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Brotherly Love
by mightybrat

Hi there. My name is Pam and I'm now 33 years old. This is an actual story of my childhood and how I first learned about sex. So please sit back and enjoy the ride.

I was the middle child of three in a mid-sized Pennsylvania town. My parents were very old fashion and very over protective of their two daughters. My sister Heather was two years younger than I and my brother nearly four years older. With the odd combination of ages we were close as young children but grew distant as adults.

Can't really say when it all began. It was a game that started between me and my brother Kevin. The first clear memory is of my brother going down on my pussy. I'm sure heavy petting was first. I just don't remember that part. I do remember though sitting on my brothers face and letting him stick his tongue up my pussy. His tongue felt good in there and he would do it for hours. Sometimes with me sitting on his face or other time with me on my back and him on top of me.

My brother Kevin was always sneaking in gropes whenever he had the chance. Sometimes mom and dad would go away for a few hours and leave us kids to fend for ourselves. This was prime opportunity for my brother. Other times were early in the morning or when we would have a day off from school or something.

Every time he had the change though he was licking my pussy. He loved it as much as I did. Too bad he was like typical males and had no clue what the clit was or what to do with it. I might have enjoyed the experience even more.

I didn't discover what the clit was until I was fifteen and when I did I wore the poor thing out playing with it. :)

We continued with him eating my pussy at every chance he got until he learned there was something more. When he made a new discovery in school or in a book he then taught me. The next thing he wanted me to try was giving him head. I had a hard time with this because the only thing that would go through my mind was that he peed from that big thing and I didn't want it in my mouth. So with a lot of coaxing on my brothers part I ended up licking and sucking up the side and down over his balls. I just refused to put the head into my mouth. Looking back on it now I'm sure all I did was raise his frustration level instead of satisfying him.

He was a determined young man though. The next thing he wanted to do was stick that big cock in my pussy. This idea scared me more than anything. I was young at the time and having that huge tool shoving into my pussy was a painful idea. So I refused at first. Gradually with his insistent persuasions that all girls did this with their boyfriends and husband I finally gave in.

It turned out to be an awkward situation though. We were in his room with the door closed. Mom and Dad we away at some party and wouldn't be back for hours. So we had the whole house to ourselves. My sister Heather found out long ago that unless she wanted to participate that it was best for her to disappear with her friends while we were busy. ;-)

We made the best of this time alone but to no avail. He stretched out his long sleek body in a chair with his huge hardon sticking straight up in the air. It would have been better if he had gotten up on top of me and stuck it in the first time but we were kids and had no clue about such things.

Instead I climbed up into his lap and held his cock in my hands guiding it to my cunt hole. I felt the huge tip against my opening and as I expected he was too big to fit and of course I told him this. He still insisted that all girls do this though and would push upward with his dick shoving against my virgin hole. Now I'm not sure if it was due to our inexperience or if I was just too young to take such a big dick but the head just wouldn't go in. Like I said maybe if he would have been on top thrusting in then we would have made more leeway that day.

Shortly after our first attempt we heard mom and dad return. We stopped what we were doing and put back on our clothing and acted like nothing transpired. This was our game. We had asked Heather to join but she refused. So no one else was allowed to join in. These we all my brothers rules. Sometimes I look back at his manipulations and realized how I was conned into this little game between the two of us. Our little game so far had caused me no pain so I let them continue. I liked keeping things from mom and dad and this was our biggest secret.

I can see now at thirty-three that by this time my brother was probably thoroughly frustrated. He always licked my pussy but never reached satisfaction himself. Kevin did teach me at one point how to jack him off but I think he was embarrassed to let me see him cum that he would make me stop before that happened. I'm sure after I left his room that he took care of his own business. ;-)

But being a young teenager and hearing of his friends scoring with their girlfriends probably made Kevin want to score too. He didn't have a girlfriend yet and I was the closest girl around to satisfy his needs. Except I wasn't doing a good job at that yet.

