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Big Boy Pt. XV
by Carl East

The bloody rain, it was starting to get on my nerves, it had been raining now for three days straight, with no sign of a let up. I had just gotten a puncture in my back wheel, and was jacking the car up; of course I was also getting soaked. Then I heard a car horn, and turned around to find an ex-patient of ours, who, it turned out, lived just across the road from where I had come to a stop.

Judy, Dean, Kim and I had set up a sex clinic, and were doing very well, and along the way, we had made many friends.

I walked over to the driver's door, as she started to unwind the window.

"Hello Rebecca, how's it going?" I asked.

"All right thanks, listen, why don't you leave that, and come over to my place, at least until it stops raining." She suggested, pointing to her apartment block.

I could see the sense in that, mainly because it was coming down harder, but partly because I didn't want to get phenomena. I got into her car, then she drove under the apartment block, where the residents had there own spaces reserved. She directed me to the lift, and we soon found ourselves at her apartment.

Upon entering, I discovered she was sharing her apartment with Britney, who had also come to seek help from the clinic.

"Hello Britney, how's things?" I said, for want of a better opening line.

"Oh, can't complain," She said, looking me up and down, "You're soaked." She said, stating the obvious.

"I found him trying to replace a tyre just outside the apartment." Said Rebecca, handing me a towel.

"A towel's not enough, here let me help you out of those wet things, or you'll catch your death." Said Britney, as she started to unbutton my shirt.

Pretty soon I was down to just my underwear, with a large towel covering me, then Rebecca brought me a hot cup of coffee.

I drank my coffee, then checked outside the window, only to find it was still raining, I sat down asking Rebecca if I could use her phone. Once she told me I could, I phoned Judy to let her know what had happened, and where I was. Judy insisted that she came and picked me up, and that she would phone, the garage, to see to the car.

After about twenty minutes there was a knock on the door, it was Judy, she came in, greeting everyone with the usual enthusiasm. Then spotted me sitting in a chair wrapped only in a large towel.

"Why do these things, only happen to you?" She said, laughing.

We all had a laugh at my expense, then Rebecca broke out the drinks, Kim and Dean were holding down the fort, so there was no rush there. We started talking about what had happened with Collin, and were told it didn't work out, but that they saw him now and again. After a couple more drinks, we were joking and laughing, and generally messing about, when suddenly Judy snatched my towel away.

"Look at this ladies." She said, pointing at the bulge in my briefs.

Rebecca's mouth fell open, while Britney just stared.

"Is that for real?" Said Britney.

"Oh yes, you can touch it if you like." Said Judy, smiling at me.

I had known now for some time, that drink effected Judy in a very erotic way, for when ever we had guests over, I would suddenly get to fuck them during the course of the night. Rebecca was the first to come over; she reached down pulling my briefs away from my cock, in order to peek.

"My god, I wouldn't have believed it, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes." She said.

That comment made Britney want to have a look, and by now my cock had grown considerably.

"Judy, you are one lucky bitch." She said, making us all laugh.

Then Judy grabbed my cock, standing it up to full effect.

"Christ, I'm getting wet just looking at it." Commented Rebecca.

"Well, don't just look at it, do something with it." Said Judy, unsurprisingly.

Rebecca then took it from Judy's hand, and started to run hers over the length, my cock pulsated, as she concentrated more and more on the ridge. Britney then came over too, and knelt down beside Rebecca, taking hold of the base, I now had two hands rubbing my cock.

I looked over to Judy, who had her hand down her panties, clearly loving this show.

Then Rebecca put her mouth over the tip, and sucked gently, as both of them continued to rub my cock, needless to say, I was in heaven. I knew I was close to coming when Britney wanted to suck the end as well, in fact no sooner had Rebecca handed it over than I came.

My first load shot straight into the back of Britney's throat, which took her totally by surprise. She let some drop back onto my cock, as my second load emerged with just as much vigour, hitting Britney's cheek. Rebecca managed to get it into her mouth for the third, and proceeded to suck my cock dry.

Judy was really giving her pussy some attention, as this was all happening, which was more than enough to keep me hard. Then Britney stood up, and began to remove her clothing, revealing a very nice bust, and a shaved pussy.

She lay down in front of me, putting her finger into her womanhood, just to tease me, then with her other hand; she indicated where she would like my cock to go. Standing up, I looked down, turned on by the fact she was now pinching her nipple, between two fingers, and running her other hand over her pussy.

I got down, directing my cock to the pleasure zone, then felt it enter, her wetness making it easy.

" gorgeous man you." She said, as my cock slid into her love canal.

I then began to give her what she wanted, my thrusts getting faster as she began to moan out loud. Rebecca crossed over in front of us, heading for Judy, then getting down between her legs, started to give her an oral session. I could hear Judy's cries of joy, as I plunged my cock into Britney's womb.

Britney's first orgasm made her place both hands on my chest, in an attempt to hold me back, unsure whether or not she could take the sensations; her body was giving her. I too was close, but wanted to make sure her orgasm had come and gone, before filling her with my seed.

By the time I did cum, she had orgasmed twice more, her face aglow with pleasure, as my sperm escaped the confines of its prison. I too had enjoyed that particular session and even wanted more, as I took my still hardened cock out. I looked up to see Judy in the midst of an orgasm, with Rebecca servicing her pussy with great professionalism.

Standing up I got between Rebecca's legs, then pulling her panties down; I guided my cock to the entrance. She helped a little by opening her legs wider, and the entire time continuing to lick Judy's clitoris.

My cock was now as hard as it could get, and passed Rebecca's pussy lips with ease, her moans as the first few inches drove forward, being another stimulus for Judy, who now fondled her own breasts.

I was aware that Britney, was now sitting next to Judy, and starting to finger herself in the process. The heat in that room was enough to drive me crazy, as I assaulted Rebecca's pussy with a vigour I didn't know possible. Her screams of pleasure echoing around the room, as her first orgasm approached. The sounds of all three of them in the midst of coming, was more than enough to take me over the edge.

I came with a force that surprised me, fairly exploding inside her womb, and continued to pump it out, until I was drained. Taking my cock out, and looking at all their faces, I smiled knowing how much they'd enjoyed this event.

Pretty soon we were all straightening our clothes, and found that it had stopped raining. Judy and I thanked them for their help, then left, with Rebecca's last words ringing in my ears.

"No, thank you!"

To Be Continued...


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