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Big Boy Meets Kim
by Carl East

The lights above me were blinding. I kept seeing spots before my eyes as they wheeled the stretcher down the long corridors and blackness kept visiting me, interspersed with white walls flashing by. The sounds of people shouting "coming through!" and doors being slammed open by the four-wheeled stretcher I found myself on. I heard someone whispering how I was going to be all right. I could feel a hand holding my own and I knew that I was in a hospital, I just couldn't remember why. Darkness came, then a bright light up ahead. I remember wanting to reach the light, it meant comfort for me. I started to walk towards it and as I got nearer I could just make out a figure of a man standing with arms out-stretched, as if in greeting. It looked like my father.

Suddenly I found myself falling back down the tunnel, getting further and further away.

"He's back," I heard someone say.

Feeling groggy but awake I looked up to see Judy.

"You gave us quite a scare there," she said, a tear rolling down her face.

"What happened?" I said, wiping the tear from her cheek.

"You got knocked down by a car, but your going to be all right. You've sustained a broken leg and you also banged your head pretty hard, but the x-rays show no real damage there. You need to keep still and rest," she replied, holding my hand tighter.

There I was in the Hospital once again. Only a month ago I had come here voluntarily to have a penile reduction performed by the very woman who was now holding my hand. It had turned out to be the best day of my life. Now I was in an emergency ward with a bad headache and a pain down my left leg.

"I'm going to see the Doctor in charge of your case honey, I won't be long," Judy said.

I lay there thinking about my bad luck, wondering how long I was going to be laid up for. Just then a very cute nurse stepped into the room.

"Hello Mr. Elis, my name's Kimberly. I will be looking after you for a day or two, just until you get the all-clear."

"Hi, I'm not going to be here long then?" I asked, checking out the body of this gorgeous little thing.

"No, you only have a broken leg. If it were not for the fact you sustained a slight head injury you'd probably be on your way home now. You see, we have a policy of observing head trauma cases just in case of complications later on," she replied.

What a nice smile, I thought looking closer at Kim's face. She smiled at me almost as if she'd heard what I was thinking. Then she went about her business checking that every thing was secure. When she leaned over to straighten the pillows I got a great view of her cleavage. She then checked the leg that was broken, noticing the bulge in my pyjama bottoms.

"My, you're a big boy!" she said, laughing.

Just then Judy returned.

"Ah, I see you've met Kim then. She will look after you while your here, plus I will pop in when ever I get a free moment."

"How long am I here for?"

"Two days maximum, then you'll be discharged. I thought we'd drive up to my cabin in the mountains for a couple of weeks. I've got some leave coming so that's not a problem, also you are fully covered by your insurance, so there's nothing to worry about there," said Judy.

"Is there anything I can get you, in the mean time?"

"No, but I wouldn't mind a kiss," I said, smiling.

She bent over me and planted a smacker on the lips.

"See you later, lover," she said, going out the door.

"So, your the one that has stolen the heart of our favourite Doctor!" said Kim, as Judy left.

I smiled at that, realising that it was true. I was in love with Judy, and hoped to marry her, but I hadn't asked yet.

"Right, then, Mr. Elis. Apparently you were thrown into a muddy ditch when that car hit you. I've been told to clean you up a bit, if that's all right with you," Kim said, pulling the blanket down.

First she cleaned my forehead. I couldn't help notice how gentle she was as she went about her job, talking as if she had known me for years. She then cleaned up my arms and my right leg, which is where the trouble started! She had to take my pyjama bottoms off as she cleaned my leg and I had a perfect view of that lovely cleavage again, only this time it made me hard.

"Oh my God, your enormous!!"

"I'm sorry, it's just that you are so attractive. I caught a glimpse of your bust and, well, this is the result," I said, pointing to the cock that was sticking a good seven inches outside the top of my underwear.

"Well, if it's my fault, lets see if we can't get rid of it for you."

