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Bonnie and Ron Pt. VIII
by Doug4Dirt

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

<The next morning>

Donna and Bonnie got up early and went "shopping," but their Mother begged off, wanting to relax from two days of constant sexual activity.

Ronnie, Donald, and I slept in late, having stayed up until the early hours of the morning, drinking and catching up on each other's lives.

Beth lay back on the lounge, catching the first rays of sunlight as they peaked over the trees surrounding Donald and Bonnie's estate. "I could live like this, I could really get used to just laying around and doing nothing," she said to no one in particular. She reached one of her hands up to her naked breasts and began to massage one, then the other, squeezing her nipples, running rings around them, enjoying the feel of the sunlight and morning mist. Her nipples hardened in her hands as she grasped and pressed them to her ribs. "Not bad, for someone my age, not bad at all."

She continued to massage and manipulate her tits, licking her fingers and lubricating the nipples, making them stand up, nice and firm, tweaking and pinching, feeling her arousal grow. Beth bent her head to her chest and tried to pull one of her nipples to her own lips, but no use. Even though they had sagged a little, as she grew older, they had never been that big, anyway. "Damn, I guess I'll just have to get someone else to suck on my tits, although it hasn't been a problem lately."

Beth's hands wandered down her body, feeling the slight pooch of her stomach, rubbing it, pausing only for a second until she found what she needed, her legs spreading instinctively. "Ah, yes, that's it, that's the spot!" One hand spread her pussy lips wide, as the other found the forming wetness. Her clit had come out of hiding as she had played with her breasts, and she began to strum and flick it, making it, too, rise as her nipples had. "Mmmm, yes, do it, do it, Beth, that's it, oh, yeah!" A mild orgasm swept through her thighs as she continued to manipulate her clit, bringing her free hand up to her chest, making sure that her breasts didn't forget their importance.

"I cannot believe what I have experienced here, in just two days, Beth you are a woman again, whole, alive, and randy, can I make myself cum, can I do it?" Beth carried on her one-sided conversation, in concert with the self-manipulation of her erogenous zones. Her fingers again found her emerging clit, as others penetrated into her opening, pussy juice now starting to flow. "That's it, that's the way, yes, yes, I can feel it, can I, yes, oh, yes, I can, I can make myself cum." She froze, rigid in her first full self-induced orgasm, obviously the prior one just a tremor compared to the earth-moving forces of this one.

Beth felt a trickle of pussy juice begin to flow down the crack of her ass, and traced its trail with her fingers. As she approached what once was forbidden territory, her asshole that had already been fucked by both sons-in-law, and her own son, she began to rub across the rosebud pucker, becoming bolder and bolder. Running her middle finger from her pussy to her asshole, she moistened both finger and receptacle, preparing herself for the inevitable. "Can I do it, can I finger my own asshole?" "Yes, that's it, good girl, yeah, slip it in, slowly, yes, now, deeper, deeper, oh my, oh, oh . . ."

Beth buried her finger to the hilt in her own asshole, all the time keeping up a rhythm on her clit, running one, then two, then three fingers from clit to pussy, stroking herself in the way that only she knew would bring her to another orgasm. She pulled the one finger from her asshole, and lubricated another one, working both of them into her. "Oh my, that's good, okay, yeah, now, oh, fuck yourself, old girl, fuck, fuck that pussy, fuck that asshole, cum, now, cum, ah!" She arched her back to improve her reach, digging into both holes, finding the pleasure points, groping for her next orgasm.

Her hands were almost a blur, working pussy, clit, asshole, and nipples, dragging her own essence the length of her body, hands occasionally finding a willing tongue and lips to savor the fragrance. "Oh, my, oh, yes, two, I can do it, keep it up, yes, now, yes I can, I can make myself cum, now, there, oh, yes, oh my, yes!" One hand almost buried completely inside her pussy with her thumb strumming her clit, the other now three fingers inside her asshole, Beth slumped back into the lounge, her hands falling to her sides as she relaxed. The morning sun continued to warm the air, the final waves of morning mist disappearing, and Beth slept.

