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Brandon's Adventures: The 60's
Chapter II
by IndianAsian

And that's the way we dated for the next several weeks. On Friday nights, Tammy would go to choir practice with her family and I'd go out boozing and partying with my friends. On Saturday night, I'd pick Tammy up and we would speed to the nearest drive- in or lovers' lane, hop into the back seat of my Chevy, and kiss until our lips were so sore we could hardly talk on Sunday.

I'd always get her home just before midnight. It didn't seem to matter, though, because her parents would be asleep already. Tammy would invite me in for a coffee, and we'd kiss on the sofa until her sister, getting dropped off from her date, interrupted us. Our coffee cups still full and cold and the two of us grinning like idiots.

That's all we ever did. We didn't double with any other couple and we didn't go to parties. We went to drive-ins or lovers' lanes and we kissed.

To my genuine and frustrating surprise, I wasn't getting anywhere in the touchie-feelie game with Tammy. I was still stuck at home plate. Tammy would still gently remove my roaming hands from her breasts and thighs (but maybe not as quickly as she used to). I was still suffering post-date blue-balls, but my hormone-addled brain was always optimistic about the next date.

Finally, in May, near the end of my school year, on a night when her parents and her sister were asleep and we had the downstairs to ourselves, we made some progress.

We were necking on the sofa, and as we rolled around, I wound up on top of Tammy with my erection, tenting my pants out like a circus bigtop, between her legs. Tammy was wearing a light summer dress (we called them `tent dresses' at that time) that just sort of loosely hung from the neck down to her knees. We were both dressed and `decent' but certain things were definitely situated in the right places.

I began dry-humping and Tammy began moaning like I had never heard her, before. She didn't push me off as she had in the past and, as her breathing rate increased, I moved my hands up to her breasts. They were so large and firm and round! If I wasn't in heaven, I was well on my way.

Tammy was now meeting my humps with her own and pushing her chest up, harder against my hands. Then she grabbed the pillow from behind her head and covered her mouth just in time to muffle her scream. She was cumming like a wild woman!

I soon felt myself cumming, too. Although I was anxious to fill something besides my underwear with cum, I enjoyed the strong spasms I felt as I pumped my groin against Tammy's mound.

Sweating, we rolled apart and sat up.

As I sat there looking at the huge wet spot in my khakis, Tammy looked at me and said, "I don't think we should ever do

that again. You better go, now."

"But, Tammy..."

"Goodnight, Brandon. You have to go! Now!"

I left, wondering what the fuck was going on.

The next week, Tammy was tentative and almost shy on the phone, but she agreed to go out with me on Saturday.

On Saturday night, Tammy seemed fine in the car as we drove to our lovers' lane spot. Just after we jumped into the backseat, I asked Tammy if everything was alright.

She looked at the floor, "Things just got a little out of control last week."

"We were in control, Tammy. It couldn't have been safer. Christ, we were both fully dressed!"

"Well, I wasn't in control."

"What do you mean, Tammy?"

"I had a... an... an orgasm, Brandon!"

"Yeah. What's the big deal? So did I."

"But I'd never had one before."

Holy shit! It had been Tammy's first orgasm -- dry-humping on the livingroom sofa! A junior in high school and never had an orgasm before -- no wonder I wasn't getting laid yet!

I was at least smart enough to know that I should be gentle and understanding at that moment.

"But, that's what we were trying to do, Tammy. At least I was. It's not a bad thing, Tammy. It's natural, and something special between the two of us."

She was still staring at the floor. "I know. It just surprised me and maybe scared me a little."

"Sure, I can understand that, especially if it never happened to you before. Do you know that it's okay to have orgasms? You don't get pregnant from them or anything."

"Yes, I talked to Terri about it this week. She's been having them for a couple of years."

She looked really young and vulnerable to me at that moment. I had my arm around her and I squeezed her tightly to me and said, "Tammy, I want you so bad, I can't see straight. But I also like you" [I made a point NOT to say the real `L-word'] "so much that I don't want to do anything to mess up what we have. So, I guess I won't do that, again, if that's what you want." (Shakespeare reincarnate, eh? Sonnet #369, I think.)

She smiled that dazzling, white smile at me and pressed her soft hand against the side of my face.

"Oh, Brandon, you're so sweet! Don't worry. You won't mess anything up. I'm all right, now. I just got scared when it happened, and then I was afraid you wouldn't call me anymore because I kicked you out, or because you'd think I was some kind of floozy slut. I was going crazy until you called."

I moved Tammy around, into that now familiar position in my arms, across my lap, and before I leaned down to kiss her, I said, "Just relax, Tammy. I'm not going to stop calling you."

I could tell that something was different from that first kiss that night. Tammy was more relaxed. She didn't stop me when I moved my hand up to caress her breast. Even through her bra and sweater, I could feel her nipples grow hard and long against my palm. Feeling bolder, I took my hand away and let it creep up Tammy's smooth stomach under her sweater, still without protest.

I could feel my breath becoming more rapid when, after massaging her breasts through her bra, I finally snaked my hand under the lace and elastic and cupped her naked breast-flesh in my hand for the first time.

Tammy sucked in a breath loudly.

Something had changed! I didn't know if it was Tammy's first orgasm, or our discussion about it, or her talk with Terri, but I didn't care.

Tammy was soon on her back on the back seat and I was kneeling on the floor. Her bra was unhooked and it and her sweater were pushed up under her neck, and I was making hungry, passionate lust to her absolutely marvelous tits with my hands and mouth.

It seems like we stayed in that position for hours, Tammy's breathing fast and shallow, on the brink of orgasm. Finally, as I flicked one nipple with my tongue and squeezed the other between my finger and thumb, Tammy began a monumental orgasm, and I hadn't gone anywhere near her pussy! She moaned and then finally groaned so loud, I was sure people were looking from the other cars.

Her cum went on and on, and as she was coming back down, I mounted her. This time, she obligingly spread her legs for me as I pressed my hard-on against her, finding the right spot for both of us, again. As I humped against her only a few times before I came, I gently held her softly-firm tits in my hands.

The ride back to Tammy's house was quiet. I think Tammy was feeling a little guilty, but I was quiet out of satisfaction -- her tits were wonderful to play with, and I was positive that getting to fuck my little Tammy was just around the corner.

Inside, our coffee again forgotten, we were on the sofa with Tammy's sweater and bra up around her neck when we heard Jamie and her fiancee pull up outside. By the time Jamie opened the door, we were giggling, innocently sitting next to each other, drinking our coffee and looking at a photo album I had grabbed to cover my still-hard cock. When Jamie went into the kitchen, I used that opportunity to make my exit.

Driving home, I reminisced about the night and looked forward to our next date. Just as I had to admit that I had never kissed a girl who could kiss as well as Tammy, I realized that of all the girls I had dated, Tammy had the biggest, roundest, firmest boobs, by far. I again wondered why she had changed her mind and allowed me such total access, but I didn't care if I could answer that question as long as she didn't change her mind back.
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