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Big Boy
by Carl East

I had always liked hospitals and the cleanliness that went with them, but most of all the surgical smells that permeated the hallways. Now I found myself sitting in one, waiting to be seen by a specialist. You see, I have this problem. My penis is way too big. I'm not talking nine or ten inches here; I'm talking fifteen inches fully erect. You're probably thinking 'you lucky bastard', but it's been a curse rather than a babe magnet. You see, nearly all the girlfriends I've had heard about my condition from friends of mine and wanted to see for themselves. But in each case they were too scared to have full- blooded, hot, passionate sex with me and this was starting to get me down.

So there I was, waiting to see a doctor that was recommended to me by my local practitioner.

"Mr. Elis!" I heard someone say.

I looked up to find a nurse was beckoning me to follow her. She led me down a long corridor to a thick oak door, knocking, then pausing for an answer.

"Come in," came the response.

The nurse opened the door, but stayed out side. "Go in, Mr. Elis," she said, closing the door behind me.

"Ah, Mr. Elis I assume!" said THE most attractive female Doctor I have ever seen.

I was slightly taken aback by this, because I had assumed it would be a man.

"Is something wrong, Mr. Elis?" she asked, offering me a chair.

"No, it's just..."

"You were expecting a man," interrupted the Doctor.

"I should know better by now, after all, this is the new millennium," came my weak excuse for an apology.

"So, you want a penile reduction?" she asked, cutting through any reluctance to talk openly about my problem.

"Yes, Doctor..."

"You can call me Judy, I hate titles," she said, making me feel more comfortable. "I think the first thing we need to do is have a look at the problem, so if you could get undressed for me, I'll take a look."

She pointed to the screens at the far end of the room. As I began to take my clothes off she called to me to put on the gown, and to make sure it had the opening at the front. I did this, then went back and sat down. She told me to lay on the couch that was situated to the right of the desk.

"Ah, I see your problem," she said, taking my cock delicately in both hands.

There I was, lying flat on my back, with a beautiful woman handling my enormous cock.

"Well, Mr. Elis, there is nothing physically wrong with your penis. Admittedly, it is unusually large, but that is hardly a reason for such a drastic surgical procedure, and a risky one at that."

While saying all this, she was methodically checking the entire length and the underside of my now semi-hard cock. "I also see you have no problem getting hard," she said, putting my cock back down. I could feel the flush in my face as she looked at me smiling. "No need to be embarrassed Mr. Elis, it's a natural function," she reassured me.

The trouble was, I had been aroused, and my cock was still growing.

"But looking at it, I can see why you want this procedure carried out."

She sat down again. It had now grown to its full length, which was well past my belly button. I sat back at the desk, with the gown hiding my embarrassment.

"Before we discuss your options, Mr. Elis, I would like your permission to allow three students of mine to take a look at you. It's something of a learning opportunity, as they've never come across anything like this before."

I was taken aback for the second time today by this request, but I thought, if nothing else, someone will learn something useful in his/her chosen career, so I agreed. After waiting for five minutes, someone knocked on the door, in response to the {tangy-what is this?} message the Doctor's secretary had sent out over the entire hospital.

"Come in," she said, putting down my file. Three nurses, each more beautiful than the last, entered the room. Closing the door they crossed the room and stood next to the desk.

"Mr. Elis, if you could kindly get back on the couch, we can begin." said the Doctor.

We all went over to the couch, the nurses on one side and the Doctor on the other. I was again flat on my back.

"If you could lift the gown Mr. Elis, we'll get this over as quickly as possible," said Judy.

Raising my gown caused a few gasps from the nurses.

"Ok, let's get the giggling and muttering out of the way. Then we can proceed," said the Doctor authoritatively.

At that the nurses composed themselves, paying full attention to the proceedings. I could tell that they respected this woman. I also knew that not one of them had taken their eyes off my shaft.

