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Betty & Veronica
by IndianAsian

Christmas Eve, and I'm horny as hell. I'm alone with nothing to do. I dick around a bit, read the paper, watch some tube (there's *nothing* on) and finally decide to go to bed. Just as I'm falling asleep I hear noise from downstairs, as if someone is walking around. I find something pleasant: kneeling at the base of the Christmas tree are two gorgeous young women, a blonde and a brunette wearing nothing but a matching set of skimpy red and green lacy teddies. "Hi! We're Betty and Veronica; we're your Christmas gifts!" Betty, the blonde, is wearing the red teddy; her ample tits stretching the fabric to the maximum. Veronica, the brunette, is in the green teddy; she has long shapely legs, a tight ass and a wicked smile. Both girls are wearing nail polish and lipstick that match the color of their lingerie (yes, Veronica is wearing green lipstick!)

While I stand there slightly stunned, Veronica gets up, walks behind me and takes off my robe. Betty kneels in front of my and takes my cock into her hands. At her touch my dick starts to go erect, and Betty takes my cockhead between her lips. While Betty is gently sucking away, Veronica presses her body against my back and reaches around with her hands to cup my balls. As Veronica gently squeezes my sack, Betty holds my cock at the base and takes nearly two-thirds of my shaft into her mouth. After a few minutes of this attention my cock has reached its full hardness.

Betty takes my cock out of her mouth and smiles up to her partner. "Veronica, honey, you've got to get down here and help me with this cock. It's too much for one woman!" Veronica gets down and kneels next to Betty, who hands-off my dick to the tall brunette. Veronica opens her mouth to take me in, but I stop her just before she can begin. "Just a minute," I say, "I want to unwrap my gifts first." I start with Veronica, pulling the straps of her teddy off her shoulders and letting it fall to a bunch around her waist. Veronica's tits aren't terribly large, but firm and topped with hard, erect nipples. I then remove the straps to Betty's teddy, but instead of falling like Veronica's, Betty's teddy hands suspended on her large breasts. Betty grabs her teddy around the waist, sticks her chest out pulls her teddy down. It strains for a minute, then finally falls down as her big tits burst free.

"Very nice," I say as I gaze upon my gifts. "Santa was very good to me this year!" "Not as good as we're gonna be!" Betty tells me. Veronica returns to my cock, taking my hardness between her luscious emerald lips. As Veronica starts to suck me, I see Betty reach a hand between Veronica's legs from behind. Veronica lets out a low moan around my cock as Betty slips a couple of finger up into her snatch. With her free hand, Betty grabs my cock at the base and pulls it out of Veronica's mouth, bringing it over to her own. Veronica then slips her fingers up into Betty's pussy and starts to gently finger-fuck her.

The two vixens continue trading off sucking me while they finger each others twats. Betty then pulls me down by my cock to a kneeling position on the floor. She then takes her teddy the rest of the way off and turns around, backing her round ass up to me while straddling her legs on either side of mine. I place my cock at the entrance to Betty's pussy and she pushes herself back onto my shaft. It feels absolutely wonderful as my cock slowly disappears up into her warm moist hole. As Betty starts to fuck herself on my shaft, Veronica stands up, letting her teddy fall past her long legs to the floor. Stepping out of the garment, Veronica stands over my chest so that her fuzzy brown pussy is right at my face. I run my hands up Veronica's thighs and grab hold of her ass cheeks while I run my tongue along her slightly parted slit. Veronica holds on to my shoulders to balance herself as she gently rocks her hips back and forth. "Ohh, yeah, fuck me with your tongue," she moans as my tongue probes the sweet depths of her cunt.

Meanwhile, Betty is continuing to fuck my cock at a frantic pace. "Oh fuck oh fuck I'm gonna cum!" she cries as my cock moves in and out of her warm pussy. I move my tongue up to Veronica's clit and then start to suck on it directly. Soon, both Betty and Veronica are coming, their angelic voices crying out with a duet of pleasure. When she finishes her orgasm, Betty falls forward off my cock, which pops out of her juicy wetness and flings upright. "My turn," Veronica gasps as she lowers her body down. Veronica's breasts run across my face and shoulders as she brings my cock to the entrance of her cunt. Despite her wetness, Veronica's cunt is still incredibly tight, and it takes a bit of force for her to completely impale herself on my thick rod. Veronica wraps her arms under mine and around my shoulder blades as she leans in to give me a deep kiss. Our tongues dance and intertwine as she tastes her own sweet cum juices inside my mouth. I run my hands through her long brown hair as we begin to thrust together.

While our fucking continues, Veronica breaks our kiss and throws her head back. "Oh fuck yeah, feels so good inside me!" I start to kiss and nibble her outstretched neck and bare shoulders. Veronica starts moaning in my ear: "Mmm, fuck me, come in my pussy." When she sticks her tongue in my ear, my cock explodes, sending my sticky goo deep up into Veronica's wonderful tight cunt. When Veronica rolls off of me, I see that Betty has reached into one of the stockings and pulled out a bottle of baby oil. She comes over and kneels down in front of me, so that we are facing each other. With a wicked smile, she hands me the bottle and sticks out her chest, presenting me with her bountiful breasts.

I open the bottle and dribble a generous amount of oil across the top of Betty's chest and watch for a moment as the viscous liquid starts to slowly flow down her mounds. Then I set the bottle aside and begin to slowly rub the oil into her tits with my hands. Betty's hands soon join mine as we both massage her tits with the oil. Then Betty takes the oil bottle and squeezes a bunch out onto her belly, letting it flow down into her wispy blonde pussy hair. Betty returns to rubbing her tits while I turn my attention to the new batch of oil, rubbing it into her tummy and belly button before moving to her waist and finally her crotch.

Watching Betty grind her crotch on my hand as she massages her breasts has caused my cock to get hard again. Betty has me stand up and wraps her well-oiled tits around my cock, manually moving them up and down my cock to tit-fuck me. While I continue to rub my cock between Betty's big fleshy globes, Veronica comes over and once again kneels down next to Betty. Betty turns her head to face Veronica and the two girls share a deep, passionate kiss. Then Veronica takes my cock out from between Betty's tits and starts to stroke it, her hand gliding freely over the well-lubricated shaft. Betty's hand joins her as the two stroke my cock until I'm ready to come again. My goo spurts out all over the girls, falling on their tits, faces and getting into their hair.

As I lay back on the floor and close my eyes, I see Betty and Veronica start to gleefully lick my cum off of each other's bodies. The next thing I know, it's Christmas morning and I'm back in my bed. Thinking it all a pleasant dream, I put on a robe and head downstairs to greet the day. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a note under the tree. In an attractive feminine script, the note, adorned with a pair of kisses (red & green) reads: "Thanks for a wonderful evening! See you next Xmas! Love & Kisses, Betty & Veronica"
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