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Blindfold at Work
by Shorty_69

I walk into your office swaying my hips from side to side in my long white sleeper. I make my way to your desk. Nobody is in your office today. You are working alone.

I come up to you and start playing with my own nipples through the sheer fabric. Looking you in the eyes. Telling you without words how much I want you. You can see my hard little nipples through the fabric.

You reach out to grab me but I move away. I turn around and find an empty chair sitting across from you. I slowly open my legs revealing my pussy to you. I slid my hand from my neck down over my nipple. Stopping there to rub and pinch it for a few seconds. I then move down lower. Across my belly. Lower and lower. Until I reach my pussy. I slowly slid my middle finger between my pussy lips dipping into my warm wet hole. I pull my finger out and before I slid it back in you can see my juices glistening on my finger. I take my finger out again and run it up to my clit. Then I slowly bring my finger to my mouth. Sucking on my own juices.

You reach for your pants but I tell you no. You quickly do as your told and move your hand away. I can see that you are in need of something. Could it be.... you are in need of release? I smile a knowing smile and walk over to you. I lean down and tell you to close your eyes. You do.

I slide my hand down your leg until I reach your boots. I unlace them and take them off. I blindfold you with something. Your not sure what. You can here me moving around but you have no idea what I am doing. All you know is that you want me.

You feel me gently grab your arm and place it on the arm of your chair. You feel something wrap around your wrist, tying you to the arm of the chair. Then I move to the other arm.

Once your arms are tied I run my finger down your chest and across the bulge in your pants. You can't help but moan and suck in your breath. But my finger is gone as quickly as it came.

You feel me grab your leg. You can't help but feel a little panic as I finish by tying both legs to the chair. You are completely under my control. You try and listen to my movements but you can't make much out. Then you here my whisper in your ear. " do you like this Kaleb? You are under my control." You feel something hard and warm rub across your lips. It takes you a few seconds to realize what it is but still you don't move. You know I would not like it if you did something without permission. " suck on my nipples" You greedily wrap your lips around one licking and sucking. Trying to please me. You feel the finger back running along the length of your hard cock through your pants. back and forth back and forth.

I tell you to switch breasts and you do. You start sucking and licking again. Your only release coming from my finger running up and down the sensitive underside of your cock.

Suddenly I am gone. You here me moving around. Your afraid I might b leaving you but I soon am back. You feel a hand on your pants and then another. Then you hear this sound as if someone cutting your pants with a razor. Then the pants are gone. All you are left with is your shirt and boxers. You feel me cut through the waist band of your pants and then those to are gone. You feel naked and unsure of what do to. Then I do the same to your shirt. Cutting both that and your undershirt you always wear.

From somewhere in the back of your mind you realize that you will have to walk out of your office naked to get home but right now you don't care. All you care about is pleasing me and making me happy.

You feel my breath on your neck as I whisper in your ear once again. "Do you want me?"

"YES!" you reply in a lust filled voice. You feel me nibble on your ear a little then your neck. Then your chest. You suck in your breath as I suck first one than the other nipple into my mouth. Biting softly. Then I move down to your belly button. Circling it with my tongue.

I then move lower. Quickly licking the head of your cock. You want to cum right then but you know if you do I will punish you. So you hold back. Knowing there is more pleasure to come.

I grab the base of your cock and pull up and down. Then I let go. You feel a finger on your lips and smell my pussy on it. I run it across both of them. "lick your lips" You do. You again feel my finger on your lips. "suck on my finger" You do.

I pull my finger from your mouth and you feel me clime on top of your body still strapped to the chair. You are sure that soon you will be buried in my hot pussy. You sense me reaching down and feel my hand encircle your cock. You feel my pussy being rubbed against the head of your cock from my clit all the way to my pussy hole. You want so bad to push your hips up. You are so close. But again you refrain. Knowing I will not be pleased. You feel 2 of my fingers come up to your lips and force there way into your mouth. " Get them good an wet" You do. Soon you feel you cock at the entrance to my wet pussy. You squeeze your eyes shut in anticipation of it. I slowly let you enter me until you are buried as far as you can go. I sit there for a couple seconds. Squeezing your cock with my vaginal muscles. Milking it. You are not sure if you can hold out much longer but you know that I will not be pleased if you don't.

I start fucking up and down on your cock. Hard then fast. then slowly. I rotate my hips. You can feel my pussy grabbing at your cock. You start to beg. "Oh God, I need to cum. Please let me cum" I give you my permission as I slam my pussy down around your cock one last time as you push your hips up into me cumming inside of me. It is the longest orgasm you have ever had. You are exhausted when you are done.

I take the blindfold off of you and remove the restraints. Its time to go home. I leave a blanket for you to cover up with as I walk out the door of your office. You hurry and cover up. Rushing to the door to tell me to stay but when you look its like I wasn't ever there. But your not worried. You know I will be back again...

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