His answer finally came to him shortly after we had been fooling around for about a year. It was during the winter months and school was called off due to snow. At this time my mom was working half days and would go to work and come home at lunch and stay the rest of the day with us. So this left the morning for us free. Kevin being the sneaky devil that he was made the best out of these times. As soon as mom left in the morning for work, Kevin would sneak quietly into my room and crawl under the covers with me.

Usually he pleasantly woke me up by pulling my underwear down and licking my asshole. I loved the way his hot tongue felt in my backside hole. He would dig in with his tongue and thrust it as deep as he possibly could. I would arch against his tongue helping him in his explorations. I seen no reason to let him know I was really awake and I could tell by his gentle actions that he was trying to do this while I slept.

When he removed his tongue he replaced it with his fingers. Working one digit at a time into my tight brown hole. Funny his small fingers felt good in my ass and I would press back against them too. Feeling them fill my hot passageway and squirming like I was still sleeping. I'm not sure if this all gave him the next idea or if he already planned it when he started but I felt him remove his fingers and put something on his huge cock.

The next sensation I had was a hot pressure against my tight hole. At first I thought it was his fingers returning for the task but soon realized it was entirely too big for fingers. Panic filled me when I realized he was trying to stick his cock in my small brown hole. I moved away from him still giving the illusion that I was sleeping. But he moved with me. Insistently sliding that hot cock along the crack of my ass until he would find my puckered opening and trying to press forward again.

I continued to pull away from him each time he found the hole with his cock until I was laying flat down on my belly on the bed with no where else to go. Kevin saw this as his opportunity and climbed on top of me being careful to keep his full weight off of me so he wouldn't wake me. I started to get scared and decided to let him know I was awake when I felt the tip of his cock pressing against my hole again. I struggled back against him and murmured my protests. But he wasn't hearing none of it. He knew I was awake and pressed forward anyway. I bucked backwards feeling his cock slid down the crack of my ass and between my legs.

Looking at it now I'm sure he was totally frustrated by this. He pulled his cock out from between my legs and straddled my hips. He held me prisoner by holding my arms to my sides as he cock pressed against my tight hole again. I felt the tip of his cock slip down my crack again. This time he pulled back and put spit on his fingers and rubbed them over my asshole. Once he made sure my ass was wet enough he did the same thing with his cock. This time when he pressed his cock against my tight hole I felt the tip of it starting to enter my body. I tried struggling again but my brother was way too strong for me. He held me down in his grasp and told me this was going to happen and to get used to the idea.

He thrust his hips against me and I felt the tip slid in part way. The pain was excruciating and I begged for Kevin to stop. But he was determined to see this through. With one big lunge he was past the anal ring. I gasped at the pain, but he wasn't done yet. The next thrust put him into the hilt with his huge cock. I never felt more filled in my life. I almost felt like I had to go to the bathroom and the pain was terrible. I begged him to take it out that it hurt so badly and he told me he wouldn't move it for a while so I could get used to the new sensation but he wasn't taking it out.

Used to it? I never thought that would happen with the pain I was feeling. But gradually the pain did lessen and I was able to relax. When I told Kevin it wasn't nearly so painful he took this as a sign to continue. He started sawing it and out of my ass. Slowly at first and then faster as my body got used to the huge intrusion. Soon he was pounding in my ass as hard as he could. Sometimes he got too carried away and his dick would fall out. But now that he had my asshole stretched out that he was able to find the hole with no problem and continued with this thrusting. I was just starting to enjoy this new sensation when I felt him stiffen inside my tight ass and he groaned as he collapsed on top of me. I felt another strange sensation inside my ass but in my naivete I thought he peed in there.

He never corrected me either. He let me think that he peed there. Now I know it was cum. Maybe he didn't even know it was cum at his tender age. But somehow I think he did know and kept that fact from me. In the process I had given him an idea though. The next time we messed around we were in the bathroom late and night with everyone else in bed.

