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Beach Encounter
by Molly Malloy

My boyfriend at this time was a jerk and I had gone to my grandparents in Florida to get away. It had been a few weeks since seeing him and though I was happy with the choice I was really horny.

I went to the most secluded part of the beach I could find, not hard in November. The locals thought it was cold at 65 degrees. I spread out my blanket and got my lotion on and laid back to unwind. After 20 minutes I wanted to roll over but I was having trouble putting the lotion on my back, then suddenly there he was a nice fortyish guy asking if he could help.

I said yes, and he sat down next to me to spread the lotion on my back. He said to lay on down and get comfortable so I did. He had great hands as they massaged my back opening the hook of my top so I wouldn't get a line his hands slide all around my back and just enough to the sides to almost touch my breasts, He worked his way down to the top of my suit bottom toying gently with it pushing it very slightly down to my crack, suddenly he moved saying he'd get my legs too. Starting at the bottom he moved ever so carefully upward moving my legs gently apart to get everywhere. He was straddling me and rubbing all the way to my ass I felt a presence as he said hi to someone. His buddy who wondered where he'd gone. He sat down in front of me and started to chatter on as my masseuse continued. Working up my legs pushing the suit into what would now be a thong exposing my ass to himself and his friend, but I was so hot I didn't care.

He played with my ass for the longest time pushing the swimsuit out of his way from all directions and using the lotion to slide a finger up my asshole. After a bit he said I'd better turn over again or I'd burn. I rolled over without retying my top letting it expose the 36C's that my old boyfriend loved to show off. The friend took that as an invitation (which it was) and offered to lotion them up while my first friend worked the bottom. I took my top off to let him. He rubbed and played as my lower half got the same treatment the top had. He slid my suit over exposing hair and very wet lips.

After about 20 minutes of this they asked if I'd like to go for a ride for a drink, sure I thought, but I was sooo ready I agreed. We got in a car with an old bench style seat with me in the middle topless and very quickly bottomless with a leg over each of them so they could play deep in my very wanting cunt. They fingered me in both my ass and cunt as we drove around on 95 giving truckers and any higher cars a real sight. At one point they said I was to lay over the seat back ass up and be spanked for letting them do this.

We drove around like this for hours. They each jerked off for me to watch and I never touched them, they only wanted to play with me they asked if they could take a picture of each of them with their faces licking me, poking in me, to show friends I said sure if my face wasn't in it so the got out a camera and took all kinds off pussy and ass shots.

They drove me back to my spot on the beach and said thanks and goodbye. I have never cum so much as that day, I never told them my name- never knew theirs or saw them again- that was 2 years ago and I still use that as my get off fantasy till I can get a new one.

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