cock, taking his pre-cum and my spit and getting him ready. The last thing I wanted was for Ronnie to hurt Beth, and make her afraid of anal sex. I had an ulterior motive, I wanted to ass fuck her as well.

"She's ready, look at how wide open her asshole is, oh, Momma, you're going to love this." "Come here, Ronnie, fuck her, fuck her in the ass!" Bonnie raised up Beth's left leg, and guided Ron's dick to their Mother's asshole. "That's it, Ronnie, be careful, slowly, yeah, that's it, slowly, gently, oh, Momma, I'm so proud of you, look at you taking it up your ass."

Ron gradually buried his six-inch cock into Beth's asshole. As he did, Beth's mouth gaped open, and I suspected an opportunity.

I've never tasted a man's cum before," she whispered. "I'd always thought it would taste nasty. I guess I don't know what I was missing, with you and Bonnie showing me the way. I was kneeling on the bed, slightly to her side, my limp member hanging between my legs. I moved to position myself for her attention.

Bonnie and Ron were involved in the ass-fucking project, and were distracted to what I was doing. I offered my semi-erect cock to Beth, and she opened her mouth and accepted it. Although I don't know how it could occur, I began to develop an erection and desire similar in nature to that which I had discharged into Bonnie's asshole, and Beth's pussy, only minutes before.

"As I told you earlier, I'd never tasted a man's cum until today, I don't know if I have what it takes to make a man cum with my mouth, but I'm willing to try." Positioning myself in front of her face, my erection bobbing in front of her mouth, I lifted it with my right hand and offered it to her. She willingly opened her mouth and accepted my meat. The sensation of her warm lips and wet tongue, as well as my own anticipation had me beginning to get aroused, in spite of my two recent orgasms into her pussy and Bonnie's asshole.

Ron was slowly starting to pick up a rhythm in Beth's ass. I looked down and began to pump in and out of her mouth, as if it were a pussy. She responded by allowing my dick to penetrate deep, to the base of her tongue. I slowed my rhythm and told her to take it up. She began to slide her lips up and down my dick, in a counter motion to Ron's probing.

I took her left hand and began to place it between my legs, to massage by balls, I felt another hand come in from the back and begin the same motion. Kneeling behind me, pressing her marvelously firm breasts into my back, was Bonnie. She whispered in my ear, "I'll take care of this, you just enjoy!"

She told Beth to keep her jaws slack, to not clench her teeth, and to make sure that I was wet all the time. With Bonnie's left hand cupping my balls, and her right hand running up and down my shaft, she began jacking me off into Beth's awaiting mouth.

Bonnie's left hand lifted and rubbed my balls as if they were precious jewels, weighing first one, then the other. Her right hand deftly moved up and down, pausing occasionally on the tip to briefly remove it from Judith's mouth and finger the pee hole, then reinsert following this casual inspection.

Ronnie was now on his own, pumping slowly in and out of his Mother's asshole, watching as she sucked my dick. I looked over and made eye contact with him, and he winked. I knew that he understood my lust, that he had appreciated it before, and that we were pleasuring someone very special to both of us.

Removing her left hand from my balls for only a moment, Bonnie returned it, only in a slightly different manner. She had spit into her own hand, and now began to rub the spit over my ass hole, mixing it with some of her Mother's that spilled down around the base of my cock.

With the middle finger of her left hand, ever so gently; she began to finger fuck me in the ass, deeper and deeper until she was to the hilt. With her fore and ring fingers, she formed a loose clamp around my nut sack. As Bonnie jacked my off with her right hand, fingered my ass with her left middle finger, and massaged my scrotum with her other fingers, I felt that uncontrollable feeling of orgasm well up from my well-attended balls. Beth's left hand had joined Laura, and the sensation of two women's hands, kneaded and massaging, finally made me give in.

"I'm gonna cum!" burst almost simultaneously from both Ronnie and I. "Oh, Momma, get ready, your little boy's going to fill your ass with cum, now, oh, yeah, ugh, fuck, yeah!" Bonnie and I held steady, as Beth's body shook with her own orgasm. Ronnie pumped one more time, and leaned back on his heels, his limp dick popping from his Mother's cum drenched asshole.

I was next, a load of cum burst from my dick, surprising Beth and filling her mouth to overflow. Bonnie yelled: "Swallow and suck, swallow and suck, don't waste any of it!"

Beth did her best, but my cum began to leak out of her mouth and down her chin. Bonnie, obviously eager to not see any of it go to waste, quickly worked her way around in front of me, and began to gobble and lick up the remnants. First, she licked her Mother's face, and then turned her attention to my still pulsing cock. "There's still more in there, isn't there?" she asked, and then began to suck my dick for the answer.