I watched the one woman show from the breakfast room bay window, the excitement causing me to sit at the table, jacking myself off to the wondrous site. "What the hell are you doing, who is that, is that Beth?" Donald was also now awake and had come in to get a cup of coffee.

"Yeah, and you just missed the best part, she just finger fucked herself, fingered her own asshole, too!"

"Are you shitting me, I don't believe it."

"Well, the evidence is still there, if you want a closer inspection, I'm sure there's pussy juice all over her, the lounge chair, and probably the pool deck, she was really into it."

"Now what are you two staring at, is that, is that my mother, you two assholes have been spying on my Mom."

"Well, Ronnie, if she hadn't wanted us to watch, she could have picked a little less conspicuous site then right outside this bay window!"

"I guess you're right, what'd she do, anyway?"

"I'm only going to tell this story one more time, your Mother just got herself off, fingering her own pussy and asshole."

"No, are you kidding, did she really?" "I don't believe you!"

"Well, I guess the only way to find out is to go out and look closer."

Donald headed toward the coffee maker. "Let's let her rest, from what I saw right at the end, she was using up a lot of energy, thrashing around like she was really cumming hard."

"Okay, then, what are you going to fix for breakfast while we wait?"

<About two hours later>

"Not bad, Donald, Belgian waffles from scratch, you're a pretty good cook."

"I have to be, you don't think Bonnie does anything like that, do you?"

"Well, I know her sister doesn't, you ready, let's see if what I saw was real or my imagination."

"Thanks for helping me clean up, you know, that is really a messy meal to fix."

"No prob, but now what are we going to do?" "I was hoping to get some rays before the two sisters got back, but, do we want to disturb Beth?"

"She's been out there for over two hours, you'd think she had recovered by now, and, even though she's naked, she certainly doesn't have anything to hide from any of us, does she?"

"I guess not, you want to go check it out?"

"Yeah, let's go, I can't stay cooped up in this house all morning, especially seeing what it's like outside."

I draped my robe over the back of a kitchen chair, and headed outside. "I need to get this skinny-assed pale body some sun."

"Where are you going, and don't you think you need something on?"

"Hey, it was you that said your Mother didn't have anything to hide, well neither do I, I need some sun, as you can clearly see, and I need it all over."

"You know, Ron, he's right, I think I'll take advantage of my own pool, and work on my tan as well."

"That's the stuff, Donald, let's go, if stick-in-the-mud needs a cover-up, then I guess he'll be odd man out."

I walked on outside, toward the pool, closer to the prone figure on the lounge chair. Donald followed, and just as the door closed, it opened again with a naked Ron. I stopped to view the results of Beth's orgasmic morning, and the remnants could still be seen. Patchy spots of dried and drying pussy juice freckled her mid section, from her crotch to her chin. Donald looked on from the other side of the lounge and surveyed the same scene. " Boy, you are right, she must have really been getting at it."

Ron finally caught up, and the three of us formed a semi-circle around Beth's feet, looking at the results of multiple self-induced orgasms. "I didn't know Momma was into that, did you?"

"Well after the last two days, she has certainly experienced a lot . . ."

"And if any one of you jerks had been up this morning, like a normal person was, I wouldn't have had to take care of myself!" Beth rose up on one elbow and scanned the horizon, a view blocked by three naked men. She spread her legs and the pussy juice still glittered in her slit. "I can't believe that I had to get myself off, when there were three perfectly capable men around." "You boys are slipping'!"

"Well, let me see if I can help you out," I said as I dropped to my knees between her legs, and dove for her pussy. Beth sucked in a gasp of breath as my tongue fucked directly into her still open pussy lips, my nose hitting her tender clit. "Oh my, what, what are, oh, yes, oh, yes, eat me, make me cum again, oh, please, please!" Her hands grabbed my head and forced my face deep into her crotch. I extracted my tongue from her hole and licked hard up her slit, finding her clit with my lips, and then my teeth. "Oh, oh my, oh, I'm going to, you're going to, oh, yes, yes, oh, I'm . . ."

She shuddered with a deep groan and I could feel the pussy juice begin to flow past my chin. Beth collapsed back into the lounge with a sigh; another climax sapping a little more strength from her, but as we would see, supercharging her as well.

