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Brandon's Adventures: The 60's
Chapter IV
by IndianAsian

Other than not getting laid, I was having the Summer of my life.

I was working for the "Summit" supermarket chain, and the big annual event was the employee picnic in June. About ten stores in the region got together and rented out a private pool club for the day. The company supplied all the food and the band, and we all chipped in five bucks each for kegs and kegs of beer. There were all the picnic games, like egg-tossing and bag- races, and there was a perpetual softball game going on, all of them getting funnier as drunkenness ran rampant as the day progressed. Over the five years that I worked for Summit, something memorable happened at every picnic (and I'll tell you about them at another time).

Anyway, the week before the picnic, Lydia Abrams, a cashier at the store, asked me if I could give her a lift to and from the picnic.

Lydia was in her freshman year of college, too, but I didn't know her all that well. She was very cute and had a nice body, but she didn't hang around with our group in work and had made it clear that she was *VERY* seriously involved with a guy (a Pre-Law or Pre-Med at the local Ivy). In fact, if she took her breaks or hung around with anybody, it was usually with the full-time cashiers, who were all married and mothers. So, I was surprised when she approached me.

"Sure, Lydia. You're welcome to come along with me, but I have to get there early and help set-up the little kids' games."

"That's all right, Brandon. I'm Jewish and I don't go to church on Sunday mornings. I'll help, too."

"And I usually stay until they turn the lights out."

She smiled. "I won't turn into a pumpkin."

"Is Larry coming, too?" Larry was the love of her life.

"Lawrence? He prefers `Lawrence' now, you know. No, he's not coming. Just me. Here's directions to my house. I really appreciate it, Brandon."

"No problem."

Now, I hadn't asked Tammy to go, because the picnic was a "guys'" thing for me. It was a great time for the male part- timers to get together, eat free food, drink till we couldn't drink anymore, play ball and goof off with a bunch of the people we worked with the rest of the year. It was a great time to act like an idiot and not have to worry about a date. When I told Tammy that I helped set-up and that none of the guys brought dates, she said she understood, and I took her at her word.

Sunday morning was perfect; clear and sunny and still a little cool before the late-June heat cranked up for the day.

I didn't have any problem finding Lydia's house (and it was too big to miss!), and she was standing outside waiting for me.

I had to look twice to make sure it was her. In work, she almost always wore her dark hair up in some kind of bun or knot, but today, it was hanging free, below her shoulders, shiny, black, and full of big waves; and, she was wearing make-up -- something else I had never seen her wear. She was wearing snug, white short-shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt top that was tight enough in the cool morning air to make it very obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. The uniform that the women wore at work was pretty nice, as far as the male employees were concerned -- it was a pale blue-green dress that was thin enough that all the women usually wore full slips under them, and they were tight enough that they didn't hide a good body. So, as I said, we knew Lydia had a nice body, but I didn't realize how nice until I saw her in that tight top and those shorts.

"`Morning. I hope I didn't get you up too early."

"Hi, Brandon. No, I didn't mind waking up today. It's beautiful."

I watched her as she threw her stuff in the back and sat beside me, putting her sunglasses on. "You look great, Lydia."

She turned and looked at me for longer than necessary, smiled a canary-full cat smile, and turned her head straight ahead. "Thanks, Brandon."

There was a little tension in the car for the first few minutes (it was definitely *sexual* tension on my part!), but we were soon talking about the people we worked with and we both relaxed.

The pool club that the company rented had been a farm, so there was no shortage of room. Besides the pool and pavilions, there were two ball diamonds, fields for parking, fields for games, etc. And on a winding path through some woods, there was even a covered footbridge over a fast-flowing creek. It was a cool place.

We got there early and started working. Lydia was the only girl there, but she pitched in right along side of me and we had a lot of fun, working up a sweat. (And I had a lot of fun watching her t-shirt as she worked up a sweat.) We set up some of the kids' games, raked the base paths and anchored the bases, set the tables up, fired up the charcoal grills, tapped the kegs, and put all the sodas on ice. We were done by ten and the crowd didn't show up until eleven, so we decided to take a quick dip before the pool got too crowded.

