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Bare Back
by Lisa

My boyfriend Luke and I took a trip to go horse back riding to a hot springs in the desert of California. We had to leave early. I got up extra early and gave myself two enemas. That woke me up for a while, but made me extremely horny. Well, I slept the whole two hour car ride to keep me from playing with myself.

We arrived to this old back road ranch and out stepped Jimmy, a 40 year old hillbilly type, straight out of the 60's. A real California naturalist, skinny as all hell, but kind of muscular. His fat wife came out to sign everyone up for the trip. Basically it was to get our money and sign away any liability that may come their way if anyone got hurt. There were 4 other couples there too. All business types. Some attractive, some real plain looking. I definitely stuck out with the clothes I was almost wearing. A little thin men's tank top and some ripped up, tight as hell jeans. The holes were strategically placed at the "right" spots by me. My ass cheeks were exposed and there were slashes in the front of the jeans that exposed my hip bones and parts of my crotch area, that showed that I wasn't wearing any panties. Just a couple of strips of denim covered my pussy lips and when I opened my legs, my pussy was in full view. Of course I had to sit on a towel while riding. Luke paid for the session, while I packed our stuff into the saddle bags. I got a couple of drooling stares from the other men and jealous ones from the chicks. That's all I needed to get me going.

We got on our horses. Jimmy and his younger hillbilly son, Josh led the pack out of the ranch and into the desert trail in a straight line. My horse was calm, while Luke's horse was a little rowdy, so he was nervous. It was blazing hot out that day and I was trying to complete my tan. Jimmy was the only one behind me, so I asked if I could take off my top, he didn't care he said. So off went the tank top. The sun felt great on my breasts as we rode through the mountains and hills. At one point we all got in a circle with our horses and that's when everyone got a glimpse or stare at my titties. "I hope ya'll don't mind. I'm trying to even out my tan." I yelled out.

Everyone murmured, "Its Okay." We rode on. A couple of the other girls took of their tops too and guys took of their shirts.

We rode for an hour and made it to the hot springs right in the middle of the day. I was so fucking horny and sweaty from bouncing up and down on that horse. There were several other people hiking down there too and they got a nice glimpse of my tits as we rode up. Jimmy came over to my horse to help me off. I spun around side saddle with my legs open, giving him a good long look at my hot and wet, hairless pussy as I asked him where we should go to lay out. He smiled a big grin and said we can lay out where ever we like. I slid down in his arms, letting my tits brush against his scraggly beard. Jimmy had a massive hard-on. I got our stuff out of the side saddle, while Jimmy stared at my ass. "You city folk are cool!" he said to me, while a gave him a little show. "I have some weed if you want some," he continued.

"Maybe later." I said. Luke was so glad to get off that horse, that he paid me no mind.

There were about 13 other people around. Mostly nude. I was like "wow!" Even though no one was really hot looking. There were mostly young guys with really pale skin and out of shape. I walked up to Luke and we took our stuff down the hill and laid out our big blanket. Luke sat on the blanket and guzzled down a beer. I told him I was going for a swim. He wanted to chill out, so I left him there. I peeled off my jeans and walked towards the hot springs. All eyes were on me. I loved it. I waved at Jimmy and his son, as they finished tying up the horses.

I swam in the water for an hour. It was deliciously warm and soothing. It made me even hornier than I was earlier. I fingered my pussy and ass while in the warm water. It felt really cleansing, as I forced the spring water up into both of my holes with my fingers. A spring water enema and douche was what I was giving myself. I felt full and I was in heaven. Suddenly, a couple of guys swam up to me and talked to me. They were from Sweden or somewhere else. I couldn't barely understand them from their accent. They actually didn't even seem to care that I was nude, so they must have been European. The water was barely waist deep and we were sitting at first. "Do I not turn them on?" I thought to myself. I stood up to mess with their heads. My hairless pussy was only 12 inches away from there faces now, not to mention my perky breasts. "Do I have a tan line?" I asked, pointing down at my pussy.

They shook their heads "No." I turned around and showed them my ass too, bending over a bit so they could get a good view of my "rose bud." I turned back around and they were smiling from ear to ear, so I knew I did my job. I excused myself and walked out of the water. Luke was asleep, so I left him alone. I saw Jimmy and Josh sitting up on the dirt road near the horses, smoking weed. Their eyes lit up when they saw my naked body walking towards them. I acted as if nothing was wrong. He offered me some weed as I stood right in front of their faces with my wet glistening pussy right at eye level. They smiled as I squatted right in front of them. My pussy lips dangling over the hot dirt road made me feel extra dirty.

