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Brandon's Adventures: The 60's
Chapter IX
by IndianAsian

Tammy had been accepted to more than a few colleges, but with her dad being a cop, money was the problem. She got a partial scholarship to the big state university, downtown, and decided to day-hop, like I did. I was glad she was staying in town.

At the end of August, Tammy had to attend a ten-day orientation, staying in a dorm on campus. Except for the time after the infamous picnic, we hadn't been apart from each other for that long and neither one of us was too thrilled about the separation. Even worse, in a time before cell-phones and beepers and e-mail, we couldn't count on talking on the phone. She was going to be busy and my work schedule varied. I drove her to the campus on a Sunday afternoon and I knew I wouldn't see her again until two Wednesdays later.

Her father picked her up and brought her home on that second Wednesday. I was invited to Tammy's house for dinner. What I really wanted was to grab Tammy and the two of us disappear somewhere to have a "real" reunion! But I went to dinner, telling myself to be patient. Patient.

I had moped through the ten days and imagined Tammy doing the same thing; but, over dinner, I was disappointed to hear what a great time she had had. It hadn't been all work -- they had had cook-outs and games, dances and socials. She talked a lot about Debbie, her roommate for the orientation, and a guy named Carl, one of the "orientation counselors." Tammy had met a lot of new people, both guys and girls -- guys she would be going to school with in a few weeks.

For the first time since I started dating Tammy, I realized that there just might be some competition. I hadn't given her high school classmates a second thought, but now she was in college. That other guys would find Tammy attractive I had no doubt; but, the thought that she would find other guys attractive was a real wake-up call for me.

I couldn't get her away from her family. Dinner turned into coffee and dessert, and then just coffee. As the conversation dragged on and on, it was obvious Tammy was tired. She had already mentioned that everyone had stayed up late the night before. By ten-thirty, the dishes were done, I could feel the caffeine humming in my brain, and Tammy was falling asleep at the table. As much as I hated leaving, I kissed her good-night and we made a date for the next night.

The next night I set a land speed record between Tammy's house and the closest lovers' lane. It had been almost two weeks since I had held Tammy and to say I was horny for her was a true understatement.

We parked and jumped into the back seat. In seconds, we were kissing and I was tugging Tammy's tie-dyed t-shirt over her head. Her magnificent breasts were naked under the cotton.

"Um, no bra! I thought you looked wonderfully jiggley."

Tammy opened my shorts and pulled my zipper down. "I haven't worn a bra in almost two weeks. Debbie said I didn't need one -- even though I didn't pass the pencil test. None of the girls were wearing them at school."

Immediately I was regretting going to an all-male Catholic college! "What did your folks say?" My mouth followed my fingers and I gently sucked a nipple between my teeth.

"Ummmm... My mom didn't say much. My father called it a `god-damn hippie thing,' and then ignored it.

I lifted my face away, "I didn't ignore it. I noticed it last night, too."

"Ummmm... I missed you, Brandon. Some of the girls said not wearing a bra showed freedom and liberation, but Debbie just said it was sexier. Do you think it's sexier?"

I looked up and smiled, "No, I agree with the political statement. In fact, I think to be truly free and liberated, women should march proudly naked!"

"Oh, you phony!"

As she bent over to take my cock into her mouth, she looked up and smiled, "I think it's sexier. I feel sexier, anyway."

As Tammy sucked and licked me, I let my hands wander below her waist. Always trying my luck (especially in the summer when it was too hot for the damned pantigirdle), my hand moved gently until it was between her legs and pressing against her pussy. To my surprise, instead of pushing my hand away as usual, Tammy relaxed her legs even more and moaned around my dick.

Taking full advantage of this sudden change in attitude, I moved my hand up to undo her shorts and slid my hand under the waistband of her silky panties. Still not receiving any objections, my hand was soon brushing through Tammy's soft pussy hairs and my finger was soon finding her slippery clit.

