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Bus Buddies
by Ash Newman

Is there anything worse than a double decker bus crammed to the full with people? Probably not, especially when there are no seats and you have to stand squashed as the people around you sway. It can be a completely disgusting experience, especially if you're squashed right into the belly of a short, smelly fat man in a polyester suit. I know. I've been there a hundred times before. Sometimes however you can be squashed right up next to someone who is very attractive, like a guy who's tight T-shirt makes you want to jump him right there in front of everyone. Sometimes being squashed against a beautiful female can be very arousing. But men, the good-looking men, now they are the best.

It was a Monday afternoon, and hordes of people crowded onto the bus, trying to get home to their little lives and boring families. I jumped onto the bus, dressed to kill in a tight black dress with a gray jacket. Work is hell, but I didn't look it. I was squashed down the back, standing between a smelly old woman and an even smellier old man when the bus stopped and they got off. I had been staring out the window trying not to get sick from the smell, when I felt someone press closer against me.

I turned my head and saw a pair of beautiful blue eyes staring into mine. Those blue eyes belonged to a beautiful face, strong jawline, smiling lips and sandy brown hair which stuck out adorable. The face belonged to the beautiful body of tall guy who was pressing against me. Smiling. He was wearing khaki trousers and a blue shirt which was open at the collar. I couldn't see a hint of chest hair. I shift so that he could press himself against me, closer. I could smell his after shave. It was Hugo Boss, and he smelt heavenly.

He didn't say a word though and neither did I. He just pressed himself closer against me. I could feel his hardness against my thigh. I didn't have to feel his hard on though to know he wanted me. I could see it all in his eyes. The bus jerked and I fell against him. Our contact was intensified. Then the bus ground to a halt and he began to push his way towards the front of the bus. I felt a pang of frustration as he left but I didn't say anything. That night I lay in a warm bath and closed my eyes and when my hands touched me, they weren't mine but his. His strong hands caressing my soft skin, plunging into my hot warm cunt and making me moan with pleasure. I went to sleep that night very happy.

The next day I had to ride the bus alone, as my bus buddy didn't return. Yet Wednesday when I got to the bus stop to catch the rush hour bus home he was there again. The bus was pulling up and he caught my eye and nodded and I jumped the queue to get on beside him. We sat upstairs towards the back, with me beside the window. The bus was soon pack and we didn't speak.

He put his hand on my knee and began to move it upwards, towards my inner thigh. Slowly he stroke me. Upstairs no one is allowed to stand and the people sitting in front of and behind us had no idea what was going on. That day by luck because of the heat I hadn't worn any tights and the feeling of his cool finger tips against my thighs was gorgeous. I could feel the blood rushing to my clitoris and he stroked. Then his fingers went underneath my skirt and I could feel him tugging at my g-string. He pulled it hard and is started to slip off. He smiled as I shifted, allowing him to gently slip them down around my knees. I lifted one leg and then the other and he slipped it off and then pocketed it in his suit jacket.

Then his fingers were back on my thighs stroking the skin, moving closer to my boiling cunt. I spread my legs and allowed him to insert his two fingers into the warm wet hold. Slowly he began to feel about in the dark with his skilled fingers, and I had to lean over and put my head on his shoulder to stop from screaming. It was better than Monday night in the bath. It was wonderful. An explosion of pleasure seep from his fingers up my spine and I had to bit my lip to keep from moaning.

Then suddenly the bus stop throwing us both forward and he had to remove his hand. He jumped up, depositing his wet fingers in his pockets and ran downstairs, just managing to jump off the bus before it pulled away. I watched him from the window, as he looked up, then pulled his fingers out of his pocket and lick them. That night I had such fun in bed, recreating the incident, but the illusion was nothing compared to the reality.

I didn't see my bus buddy again for the rest of the week and I was feeling rather disappointed when I got onto the bus at about ten o'clock on Saturday night. I had left a friends party early because I had been surrounded my imbeciles who were constantly getting my new halter dress wet with their spit. On Saturday night I never wear underwear. It's tradition.

Anyway I got onto the bus and trudged upstairs. I was what I saw as I came up the stairs that cheered me up. Down the back off the bus, smiling like a Cheshire cat was my blue eyed bus buddy. I smiled at him. He smiled at me and I walked down the desert upper deck off the bus to the long back seat where he sat. I didn't say a word just sat down beside him and started to undo his pants. I pulled them down and took his already hard penis in my hands and began to tickle the top with my tongue.

I stroked his balls as he lay back his head and moaned softly. His hand was stroking the back of my neck as I sucked and kissed him. I even nibbled the tip gently with my teeth. Then I sat up and looked at him. He kissed me on the lips. Long and hard and pulled me onto him. He slid into me like we were custom made for each other, a perfect fit. I began to thrust back and forth with the motion of the bus rocking along.

He undid the halter top of my dress and I could feel his hot lips on my erect nipples, biting, sucking, kissing them. His large strong hands took over the job of his mouth which came again to mine as we kissed. I thrust harder and harder against his erect penis. His breathing was hot and heavy. So was mine. I felt the beginnings of the explosion again. All the way up my spine and into my brain setting off millions and millions of fireworks in my brain.

I could help myself and let out a loud deep moan, and my bus buddy did the same, spurting into me hot and quick.


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