"That's better," the Doctor said, reaching once again for my cock. "The problem is that Mr. Elis here has a touch of what is known as Elephantiasis. It is very rare, which is why I have called you all here today. Now Mr. Elis wants the drastic solution of surgery to cut back on the length of his penis simply because he seems to be scaring the women away from him. He finds it impossible to maintain a lasting relationship with anyone. What do you think he should do?" she asked, waiting for a response.

"I think he should have counseling," said the first student, staring intently at my cock.

"I agree," said the second.

The third student was a little bolder than the other two. She reached out for my cock, which took me completely by surprise. "I believe he is misguided in wanting to have this surgery," she said, "but if after counseling he still feels the same way, then I believe we should keep the option open." By now she had inspected the entire shaft from top to bottom.

"Very good ladies, now if you could..."

Just then there was an interruption from the intercom, to which the Doctor answered, "there's an emergency, stay here ladies, I'll be back as quickly as possible."

I was still exposed to the nurses, feeling less than comfortable, and then I caught one of them winking to the others.

"Are you up for some fun Mr. Elis?" asked the nurse that had grasped my cock earlier.

"Sure," I replied, not fully aware at what she meant.

She proceeded to unbutton her nurses uniform, while one of the others went over to the door and secured the latch. What happened next was the most exciting event of my life, for they all started to disrobe down to their knickers and bras. Then the one that had asked me if I was up to some fun grabbed hold of my cock and proceeded to lower her mouth onto it. I don't think I've been harder, quicker, than that day in my entire twenty-eight years of life. The nurse on my cock was going at it in a gamely way, but she was only managing five or six inch's in that lovely mouth.

"Oh, that feels good," I said, not wanting her to stop.

Then one of the other nurses started to lick it at the same time and before I knew it they were passing it to each other and taking turns.

"My god, don't stop!" I yelled.

This was happening all too quickly, the next thing I know the final nurse had completely removed her clothes, and was in the process of mounting the couch. She straddled my face and demanded that I lick her pussy. I inserted my tongue as far as I could and began to lick and suck her clitoris.

I couldn't believe my luck! Before today I had difficulty getting a girl to have sexual relations with me, now I had three all but raping me. It was at that point that I spotted movement out the corner of my eye. Trying to focus on it while licking this pussy was not the easiest thing to do, but I managed it. There in a long freestanding mirror I could see the Doctors reflection from the other side of the room. She was standing behind the screens I had changed behind earlier. It suddenly dawned on me that there was another door there. I had seen it earlier, it just hadn't registered. She was making no attempt to stop the events transpiring in her office. Just then the woman I was still servicing started to cum and for a moment I turned my full attention to her, licking and sucking her clitoris with more urgency.

"Ahhhh...yes, right there, that's it, I'm coming!" she screamed.

By now with someone watching our every move and the girls servicing my throbbing cock, I felt like I was going to explode. When I looked back to the mirror, the Doctor had taken down her panties, and was in the process of fondling herself. The expressions on her face gave away how horny she must have felt. This was all too much. I felt like a character in one of those great gang-bang stories you see on the internet. I started to cum my load, and boy did I cum! It shot straight into the air almost touching the lighting then fell back down onto one of the nurses. Again I came, this time a mouth was covering my dick, moaning slightly. She passed it to the other nurse who also mouthed it just in time for a third burst.

"Ohhh..."was the only audible thing I could mutter. Between them they cleaned me up with their tongues. Then I heard one of them say "let me go first!"

Not knowing what they meant I turned back to look at the Doctor. She was well into an orgasm, for she had collapsed onto the floor and had two fingers buried deep inside her pussy.

The nurse on my face started to orgasm again, as I had not neglected her though out this entire episode. Her cum tasted great so I was lapping it up, faster and faster until she could take no more.

"I'm coming again, oh yes yes yes," she said.

By now I had found out what the other nurses had been talking about, for one of them was in the process of straddling my still enormous cock.

"Be careful!" I said, not wishing to hurt her.

She said, "don't worry, I know what I'm doing."

Then she started to lower herself onto my shaft. God that felt good! One then two, then three inches went in. By the time she got to about nine, she had to come back up.