With that she pulled down my underwear and taking my cock in both hands she started to rub the whole length. She would have to be good at this though, because it was hard to make me cum this way. She seemed to read my mind again, for the next thing I knew she had lowered her head and taken at least six inches into her mouth. Slowly at first, she tried to see how far she could take it and I must admit she took at least eight inches down her throat, licking the under side each time she came to the top. Then she squeezed my balls gently while sucking more vigorously, concentrating on the end more than any other part. You could tell she had done this before; her right hand was turning and plunging, as her mouth was licking and sucking. Pretty soon I was on the verge. I thought to myself, 'all I need is a little more incentive and I'd be there.'

As if by some telepathy she suddenly unfastened her blouse revealing a very nice pair of tits. That was all the incentive I needed! I started to cum, still in her mouth and she swallowed the lot, impressively, not letting a single drop get on my body. Once she had finished she redressed me, completed her job of cleaning me up then left saying, "I'll see you later Mr. Elis."

The first night went uncomfortably, what with the painkillers wearing off and my head pounding. The morning brought some sleep but not much, then I had a visit by the Doctor in charge of my case. Almost straight away I felt that I was just a number to this guy: he looked at my chart, checked my leg and head then mumbled something about this bed being cleared on time tomorrow for the next patient, then left.

About twelve o'clock mid-day, Judy and Kim came to see me. Kim made sure I was comfortable, while Judy sat and talked to me.

"How did your first night go?" she asked.

"A bit restless, but other-wise all right," I replied.

She bent forward to kiss me passionately, her tongue entering my mouth to explore. Then she let her hand wander down the bedclothes seeking my cock, not in the slightest bit bothered that another person was in the room. Grasping my manhood, she gently started to rub up and down knowing full well that it was turning me on. Kim sat in the chair next to the bed, watching the proceedings intently. By now the covers were off the bed as Judy's kiss became more erotic, groping my tongue with her own, pressing me to return her kiss with the same passion. Yielding willingly, I caressed her breast under the dress she was wearing. She pulled it off, giving me access to her bra.

Kim slipped a hand down her skirt, starting to moan softly as she entered her finger into the pussy below, watching our every move she then released her gorgeous tits tweaking her right nipple with her left hand, pushing her back up, to get a better penetration. Judy was unaware of any of this for she was too busy with kissing my neck, then working down my chest. Upon reaching my stomach her chin hit the top of my enormous cock. Licking the end she teased me, feigning to place it in her mouth. Instead she licked the entire length, cupping my balls with one hand and squeezing lightly, letting the head circle her mouth with her tongue diving in and out to play with the hole that she knew would deliver the goods.

Kim was feverishly playing with herself, her nipples fully erect. She started to writhe on the chair in an uncontrollable fit of wanton lust. My cock was so erect it was hurting, it wanted to burst, the blood pumping to the head making it visibly throb. It entered Judy's mouth with a gasp from its owner, wanting to plunge ever deeper into that lovely oral pleasure zone. She was a woman possessed with many fine qualities; giving head was one of them. I reached down between her legs to find the moistness that had engulfed her panties. Slipping a finger inside I gently rubbed the hood of desire making her push her hips onto my finger, my cock halfway into her mouth she started to slurp as her desires took over.

Kim could take no more, she was coming big-time her hand covered in the love juices that were freely ebbing from her pussy and she collapsed into the chair still breathing heavily. I, too, was near the end, my balls were getting tighter, a sign I knew all to well. Judy kept pushing herself onto my finger wanting me to speed up, which I did to a chorus of "yes!"'s.

I could hold on no longer. The sperm hit the roof of her mouth leaking at both sides and she deliberately allowed a load to fall back onto the end of my cock before scooping it back up with her tongue. I came again, this time on her chin. She placed a finger underneath so as not to let any escape, pulling it back up to her mouth she licked it clean. She finished me off with both hands pumping the very last drop out. My finger was still playing with her pussy and soon she started to cum, her juices running over my hand and down her leg. She sat up smiling, but not saying anything and then she looked around to see Kim redressing herself.

"Did you enjoy that Kim?" was all she said.

"Immensely," replied Kim.

That had to be the first time I'd had sex without penetration, but it was just as memorable. Little did I know that things were not over between Kim and me. But that is another story.


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