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Brandon's Adventures: The 60's
Chapter VIII
by IndianAsian

We went to the movies that next night, and many other nights. It wasn't long before things settled down and we found ourselves parked for hours on the dark lovers' lanes.

The Summer passed quickly and we were back in school all too soon. My sideburns and hair were a little longer, and I was sporting the beginning of a droopy moustache.

My sex life with Tammy returned to where it had been, but not an inch farther. Everything covered by that '60's abomination of a chastity belt -- the pantigirdle -- was still off limits. I'd like to say that I was content; that I was a gentleman; that I was respectful of Tammy's decision -- but I wasn't. Every time we were alone I begged and pleaded and cajoled; I badgered, and pressured and argued; I was relentless. And, through it all, Tammy remained firm. As I felt sorry for myself for still not getting laid, I was telling myself to stop whining because Tammy's blow-jobs were frequent and exquisite. So it went, date after date after date.

Tammy was in her Senior year in high school and got very busy on the school newspaper and yearbook. I was working almost thirty hours a week and carrying eighteen credits and trying to bring my grades up. Friday nights were spent working in the store and then going out with the guys to parties and beer-nights and Frat open houses. Saturday nights were dates with Tammy.

The days and nights flew by. I went to my first anti-war demonstration in September. For Christmas, I bought Tammy a ring -- and we were officially "going steady." January brought a report card even my parents were happy with. April was another demonstration in Washington, D.C. May was the end of my sophomore year in college, with an even better accum -- I was finally getting the hang of this college thing.

Tammy and I were getting along great, but we were deep in a routine. We mostly saw each other only on Saturday nights -- sometimes a party in Vince's basement, sometimes a Frat party, sometimes a movie, but always ending the date by parking somewhere and enjoying each other's young body. The kissing and touching were great; the blow-jobs fantastic, but we were a long- term couple, going "steady." I was young and filled with dreams (many of them erotic!) and being "settled down" so soon, even with someone as sweet and charming as Tammy, wasn't what I had in mind for me at nineteen years old.

There were Friday nights at a stag dance or a Frat house when I would find myself kissing and feeling another girl in my arms. Sometimes we would find a chair or sofa and the petting would become heavy. I told myself I was nineteen years old and a healthy, horny male. I even argued with myself that I was justified because Tammy and I weren't fucking. But no matter who the girl was, I always stopped myself in time -- before I knew I would feel too guilty to face Tammy again. Sometimes the girls were surprised, giving me their phone numbers because I was such a "gentleman," and sometimes they were pissed, calling me every name from "fag" to "eunuch." I wanted to -- oh, how I wanted to -- but I didn't. The girl I most wanted to make love with was my sweet Tammy.

But, oh those temptations!

* * * * *

One of those temptations came from the unlikeliest of people. It happened during the second Summer Tammy and I were dating...

It was August. Hot and muggy when I walked out of the store after my shift ended at 6 p.m. Instead of going home and then back to Tammy's, it was easier to just go to Tammy's. Besides, Tammy's mother was a much better cook than mine was and I could always grub a good meal there.

As I pulled up in front of Tammy's house I couldn't remember if she was working until 10 p.m. that night, or the next night. It didn't matter, I'd just watch some TV and wait.

Jamie opened the door to my knock. She was in a wet bathing suit and holding a blender full of something white and frothy. Her pretty face was a little flushed. I made a gallant effort to look into her eyes and not check out her body.

"Oh, hello, Brandon."

"Hi, Jamie. Is Tammy home?"

"No. She's working late tonight."

"Oh. Well, sorry to disturb you." I turned on the step.

"Ah, Brandon?"

I turned around.

"Um, I was just going to jump back into the pool and sip on a Pina Colada... um... and I have a whole pitcher. You, ah, you could wait in the pool for Tammy to get home. If you want, that is! Ah, do you have a suit here?"

I didn't quite know what to say. Over the time I had been dating Tammy, my relationship with Jamie had softened somewhat, but was still formal and distant. Yet, here she was offering to share both the pool and a drink with me. She was obviously having a difficult time inviting me, and I didn't want to do anything to piss her off and re-establish the Berlin Wall in the family.

"Sure, I have a suit here. And I've never had a Pina Colada, before."

Jamie giggled (something I had never seen her do before) and held a finger up to her lips, "Shh... Don't tell anybody, but this is my second pitcher. I'm getting snockered!"