I lifted my face from between her thighs and looked at one and then the other of the guys. "Well, what are you waiting for, I think she wants it, and I think she wants it bad."

"What do you mean, what does she want?"

"Ron, even I can see what he's saying, she looks like she wants to stay in perpetual orgasm!"

I motioned the other two to either side, and they obligingly knelt, and simultaneously began to suck on one of Beth's tits. I went back to my chore, eating her pussy, tongue fucking first her pussy, and then rolling her hips back to access her asshole. Ron and Donald attacked her with their mouths and hands, manipulating her breasts, sucking and chewing nipples, inhaling breast flesh. Beth responded by wrapping her arms around their heads, as she captured my head with her thighs. "Oh, yes, make me cum, eat me, suck my tits, make me cum, I can, I will, here it is, oh, yes, oh, fuck me, fuck me now!"

I pulled away from her crotch as she relaxed her leg hold. "Yeah, let's all three fuck her, you can tell she wants it, and I think we can accommodate her."

"Well, how do you propose we do that?" Donald whispered.

"I'll tell you what I propose, I propose that we have three dicks, and she has three holes, and I propose that we fill hers with ours!"

"Okay, then, if you think that's the deal, who goes where?"

"Well, since I will be a little more than a passive participant, maybe I'd like a say!" Beth had opened her eyes, and gave us the impression that she had heard every word, and, on top of that, was a willing participant. "I love each one of you, and each of you has made me feel marvelous, so this will be hard, I mean difficult, but . . ." She inventoried the three erections surrounding her, my nine inches, Donald's seven and one-half, and Ron's six. "This is what I want."

Beth looked at me first. "You, you lay down here, where I am, on your back, and fuck my pussy." "Donald, with that big dick in my pussy, there's no way I can fit you in, although you know I love your cock up my ass, so Ronnie, my son, be gentle." "Donald, you stand up, and fuck my mouth, I want a load of cum in every hole, and I want to swallow yours!"

We all had our orders. Beth stood up, with a little assistance from Ron and Donald, and I took her place on the lounge. She looked down at me, stepped over the lounge, grabbed my stiff dick, pointed it at her pussy, and squatted. "Oh, my, oh my, oh yes, ah, ah!" She slid down my dick and bumped her pubic bone to mine. "Yes, I need it, I need your big dick deep in my pussy, oh, yes, oh, that's it, oh, don't move, let me, let me fuck you." She humped up and down on my cock, grinding her pubic hair into mine, finding her g-spot with the tip of my dick. "I'm cuming, I'm, yes, now, yes, oh my, fuck!"

As her pussy juice flowed, Ron stood behind his Mother, stroking his dick, watching her impale herself on my cock, shouting out her pleasure. "Momma, are you ready, do you want it, do you want my dick in your ass?" Her reached down to our juncture and I could feel his fingers scooping up pussy juice and dragging it to her asshole. His fingers also brushed the base of my dick as I slowly pumped in and out of his Mother's pussy, and I once thought I experienced a slight hesitation on his part, as his fingers lingered a little longer than necessary.

"Yes, Son, do it, get me ready first, eat my ass, lick my ass, make me wet!" Ron bent down behind his Mother, and began to lick her asshole, sticking his tongue in and leaving his spit as lubricant. "That's it, oh, yes, eat my ass, lick me, suck me, oh, I can feel your tongue, fuck my ass with your tongue." Again, I could feel Ron's presence on my cock. As he licked his Mother's slit, from pussy to asshole, his tongue would stroke down to my balls, hesitate, and then stroke up my length, past her gash and to his final target. "That's it, now, fuck me, fuck my ass with your dick, fuck me, now, in me, now!"

"Here I come, Momma, here it is." Ron presented his cock to his Mother's slippery pucker hole, and pushed in. "Yeah, Momma, here it is, I'm in, I'm fucking your ass!" I could feel Ron's dick take up space in Beth's cavity, and held my position, grabbing her hips and grinding my dick deep into her pussy. Beth pushed her ass out toward Ron and grunted. "That's it, Son, fuck me, fuck my ass, deeper, harder, yes, fuck, yes."