>From Tammy's reaction, it was obvious that I had hit the magic button. She was breathing loudly and moaning around my cock. When I slid my hand further and inserted a finger inside her, brushing her clit with my thumb, she was lost in her pleasure. She released my dick and laid in my arms as I fingered her. In only a few seconds more, she was coming loudly, writhing and twisting, holding my arm tightly.

When she was done and recovering, she opened her eyes and smiled, "Umm, that was good!"

"I'm glad."

"Now, let me finish you." And she did.

Later, we sat, listening to the music, smoking and talking. Tammy told me about some of the people she met at orientation and some of the stuff that went on that she couldn't tell across the dinner table. One of the early highlights had been what she called "The Parade of Penises." Apparently, the guys and girls had been placed in separate wings of a big residence hall. She said from the first night on the guys were at the windows throwing bare-assed moons and wagging their dicks at the girls across the twenty feet separating the dorms.

"I know you didn't look, Tammy."

"Me? No way! I wouldn't do something like that!" Tammy laughed and shook her head. "It really was unbelievable, Brandon. These guys were crazy like that, and then we'd see them at breakfast the next morning and they'd act like nothing happened!"

"Did any girls moon them back?"

Tammy looked at me with an ornery glint in her eyes. "We all did!"

"You, too?" I was really surprised that Tammy participated.

"Sure! You didn't think I'd be the one to chicken out, did you?"

I popped two more cold beers from the cooler in the trunk and we took long drinks. Usually, Tammy would have one, maybe two cans, but, tonight, she was already on her fourth and her speech was slurring a little.

She took another long drink. "The counselors were always sneaking beer and wine in, and one night during the first weekend, all the girls got very drunk. We fixed the blinds so they came down far enough to cover our faces and then we put on our own parade."

"You showed them your butts?"

"We showed them everything! We called it our `tits, ass and pussy parade!' The guys tried to guess which tits, ass and pussy belonged to which girl. I was surprised at how many guys guessed right about my boobs."

"I'm not surprised. You have the prettiest tits I've ever seen." Of course I wasn't sure I was thrilled about my steady girlfriend showing them off to a couple of hundred of her future male classmates! "Gee, at my college orientation we learned how to take notes, search the stacks, and locate the chapel."

Tammy finished her beer and did a very lady-like burp. She held the can up, signalling a refill. "Well, my orientation was a lot more fun than yours."

"So I'm hearing."

A little later we were making out again. We were both nude in the backseat -- a first for us -- and my finger was probing Tammy, again. While I was kissing and licking and sucking Tammy's hard nipples, she began pushing down on my shoulders. Could she mean what I hoped she meant?

I began kissing my way down her stomach and down into her pubic hair. Instead of protesting, she spread her legs and I was soon sucking on her clit and she was soon coming. She came like I had never witnessed her come before -- long and loud and out of control. It was impressive. I started to move my body up between her legs, to position my dick at her opening, but she pressed her thighs closed and whispered, "No, Brandon."

A few minutes later, as we snuggled together and she was gently stroking my cock, I asked her what had changed -- why had she decided to let me get "into her panties."

"I can't tell you," she said as she leaned down to take me into her mouth.

I stopped her and pulled her back up. "What do you mean you can't tell me, Tammy? Why can't you tell me?"

"I can't. Don't you want me to suck you?"

"Not right now. I'd rather you tell me what changed."

She was still stroking me. She nestled her face into my neck. "I don't want to lie to you, Brandon, but you'll get mad if I tell you."

When she said that, I was pretty sure she was right -- I probably would get mad, but I still had to hear it.

"Tell me."


"Tammy, if something happened, I should know. We can talk about it and work it out like we did last summer." My erection was shrinking in her fingers. At that moment, a hundred different scenarios were flashing through my brain and I knew I didn't want to talk or work out any of them. "Are you sure, Brandon?"

"I'm sure." I was sure I wasn't sure.

"Alright, here goes. One night, late, Debbie and I are in our room, talking. There's a real light knock on the door. When we opened the door, it was two counselors, Carl and Jim."

"Carl? You talked about a Carl last night. He's a grad student?"

"He's working on his PhD in Mideastern Philosophy."

"Sheese... something useful, huh?"

