The Best Erotic Stories.

Big Boy Pt. VI
by Carl East

The following day was very warm, so we decided to stay around the cabin relaxing and generally lazing about. I decided to start the day off with a shower, having not slept very well that night I thought it might wake me up a little. As I stood in the shower washing my hair I started to remember the night before. Wow! What a night, I'd got to fuck five of Judy's friends with her full consent, and I'd only met them that day. With soap in my eyes I started to rinse the water off my head, just then I could feel two sets of hands caressing my back and front. Upon opening my eyes, I found that Judy and her friend Michelle had disrobed and joined me.

"Morning ladies." I said, looking them both up and down.

"Morning, lover," Judy said, "are you up for it this morning?"

I answered by bringing her head forward and kissing her hard, we then started to wash each other first, which I found to be very erotic. I lathered up my hands and proceeded to rub Michelle's shoulders, she and Judy both started to work the soap into my now raging cock, making me very hard. Then I moved my hands down to Michelle's breasts as Judy continued to kiss me passionately; Michelle's nipples became fully erect to this service. The water was cascading down our bodies washing the soap away, and the steam from both the water and us was misting up the glass we were surrounded by. I moved one hand down to Judy's pussy inserting a finger; I did the same with my other hand to Michelle. Michelle broke free from this and knelt down to take my cock into her mouth, her tongue licking every inch of my bell end. Judy must have thought, that was a good idea, because she joined her.

To watch two gorgeous women kissing licking and sucking my cock, while the water from the shower was running down both my chest and their backs was quite an arousing moment. I wasn't sure weather I could cum so soon after last night, but as long as I could stay hard it didn't matter. They kept passing my cock to each other, sucking hard and deep, which felt wonderful. I was getting close at that point; both their mouths were doing something. Weather it was sucking me off or licking the rest of my cock, I don't know but they were definitely doing something right. I called out that I was about to cum, they didn't stop, in fact it only made them work harder. It burst forth, hitting the back of Michelle's throat; she pulled it out handing it to Judy who took the second load. Between them they didn't allow a single drop to hit the floor. They successfully kept me hard; both of them bent forward for me to choose. I decided to enter Judy first while playing with Michelle's pussy with my finger. Judy was very wet as I slipped into her love nest; she gasped out load pushing back to get the full effect of entry. Michelle was equally moist, making me place two fingers in, so that I could satisfy her needs. Judy wanted to do the work, for she was moving back and forth trying to make sure every last inch was going in.

Michelle's moans of delight were getting more audible as this very erotic scene progressed; I had almost my entire hand up her cunt. Michelle started to push back wanting me to get my hand as far as possible. I'd never fist fucked before, which made it all the more pleasurable, suddenly my hand was in. She screamed with shear surprise as I worked my hand in and out, faster and faster, her knees were giving way as the onslaught continued. Judy must have loved all this because she had gained more momentum; my cock was slipping all the way in, making her place a hand on the door handle to steady herself. I couldn't believe how much of my hand was in Michelle's pussy stretching it to the limit; it was just past my wrist. She must have liked it though, because she repeatedly tried pushing back in order to get more in. Judy started to scream that she was coming at that point, still not slowing down, and hungry for more.

Michelle couldn't take anymore of this; she too started to cum shouting that she didn't want me to stop. I had no intention of stopping this lovely experience; I could feel the walls of her pussy with my entire hand. Judy suddenly decided she had come enough and slowly allowed my still rock hard cock to vacate her love nest. Straightening up she started to kiss me, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. I decided to fuck Michelle at that point, removing my hand with a squeal from her as the largest part of my fist stretched her opening. Caressing Judy's breasts I only had to turn slightly in order for my cock to be at the entrance to Michelle's womb. Passing her outer lips with ease I pushed forward, Michelle let out a cry of deeper, to which I happily obliged. I started to fuck her with a vengeance, and then to my surprise Judy got down on her knees and started to lick Michelle's pussy. Michelle was coming again; her screams of more must have woken the rest of the household up for we suddenly had an audience at the shower door. Both Judy and Michelle were oblivious to this however. I looked at the ladies outside the shower; they were getting undressed and stepping in with us. Kim was first, she lathered up her hands and started to rub my backside very slowly, pushing me whenever I went forward. Caroline stepped in next and lay beneath Judy's legs pulling her face up to Judy's pussy, and licking her as deeply as she could. Next came Rachael and Pauline who were content to just watch and caress each other's bodies.

"What's all the noise about," came a voice from the bathroom door, "oh I see." Said Dean.

Dean soon joined the throng and immediately got down to fuck Caroline holding her legs up in the air as he entered her pussy. It was a good size shower room which was just as well, for there were now eight people in it, with just one missing. My cock felt wonderful as I fucked Michelle, for I could feel Judy's tongue every now and then as I vacated the womb.

"My god, are you lot sex starved or what?" Said Stephanie, the missing member of this group.

She laughed then stepped in to join us, with all the soap being rubbed onto everybody it was sending me over the top, and I started to cum. Michelle could feel the first spurt, as she came for the umpteenth time. She turned around and sucked my cock dry, thanking me for the most amazing fuck of her life. Judy was now crouching over Caroline's mouth holding her pussy lips apart, while Dean was shouting that he was about to cum, still holding Caroline's legs up. Kim, who wanted a piece of the action turned me, she kissed me hard her nipples standing to full attention. She suddenly jumped up grabbing me around the neck, eager to get my cock into her cunt. It slipped in easily as this passionate encounter continued I pushed her up against the glass making sure she didn't let go. Bending my knees slightly I started to pump her pussy for all I was worth, my cock going deeper and deeper until it felt like she was resting on it. I didn't come again that day, but I managed to stay hard and service them all. We must have spent three hours in that shower, fucking each other senseless. A day I thought that will stay in my memory for a very long time.


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