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Big Boy Pt. XIV
by Carl East

I had just punched in my private number in one of those cash point machines, and was asked if I wanted cash or to check my balance, and as I had a habit of always checking my balance I punched it. To my utter amazement it informed me, that I had one hundred and twenty thousand dollars in my account.

Now, I expected to find twenty thousand, but where the hell, did the hundred thousand come from? I immediately marched into my bank, thinking if I don't sort it out now, they will only get me later. I asked to see the manager, who came over a minute later, and I explained that there must have been a mistake.

After a search through the database he informed me that it wasn't a mistake, and that the hundred thousand had been transferred the day before, from another account in this same bank. I knew instantly, who had done this, and thanked the manager for his time, then left.

Judy had just received an out of court settlement, for being unfairly dismissed from the hospital, and it was a considerable amount of money. I had met Judy over a year ago, when I had gone to her as a patient, I had wanted a penile reduction performed, but she had persuaded me not to go through with it. I knew the money had come from her, because she was the only person I knew, that had that kind of dosh.

When I got to the clinic that morning, I found Dean and Kim excited about something, so asked what had happened.

"Both Dean and I have had one hundred thousand dollars transferred into our banks." Said Kim.

"You too! I've just come from the bank, and found the same thing has happened to my account, it has got to be Judy." I replied.

As if on cue, Judy came into the office, and Dean was the first to ask.

"Have you paid one hundred thousand dollars, into each of our accounts?" He said.

"Yes, it's my way of thanking you all, for supporting me, and being my friends." She explained.

"You didn't have to do this, you deserved that money, and I for one, wasn't expecting anything from your victory." I said, hoping that I wasn't sounding ungrateful.

"I think, you had all better sit down, for I want to tell you a few things." She replied.

We all sat down around her desk, while she removed her jacket, then joined us.

"The reasons I gave you all that money, are varied and many," she explained, going on "both Kim and Dean, have supported me from the beginning, and I consider them to be my closest friends, they even gave up their careers to join me in this endeavour." She said, pausing for a moment.

"Then you, my confidante, and lover," she said, pointing to me, "you have been my inspiration, and someone I would trust with my life, I felt you all deserved to be rewarded, and hope that you will continue to support and love me, the way I do you." She said, looking around the table.

Kim had a tear in her eye, and Dean comforted her, while I realised something, which had never crossed my mind before. We all accepted the gift, thanking her profusely, then went about our daily tasks.

The first patient that day, was a young mother, her problem was that she dried up to quickly, making her sore if intercourse continued for too long. Judy told her it was a common problem, and one that was easily solved, by using lubricants.

That had to be the easiest case we'd ever dealt with, but the next had to be the biggest turn on. It concerned a young female, that had a strange request, she'd apparently heard about us from a friend of a friend, and was told that the biggest male cock she would ever see could be found here.

Since being told this, some four weeks ago, she hadn't been able to sleep properly for thinking about it, and felt that if she could prove or disprove its validity, perhaps she could then get it out of her mind.

Judy knew that this was a compulsive and obsessive disorder, one, which if not treated, could seriously effect the young woman's health. She asked her join her in the adjoining office, and told me to come as well, winking as she did so. Once there, Judy left us both alone, and I knew she would be going straight to the monitor room, to watch the proceedings.

"Well, my dear, I think what Judy wants me to do, is prove to you that what you heard was not false, and to that end," I said, taking my trousers down, "here is the proof."

She just sat there, staring, not quite believing what she was staring at, then tentatively reached out a hand to touch it. When she did, my semi hard cock started to grow, and then she cradled it in her hand. Her face seemed to light up, as her tongue rolled around her lips.

"If you feel you have the urge to go further, I won't stop you." I said, looking down as her mouth got closer.

Suddenly she leaned forward, taking the end of my huge cock into her mouth, and starting to suck. Her other hand was now holding it, as she gently pulled me towards her. She attempted to take as much into her mouth as possible, but could only manage about six inches.

Then she began to jerk me off at the same time, making me close my eyes, as the feelings began to really turn me on. Her small mouth seemed to cope well with the meat now passing her lips, as she slurped her tongue around the end of my cock. She then let go of it, and started to remove her top, while still mouthing the end.

I stared down at her cleavage, as she placed her hands behind her to unclasp the bra. Her breasts were firm, and the sight of her nipples turned me on even more, as she continued to indulge the fantasy she'd been having. I was starting to feel the moment of ejaculation about to happen, when she stopped, and stood up.

Removing her skirt and panties, she then whispered in my ear.

"I want to feel that monster inside me." She said, turning around and bending over the chair.

I moved up behind her, my cock standing out, like a spear, ready to impale her, and upon feeling the end of my cock touching her pussy lips, she pushed back. Her moistness was more than evident, as my cock started to penetrate her womanhood.

"'s so big...oh...oh...yes." She murmured, as my cock got deeper.

I then picked up the pace, knowing what her reactions would be like.

"Fuck me! Yes, like that...oh...faster...oh...yes...yes."

Watching my cock as it was buried repeatedly, had always been a big turn on for me, her shouts of more, were just the icing on the cake, as I could already feel my imminent ejaculation about to take place.

"Ohhh...I'm coming...oh my god...oh." She shouted, as my own seed started to enter her womb.

I could easily feel how wet she was, and knew that she'd had a strong orgasm, as my cock drained its load of sperm deep inside her. I started to slow down, feeling her start to relax as I pulled it out, her last gasp leaving her mouth, as the end of my cock touched her open pussy lips.

Taking a deep sigh, she straightened up not saying a word, then quickly got dressed. After which Judy re-entered the room, telling her that she would probably be able to sleep now, in the knowledge that what she had been told, was indeed true. She thanked us both, asking how much she owed, then paying her bill she left.

I didn't say much after that, for I had an errand to run, and left, saying I would be back before the next appointment.

Once I'd found what I was looking for, I returned to the clinic, and found Judy talking to Dean and Kim in her office.

"You left suddenly," said Judy, with a puzzled look on her face, "what was so important?" She asked.

I revealed a small black jewelry case, and opened it, then getting down on one knee; I asked her if she would marry me, showing her the three-diamond ring inside.

Kim started to clap and hug Dean, as she got over excited, Dean put a finger up to his lips, making Kim be quiet, for he wanted to hear Judy's response.

"I don't know what to say, it's beautiful." She replied, taking hold of the case.

"You could say yes." I said, worried that it might be no.

"Yes, I will marry you, I couldn't think of a nicer surprise than this." She said, a tear rolling down her cheek, as she hugged me.

I was the happiest person in the world at that moment, knowing that the woman I loved would be with me, for the rest of my life.

To Be Continued...


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