Very experienced lips moved up and down my shaft, squeezing out the last drops of fluid. Gentle hands massaged my balls, searching for the last evidence of my pleasure. A willing tongue sought out the drips and splashes that smeared my balls and inner thighs.

After she satisfied herself, and obviously me, that there was nothing left, she turned back to the somewhat stunned Beth and began to tongue-bathe her face, licking off every last trace of my orgasm, and occasionally sharing it with her partner, through deep tongue-exchanging French kisses.

As our excitement died down and our hearts returned to a normal rhythm, we all lay back on the sheets of the king size bed and let out a collective sigh.

<The Next Morning>

I awoke to the sounds of two women, deeply into having sex with each other. Beth was on top of Bonnie, each one enjoying a morning feast of pussy juice. "That's it, Momma, lick my pussy, eat me, make me, oh, my, oh, yeah, oh, Momma . . ." Bonnie, obviously, was in the throws of an orgasm, with her Mother's face deeply engulfed in her crotch.

Bonnie, in between coaching, had two of the fingers of her right hand in Beth's asshole, and was licking full length from her clit to her fingers, spreading pussy juice, keeping both hole wet. As Beth came up for air, she looked back at her daughter. "Bonnie, I don't think, what are you doing, is that, oh, no, not, oh, sweetie, do you have three of your fingers in my ass?"

"Yes, Momma, that's three, and if I can just get you to relax a little more, you'll be stretched enough to take anyone."

"Even me?" Neither Bonnie nor her Mother had noticed that I was awake, and, even better, quite erect.

"Oh, hey, I was hoping you'd be the first to get up, and obviously you are in more ways than one!" "I think Momma's ready for a real dick up her ass, one that I've grown to really love and appreciate."

"And what about mine, I guess I've never heard you complain in the past?" Apparently, Donald had gotten home after all the rest of us had fallen asleep, and had pulled out a pillow and blanket and curled up on the floor next to the king size bed.

"Oh, no, Honey, you still have the only dick I want in my pussy, you know that, its just, well, in my ass, I like something different, I love to have my asshole stretched to the limit." "Will you fuck me, while Momma gets it in the ass?"

"Come over here, both of you, I'm getting horny, and Momma's ready too." Bonnie was still underneath her Mother, and motioned to me to get up behind her. With her one free hand, her right still planted firmly in her Mother's butt; she stroked my cock with pussy juice she had wiped from her face. "Be gentle, but I think she can take it."

"I know, I'll work with her and make her feel good, this is what I've been looking forward to, I was jealous of Ron yesterday, I needed to fuck Beth's ass bad, and now I'm not going to blow the chance. Bonnie guided my now lubricated nine inches to her Mother's gaping asshole, and slid me in as she removed her fingers.

"Oh, Bonnie, I don't know if I can take that, the head feels so big, oh, honey, how do you take him, oh, my . . ." Beth was having a little trouble breathing as I first penetrated her asshole. Bonnie continued to lick Beth's pussy, and chew on her clit, distracting her with pleasure from the initial pain that my cock represented. Both Bonnie and I knew that once I was in, the pain would be replaced with that same pleasure that Bonnie feels when I am deep within her bowels. "Oh, Bonnie, baby, lick me, make me cum, oh, yeah, that's it, I love it, eat me, stick you tongue, in me, oh, yeah, yes, yes!"

As Bonnie licked on Beth's cunt, I slowly inched my way up her butt, aided by Bonnie's licks to the underside of my dick. As I would push in, and then retreat, Bonnie's tongue would re-wet my cock, her spit serving the need, and her attention to Beth's pussy being the necessary distraction. As I worked in and out, Beth began to relax and my thrusts were met with less and less resistance.

Beth was obviously getting into it, as her ass was rocking back and forth, to meet my thrusting hips. "Oh, my, that's better, I can't believe it, its so big, will it all fit, can you get that thing all the way up my ass?" I answered with another thrust and buried another inch or two into her asshole.

Bonnie had crawled and snaked her way out from underneath her Mother, and rolled over toward Donald. With a kiss, she motioned Donald over onto his back. "I need to watch this, I need to see my Mother with that huge dick in her ass, I don't want to be on my back, I need to fuck you like this." With that, Bonnie spread her pussy lips and climbed atop Donald's erection, their orientation putting Bonnie's face even with her Mother's ass. "Oh, Donald, you feel good, was it a good trip, did you miss me?" Donald answered with a grunt as he thrust his cock fully into Bonnie's pussy.

Bonnie held up her body with her left hand and snaked her right hand between her Mother's legs, and into her pussy. Beth and I held steady as I could feel her sphincter ring pulse and continue to relax and accept my cock, being further assisted by Bonnie's attention to Beth's swollen clit. "That's it, Baby, finger my pussy, rub me, oh, yeah, that feels so good, oh, my, Bonnie, that's it, that's it, yes!"

