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Brainy, Brawn, and Beauty
by CJT

Here is a story based on an idea from the bulletin board:

The car was dark as I drove my sister home that night. We had no conversation as I drove her home to her place in the Hollywood Hills. She had broke the news to our family over dinner that she was divorcing her husband of seven years. It was not really a shock to me as my sister and I talk quite often but my family is....well snobbish by most peoples standards. The first thing out of my mothers mouth was "what are the girls at the country club going to think?" here her daughter was about to go through a very rough time and she was worried about her stature in the club. Heaven forbid!

Elizabeth had married a hot shot attorney who was making more money than God defending the rich and famous from drug busts to solicitation to DUI's managing to keep those people out of jail and out of the papers for the most part. I will have to admit he was very good at what he did. The only problem was the guy was a womanizer. It wasn't a problem at first but after about the 5th affair I guess Liz had enough.

Liz was no slouch when it came to looks. She would have no problem finding another guy to be with. She stood almost six feet tall, beautiful red hair green eyes and a personal trainer to keep her body in tip top shape. She was beautiful, elegant, witty and kind. So what was with the prima donna husband of hers that he had to go elsewhere? Well I had asked her that earlier and she blushed with embarrassment and did not answer, knowing it was cutting her to the bone I never pursued the answer from her.

So here we were driving my Porche about 90 mph to her home. Silence. Finally she had mumbled something I could not make out.

"What was that Liz?" I asked looking at her. She hated being called Liz, but I had called her that since we were kids because it had bugged her and it stuck.

"I said he left me because I was boring in bed." she said this so quietly I almost made her repeat it so I was sure I got it right.

"I don't follow." my reply was looking back at the road. She looked at me. Her eyes firm but yet soft. I guess determined was the best answer.

"What do you know about sex?" she asked rather bluntly. I was taken aback. We had been together now for almost 30 years and she never once really asked a question even resembling something as bold.

"It caused babies." I didn't know what else to say. In my family you didn't talk sex you didn't think sex. We were strong Catholics. Which I am sure was more important to my family than Liz right now.

" to be exact." she continued.

"Wh...what do you want to know?" this whole conversation was bad it was making me uncomfortable. I squirmed in my leather seat.

"Is a blow job the same thing as oral sex?" this shocked me my older sister by two years was asking about blow jobs from me.

"What is this all about?" I asked trying to change the subject matter a little.

"John said he was leaving me because I wouldn't give blow jobs. I tried to give him one time and he laughed when I did." she was looking at the floor.

"What did you do?" I asked my voice quiet.

"Well he held his privates and I blew on them like the name said." she never moved her eyes from the floor of the car.

"It is a little more complicated than that." I said I needed out of this conversation. I knew it wasn't going to end but with the house in view I knew she might drop it for now.

I pushed in the code for the gate and it slowly opened. My sister looked up at the house and her eyebrows furrowed. I caught her gaze out of the corner of my eye. "What is wrong?" I asked following her gaze to the house.

"That light is on." she stated pointing to the light upstairs.


"It was daytime when I left there was no need for a light to be on."

"Maybe one of the servants left it on"

"I gave them the week off. I didn't want them around right now."

"Maybe John is home to get something." I said pulling up in front of the door. "do you want me to come in with you?"

"Please?" I shut the car off and followed her to the door. She had to unlock it. She gave me a worried glance then entered. The house was silent. We looked around as she called out for John.

"Maybe he left already, forgot to shut the light off." I assured her.

"Yes I suppose that is what happened." she took off her coat.

Her eyes became large and she was about to scream something out when I felt something pressed against my temple. It was cold, hard and blunt. A gun, My sister covered her mouth. She stood there trembling. Her hand pushing against her lips to keep from screaming out. "No heroes tonight buddy." the voice whispered in my ear his breath rank from the tobacco he had in his lip. My breath was caught in my throat. I nodded slowly. I saw another man behind my sister wearing a bandanna around his face. I suddenly felt weak in the knees as I saw him. It was like they were fresh out of a western. Train robbers.

The man I could see was a black man about six three and 250. Huge. Probably played football at one time. "" My sisters voice was shaky and low.

"What I want is complete cooperation. I say when, where, how. You guys do it and you both live you don't well there is a penalty neither of you will like. Got it?!" I nodded. She stood there helpless.

