The Best Erotic Stories.

Big Boy Pt. VIII
by Carl East

The men's wear section of the large department store was empty, as I browsed the trouser section, looking for a pair that would go with the jacket I'd just purchased. Judy was helping me, her curvaceous body brushing by me, as she saw a pair that I might like. Upon inspection I wasn't sure, so she suggested I try them on. Looking around I saw the cubicle was vacant, so decided to take up her suggestion.

As soon as I had gotten them on she said, 'yes, they suit you,' I turned to look in the mirror and knew instantly why she liked them. You could clearly see a big bulge - not only that they were of a thin material, and tight around the crotch, you could actually make out the shape of my cock. Judy ran her finger over my cock, making me hard, I looked again in the mirror to find that it was obvious I had an erection.

She really liked them, so I decided to buy them just to keep her happy. She then asked me to keep them on, which I did, and continued to look for a more practical pair. I eventually found a pair that I liked, and we were off to the women's wear section. Once there we found a delightful assistant, who was both helpful and gorgeous. She was wearing a very short skirt, and white see through blouse, her breasts pushing against a bra that seemed to be struggling to hold them in place. She spotted the bulge in my pants almost immediately, her attention only taken away when Judy asked if she could try something on. While they were gone I found a pair of unisex jeans; they were just what I had been looking for. Upon their return I asked what sizes they came in, but they were just small, medium and large.

Unsure weather I was medium or large the assistant offered to measure my inside leg. I said, 'all right,' to which she produced a tape measure, and placed it at my crotch. Her hand brushed my penis as she held the tape there, my cock started to grow, while she looked below to see my inside leg measurement. Looking back up she noticed my erection, then said I was a large, while smiling. She grabbed the pair I had pointed too earlier, directing me to a free cubicle. Placing them on the chair just inside, she waited outside until I had them on. Then she adjusted them a little, making sure she brushed her hand against my cock once more, and stated that they were a good fit.

I was in the process of removing them when she surprised me, by entering the cubicle with a second pair. She helped me remove them, all the time staring at my package. Just then Judy popped her head around the curtain, saying what's going on here then. The assistant became the attentive helper once again, telling me that the other jeans looked a bit long and to try these on. Judy was nobody's fool however and decided to show her what she obviously wanted to see. Without warning she pulled my pants down, releasing my huge cock.

"Oh my god, look at the size of that thing." Said the assistant, totally shocked at what she was seeing.

My cock was rock hard, standing out like a pole.

"Touch it, if you like." Tempted Judy.

The assistant reached out a hand and grasped the end, making me flinch.

"I dare you to put it in your mouth." Judy added.

The assistant looked first at Judy, then at me, and slowly placed my bell end into her mouth. She sucked the end, making me close my eyes at the sensations I was feeling. This was so erotic; I put my hand down and started to play with her breasts through the blouse. She immediately started to undo the buttons then removed her blouse, then Judy unclasped the bra. Her breasts were marvelous, rounded and firm, I reached for them and found her nipples to be erect. She continued to suck my cock, going a little further in. I looked up to find Judy getting undressed, her figure every bit as alluring as the assistant. She allowed the assistant to carry on as she started to kiss me, our lips pressing together hard. My hand finding its way to Judy's pussy, and stimulating her clitoris, she moaned out loud. The assistant stood up and removed her skirt, when her panties were discarded; she rubbed herself up against my cock. I decided how I wanted this to continue I got onto the bench opposite the mirror, asking Judy to stand on it facing me. Then once we were in position, I directed the assistant to sit on my cock. She straddled my legs, resting on top of my cock, then slowly started to push downward.

"OH Jesus, it's so big." She said, as it started to penetrate her.

She couldn't take too much at first, but as she became wetter she was able to take three quarters of my cock in, and started to rise and fall a little faster.

"Oh yes, oh this is wonderful, I am so envious oh yes."

Her words were making me lick Judy's pussy harder, my hands behind, pulling her arse towards me.

"I'm coming." Said Judy.

I could taste her juices, the nectar of the gods; my cock fit to burst as the assistant continued to impale herself. Then Judy got off the bench, and sat on the chair, placing her hand onto her pussy she played with herself while watching the action. I was close at this point, the attention my cock was receiving starting to take me over the edge. I think she could sense it, for she started to move up and down a little faster.

"I'm going to cum again." She said, slowing down.

I couldn't hold back anymore, my sperm burst forth spewing into her cunt, she felt it jerk, trying to grip the end with her pelvic muscles. It leaked out, running down her legs, as she finally stopped. I placed one of her nipples into my mouth, passing it from one side of my tongue to the other. She pulled my head onto her chest, wanting me to hold them tighter. Meanwhile Judy was also coming again; her groans giving the pleasure that she was having away. I stood the assistant up then turned her around, bending her over the bench I reinserted my cock, getting in easily. Then I started to give it to her, until she was crying out that she was coming again. Then I looked at the curtain and found we had attracted too much attention for the other two assistants were peeking through the side. Judy told them to come in, but they were content to just watch, their eyes not believing what they were seeing.

After she had come two more times I felt I owed Judy a good fucking, so proceeded to do just that. She lay on the floor and put her legs over her head, I got into position and thrust my cock deep and hard. She almost cried out with pleasure as my cock sped forward then back, my rhythm staying consistent. Once again I was on the verge, as I speared her pussy, and watched the assistant get redressed. My audience never taking their eyes off my cock, and licking their lips. When I came I pulled it out, so that they could see my seed cover my lover's pussy. I pumped it out with my right hand, splashing over her thigh and onto her stomach, my last load landing squarely onto her pussy.

Judy cleaned herself up a little with the tissues she had in her pocket, and we got dressed. When we came out the assistant that I had fucked kissed me on the cheek saying thank you for the best fuck she ever had. I kissed her back saying thank you for letting me, then arm in arm we left, another wonderful memory floating around my head.

To Be Continued...


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