He had me leaning over the bathtub while he rammed his big rod deep into my bowels and once he got the whole way in he peed in my ass. He would laugh and remove his dick so I could sit on the toilet and flush out his pee. I loved that sensation though. The hot liquid filling my ass was a very pleasant feeling and I encourage him with this. I had still been leery of anal sex this time around but it wasn't as painful as the first time. Actually I think it was painful the first time because he took me by force. In the bathroom I knew what he was going to do and made him put lube on my butt and his cock before I let him stick it in me. It still hurt once it got passed that ringed muscle but I was able to get used to it a lot faster and the filling sensation of a cock in my ass was a great feeling.

It was me that became obsessed with anal sex. Kevn always wanted to try other things but I wouldn't let him yet. I was content with him licking my pussy and asshole and then filling my ass to the rim with his huge cock. But my brother was very persuasive and soon he was trying to talk me into giving him head again.

I still had no interest in this. He reasoned that I peed with my pussy and he loved licking me there that I would love sucking his cock too. So eventually he talked me into sticking just the head into my mouth. The taste wasn't bad. So I tentatively started exploring the head with my tongue and mouth. I thought it was strange how he got harder at my innocent explorations but it tickled me too. He instructed me to suck on it like a piece of candy and I did. He slowly started rocking his dick in and out of my mouth. Suddenly he grabbed the back of my head and rammed his dick down my throat. I couldn't breath with that huge cock resting at the back of my mouth and tears came to my eyes. Kevin started really fucking my mouth now. Harder and faster and not giving me the choice whether I wanted him to do this or not. He held my head like a vice as he pushed in and out of me. Again I felt him stiffen and he thrust his hips forward as I felt his cum flowing into my mouth. It was too much for me to take and I started gagging with cum running down the side of my face.

Kevin quickly apologized for his actions. He said that he had gotten carried away when he felt my tongue on the head of his dick and couldn't stop himself from doing that. I know today that he had the choice but he wanted to cum in my mouth and didn't want me pulling away from him.

This made me really leery for any more of his teachings. I liked some of the things we did and some I didn't. I never against gave him the chance for another blow job from me. But he did talk me into giving him my virginity.

It was after I hit puberty and Kevin was now nearly old enough to leave home. I had a better concept that what we were doing was wrong and I'm sure my brother did too. I was trying to get things to stop between us for this reason alone, but I think Kevin had been to used to taking what he wanted from me that he wasn't taking no for a answer.

My parents were away for a weekend and left us kids alone in the house. With my brother being as old as he was they felt we didn't need a babysitter other than him. As soon as they left my brother was in my room and asked me to come into the bathroom with him. I figured he wanted anal sex again and I always loved the way this felt. So I was just as eager for it was he was.

I entered the bathroom and moved to my position kneeling over the tub and Kevin slipped in behind me as usual. He lubed up his cock and my ass and preceded to take my tight hole as usual. I'm sure now it was an act when he slipped out of my ass and I could feel his dick between my legs. Especially when he asked me to lean forward more so he could put it back in. I barely felt his fingers in my pussy finding my hole there when I felt his cock pushing against my virgin entrance. Kevin rammed his cock forward and I felt the intrusion of his cock burying its way up my wet tunnel. The pain didn't come until I felt the sensation of pressure in my pussy and he lunged his cock harder against me and he broke through my hymen tearing it to shreds as he plundered his way into the recesses of my hot hole. I screamed at the pain and tried to get away from that probing sensation. Still firmly believing that nothing that big was meant to be in something that small. I thought he was going to split me in two! But there was no where for me to go. I was trapped between my brothers dick and the tub. Soon he was in my pussy to the hilt and the pain was gradually receding until all I felt was pleasure at being filled. Nothing feels better than being filled with a huge cock. Once he realized I had relaxed and was accepting his intrusion into my pussy he started moving in and out. It didn't take him long and he was filling my pussy with his cum juices.

Soon after this I got my period for the first time. I guess this scared Kevin into thinking he would get me pregnant so he left me alone after that. I often missed the games that we played and as an adult I've fantasized about those times.

Maybe once we're old and gray we'll share these games again. Right now I have my own life and he has his. But you never know what the future might bring.

If you liked this true story let me know. Maybe I'll write another story on my fantasies of me and my brother reuniting in our games.
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