"Well big guy they don't seem very convinced how about a demonstration." the big man smiled and walked over to me. I never saw the punch but it hit my in the stomach and I doubled over and hit the floor with a thud. I couldn't breathe. The pain was unbelievable. I choked trying to gasp for air. My sister fell to her knees beside me holding my head.

"Well now that we have your attention this is what we want. You give it to us and we leave. You don't well... let's just say we have all night." he squatted now in front of me. He also wore a bandanna, was also black only he was skinny. his fingers were long like a basketball player. His eyes were sharp. He was very intelligent. He looked like it anyway. Great - they have brains and brawn. We were in a no win situation.

"Doesn't look like you have given us much choice." I wheezed.

The man brought the gun to his lips in thoughtful contemplation. "No. We hold all the cards. Which is exactly what I like. I always win that way." He stood and motioned with the gun that we should get up. Slowly I stood the wind coming back but my knees were still weak. I moved my sister behind me with one hand. Still trying to protect her.

"I want money and jewelry. Give it to me and I leave." the intelligent one stated.

"How do I know you will do just that. How do I know you won't...." I didn't get to finish the sentence before the brawn had again doubled me over with one blow. My forehead rested against the cool tiled floor, the "brain" exhaled deeply as if in thought.

He looked down at me. "You don't...but like I said earlier I hold all the cards." he again motioned for me to get up. I did slower than the last time. I looked at both of them. No solution, no hope. The brain looked at me thoughtfully. "Please don't make me repeat myself." he stood there staring. I pulled my wallet out and handed it to him. He took it, opened and pulled the money out. He counted it in front of me. My sister grabbed the back of my shirt watching from behind me. "$1300 not bad I don't know why you would feel the need to carry this amount of money with you but hey, what ever floats your boat." He tucked it in his pants pocket.

"What are you guys doing down here?" The voice was a shock it came from the staircase there on it was a woman, also black with long black hair to her shoulders. Her red fingernails stuck out against her outfit.

"Well my dear we have guests." the "brain" gestured to us.

"Jewelry." his attention turned back to us. I kept looking at her. She had hazel eyes that were perfect against her light brown skin. I took off my watch without looking at him my sister remover her rings and earrings and we handed them to him.

"Very nice." he mummered looking at each piece. "Good you guys are doing well and so far will stay alive. Now here comes the tough part for you. I want it all. Sorry I am greedy but you probably have insurance for this stuff so there is really no reason not to give it to us." The "brain" was using logic.

"OK I will show you." my sister whispered. "See that was easy, right this way my lady" He bowed like he was in the presence of royalty, mocking us. The "brawn" came to me and stood behind me. His massive hand pushed in the back of head almost throwing me off balance. The "beauty" led the way upstairs, she stood off to the side to let Liz lead the way. I walked by her and got a better look, it only got better, my manhood stirred from the smell of her perfume. My sister led us to the bedroom with its huge bed. Our three "guests" looked at it in awe.

"What the fuck is that?" the brain asked "Do you all sleep in one bed?" his humor was lost on me but his cohorts laughed. He held my sisters arm. "I bet you can get pretty freaky in the big old bed huh?" she shot him a look. I didn't know if she knew what "freaky" was in the way that he used it but I gathered by her look that she had an idea.

She led them to the closet where there was a safe in the floor. She did the combination and opened it then stepped back. The beauty was right there waiting for her and took hold. The brain stepped in. "Damn!" was the only word we heard he stepped out with my sisters jewelry box and a stack of money. A whistle filled the room. "That is it I don't have anymore, now keep your word and leave." my sister sounded steady and strong.

"Now that isn't very hospitable of you." the brain said. Beauty walked over to him and peered in the box. Her fingers reached out and sifted through the jewelry.

She whispered in Brain's ear. "Big guy why don't you take hero there and tie him to the bed." the Brain looked at me.

"What you said you were going to leave!" my sister protested. "Oh don't worry we are but I can't very well have you calling 911 as soon as we hit the yard. I know the police won't come out very fast for us where we live but I bet they have one on every corner here." Brawn threw me to the bed and tied me up, The rope burned my wrists with the tightness of the knot.

Brain came over to Liz "you next" he cupped her chin. She walked over to the bed where Brawn was waiting. This was almost over thank god. "You know I was wondering something." Brain said looking at us. Liz stopped. "How do rich people do it" I closed my eyes knowing exactly what he meant.

My sister turned around. "Do what?" she was still.

"Fuck" said Brawn behind her. "We want you to fuck your husband here in front of us" My eyes sprung open.