"Ahh...ohhh...aaaahhhhh." She was really enjoying this, and although I was having the time of my life, my attention kept being held by the Doctor, who was still going at it on the floor across the room.

The student that had straddled my face went around to the back of the one fucking my brains out, bent down, and started to lick the part of my cock that wasn't being shafted. The free one decided to take her place on my face, and I was more than willing to let her. By now they were all moaning to some extent, with perhaps the biggest moaning emanating from the nurse that was quickening her pace on my cock.

"Ohh.... mmmmph...eerrrr," what with the pussy over my face and the attention my cock was receiving I could feel that I was about to cum again. I looked back at the Doctor, who I found had cum and was in the process of taking her top off so that she could play with her tits. She had on one of those bras that undo from the front. With just two fingers she pressed the stud keeping it together. Her breasts forced the bra to swing open as they became free. They were perfect, with no droop and lovely erect nipples. It was all I could take, for I started to cum big time.

The nurse, feeling me explode, quickly got off and turned around to face my cock. The other nurse grabbed hold of my cock and started to pump it clean. They then started to lick and slurp the cum up, making me inadvertently bite the clitoris I was servicing.

"Ahhh!" she squealed in ecstasy. Then she, too, started to cum in unison with me.

This had the elements of a great story, I thought as they once again swapped places with each other. I looked over to see the Doctor looking back at me though the mirror. She made no attempt to hide or move from her position. In fact, it only encouraged her more, as if my discovery of her hiding place was a weight off her shoulders. I wasn't sure I could get hard a third time, but I needn't have worried. The one trying to mount me now was using her tongue to get me to full performance. Yet another pussy was lowering itself on to my waiting tongue. This time I put my hands up to fondle her tits while licking her clitoris.

"Tweak my nipples," she said.

It was then that I noticed one of the nurse's wasn't doing anything, until I looked back into the mirror and found that the doctor had been discovered by the missing nurse. She was lying down in front of the good Doctor servicing her pussy in much the same way as I was doing.

"This is incredible!" shouted the nurse now getting penetrated by my cock, and succeeding in getting at least eleven inches into her body. "Ohh, fucking hell, where have you been all my life?" getting caught up in the moment.

"Don't stop," cried the Doctor. "Oh fuck, don't stop now."

She was clearly in the throws of a passionate orgasm. Words cannot express how totally erotic all this action was. I felt like I would stay hard for the rest of the week, and then some, just thinking about this day.

"Lick me harder," my nurse was saying, "that's it right there, ohh yes."

The one riding me was also coming to an orgasm. "Ahhh...this is fucking great, I never want to get off!" she shouted.

It clearly was a powerful orgasm, for I could feel her juices running down my leg and onto the couch. I too started to cum again, my balls felt tighter than they had ever done before. Now they all seemed to clear the couch at once. Looking up I found the reason why. The Doctor wanted a piece of the action and was mounting me to get it.

"I want to feel that cock inside me now," she said, grabbing hold of it and guiding it to her pussy. She was so wet it easily went straight in to a gasp from the Doctor.

Meanwhile although not taking their eyes off this performance, the nurses were getting dressed again.

"When I first saw this magnificent specimen, I had to have it up me!" said the Doctor. She had managed to get twelve maybe even thirteen inches into her pussy, and was riding me for all she was worth. "Ahhh...yes! Ahhh...give it to me baby! I want to feel the entire length. Oohh...damn this is good."

I looked down and couldn't believe what I was seeing! She was taking the entire length into her body, something I thought I would never get to witness. Just watching all that meat disappear then reappear was driving me crazy. It had the effect of making me cum with the excitement of it all. Just then she too started to cum.

"Ahhh! Yes yes yes!"

She then collapsed on top of me.

After we'd cleaned up, the girls were dismissed and the Doctor started to talk about my case again.

"Well, Mr. Elis, do you still want that surgery done?" she asked.

"No, I've found what I want," I replied, kissing her on the lips.

"I think we both have," she replied kissing me back.


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