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Blind Date
by Black9900

I knew I was in for it when an ex-girlfriend of mine set me up on a blind date with one of her new friends. We talked a little on the phone, and "Elizabeth" and I decided to meet in a local park at ten P.M.

At ten, I was at the arranged area when along came my date. She was in a black overcoat and carried this tiny black bag, so I couldn't tell much about the way she looked, but she had large green eyes and gorgeous blonde hair put up in a bun on top of her head. She also wore a pair of tiny, wire-rim glasses that seemed to frame her eyes in this extremely charming manner. She walked up to me, looked me over appraisingly, and said "You'll do, Follow me."

I followed her to a public restroom, where she locked the door behind us and turned around, smiling predatorially. She removed her overcoat to show that she was wearing a black leather corset, black garter with fishnet hose, and thigh high leather boots with four inch heels. She was very slim, a dancer's body. Her breasts were small, yet perfectly formed. Her pussy was completely shaved, not a strand of public hair graced her small snatch.

She bent over to pick up the bag she dropped, showing her firm, perfectly rounded ass to me while she removed a length of rope, a collar, a pair of handcuffs, a lash-whip, and a long, black dildo from her bag. She set the items on the floor in a neat line and walked over to me.

She smiled and kissed me deeply, her long, velvety tongue snaking its way in and around my mouth and finally down my throat as she unbuttoned my shirt and pants. My cock began to harden, showing through my pants in its full glory. She felt my erection, and pulled away.

"I didn't tell you to get a hard-on," she said as she picked up the whip, bending over in front of me with her legs slightly parted, to show me the entire of her tight ass and hairless pussy. She told me to take my shirt off and turn around, and I did so. She then hit me with the lash three times on the back, while I winced in pain from the blows. My cock softened at the pain. She told me that I could only get a hard on when she told me to. After that she told me to remove my pants and underwear and sit down in a urinal, legs spread. I did so, mindful of her lash and the pain it could deliver. I felt the cold porcelain and metal of the urinal on my back and ass, sending chills down my body. She handcuffed me to the metal pipes of the urinal and tied my legs to the pipes on the bottom of the two closest urinals.

She then knelt down, with my half-erect penis before her face. She slowly kissed my bulbous head, then took it in her mouth while she moved her tongue down my shaft to play with the sensitive skin underneath. She played with my cock for a few seconds, then I began to get another hard-on. She bit down on my head, hard. I yelped in pain, and she said "I told you to not get another hard-on, didn't I?" She then grabbed my cock and balls and pushed them into the urinal as she flushed it. Cold water ran down my back and ass, and around my balls and cock, which immediately went soft.

She then told me to stick my ass out as far as I could, which I did, afraid of what she would do if I didn't. After that, she grabbed the long black dildo and rammed it up my ass as hard as she could. I felt the latex penis rip through my loins, painfully filling me with a full feeling in my stomach as it entered my asshole and beyond. I screamed in pain as I felt every inch of that dildo enter my virgin asshole. When it wouldn't go in any farther, she hit it a few times to fit the rest of it in. I yelped each time she hit it, as it jerkily made its way inside my loins, agonizing inch by agonizing inch. When it was in all the way to the base, she stood back up and looked down on me. I was perspiring heavily, from fear and pain.

"It looks like you could use a cooling-off," she said as she raised one leg and placed her foot on the lip of the urinal. I could then see her pussy, which was very wet, her hot juices dribbling down her legs and over her boots. I could only watch as she began to piss on me, the stream of liquid coming out of her pussy in a golden stream, and splashing on my midsection, covering me in her piss. She continued to empty her bladder on me for a full minute, drenching me in piss. When she finished, the golden stream slowing to a trickle that ran down one of her legs, she unlocked my handcuffs and I fell onto the floor painfully as the dildo somehow found its way deeper into me, the sweat and piss pouring off of me, forming a puddle of piss, toilet water, and sweat underneath me. She then placed one booted foot on my back, digging one long heel into my back while she allowed her pussy to drip on the back of my head. She dripped on me for a few minutes, her hot juices falling onto the back of my head and neck, then dripping down around the side of my head and neck and finally dribbling down, forming a puddle of musky fluid around my face. She then squatted down in front of me, her hot, wet pussy only inches from my face.