"We are not married he is my brother!" my sister rasped.

"Whatever, rich people like to keep it in the family don't they?" Brain smiled. "Look I don't think white boy there will last more than 15 minutes and then we will leave.

"Because it won't stop there." I said my eyes closed. I knew this wasn't even close to being over.

"Probably not but what choice do you have?" Brain walked over to her and grabbed her hair not hard but with authority. "I want you to suck his dick." he pushed her onto the bed. She sat there. Shocked. "The longer you wait the longer we are here." She turned to me my eyes were on Beauty who had come to sit on the bed. "I am still waiting don't make me wait longer." Brain had some tension in his voice.

My sister crawled over to me her hands shaking as she undid my belt. She fumbled with it. Licking her dry lips as her breathing became erratic. She undid my button on my pants and pulled the zipper down, she slowly pulled my pants and underwear down with one motion her eyes never leaving mine. My cock was semi hard because of the Beauty. She looked over at Brain and Brawn. "Well there goes the stereotype that white men are small!"

I was embarrassed at first I looked at my sister she sat there staring. I was not really all that big about 8 inches. My sister slowly reached out for it and touched it. It jumped involuntarily. She snatched her hand back like it was going to bite her. "What is the matter honey, haven't you ever seen one before?" Beauty asked with a twinkle in her eye.

"Never that large" I am sure my sister never meant to answer the question aloud.

"Well just put your mouth on and suck, it all tastes the same." she said. My sister moved close with one last look at me she took it in her hands. My cock was still growing as she slowly pressed her lips to my cock. Clumsily she just placed it in and began to suck in one motion. Her cheeks caved in from the pressure. Laughter broke out into the room. "Honey haven't you ever sucked cock before?" Beauty asked. "No." her voice was soft and almost unheard. Beauty looked at her two companions.

"Here I will show you!" My eyes which were close sprung open and looked down. My cock was at full attention because of my sisters feeble efforts at a blow job. The Beauty took hold of my manhood and then with a swift motion took it into her mouth. Her tongue slid underneath my cock as she took it in and began to work it up and down. her hand was on my balls softly massaging. I saw my white member in contrast to her dark features and the red bandanna. I looked at my sister who was watching her with what seemed like interest. Beauty sucked gently taking it fully in her mouth. She then pulled off and gave it a few gentle strokes with her hand. She pulled the bandanna down to cover her face again, I looked at my cock and saw her saliva on my cock, my cock was throbbing.

My sister moved closer again and without any urging took it in her mouth again. She mimicked Beauty completely and even tried to take all of it but was forced off when she gagged on it. "It is too big" my sister said reasoning why she couldn't get it all in.

"Well then just go ahead and hop on lady we ain't got all night!" Brawns voice was deep as he rubbed his own cock through his pants. Liz straddled me her hands on my chest. Beauty took hold of my member and placed it against her pussy. I couldn't believe this was happening. My sister worked her way down my cock as I closed my eyes. She was very tight. She took what seemed like forever sliding down. She moaned a little. Her pussy was hot. She began to rock slowly allowing her own juices to coat my cock so she cock ride it better. I opened my eyes to look at her. Hers were closed now. Was she imagining someone else?

She bit her lower lip. "How about you white boy do I need to show you how to lick pussy?" Beauty was questioning me. I shook my head. She stood and took off her pants my sister looked over at her as she slid her shirt off then her bra piling her clothes on the floor.

"My god look at them! They are enjoying this!" Brain laughed. "Well I guess they always said incest is best!" I paid them no attention as Beauty climbed on the bed and straddled my face her pussy had a sweet musky smell and I needed no encouragement from her as my tongue flicked against her pussy. I began to lick her and dive into her as she rocked against my face.

My sister kept a slow motion going on my cock and the Beauty reached out and took her head and pulled it to her breasts my sister took the nipple in her mouth. I wondered if this was the first time my sister had another woman's breast in her mouth. It didn't seem like it I went back to licking Beauty, my tongue sliding up the crack of her ass to her asshole and flicked it, she ground down on my tongue as I slid it in. A moan came from her.

"How does that cock feel honey? Does it fill you up" My sister did not answer verbally but she must have nodded. "If you think that fills you just wait." Liz was pulled off my cock and in slapped against my belly making a smacking sound, Beauty took it into her mouth again. She then moved down to where she could slide it into her pussy - it was heaven. I felt the bed sag as another body got on. I looked around and saw that both Brain and Brawn had removed their clothes their cock in their hands as they stroked them to hardness. They were huge! My sister gasped as she looked at their size. Brawn was the size of a horse he was at least 9 inches and thick.

