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Brandon's Adventures: The 60's
Chapter III
by IndianAsian

I had my last exam the following week and I was done school for the year. My first year of college over and I knew my parents wouldn't be happy with my grades, but since I earned most of my tuition and borrowed the rest, and wasn't getting kicked out of school, they'd live; and as long as I didn't loose my student deferment, I was happy.

Tammy still had over a month of school left before her summer vacation began.

By now, we were talking on the phone several times a week and, that week, I was anxious about our next date. I was afraid Tammy had a week to think about what we had done and would play head games with herself and change her mind. I didn't have to worry.

On her suggestion, I picked her up at her church after choir practice the following Friday night. Fifteen minutes later, we were parked at the darkest end of the closest lovers' lane and Tammy's blouse and bra were lost somewhere in the car.

Later that night, a few minutes before midnight, parked at the end of her driveway, we sat cuddled together listening to the radio. We were both pretty tired. I had played with Tammy's breasts for hours, with her cumming time after time, and had humped ourselves to orgasm twice.

As we sat there, Tammy giggled a cute little giggle and pointed to my still-wet trousers, "That sure makes a mess. How do you get in the house looking like that?"

"Everybody's asleep by the time I get home. I don't want to know what my mother thinks when she does the laundry. I like to imagine that she's not checking the crotch of my pants for dried cum-spots!"

"Geez, <giggle> I didn't think about that. Embarrassing."

As we were talking, Tammy's hand was lightly stroking my thigh and my eighteen-year-old cock was quickly rejoining the living. This was the first time that Tammy had taken any initiative below my belt with her hand, and I was liking it. I didn't want to do anything to distract her or scare her off.

"But the pleasure is worth the embarrassment. Unless I rub up against a rough seam or the zipper."

"Really? What happens?"

"Well, to say it gets sore would be an understatement."

Tammy's hand was now very gently stroking along the length of my now-hard cock. We sat quiet for a few minutes, and then I caught my breath as I listened to my zipper being pulled open.

Tammy's soft hand felt its way past my zipper and into the front hole of my boxers. I think I almost fainted when I felt her cool, soft skin touch me.

"Oh, Brandon... It's so warm and smooth and soft... and hard. I had no idea!"

I shifted in my seat and Tammy knew what I wanted, needed. I helped her as she pushed my clothes out of the way and drew my erection into the open. She gently placed both hands on it and squeezed softly.

"Its so smooth, so smooth. I've never felt anything like this before, Brandon. Am I doing it right?"

Not wanting to talk and risk breaking the spell, I nodded and placed my hand on top of hers, curling her little fingers around my hardness and began a stroking motion.

Tammy continued the rhythm perfectly when I removed my hand. "Mmmmm, so smooth. I can't believe this! I love the way it feels!"

I couldn't believe it when Tammy then leaned over and kissed the head of my prick! She moaned something about its smoothness again, and then proceed to kiss and lick the knob and underside, driving me absolutely out of my skull.

I had had blow-jobs before, but never with this innocent enthusiasm before!

Without any coaching from me, Tammy placed her hot, wet mouth over the end of my dick and then lowered her head, moaning as she was taking me deeper. I was ready to blow!

I placed my hands on the back of her head, illustrating the motion to take, which she immediately started, bobbing up and down on my cock.

I couldn't wait to cum in her mouth!

I didn't have to wait long.

With the first spurt of cum, Tammy pressed hard against my hands, but kept me in her mouth. Finally, when I stopped shooting and moved my hands away, she quickly straightened up, stuck her head out the car window, and spit my cum out of her mouth.

When she pulled back into the car she turned and smiled at me and wiped her hand across her lips, "Sorry, that just sort of surprised me. It's not bad, at all, honest." Then, with the most beautiful innocence in her eyes and voice, she asked, "Did I do all right?"

I took her in my arms, "That was perfect, Tammy. Perfect."

"And, it's a lot neater than the old way. You won't go home with any wet spots on your pants ever again!"

And I never did.

[To this day, almost thirty years later, no one has ever given me a better blow-job than Tammy. She obviously liked what she was doing and never tired of touching the skin on my cock, either with her hands or mouth. She was energetic, imaginative, and enthusiastic. After that first time, she never again spit my cum out. Instead, she would suck the last possible drop and swallow the load with a smile on her face, happy with her accomplishment. She is the best cocksucker I have ever had the pleasure to meet.]

The next night, at the drive-in, Tammy blew me three times.

The following Friday night, I picked her up after choir practice, again, and she had my cock out of my pants and buried in her mouth before we were off the church parking lot!

It didn't take me long to figure out that Tammy loved to suck cock.

But, over the next several weeks, it still amazed me that after swallowing load after load of my cum, she still wouldn't let me into her panties. What was she saving it for?
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