When I got out to the pool Jamie was already in it, sipping her drink from a plastic pineapple. The pool was one of those above-ground rings, between four and five feet deep with a deck built around it. I draped my towel over the railing and slid into the water, so as not to splash her. I vowed to be on my best behavior.

Jamie held out another pineapple and I walked over to her.

"I know Richard's away with the Reserves for the weekend. Where's your mom and dad?"

"One of dad's old partners is having a big retirement party. They will be out late. So, how do you like your first Pina Colada?"

"Not bad. A little on the sweet side for me, but I like how you can taste the rum."

Jamie laughed. "That's because I made them too strong! I can only drink so much of the fruit stuff." And then she laughed again.

"You have a great laugh. You should do it more often."

The humor dropped away from her face and she looked at me with a very serious face. "What do I have to laugh about, Brandon?"

I didn't like the mood shifting so suddenly. Jamie had obviously been drinking for a while and I still had at least three hours before Tammy arrived to rescue me. "C'mon, Jamie, you have the world licked. You're young and beautiful, the apple of your parents' eyes. You've got a great job, a lot of friends, a Mustang, and, oh yeah, you're marrying Richard in about a month."

"It's all bullshit, Brandon."

That was a word I had never heard her use before.

She poured more in each of our pineapples and she took a big gulp of hers. "It's bullshit, Brandon. I'm the apple of my parents' eyes because I've always been exactly what they wanted me to be. I was the firstborn and blazed a trail of good little girl, good little student, good little daughter.

"You think I have a great job? Ha! I hate it. I have to paint a smile on my face before I go in every morning and I have to make sure it stays there all day. It doesn't matter if a client is a bitch, or a file is lost, or my typewriter breaks, or one of the partners is horny and tries to throw me across his desk and get into my panties!"

I was stunned at this outburst. First, because Jamie was saying these things, and, second, because she was saying them to me.

She chugged the rest of her drink and leaned against me, draping her bent left arm on my right shoulder. "Friends! My friends love me because I do anything for them and never ask for anything back! And Richard... He saw me at the office with my painted-on smile. I saw the man my parents would want me to marry. I'm going to marry him in a month and you and I both know what my life will be like after that.

"Why do I always have to be so perfect, Brandon? Why can't I do something for me?"

"Well, if it's any consolation, I don't think you're perfect, Jamie."

She looked at me closely. I couldn't keep the corners of my mouth from turning up.

We both burst out laughing. It was a good laugh and a good moment.

"Well, who cares about what you think, Brandon? You're a bad boy. You don't take anything seriously, and nobody intimidates you, and you don't care what other people think about you."

"Hmmm, I'm not like that."

"Of course you are! And, of course, those are the reasons everybody likes you."

"That's not true, Jamie. You don't like me. And while I think about it, you intimidate me."

"Oh, I like you, Brandon, it's just that a good girl like me shouldn't like a bad, disrespectful boy like you."

"You don't always have to be so good, Jamie."

"I can't help myself, Brandon. That's what I'm talking about, here. Shit, I'm still a virgin! Even my little sister can't say that!"

"I can guarantee she can still say that, Jamie."

She stared up into my eyes. "Really? I'm surprised. I see the two of you together... the way you look at each other, touch each other, smile to each other. Tammy's still a virgin? Hmm... you must be more of a gentleman than I thought. How about you, Brandon, are you still a virgin?" She paused. I didn't say anything. "I didn't think so, Brandon. You have that confident male swagger, and you're so damned cute."

Jamie dipped under the water and pushed herself to the other end of the small pool and back again. When she touched the side it was with an arm on each side of me. She stood up and she was pressing against me. I could feel the heat of her breath as she spoke to me.

"I'm almost twenty-two years old, and I'm about to be married and all I want to be, right now -- right this minute! -- is bad. I want to do something *BAD*, Brandon."

A vision of the two of us, naked and locked together, screwing in the water flashed through my mind. I had a hard time swallowing. "Aaa... Like what, Jamie? What would be something bad?"

"Let's skinny dip! Have you and Tammy ever skinny-dipped out here, Brandon?"


"Don't lie to me, tonight, Brandon. Not tonight."

I grinned. "Okay, no lies. Yes, we have skinny-dipped in the pool. But it was darker."

Jamie nodded. "I thought so. I just knew it." She reached up and lowered the straps of her bathing suit. She crouched in the water and then waved her wet suit in her hand. She smiled a brazen smile at me as she threw the suit onto the deck where it splatted. "Your turn, Brandon-boy!"