Ron and I began to work together, in and out, stroking deep inside his Mother's holes, he in her ass, me in her pussy, rubbing her over and over, minor climaxes beginning to build. Donald had moved around to Beth's face, jacking himself off as he watched us fuck her. "Here, Beth, take this, suck me, suck my dick, eat my cum." He stuck his dick into her open mouth as she gasped for breath from her dual lower assault, and plunged it down into her throat as Ron pushed deeper into her asshole.

We stroked and probed her body, the three of us picking up a rhythm, I'd push up, Ron would push in, and Donald would push down. All Beth could do was moan, spasm, shudder, cum, and start the cycle all over again. Donald held the back of her head with one hand, and had the other between her tits, holding her body off the lounge. Beth had her right hand between Donald's legs, massaging his balls; her left hand snaked between her and I, strumming her clit. I had my hands wrapped around her ass; Ron had his on her hips.

"Oh, man, I'm gonna cum, oh, Momma, I need to cum, I'm going to shoot my cum in your ass, here, Momma, take it, oh, fuck, oh, Momma." Ron pushed deep into Beth's asshole and I could feel his cock pulse as his cum shot into his Mother's asshole. Beth moaned around Donald's dick as her Son fucked his cum deep in her ass. I could feel her shudder with a climax as she reacted to her Son's orgasm.

Donald was next, having jacked himself off to a near orgasm watching Ron and I fuck. "Here, Beth, suck me, eat my cum, oh yes." Donald grabbed both sides of Beth's head and held her onto his dick as he shot load after load of cum down his Mother-in-Law's throat. Cum erupted from her lips as Donald filled her mouth, dripping down her chin. I watched as a glob began to release itself, and I lifted my mouth to her chin and lapped it up, no wanting to waste anything. Beth reared up as Ron pulled out of her ass, and Donald's softening dick plopped out as well.

As Donald fell slightly forward, his nearly limp, but still dripping dick, dropped perilously close to my open mouth, and I reacted accordingly. I sucked Donald's dick into my own mouth, swirling the drop of cum I had salvaged from Beth's chin around the head, and sucked out the remnants of his orgasm. But, now it was up to me to finish, and I needed to, badly.

Beth had rocked back on her knees and driven herself deeper onto my dick. I grabbed her hips and held her in place as I shot my cum deep into her pussy. I could feel the walls of her pussy contract, squeezing the cum up my dick and into her hole. "Oh, yes, I can feel you, feel your cum, now I'm complete, all my holes, all that cum, oh, I love it, I love you, oh, fuck, I'm going to cum again." Beth lost all control, I could feel the moisture of her orgasm drain out of her pussy and down onto my crotch, she farted a cum-filled fart, belched, and collapsed on top of me.

I lay there for a minute, in my own euphoria. Ron and Donald finally picked her up and moved her to the adjacent lounge. I heard a splash, followed by another, and looked over to see the other two jumping into the pool to cool off. I picked myself up and followed suit. Beth lay on her side, the remnants of the multiple male and female orgasms evident across her entire body. Cum dripped from her asshole, her pussy, and coated the area around her mouth, a mouth that also exhibited a warm smile of sexual satisfaction.

The three of us swam and floated in the pool for about fifteen minutes, and then headed to various lounges and chairs scattered around the pool deck. After about a half-hour of relaxation, Donald climbed out of his chair and headed toward the house. 'Where you going, Donald?"

"Gonna take a shower and get cleaned up."

"Hey, Donna said you had a killer shower in your suite, mind if I get a tour?"

"Me, too, Donald, show me this hidden treasure of your palace."

Ron and I got up and followed Donald toward the French doors that lead to the Master Suite.

"Man, this is cool, I've never seen a shower like that, was this your idea?"

Donald looked over his shoulder as he took a piss at the urinal. "No, it was Bonnie's, she came up with the design, must have looked in every Bathroom design magazine ever published." "I mean, how many bathrooms in a house have 'His and Hers' pissers and shitters?" "Bonnie told me that she didn't want to have to worry about me ever forgetting to put the seat down; on hers, it's permanently down."

"What's that in the middle of the shower?"


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Doug4Dirt.

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