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Burger Babe
by Storm

I'd talked with her for months and though she and I were very different (in outlooks on life and people) I felt a sexual desire for her; I had wanted to screw her since I'd met her, to feel her lips wrapped around my dick and her tongue licks my shaft till I came in her mount; or to suck on her large nipples atop her very ample breast (I figured a double "D" was roughly right), as I pounded my cock in and out of her wet pussy. I'd thought of this and much more, of fucking her up the ass and wanting to finger fuck her as I ate her out.

I can't remember her name, but she knows mine and though I'd never date her (she's married, with a couple of kids), a good fuck or two would be fun. She's the type of girl from the "wrong-side" of the tracks that your mother told you never to get near and that you've wanted to meet and fuck since you met! Well she is just that type of woman (she's just a couple of months older than me, so what the hell) and I wanted to screw her so I could know I did it. Well I just might get the chance if I work it right... She was frank, crude and she had her issues to deal with; I was honest, but middle-class and with that, used to speaking differently and I found her issues to be ones I don't agree with; that said, I thought the adventure would be a turn-on.

Well here goes my dream of what might happen.

One night, I go over to the place she works (her father is the owner and she helps manage one of the handful of locations) and get some food, she and I chat for a while and we get talking about stuff around sex and such. Well she tells me how she needs change and risk at times (away from her husband) and I say I know, hinting at my willingness to help her out! Well we talk some more and we get off the topic, but then I have to go and I suggest she sometime come over for a beer and chat; she takes my number and that's that, or so I thought. A few days later, I get a call early in the afternoon and it's her, asking if she could come over for a beer; I say yes and that's that. Next, I see a car pull up out back of my flat and she gets out with a backpack in hand and I tell her to come up the back stair. Offering her a beer, she asks if I've a VCR and when I tell her yes, she says she'll be back in a minute (she went to the porn-shop nearby, I later found out). She comes back and puts the movie in the player, then asks where the bathroom is; she goes there with the pack and beer and tells me to turn on the movie. When she comes down, I can't believe the change in appearance; she's gone from being an average (if busty and good looking woman) to being a real harlot, in black high heels, stockings, and a one-piece thong/bikini that left nothing to my imagination. Well as we watched the start of the movie and the actors started to get into the act, she and I started to warm to each other; we kissed and then all hell broke loose. I had wanted to pin her to the floor and "69" her; but she pinned me and as I lay there with her dripping pussy in my face, her tits swaying just where I could pinch and pull on her nipples, she undid my shorts and started to jerk my hardening dick like a pro. I shoved my face into her crotch and took one of my hands and using my thumb and forefinger, started to play with her clit (it wasn't long till it was standing to attention) and I sucked it hard and bit it, causing her to moan and pump my dick harder. I then took my cunt wet fingers and finding her asshole, pushed one in and fingered her as I ate her out; she must have liked it, 'cause she suddenly took my cock into her mouth and pumped it like she was a baby trying to get as much milk out of a nipple as fast as she could. I yelled that I was about to cum and unloaded a good amount into her mouth, she swallowed all of it and continued to blow me as I was about to cum again and she was almost ready to orgasm. My face was drenched in a mixture of vaginal juices and period blood as her body shuddered through the first orgasm (I hoped more would come later as I fucked her hot, wet pussy and then maybe her tight ass). To this point, I had barely touched or been allowed to notice her large and beautiful tits; but I turned that around, but getting her on the floor and putting each calf over a shoulder, I pressed my cock into her waiting vagina. As I started to build rhythm and speed, I bent forward and first kissed her and then suck on a nipple and fondle one then the other breast; I soon found she liked the attention paid to her tits and that she liked to be handled roughly, she wanted my to bit and almost gnaw on each nipple until it was red and swollen to an inch or so long and about the thickness of a 5¢ piece. She also wanted to have her breasts pulled and grabbed to the point where she'd yell on the edge of pleasure and pain; when I'd gotten her breasts to this point, they looked more like triple "D's" and were very swollen from the attention I paid. Her pussy was tightening as I continued to pound in and out, I shifted my ramming to better stimulate her and also trying to stave off a building orgasm in me. She moaned and cooed as she was building to another orgasm and so I told her to turn over and stick her ass in the air; I mounted her doggie-style and angled it so I was rubbing the head of my penis against her g-spot and also so I could finger her ass some more. I was seeing stars as she orgasmed and I took that as a sign to start fucking her ass, whether she liked it or not! I pulled out of her vagina and as she shook through the orgasm, my pussy juice soaked cock found her anal flower and pushed into her back hole. She monetarily swung a hand towards me to not fuck her tight hole, but when I was fully inside, her face turned to me and I could tell she wanted to be fucked as hard as I could. She started to finger fuck herself as I fucked her ass and her moaning was so loud, I really would call it screaming; she orgasmed for a third time just as I finally ejaculated into her ass and collapsed onto the floor, my cock "popping" out of her ass and I was spent. She wasn't and turned around to lick my cock clean of her pussy, ass and my cum juices, this got me hard again (almost painfully as I swelled up larger than normal) and she lowered her pussy on to my dick. She fucked my this way until she came for a forth time and collapsed on top of me, we kissed for a few minutes and then headed for the shower.

I see her often, as I go and get a burger at the joint she works at, wondering if or when my dream might cum?

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