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Big Boy Pt. XI
by Carl East

Judy slammed the phone down after shouting for the last time, then walked over to join us, us being Kim, Dean, and I. The hospital had found out about the sex clinic, and they didn't approve, Judy had been suspended. I'd met Judy sometime ago now, when I had gone to have a penile reduction.

"I gather they wouldn't listen?" I said, pulling the chair out for her.

"No, the stuck up, old fashioned, live-in-the-past morons, wouldn't listen." She replied.

"A simple no would have been enough." I quipped.

She laughed, holding my hand.

"As far as I know, they are not aware of Dean and Kim's involvement." She said.

"Don't worry about that, we will carry on as normal, but if they choose to suspend us, then we will just leave, besides we're doing well here, and enjoying ourselves." Said Dean.

Kim nodded her agreement, and we decided not to talk about it anymore. Besides we had a lot of people coming that day, so we were going to be busy.

Our first callers, were a group of six young women, who, Judy had decided could all benefit from the same class. So rather than take them separately, they were joining together, all fully aware of what the subject would be. In this case it was, 'how to give a blowjob,' which I was looking forward too. After a brief talk about sexual techniques, Judy asked me to strip in front of all these young women, I removed my clothing and stood with a semi hard cock, watching their eyes bulge. Judy then got me to turn sideways, in order that they would see everything.

"Now first, I must just explain that Mr. Elis here, is bigger than most men, but as you might come up against large men yourself, I thought I would show you how to handle it." Said Judy.

Their attention was unwavering as Judy gently held my cock up, instantly making me grow in her hands. After a couple of gasps from the audience, Judy pointed to the ridge on my bell end.

"This part of the penis is the most sensitive part, so all the stories you've heard about having to take a mans cock, as far as you can down your throat, are simply not true." She said.

Then she placed the end into her mouth, in order to demonstrate. She only just covered the end of my cock, and started to suck gently but firmly, then after a minute she stopped.

"Now, as you can see, the receiver of this treatment is enjoying every moment." She said, pointing at me.

It was true, I have always enjoyed the way Judy gave me head, I looked at the audience again, they were riveted, taking in every word Judy was saying. Then Judy showed them how to take more into your mouth, without choking and feeling uncomfortable. She explained that she always tested how far a cock would go into her mouth, before stopping it from going any further. Then she took at least five inches of my cock into her mouth, making it look very easy, after a couple of minutes she again stopped, this was driving me nuts.

"Is there anybody here who thinks they could handle this?" She said.

Two hands shot up; both were very attractive young women.

"Right, if you two could come up here, we'll see if you have been paying attention. The two girls came over and stood next to Judy, she then instructed them both to kneel in front, one on each side of my cock, and begin. They both reached for my hardened cock together, then one of them started to suck the end, letting a couple of inches enter her mouth. After a while she handed it to the other one, who proceeded to do the same thing. I stood looking down, and thinking, 'have I got the best job in the world or what,' then Judy stopped them, much to my dismay.

"Very good ladies, now if you can take your seats again, I will demonstrate how to handle a man when he is ejaculating." Said Judy, looking at me and smiling.

"Sometimes, you will find that sucking the end of a mans penis is not quite enough to make them cum, which is why it's important to use your hands." She continued.

"To demonstrate this, I will get Mr Elis on the verge, before stopping." She said.

Bitch, I thought.

She then placed my cock into her mouth once more, and with her right hand started to jerk me off at the same time, making sure that both her mouth and hand were moving in sync with one another. Before long, I was on the verge, then she stopped, addressing the audience.

"He is now ready to cum, but you have no obligation to allow him to empty his seed into your mouths, that will only happen if you want it to happen." She said, placing her mouth over my cock once more.

Pretty soon I was on the verge again, thinking, 'please don't stop,' but this time she didn't, when I came she took it out of her mouth, but carried on jerking my cock with her hand, telling them how important it was to carry on until he had finished. My sperm shot over her shoulder, then again until it became a trickle, Judy then told me to get re-dressed. After answering a lot of questions from her clients, it all came to an end, and they left talking about the whole affair.

"I think that went pretty well, don't you?" Judy asked.

"Well, I certainly enjoyed it." I said, smiling.

She punched me playfully on the arm.

"Everyone in that room, KNEW, that you were enjoying it." She said, laughing.

Later on that day we had a very similar class, only this time the audience was male, they wanted to learn how to please a woman with their tongue. Kim and Dean were going to be the teachers, so when the young men arrived, Judy and I started to watch on the monitor.

"First of all, as anyone here ever tried cunnilingus." Said Dean, to an audience who hadn't got a clue what he meant.

They were all quite young, so the shaking of heads was not a surprise to either Dean or Kim.

"Right, I am going to demonstrate, how to arouse a woman by using your tongue." Said Dean, placing Kim on the couch.

Once she was comfortable, Dean asked her to untie the robe she was wearing, allowing it to fall on either side, there by exposing her gorgeous body. Dean then asked his audience to stand around and watch; they didn't need to be asked twice. Opening Kim's legs, Dean started by pulling open her pussy lips slightly using both hands, thus revealing her moist entrance. He then pointed out her clitoris, telling them that this was the one part of a woman's vagina that when stimulated in the correct manner would make her go wild.

Kim lay watching their faces, and noticing, a fair few bulges in their pants. Dean then demonstrated, by nudging her clit with one finger making her squirm, then he started to lick it vigorously. Her nipples started to harden, which didn't escape the notice of her audience. Then Dean, asked if anyone there, would like to have a go, everybody's hand shot up. Dean looked at Kim, smiling; he told them they could all try it for a minute or so. Then one after the other they all got down, and licked her clitoris, making Kim cum several times before it ended. When all their questions were addressed they left, with Judy and I joining Dean and Kim to tell them well done.

"Can we have that class, on a regular basis?" Asked Kim.

We all fell about laughing, and I knew that Judy had now forgotten about her suspension, but I wasn't about to bring it up. We ended the day with a few drinks, before retiring to bed.

To Be Continued...


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