The Best Erotic Stories.

Brandon's Adventures: The 60's
Chapter V
by IndianAsian

Reader, it's time you know something:

There I am, standing in the front of the room, looking at all the other horny guys with the same affliction...

"Hello, my name is Brandon and I am a virgin."

Or I was at that moment. Sure, I had dated a lot of girls, some for a while, and had done almost everything, but I had not yet gone all the way. It wasn't for a lack of trying on my part.

It was a different time. I played the game hard, but never got past third base (whatever that is). And here I was, on the verge of losing the stigma.

This girl was naked and spread open and ready! She wanted it and she wanted it from me! Not that I was planning to tell her, but she was about to pop my cherry and I knew I'd remember this moment the rest of my life.

Then the thought flashed through my brain that it was the wrong moment because it was the wrong girl -- it wasn't Tammy.

As I said, that thought FLASHED through my brain.

I looked down at Lydia. Her breasts were firm and round, topped with huge brown nipples. Her pussy was covered with thick, black, tightly-curled hair. She was holding her arms and legs open for me.

"C'mon, Brandon."

I pulled off my shirt and dropped my shorts and underwear in one move and collapsed to the ground into Lydia's arms. Her skin was dry and smooth and taut. Her lips were hot and she kissed my lips, my nose, ears, neck, and chest. She started to move her lips down across my stomach and I didn't want to stop her, but I did.

I wanted to just shove my cock into her so bad! But I wanted to wait, to take my time and show her I wasn't just some testosterone-crazed asshole. I don't know where I got that kind of control at that moment.

I wanted to taste her. We rolled over and I began kissing and sucking and biting her wonderful skin. Her face, down her neck, around and around those big, brown nipples. Now, it was my turn to move lower.

As I did, she cried out to me through clenched teeth, "No! Do it, Brandon! Let's do it, right NOW!"

I wanted to, I really did, but I kept moving my mouth lower, until I pressed it through her thick hair and found her hot slit with my tongue.

"Ugghhh...OOOoooHHH...Ugghhh!" She wrapped her legs around my head and squeezed them tighter, pressing me deeper into her cunt. I moved my mouth over her hard little clit and sucked it between my teeth.

"Ahhhhh!" She was cumming over and over, still holding my head between her thighs.

Finally, she let go and I slid up on her. Her eyes were actually sparkling in the faint light.

"Oh, Brandon, that was wonderful! Please! Let's do it now, okay?"

"Okay, Lydia, we'll do it now."

My rock-hard cock was pressed into her dense, springy hair. I adjusted my position a little and felt Lydia's hand grasp my dick and place the head at her opening. I could feel her heat, and as I inched down, her wetness. Much easier than I expected, my cock slid into her until my pubic hair was tangling with hers.

I had read and heard a woman's pussy described many ways but no description prepared you for the true pleasure of what it actually feels like wrapped around your prick. Warm, hot, wet, tight, slippery, satin, silk, velvet -- words just don't suffice.

I couldn't believe it. I was finally getting laid! And by a girl I never expected to be fucking in a thousand years. I didn't know how we had ended up on that blanket, fucking like rabbits; but way down, in my deepest, most secret thoughts, I was thinking I had slowly charmed this girl in my subtle, quiet, inimitable way. That I had made her forego a date with Larry to be with me at this picnic, and that she couldn't help herself for wanting me.

But very soon, I wasn't thinking any more remotely rational thoughts. I was going to cum. And I was gonna cum in a pussy!

EeeOwww! What a cum it was!

Even the little portable radio we brought with us cooperated -- it was playing Otis Redding, singing "These Arms of Mine" and I knew in that instant that I could never again hear that song without thinking about Lydia and me on that blanket.

When I rejoined the living, I rolled over, still connected to Lydia. We cuddled.

"Ummm, that was nice, Brandon."

"I'll say!"

"We better get back to the crowd before they send out scouts."

I laughed, "Believe me, when a guy and a girl disappear, they definitely are NOT going to send out the troops."

"Maybe your friends. What about mine? You ready to take on Agnes?"

Agnes was a big, bossy, mouthy bitch that thought she was the unofficial leader of all the female employees at the store.

"No, I don't have the energy to take her on, right now. I'll get dressed."

I held Lydia's hand as we walked across the bridge, but she pulled away from me as we approached the pavilions.

People were packing up, and only the poker players were staying put. We gathered our stuff and headed for the car. I had never been this sober and this happy leaving a picnic.

Lydia was quiet on the ride home, but I didn't mind. I was savoring my mood, and it was a very, very good mood. The one speedbump on my little sex-filled road of life with Lydia was telling Tammy. I knew she thought we were serious, and I admitted that I hadn't done anything to give her a different impression, but... Well, having sex with Lydia made everything different.

I pulled into Lydia's driveway and pulled her closer.

"Not here, Brandon. My parents spy out the window."

"What days do you work this week?"

"Oh, didn't I tell you? I leave for Long Island for a week, tomorrow. Vacation."

"A week? No, I... I didn't realize. I'll miss you!"

She opened the door, "You're sweet, Brandon. Thanks for the ride."

"Yeah, the ride. You're welcome. Thank you!"

She gave me another of those smiles as she closed the car door and waved to me. "Bye, Brandon." Then she ran up to and into the house.

As I drove away I thought, "Well, that was weird! She acted like nothing special happened."

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