My sister was in shock! She reached out to touch it as if to see if it was real. Brawn was not gentle as her grabbed her head and forced it into her mouth. My sister gagged but slowly took as much as she could of him which wasn't a whole lot. She wrapped her fingers around him but they didn't make it all the way around. She stroked it her eyes wide and looking up at him.

Brain moved between her legs and Liz tried to turn her attention to him but Brawn would not release her head so she could only see with her eyes. I saw him though. He was longer than Brawn I would say about 10 maybe even 11 inches but not nearly as thick. Beauty began to move quicker as she placed a foot on either side of me and rested all her weight on them leaning forward to keep her balance she began to ride me hard.

I looked down to watch my cock slide in and out of her. Her pink lips engulfing my cock her grip on my thighs tightened and she slammed down on my cock, he body tensed as her cum slid out around the edges on my cock giving her hips a milky white look. She sat there a moment and I turned my attention to my sister. She was doing her best to suck on Brawn and he was moving his hips fucking her mouth, I could hear her moaning, his eyes were closed the muscles in his chest were tight as he held her head, Brain had his member in her now about 9 inches of it anyway and was moving in slow confident strokes my sister moaned at every push in. Was she enjoying this?

I hated to admit it but I was. Her was this gorgeous woman riding me with her caramel color skin in contrast to my paper white body watching my sister get fucked my two very well endowed black men. They both had dark skin unlike Beauty. Their large members were slamming her milky white body making her breasts jump.

I moved underneath Beauty. She began to meet my thrust again. Her bandanna had fallen around her neck . Finally Brawn began to grunt and his eyes closed tight he held her head and I knew he was cumming because my sister started to gag and he let out a load groan and my sister pushed away at him. Spent he collapsed to the floor his cock wet and sticky from cum, Beauty wasted no time as she moved her lips over Liz's and gave her a deep kiss I saw Beauty's cheeks suck in and I knew she was taking some of the cum from my sister's mouth. Beauty lifted her mouth and swallowed wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Brain was now shoving his whole mass into my sister as she yelped with every thrust. Cum on her lips still from Brawn.

Brain pulled out and straddled her waist she looked at his cock and him as he jerked his cock forcefully, a stream shot out catching my sister in the face, she closed her eyes before the second splurge caught her in the face and eyes, Brain continued to stroke but now Liz's hands moved to help him each time she pulled some cum cam out coating her tits. Beauty began to dig her nails into my legs again and she came again at the sight of Brain. I could feel my cock and pubic hair become sticky again. Beauty leaned over and began to lick the cum off my sisters tits. "has he not cum yet?" Brain asked laying next to Liz.

"No, he has stamina." Beauty purred as Liz pushed against the back of her head into her breast.. "Damn!" Beauty got off again my cock slapped my belly. My sister looked at me hunger in her eyes.

"Well it looks like Miss. Priss needs some more." Brain said and with that pushed her towards me. My sister crawled up and laid her head on my shoulder her hot breath against my neck, she lowered herself onto me without any help. Her hips began to move and I could feel it wasn't going to take very long for me now. I was close with Beauty but now my sister rode me. She lifted her head and looked at me. Her eyes were like an animal eyeing its prey.

"Tell me when you are about to cum, OK?" she whispered, grinding into me. I only nodded. Beauty moved her head in between my legs her tongue licking my balls and Liz's pussy. Her hot breath against my now tightening balls was the last straw. "Oh God Liz I am going to cum!"

My sister jumped off and moved down to my cock as Beauty moved up. She stroked it as she did Brawn and Brain earlier, Beauty and her taking turns licking and then kissing one another the sight was too much my cock exploded in the air, shooting cum up all over me and my two girls sucking away took turns licking and placing their mouths over my head as it bucked wildly cum covering their faces and my stomach. They kissed again and then Liz moved up to lick the cum from my belly she collapsed into my shoulder. I gently kissed her cheek tasting the saltiness of the cum that stuck to it.

Brain, Brawn, and Beauty left without a word. We fell asleep. The next morning Liz untied me. The burn on my wrist was pretty bad. We sat there naked. Shocked. "I am sorry" I said quietly.

"Believe it or not I am not." She got up and went to the shower.

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