Lydia ran to the cabana, but I just stripped off my shirt and sneakers (Chuck Taylor All-Stars, of course!) and jumped into the cold water.

I was popping up for air after a couple of laps, to hear the enthusiastic hoots and whistles of the other guys. When I looked in the direction of the cabana, I whistled myself.

Lydia was walking to the pool in (what in those days qualified as) a small white bikini. Her body was tan and firm and looked terrific. She had nice-sized, firm breasts, a flat stomach, a small, tight waist, and nicely rounded buns -- Larry (excuse me, LAWRENCE!) was a lucky guy.

Lydia reached the pool, dropped her towel, did a big smile and a small bow to her fans and jumped into the pool next to me.

I again had to wonder if this was the same girl I had been working with for a year. The shorts and t-shirt, helping with the dirty work, the bikini, the good-humored bow -- she seemed so much more... relaxed... today than she usually was in the store.

I felt her hand on my shoulder as she pulled herself up to the surface. "Woooo! You didn't tell me it was this cold!" she spurted.

I laughed. "It's still June, what did you expect? Want to get out?"

"No, I'm getting used to it and it feels good after all that work."

We just lazed around in the water until people started showing up. Just before we got out of the pool, Lydia swam close to me and asked me about something. As we talked, she sort of drifted closer and her thigh slid between my thighs. Instantly, even in the cold water, my dick reacted. Her thigh stayed close long enough that I was sure she felt my growing erection, and then she swam to the steps and went to change. I stayed in the pool until I shrank to a less-obvious condition, wondering if her touch had been intentional. And where was Larry -- er, Lawrence?

I was beginning to wonder if something was going on here and I was being a little slow on the up-take. And then I wondered, if something *WAS* going on here, what about Tammy?!? I didn't want to pursue that line of thought too long at that moment.

I finally got out of the pool and dried off, waiting for the sun to dry my shorts. I found some of my friends and joined them. As we drank and talked, I saw Lydia come out of the cabana and head for a table where some of the women from the store were setting up with their families. Just before she got there, she smiled at me and waved. I smiled and waved back. My friends turned around and saw Lydia in her cute little outfit and went nuts.

"No way that's Lydia!"

"Jesus, look at that body!"

"Look at that hair!"

"She sure looks a lot different out of uniform!"

I smiled at them. "And you guys missed the real show. You better hope it gets real hot and she feels like taking another swim."

It was a great day. Lydia helped me run some of the little kids' games, and then she watched as our store's grocery department played a softball game against the meat department. Between innings, she'd hand me a fresh beer. After I hit a home run (not so hard since the left fielder was taking a piss as the ball slowly rolled past him!), Lydia was waiting at home plate and gave me a very enthusiastic hug and kiss.

Yep -- something was definitely going on!

After a quick dip to cool off and clean up, I found Lydia waiting for me with a fresh beer.

"Wanna go for a walk?" she asked.

"Sure. Thanks for the beer. I think I'll make this my last if I'm going to drive anywhere." I was buzzed, but not blitzed.

We strolled around the pavilions, talking to friends and laughing at the drunks; then across the fields, and to the parking lot. Lydia got a blanket from her stuff in the car and we resumed walking.

On the covered bridge, almost pitch dark in the twilight, we stood at the side opening and watched the water rush by under us. It was nice. It was cool and dark and the water was making that slurpy, ripply noise as it rushed over the smooth rocks. I didn't have to think too hard about what I did next. I leaned down and kissed Lydia on the lips.

She didn't pull away. Instead, she dropped the blanket, stepped closer to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me back.

After a while, Lydia broke away, and I thought the moment was over. Instead, she picked-up the blanket, took my hand, and pulled me across the bridge and into the small patch of woods. In seconds, the blanket was spread on the ground and Lydia was spread naked on it, gesturing with her finger for me to join her in heaven.
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