I grabbed the joint and pulled on it. It was strong as hell. I coughed, causing the spring water that I let go up inside of my pussy and ass, shoot out onto the ground. I laughed so hard that I fell back to the dirt ground. So here I am, legs spread in front of two hillbillies on the hot dirt road. All I could think of was "This is cool!" I felt totally safe and at ease. I kicked back and let them enjoy the show. I told them how horny I was and that riding gets me off. They just stared and listened, while smoking their joint. I was getting buzzed really fast and losing control. I was playing with my pussy a lot, grabbing on my long juicy lips and letting them go. Squishing out the spring water, until I had a muddy puddle under me. I thought this was so funny for some reason. That's when I realized that ants were started to crawl on me, trying to get away from the water. I started laughing again and let them crawl all over my pussy for a while. The weed had got to me by then. I stood up and invited them to swim with me, while I washed them off. They said yes of course.

We walked over to the water and they got undressed out of their old and tattered jeans. Jimmy had a huge cock and ball that hung really low. Josh had a huge cock to and huge hairless balls. There were a few people wading in the water near us and I got in, submerging myself in the water. A few of the couples that rode with us were wading by. We talked for a second and they kept going. He led me over to a rock that sat in the middle of the lake. He sat on the rock and pointed out some of the area's highlights. I was amazed at the size of his cock and wanted it in me. I looked over to see if Luke was awake. He wasn't. Without any warning, I picked up his heavy cock and put it in my mouth.

"C'mon young lady, you don't have too do that!" Jimmy said, laughing. His cock grew to about a good 11 inches and thick as hell. He moaned and put his head back. His son just stood there for a minute, then swam away, like it was no big deal. I bobbed my head up and down for a good 2 minutes and he came. Boy, he came like a horse! He shot the first load into my mouth, filling it up. I swallowed and pulled it out. He squirted at least 6 more shots in my face and hair. It was so thick and gooey. After the last squirt, I put my tongue underneath it to catch the last few drips of the clear liquid that usually follows an orgasm. I licked it up.

"Thank you!" He says in a breathy tone. He jumped in the water and swam away. I was still buzzing from the weed and still horny. I wondered if anyone saw, or worse if Luke saw. The two Swedish guys were swimming towards me. I forgot that I had a face full of cum. Too late! They were up on me. They looked at me and smiled.

"No, that looks great!" one of them said in bad English. I scooped up the cum with my fingers and put them in my mouth. I smiled, then dove under the water to wash it off. They followed me out of the water. I went over to Luke and woke him up and told him what I did and that I still wanted to fuck the son, Josh. Maybe we have been "swinging" too long or something, because he said "Go ahead, do what you want. I'll be right here."

Then he went back to sleep. The two Swedish guys went back to their towels and I walked back up to the horses, where a still nude Josh was looking for a towel to dry off with in his saddle bag. I crept around him and crawled under his horse. I clamped my mouth over his large flaccid cock. He jumped back. I laughed, but then realized I could be kicked by this horse and got from out of there in a hurry. I put my finger over my lips and went "Shhh!" to Josh.

I walked over to him and grabbed his towel and laid it out onto the ground. I sat him down on the ground, then pushed him on his back. His cock was at attention. I went over and mounted his dick. It slid into my wet pussy with ease. I bucked up and down on him for a few minutes, sticking 3 fingers in my ass and had a tremendous orgasm. I was sweating up a storm. Just then, Jimmy walked over to get a towel. He just stared and didn't say a thing. I got off of Josh's cock and turned around so Jimmy could see. I placed his cock inside my ass.

"Ooohh!" Jimmy said out loud, as he dried himself off. The water inside my ass made lots of noise as it squashed out. Soon we had a small pool of water on the towel. Just as I knew would happen, the two Swedish men walked over and started watching. I knew I didn't want them, but I gave them a show. I got off of Josh's cock and went down and sucked on it for a while.

My ass was facing them too, so they got a view of my now gaping asshole. I put four fingers in it to keep the gape going. I got back on his dick, once it was all wet and shiny with my saliva. This time I bucked even harder and his huge dick was buried in my ass up to his balls. I sat up and gyrated on his cock, feeling his balls. Suddenly I felt his balls tighten and he shot his load deep inside of me. It felt like another enema, that's how much cum this kid was shooting inside of me. I kept eye contact with the Swedish guys, watching their towels pop up like pup tents. I slid off his cock slowly and put it in my mouth, licking off every drop of cum that remained on it. I fingered my asshole while sucking his cock, pulling out strings of cum, them stuffing the jism it back in there.

I got up and went back into the water and cleaned off. People probably wondered why I kept going back and forth. I went back to Luke and our blanket. I laid down and passed out in the hot sun, turning over to make sure I got an even tan.

The ride back was torture. By the time we left, it was getting dark and all of those bumps and hills was making me nauseous.

And my ass was killing me from Josh's huge cock slamming into me. Luke didn't seem to care about my extra curricular affairs, he just wanted to hear the graphic details on our way back to civilization. Could I be more lucky?


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