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Bare Butt
by Molly Malloy

The latest game was call Bare Butt. The rule was simple, no clothes between your ass and your seat. Didn't matter where you were the car the dinner a bar a movie the rule had to be kept.

Tom picked me up that night and I wore a loose skirt with nothing under it. As we got to the car he told me I had to get "ready" then get in, not lift the skirt after and the loose skirt was cheating- too easy but okay for starters. I looked around the neighborhood at the kids all outside I got between the door and the car lifted my skirt and got in really quickly. What a rush I could feel myself getting wet just at this little step - it could be really fun I thought.

We drove to a local restaurant and got a booth, again I lifted the skirt and slid in, as the waitress approached, none the wiser. After the meal at the car in the lot I boldly raised my skirt bare ass to the traffic and got in. We went to a movie that night, as we got inside it wasn't too crowded and we chose an aisle with a few guys at the end and went to the middle where I again lifted the skirt not really caring who looked and sat with even the front of my skirt fairly high and my legs up on the seat ahead.

As the movie played, so did Tom, discreetly at first and bolder as we continued. He took his now large dick out and let it be free as my skirt got higher and higher, The guys at the end were now noticing us and looking. Soon my skirt was around my waist and Tom's fingers in me as the guys moved right next to me and sat staring as I enjoyed every minute of it cumming over and over till the movie ended.

We walked together to the parking lot and I mooned them as I got in the car we headed for Tom's apartment where we parked and I got some of the best sex ever- over and over. I love games and we play lots of them.

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