I felt Beth shudder, and reached down between her legs to feel a stream of fluid dripping out of her pussy. I filled my fingers and hand, pulled my dick partially out of her asshole, wrapped my soaking hand around my dick for more lubrication. "Are you ready now, do you want it all?"

"Yes, oh, yes, fuck me, fuck my ass, fill me up with your dick, now, yes, now!" Beth rocked fully back and met my forward thrust. All nine inches popped into her asshole and my balls slapped against the back of Bonnie's hand as she continued to finger her Mother's pussy. "Oh, fuck me, I'm going to cum again, yes, Bonnie, make me cum again, please, oh, yes, oh, Baby!"

By now, Ron was awake and beginning to stir. "What are you all doing, especially, you Momma?"

"Oh, Ronnie, it feels so wonderful, you were good, but I can't believe I've got all that in my ass." "Come over here, son, let Momma look at you again." Beth motioned for Ron to kneel in front of her, and she reached out and took his erection and began to jack him off. "Oh, Ronnie, you have a nice one, too, it's just that, oh, my I can't believe, oh, I'm going to, oh, I'm cumming, oh, it feels so big and so . . ." Beth shuddered as another orgasm wracked her body. "Ronnie, let me suck you, I want you in my mouth, you would only be the second man I've ever done that to, can I suck my son's cum?"

Ron obeyed and presents his cock to his Mother, who sucked it deeply into her awaiting mouth. "Oh, Momma, where did you learn, oh, yeah, suck me, suck me!" Beth worked one of her hands under Ronnie's balls and began to fondle and kneed him, using that same hand to jack him off as she moved it from his balls to his cock.

"Momma, suck him, but don't let him cum, I have an idea, Donald, hold on for a second, don't cum, relax, that's it, yeah, just rest like that." "Ronnie, will you fuck my ass, while Donald's in my pussy?" "I've always dreamed of having two dicks in me at the same time, and now, I, oh, I, oh, just that thought, I'm going to cum, oh, I need two cocks in me, Ronnie, come over here, come fuck my ass!" "Momma, get him good and hard, and wet, make him ready, ready to fuck me in the ass!"

Beth continued to bob up and down on Ron's cock, actually fucking herself on my cock as she did. Bonnie removed her cum soaked hand from her Mother's pussy and reached back to finger her own asshole. She spread her Mother's fluids all around her ass and stuck two fingers up her asshole to get herself ready. I just held steady and let Beth rock back and forth.

Ronnie looked down at his Mother with a sense of awe. "Momma, that's great, so good, yes, oh, I'm ready, don't suck any more, I don't want to cum in your mouth, that's good, oh, Momma, that's real good!"

"Come over here, now, Ronnie, I've ready, stick that thing up my ass, get ready Donald, you've got to share this morning!" Ron pulled out of his Mother's mouth, his cock glistening with her spit and his pre-cum, and positioned himself behind his sister. "Now, Ronnie, go slow, but fuck me, now, yeah that's it, oh, I'm so full of cock, I'm going to cum again, hold on Ronnie, oh, my . . ."

Bonnie held herself steady with one hand and she worked her pussy with the other. Her attention was rewarded as another orgasm spasmed through her body. "Now, Ronnie, all the way, up my ass, yeah, that's it, oh, my yes, I love it, two dicks in me, my pussy, my ass, oh, my, yes, how great!" Bonnie began to bounce and rock, bouncing onto Donald's dick in her pussy, and rocking back onto her brother.

Beth, by now was ready, and I started a slow, and methodical rhythm into her asshole, stoking all the way out, and then slowly all the way in. Her breathing followed my motions, and I could feel her beginning to tense up for another orgasm. "Yes, just like that, I can feel you so deep, so big, I'm going to cum, play with we, make me cum hard, oh, yeah, that's it, yes!" I began to strum her clit as she rocked back and forth on my cock, impaling herself, driving her asshole up my cock until I'd bottom on her butt.

Bonnie was one continuous orgasm, as she bucked and rocked, shaking and jiggling, reveling in the feeling of a cock in each of her nether holes. "Oh, I'm cumming and I can't stop, oh, Donald, oh, Ronnie, fuck me, cum in me, fuck, fuck, fuck!"

I could feel my own orgasm rising, and the tightness of Beth's virgin ass was sucking at my cum. "I'm ready, Beth, get ready to feel my cum, oh, yeah, here it is, yeah, now, oh, yeah." I was the male that gave it up first. Beth's tight asshole was just too much, and I couldn't hold back. "Take it, Beth, take my cum, now, feel it, I'm cumming, yes, now, yes." I buried my dick as deep into her asshole as possible and shot my load.


This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Doug4Dirt.

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