She told me to lick every drop off filth off of her, and to swallow every drop or else. I started with her dripping wet pussy, licking every drop of her sweet, musky juice from her perfect, shaven cunt. I began to get another hard-on but I managed to will it down in fear of what she would do if she caught me with another one. She moaned ever so softly at the gentle passage of my tongue around her clit and lips, indicating she was close to orgasm. After I finished with her pussy, I continued to lick her sweet juices off of her firm, soft thighs and the black leather of her boots, cautious to swallow every drop as I was told. When I finished, my mistress stood up and told me to get on my knees, which I did painfully, as the dildo inside me moved around with every slight movement I made. When I finally managed to make my way to my knees, being tied to the urinals as I was, she told me it was time to make her cum, or else. After she told me it was time to make her cum, she took the lash and gave me three more hard licks across the chest, and told me that if I didn't please her, I would pay.

She then walked slowly towards me, taking the time to allow me to take in the full of her body, her slim frame; her small, firm, perfect breasts, her firm thighs and long legs; and her perfect, tight, shaven pussy. When she got very close to me, she lifted one leg and placed it on my shoulder, and grabbed my head with her hands and shoved my face into her pussy.

I began to eat her, my tongue snaking around her clit and around, but not in, her inner lips and open vagina. I raised one arm and began to massage her tight, firm ass while I used the other hand to probe her asshole and pussy lips. She began to moan and move her hips back and forth as I continued to lick her clitoris and lips, and slowly penetrate her vagina with two fingers while I continued to massage and squeeze her ass with the other hand. She continued to grasp my head with both hands, her long fingernails digging into her scalp as I continued to bring her to orgasm with my hands and tongue. Just as she began to orgasm, I bit her clitoris ever so slightly and shoved three of my fingers deep into her tight pussy. I continued to hold onto her clitoris with my teeth while she came, her hot juices exploding around my face, and running down my neck and chest, and down to my cock, which had become rock hard despite her orders. She thrashed back and forth, continuing to hold my head with a steel-like grip. She tore tufts of my hair out by the roots as her nails dug into my scalp, causing it to bleed slightly. She screamed into the night, begging me to stop because the sensations was too great, but I continued to nibble and tongue her clit and finger her lips and asshole through her orgasm, bringing her to even greater levels of passion.

When her orgasm subsided, she dropped to her knees in front of me, panting and sweating profusely. She kissed me furiously, shoving her tongue down my throat, tasting her own juices from my mouth. She continued to kiss me until she gathered her composure, then she stood, shakily, her face and cheeks red from her orgasm, sweat running down her chest and over her leather corset, and her hot, sweet pussy juices completely soaking her crotch, legs, and boots, making them shine with a lust-caused luster. Catching her breath, she commanded me to masturbate for her.

I began to stroke my hard, throbbing cock, with a fervor I hadn't had in a long time, subconsciously begging me to cum for this lovely dominatrx. As excited as I was from the pain and humiliation, and having my face buried in my mistress's pussy, it didn't take long for me to orgasm myself. My mistress then cupped her hand and covered the head of my cock, catching every drop of hot semen that shot out. When my orgasm subsided, and I shot all I was going to shoot, she raised her hand to her mouth and drank a little of my hot semen, just enough to taste it. She then lowered her hand to my mouth and told me to drink my own cum. I was a little repulsed by the thought of drinking my own cum, but after what I had been through, I figured what the Hell. I drank my own semen from her hand, tasting my own hot cum as it entered my mouth and slithered down my throat, feeling hot and slick as it went down. When I finished, I licked the rest off her hand and looked up at her. She looked down at me, smiled, gathered her things, and left me tied up; nude; covered in sweat, blood, piss, and cum; and with a large black dildo in me in that park public restroom, to be found the next morning by the first person to come in.


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