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Bonnie and Ron Pt. X
by Doug4Dirt

Ron had taken Beth back to her house, Donna was off on another one of her business trips, and Donald had to go to work. All it left in the huge house was Bonnie and I. The intercom telephone at the side of the bed rang and I answered.

"Get down here, right now!"

"But, I was still asleep."

"I don't care if you were almost dead, get down here, now, and don't delay!"

I got up, went into the private bath, brushed my teeth, splashed some water on my face and ran a brush through my hair. "Gee, I wonder what that bitch wants this morning?" As I got ready to leave the bathroom, I spotted the butt plug I had taken out earlier that morning, before I had taken a shit. I picked out a washcloth, soaped it up, and cleaned my ass. I then found some lotion, rubbed it over the head of the plug, and stuffed it up my asshole.

I opened the door to Donald and Bonnie's bedroom, and there she was, as if a Queen on a throne. Bonnie was sitting naked in an overstuffed chair; her legs spread wide, one hand on her clit, the other on a tit. "Good, I knew I could count on you to be here when I needed it." "Now, come over here and take care of me, because I need it bad!"

My erection begun as soon as I had the plug in my ass, and walking down the corridor to the Master Bedroom had only served to intensify it. I walked over to where she was sitting, pulling on my cock as I walked. Without breaking eye contact with her, I placed my left hand behind her head and stuffed my dick into her open, expectant mouth. Bonnie never missed a beat, fingering herself, exchanging hands, rubbing pussy juice on my dick as I continued to jack off, the tip of my dick just inside her lips. Bonnie reached up between my legs and began to play with my balls, and then noticed the end of the butt plug. She moaned in agreement with my decision, and leaned forward to take my entire dick down her throat. She began to swallow, the contractions of her throat pulling on my dick as I held the back of her head, now, with both hands. Her right hand now cupped my balls and massaged them gentling, urging on my passion; her middle finger pushed on the butt plug in unison with her sucking. I looked down to see her left hand at her crotch, four fingers in her asshole, and her thumb in her pussy.

My balls pulsed as a load of cum boiled up my cock and into her mouth. I let her have the first two shots, and then pulled out and blew the rest of my load on her face. Spurt after spurt hit her cheeks and chin, dripping off onto her tits. She took her free right hand and spread the cum over both breasts, teasing her own nipples with my cum. "Kiss me, kiss my lips, make love to my mouth!"

I knelt between her outstretched thighs and planted my lips cleanly on hers. She opened her mouth and shared my cum with me, leaving a glob she had saved on my own tongue. I swallowed and continued to tongue kiss her, sweeping my tongue around her face, lifting the deposit I had left, onto my tongue and into her mouth. We kissed and shared until her face was clean. I then moved down to kiss her neck and throat, again, tasting my own cum as I cleaned her up.

A river of cum had flowed down between her tits, and was pooled in her navel. I kissed, sucked, and licked my way, first around her tits and nipples, then under them, and to the sides. I licked her underarms, and could taste the muskiness of her sweat, as her excitement continued to build. Back to her breasts, I made sure that there was none of my cum remaining, and moved down to empty the pool in her belly button.

She held the back of my head with both hands and buried my face into her stomach, her posture raising a number of ripples across her otherwise flat tummy. I found every remnant of my cum and consumed it. The pressure she exhibited indicated to me that I was not through. My chin grazed across her closely cropped pubic triangle and my tongue eventually found her slit. Her own masturbation had already spread the pussy lips wide, and I was confronted by the gapping hole of her pussy, flowing with anticipation.

"Eat me, eat my pussy, oh, please, make me cum, I want to shoot my cum on your face!" I didn't disappoint, and began to take long, slow licks of her slit, from asshole to clit, diving my tongue into her hole as it passed, fucking her with tongue. She loosened her grasp and went back to fondling her own breasts. I looked up and saw her grimace in her own self-induced pain, as she took each nipple and squeezed it.

I wet the fingers of my right hand in her pussy juices and began to play with her asshole. Ultimately I was matching her past ministrations, having four fingers in her ass, and my thumb at her pussy, moving back and forth from hole to clit, complimenting the motions of my lips and tongue.

"Oh, yes, fuck my ass, eat me, oh, fuck, make me, make me, that's it, yes, yes, yes!" Bonnie arched be back and sprayed her cum into my face, coating me from eyebrows to chin. "Ugh, yes, again, yes, oh, fuck!" Another blast sprayed from her pussy, but this time I was ready and placed my open mouth over her pussy hole. Her cum filled my mouth and, as I closed my mouth to swallow, more leaked out and down to where my right hand held her asshole wide open. "Now, fuck me, fuck me, stick that thing in my pussy and fuck me!"

I stood up, pussy juice still coating my face, chin, and upper body, positioned my now fully erect cock at her pussy opening and sank in to the hilt, her cum spilled out as I took up the vacant space. "Oh, yes, fuck my pussy, fill me with that dick, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard!" I pumped in and out, pulling her hips toward mine, watching her maul her own nipples, reaching for another orgasm. "Yes, I'm going to cum again, yes, yes, now, oh, now, fuck!"

More fluids ran from her pussy as I could feel the warmth engulf my cock. I continued to pound in and out, the pussy juices spraying out with each thrust. "Now, pull out and fuck my ass, put that thing in my ass where it belongs!" I again complied, and pulled out of her pussy. Her cum flowed out and down her ass. She grabbed herself behind the knees and pulled her asshole into the proper position, and I slipped right in, with any constriction. "Oh, yes, that's what I really needed, oh, yes, fuck my ass, shot your cum up my ass.

I lifted her ankles up to my shoulders and she wrapped them around my neck. She then took her hands and spread her ass cheeks wide, and I began to pound in and out of what by now was pretty familiar territory. "Yes, fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass!" Bonnie was lost in an orgasmic daze, repeating her request to me over and over, as if I needed to be reminded of the task at hand.

"Oh, yes, that's it, cum in my ass, shoot up my asshole, fill me with your cum, oh, fuck, that's it, fuck me, I'm going to cum, oh, yes, cum again, yes, now, oh, fuck!" I looked down and watched another river of cum flow out of her pussy, further soaking out interlocked pubic regions.

"I'm ready now, Bonnie, I'm gonna cum, cum in your ass, here, now, yes, yeah, ugh, oh!" Even though I had cum in her mouth and on her face only a short time earlier, I emptied my balls up her asshole with a load that felt like it would deplete all the fluids of my existence. "Here, take this, I'm cumming, more, yes, oh, fuck!"

"I feel it, yes, fuck me, deeper, deep in my ass, yes, yes, oh, fuck yes!" That was all she could take, and Bonnie collapsed in a heap in the chair, her legs going limp and losing their grip on my neck, my dick popping out of her asshole as it softened. I let her hips down easy, and watched her curl up in a fetal ball, the vinyl covering of the chair material creating a pool of her own pussy juices. I stood there for just a few minutes and waited for her breathing to return to normal, then headed toward the Master Shower to clean up.


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