The Best Erotic Stories.

Big Boy Pt. XII
by Carl East

Judy was crying as I entered the kitchen, I comforted her, as best I could, knowing that nothing I say could make it better. She'd just found out that she'd been fired, just because the sex clinic was not what the hospital considered to be, of any medical importance. Even though our patients now numbered in the hundreds, and we'd only been going for a year. We had cured patients of premature ejaculation, of being scared to have sex, and even taught some, how to have sex. We could see in our patients, that we were making a difference, however slight.

"Come on Judy, cheer up, there are other hospitals, and a surgeon of your talents shouldn't have trouble in getting another job." I said, wanting her to see that the hospital had lost a good doctor.

"No...I don't want another job, I want that job." She said, getting to her feet, and going over to the phone.

She dialed a number that I didn't recognise, then waited for an answer; I put my ear next to the earpiece to listen.

"Hello, Bailey, Smithson and Associate Solicitors here, how can we help?" I heard the voice say.

Judy went on to explain, how she felt she had been wrongly dismissed, and that she needed someone to represent her, in the fight to regain her job, an appointment for her to see someone was made, then she hung up.

"Do you know, that makes me feel better," she said, looking like her old self.

I was glad she had decided to fight back, mainly because I'd been on the verge of giving a secret away - we had a party planned for that night, that she knew nothing about it. It was to celebrate the first successful year of our sex clinic, Dean and Kim had thought up the idea, which I endorsed.

Knowing that she had cheered up a bit, I decided to keep it a secret again. The guests were exclusively patients, which we had treated over that period of one year. Most of which had already sent their acceptance cards back, in fact we had such a response, that we were in danger of running out of room to hold it in.

The only thing that could go wrong at this point, was Judy not following her usual routine, but that didn't happen, on this day she had booked an appointment for a massage. She told me that she was going to keep her appointment, so when the time came for her to leave, and knowing that she would be gone for two hours, we began to get everything ready.

Now all we had to do was keep her away from our one floor shindig, until we were ready. We had it all planned, she would get her massage, then upon leaving there, she would bump into an old friend from college, whom I'd already met at the cabin. They would, if all went to plan, go for a drink, which would take up another hour. We also had various other devious plans ready to be hatched if anything went wrong.

One of them was blocking her car in, so that she could be delayed a little further. But as it all turned out, these other tricks were not needed, our guests arrived, a short while before her. I'd been phoned when she was on the way back, so I left the guests and met her outside.

"Look who I bumped into, coming out of the massage parlour." She said, opening her passenger door.

Of course, I knew that it was Caroline, but had to feign surprise when she stepped out the car.

"Oh, hello Caroline, how's life been treating you?" I said, shaking her hand with both of mine.

We then went up in the lift, with me pretending to ring someone on my mobile phone, when in reality it was the signal we were coming up. When the lift stopped, we got out and walked down the corridor that led to the largest office, the lights were out as we entered. Then a cheer went up, making Judy jump.

"Happy anniversary." I had to shout.

She was soon drinking and laughing with every body, fully enjoying this surprise, the guests were great, and they even helped put some of the decorations up. As the night wore on, most people began to lose their inhibitions, and I started to hear from the patients how this place had changed their lives. I over heard one conversation, by three young ladies.

"Do you remember that demonstration, on how to give a man a blowjob, and then seeing that cock, wow, I get wet, just thinking about it." One of them said, making me smile.

Caroline cornered me at the drink table, and putting her hand over my cock, told me that she expected a fuck later on. With my cock growing suddenly in her hand and through my trousers, I humoured her, by saying all right. Judy came over then, thanking me for the nice surprise, but I pointed out that it was Dean and Kim's idea, I just thought it was a good one, and went along with it.

By the time one in the morning came, most of our guests had gone, but Caroline and two female patients were still there, plus Dean, Kim, and of course Judy.

"Would anyone like a coffee?" I said, thinking, perhaps they would need one.

They all said yes, so I proceeded to get seven coffees from the vending machine in our waiting area, as I was putting the last coffee on the tray, Caroline came into the room. She then started to strip her clothes off, revealing her gorgeous body once again, and then she started to unzip my trousers, freeing my cock she got down and inserted it into her mouth.

Just then the two patients that she'd been talking to entered the room, both of them stood watching as Caroline tried her hardest to get my cock down her throat, but she could only get it half way. I watched as the two girls started to play with themselves, their hands pulling their panties to one side as they both started to finger fuck. My cock couldn't have been any harder, as Caroline continued to suck and lick the end.

Then Judy, Dean, and Kim came onto the scene, not in the least bit surprised to find us all in those positions, instead of making any fuss, they just joined in. Judy striped off first, which in turn encouraged the others to follow suit, and then she started to undress the two patients. They made no objections as she pulled down one then two sets of panties, with Dean and Kim coming over to assist her.

This scene was just too much for me, my cock fairly exploded into Caroline's mouth, forcing her to catch some of my seed as it tried to escape from the corners. She was suddenly joined by one of the patients, who was eager to get some in her mouth too. She managed to catch the third blast as my cock jerked inside her mouth, then sucking the end a little she handed it back to Caroline, who made sure I remained hard.

I looked over to Judy and the others, Judy was licking the pussy of the other patient, while Dean was licking hers, and Kim was sucking his cock, a mass of writhing bodies on the floor.

With my cock once again harder than granite, they both stopped, and stood next to me, Caroline whispered to fuck the other one first, as she was very excited and probably wouldn't last long. I turned to her about to say her name, then realised that I had forgotten what it was.

"Mary!" She said, seeing that I was struggling.

I told Mary to bend over the back of the chair, then rubbing her pussy from behind for a few seconds; I guided my large cock into her moist womanhood, and started to push forward.

"Oh...that feels wonderful." She said, as the first two inches went in.

I pushed a bit harder, her juices suddenly allowing my cock to enter deep inside.

"Ah...fuck me, fuck me hard." She shouted.

I began to rhythmically plunge my enormous cock into her womb, making her scream with excitement, and before long she started to climax, her knees almost giving up as she gripped the chair for support. I looked over at the four people on the floor, to discover that Dean had cum, and was being drained by Kim, while the other patient and Judy had changed places, Judy was now receiving oral sex.

I pulled my cock out, only to find her pussy being replaced with another. Caroline was very eager to feel me inside her once again, and thrust her pussy back, as she felt my cock enter her love canal.

"Oh...yes this brings back good memories." Said Caroline, moving her hips back and forth in time with my thrusts.

I heard Judy moaning out loud, and looking over I realised why, she had both the patients licking her pussy one at a time, while Dean was making love to Kim next to them. I could feel my cock about to unload again, with all this stimuli making it impossible to ignore, the pussy that was travelling almost the full length of my cock. Then it came, as I grabbed hold of Caroline's butt in an effort to slow her down, and left it in her pussy as deeply as it would go, with her too starting to climax.

I had to get fresh cups of coffee after that, for the ones I originally got were stone cold, then the night was over, and we all decided to leave for our various homes. As we left the offices turning out the lights, Judy kissed all three of us in a way of thanks for a nice surprise.

To Be Continued...


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