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Big Boy Pt. X
by Carl East

I watched as Kim gripped the patient's cock at the base for the umpteenth time, showing him how to control his premature ejaculation problem. It had been going well for the past four weeks; we had started a sex clinic, and were getting quite a reputation. Judy came over to the monitor, to check on Kim's progress. I had met Judy a couple of months ago when I'd gone to have a penile reduction performed, she helped me see the error of my ways, and we ended up with one another. Now we had formed this sex clinic and life was good.

"I see our patient is doing much better now, that last attempt at making him cum lasted a good ten minutes." Said Judy, writing it in her report.

"Yes, I think another couple of sessions should be enough," I replied, "what's the next case?" I added.

"The next one is for Dean, a Miss Erica White, she has a fear of giving her boyfriend or anyone else for that matter, a blowjob." Said Judy.

"That should be fun." I commented.

Dean had managed to fit this appointment in during a normal working day at the hospital, and arrived ten minutes before our next patient. She turned out to be a very young looking girl, so young in fact that I had to double check her age. She looked like a sixteen-year-old, but was in fact nineteen. Dean and Judy took her into one of the offices, and the case began.

"So, Erica, you were telling me that you had a fear of oral sex, when you say fear, do you mean actual dread or is it more like loathing." Asked Judy.

"When my boyfriend puts his penis into my mouth he's going too fast, and I nearly always start to choke." She explained.

Dean turned to Judy with that knowing look.

"Yes, I think I know what's going on here, he's trying to have sex with your mouth, without stopping to think that you might not be able to take it." Explained Dean.

"I would like you to try something for me, it requires you to give Dean here, oral sex, but he won't be doing anything, you have to do all the work." Said Judy.

Erica looked at Dean then back at Judy, before nodding, it seems she really wanted to get this right. After a couple of minutes, Dean was lying on the couch, his cock exposed, and Erica was asked to show Judy how she was giving head. Erica stepped up to the couch reaching for Dean's semi hard cock, then inserted the tip into her mouth. This was enough to get Dean hard, but not what he would consider a good blowjob.

"Now my dear, I want you, to not think about touching his cock with your mouth, but opening your mouth wide to see how much you can take in." Said Judy.

Erica opened her mouth, and managed to get a good six inches in, before she touched the side of his cock. Then Judy instructed her to start from the top, and with out sucking surround Dean's penis with her lips, then go down again. This time she went about five inches, before coming back up, she repeated this several times until she was taking seven inches into her mouth comfortably.

"Now you see my dear, its not that you are scared of oral sex, it's that you don't trust your partner, I bet he starts to get carried away, am I right." Asked Judy.

"Yes, he does seem to get worked up a little, whenever I give him a blowjob." She replied.

"Right, now what you have to do, is tell him to keep still during this position, preferably lying on his back, and if he won't, then you have to refuse it until he complies." Explained Judy.

"He won't like it." She replied.

"No, but once he allows you to take control, he will benefit as much as you do, so think about it Erica, and let us know what happens." Said Judy.

After that we had one more client booked for today, and Judy wanted me to take this one on. It turned out to be a thirty-five years of age female, who needed sex constantly, and believed that she was a true Nymphomaniac. Her condition had started at an early age and gotten worse over the last couple of months. Judy had explained that most of these types of cases were psychosomatic, but that it could be a hormonal imbalance. When she arrived, Judy and I took her into the outer office, where Judy started to ask her questions.

"Right, Miss Jones...

"Please, call me Gwen." She interrupted.

"Ok, Gwen, you were telling me before, that you had to have sex at least four times a day, has that changed since then?"

"No, my urges have not gone away, I feel like a slut most of the time, I mean you wouldn't believe some of things I have done just to get laid." She replied.

"Such as?" I asked.

"The other day, I was going up to my apartment feeling really horny, but when I got into the lift, which is manned at all times, I very nearly raped this guy, it was after that that I phoned you." She said.

"I see, right, the first thing we are going to do is give you a medical exam, and take it from there, so if you could take your clothes off behind the screens we can begin." Said Judy.

It wasn't long before Judy was examining her, to find her climaxing when she touched her clitoris, Judy informed me later, that this was a good sign it could be a hormonal imbalance. Judy then asked her if it was all right for her colleague to have sex with her, to which she replied yes. So I began to get undressed, and no sooner had she seen my cock than she started to cum again.

"My god, is that for real?" She said, not taking her eyes off of my cock.

"Yes it's for real." Replied Judy, smiling.

I then got onto the couch and placed it into her vagina, her body instantly started to writhe, her screams of harder making me fully erect and moving faster. She was coming again and again, then Judy told me to stop while she examined her clitoris again. I got off the couch, watching Judy open Gwen's legs, and examine her pussy. Touching her clitoris, she found that she was still coming, Judy was nodding her head, making me believe that she knew what the problem was. Then she asked me to continue, but in another position, so Gwen got to her knees while I climbed back onto the couch.

Entering easily I began to fuck her as hard and as fast as I could, she was gripping hold of the end of the couch, her moans of shear pleasure getting me very aroused. When I could feel it coming, I carried on, pumping her pussy full of cum, and still she was screaming for me to go faster. Most of my cock was servicing her at this point; in fact she was nearly able to take it all. She then started to push back, wanting more speed, her juices running down her legs mixed in with my own. By the time she asked me to stop, we had been fucking for three-quarters of an hour, with me coming a second time. Her legs were a mess of cum juices, which Judy cleaned up with some tissues, then she was asked to dress and rejoin us, which she did.

"I believe you have an hormonal imbalance." Explained Judy.

"Now there is a drug called Pronoxafin, but it will only work if a) you take it regularly and b) that you take the prescribed dosage, if you take too much, it can have the opposite effect, leaving you not wanting sex at all." She added.

She thanked us for our help then started to leave, but before she did, she turned to me kissing me on the cheek, and said thank you, that was unbelievable, then left. I turned to see Judy laughing at me.

"You really enjoyed that, didn't you?" She said.

I smiled, taking her hand and kissed her on the lips.

"Yes, but only because it helped her." I lied.

Judy grabbed hold of my cock through my trousers, telling me I had better fuck her later. As she let go and started to walk past, I smacked her arse, saying, you bet. That was the last patient that day, so we cleared a bit of paper work, then went home. Another good day behind us, I thought as we left.

To Be Continued...


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