"Are you gonna let me tell you?"

"Yeah. Sorry."

"Okay. Well, Debbie invited them in and shut the door. She and Jim had a bad case of the hots for each other, so she was real happy to see him. The guys each had a bottle of Mateus wine and some joints."

What I was hearing was so unreal, I was ready for the Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts to jump on the hood of my fucking car! "You smoked pot?!"

"Brandon!" "Okay, okay." Not that Tammy knew, but I had tried pot on several occasions. But every time I tried it, everyone else in the room was grooving on it, talking about what "good shit" it was. And me? I was feeling nauseous and sleepy. Booze remained my drug of choice.

"So we turned the radio up, smoked the pot and drank the wine and talked. We talked and talked."

"About what? Sex?"

"Sure, we talked about sex, but we talked about the idea of god, and the universe and, and, just about everything. I never felt like that before, Brandon. It was so cool!"

Tammy hadn't stopped stroking my cock, and in her warm, soft hand it was regaining its erection as I listened to her.

"Let me guess, Tammy, you did more than talk."

"Well, yeah, we did. I didn't mean for anything to happen, Brandon. Honest. Debbie and Jim moved over to her bed and it was obvious what they were doing. Before I realized what was happening, Carl and I were kissing. It was nice. He was gentle.

I was really buzzed. I only had a nightie on and soon that was gone. I don't remember him getting naked, but he was and we were on the bed."

"How old is this dude?"

"Twenty-six. Why?"

"Go on, Tammy. I want to hear the rest."

"Anyway, everything he did felt good and he kept doing even better things, things like we did tonight. At the end, he tried to do what you tried and I stopped him. I told him I was a virgin and he said he respected me for that and he stopped."

"And that's it? He just stopped, got dressed and left?"

"Well, no. I wanted to be fair."


"You know."

"No, I don't know, Tammy. What was `fair' for Carl?"

"You know, Brandon."

And she stopped stroking me and lowered her hot mouth over my cock. God, she had blown him! That twenty-six year old fucking grad student motherfucker had his cock sucked by my seventeen-year-old girlfriend! Just as I felt the anger rising in me, the result of what Tammy had been doing to me had it's inevitable physical outcome.

By the time she had swallowed my cum and licked my dick clean, I was furious. "When did this happen, Tammy? Was it the night before you came home, the night you stayed up late?"

Tammy shook her head and looked down at the floor.

"Oh, shit, Tammy! It happened more than once, didn't it?"

She nodded.

"How many times? How many nights did you drink wine, smoke dope and blow another guy?"

"Eight." It was a tiny whisper.

"Eight?! You were only there ten! We better get dressed."

We were quiet as we dressed and I drove her home. In front of her house she looked at me. She was crying.

"I didn't mean to hurt you, Brandon."

"What did you think it would do, Tammy? I made one mistake, one time, and remember how it hurt you last year. You had a fucking affair with this bastard!"

"I'm sorry."

"Are you sure you're still a virgin?"

"Of course I'm sure! He tried to do it every night, but I held out. He said I was hung up on my virginity and that it was a symbol of my acceptance of the white, middle-class, artificial value system. But I held out, Brandon."

"Do you love him, Tammy?"


"If you do, tell me. You're going to be going to school with him and all..."

"No, I don't love him, Brandon. One of the things we talked about was sex for sex -- `free love' -- no commitment, no guilt, just enjoying the moment. It seemed so sane and logical and modern when he talked about it."

"Oh, Tammy. That's all hippie horseshit to get girls into bed. Most of the hippie guys that go to demonstrations couldn't give a shit about the war or civil rights -- they go to score some dope and get laid. Carl said no guilt. Are you feeling `no guilt,' right now?"

"Since I got home I tried to convince myself that I wasn't feeling guilty, but I do!"

"Yeah, I know the feeling, Tammy. I better get home."

"Aren't you coming in?"

"Not tonight."

Tammy got out of the car and leaned in the window, "Call me tomorrow?"


I pulled away from the curb. If my old Chevy had been up to it, I would have left fifty feet of rubber behind me.
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