Even though I could only see her shadowed form moving beneath the water I had a hard-on. "I don't need to be bad, Jamie. And I've already skinny-dipped. This is about you being bad."

"Oh, nonono! If I'm nekked, you're nekked, too! Remember, I intimidate you."

* * *

My wet suit soon joined hers on the deck.

We drank the rest of the Pina Coladas and paddled around the pool, talking a little about nothing in particular. As far as seeing Jamie "nekked," I was disappointed. I didn't venture too close to her and she stayed neck deep in the water. It didn't matter to my dick, though, I still had my erection.

"Y'know, Brandon, this will probably be the only time in my life I'll ever skinny-dip."

"You don't know that. Richard might like to try it."

Jamie walked over to me and stood right in front of me, looking me straight in the eyes, "You don't believe that, do you, Brandon?"

I shook my head. I was thinking `no fuckin' way!'

"What do you think about Richard?"

"Why are you asking me? I'm not going to marry him. You love him, so I would imagine he's a nice guy."


"I don't have any `but,' Jamie."

Jamie stepped closer to me. As she placed her arms around my neck I could feel her breasts press into my chest. Her nipples felt like a cat's claws scraping against my skin. My erection was between her legs and she trapped it there with her firm thighs. "I want to know what you really think about my fiancee, Brandon. Tell me how you would describe him to a friend -- and remember, no lies tonight."

My arms were wrapped around Jamie's waist. Her breasts were full and firm against my chest. I could feel her pussy hair rubbing against my cock. I wasn't exactly in the mood to discuss Richard at that moment.

Jamie dropped a hand into the water and I felt her fingers curl around my hard shaft. "C'mon, Brandon. Please tell me."

I could feel both of our hearts beating. My breathing was getting deeper and deeper. My hand slowly reached up to cup her breast and surround a nipple with two fingers. Jamie moaned her breath into my mouth.

"Make love to me, Brandon!"

God, how I wanted to! Here we were, alone, both naked and ready to rut. There wasn't anything I wanted more!

Instead, I moved my hand away from her breast, and I hugged her close to me. <I know, it even surprised me.>

"Jamie, tomorrow you'll be sober. Hung-over, but sober. And in addition to hating yourself, you'll especially hate me. You may even hate Tammy on general principles. Besides, you got this far, you only have a month to go. Won't you feel better on your wedding night if you don't do something silly tonight?"

Jamie didn't move. Slowly, as she looked at me wide-eyed, she released my prick and her breathing began to calm. Finally she nodded and reached for her bathingsuit and began putting it back on. "Geeze, Brandon, I never expected you to make so much sense. But I'll be honest and tell you that right now I'm more than a little disappointed that you're being so nice."

When she finished pulling her suit up and fixed her straps, she stepped in close to me and kissed me.

It wasn't just a kiss. It was a KISS! One that got me wondering if I made the wrong decision about making love with her. It was deep and passionate and hot. Her tongue filled my mouth, her arms held me tight. I responded and pulled her even closer. I could feel my toes curl and I thought there was a good chance my hair was curling, too. My erection was pressed against her tummy. She didn't pull away.

Finally, the kiss ended. I have no idea how long it lasted.

She held my face in her hands.

"G'night, Brandon. I'm going to take a handful of aspirins and go to bed. Thanks for keeping me company. And thanks for..."

She didn't have to finish. I nodded and smiled. "It's okay. I had fun, too. But you still intimidate me."

I watched her lithe body as she climbed out of the pool.


She stopped and looked down at me.

"I would describe Richard as that one guy in a million that would step out of the shower to take a piss."

She stood and looked at me for a few seconds. Finally she nodded. "That's a good answer, Brandon." And then she walked to the house.

It seemed like a long, lonely wait until Tammy got home and joined me in the pool.

A little over a month later, at Jamie's and Richard's wedding reception, Jamie pulled me into a corner and whispered to me. "You know that thing that I still was in the pool that night, Brandon?"

After I wound my way through the sentence, I smiled and nodded. "Tonight's the night, Jamie."

Jamie giggled and shook her head. "Nope. Richard and I decided not to wait. We did it last weekend! What do you think of that?"

I hugged her close to me and thought about us touching and pressing our naked bodies together in the pool. I was happy for her. I shook my finger at her and said, "I think you're a very, very bad girl, Jamie!"

She laughed and walked back to the crowd, beaming like the beautiful bride she was.
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