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Beach Encounter
by Black9900

It was my first time at a nude beach, and I was anxious and a little excited to go there. It was late in the summer, and very hot. I figured there would be a lot of people there, all nude, their hot, sweaty bodies bared for everyone to see while they all sunbathed, swam, or played sports with other people.

I went, and found a rather secluded place to sunbathe for a while before I swam or did anything else. It was quiet, with only the relaxing noise of the ocean to break the silence. I had sunbathed for only a few minutes when another person came to my spot, a beautiful, red-haired beauty with large, perfectly rounded, pert breasts; a firm, tan, slender body; and long, gorgeous legs that seemed to go on forever. She was wearing a string bikini that revealed far more than it covered, and a towel wrapped around her tiny waist. She apparently did not see me, as she set her blanket and things down and shyly removed her top and towel. Her nipples were perfect, pointy and round, and she had a gorgeous, trimmed triangle of red pubic hair between her thighs. She sat down and began to rub suntan oil over her body.

I looked down, and noticed that my cock had become rock hard while I watched her, and pre-cum had dribbled down my head and shaft and made a mess of my own pubic hair. I continued to watch her apply the oil over herself, expertly running her hands all over her sexy body, leaving the slick oil to glisten in the hot sun. She began with her neck, and slowly worked her way down to her breasts and stomach. She seemed to linger for a moment at her breasts, rubbing the two gorgeously tanned pink-topped mounds with a great deal of oil; and again, her firm breasts bouncing back into place after each pass of her soft, smooth hands. She rubbed oil over her stomach, lingering for a moment to touch the emerald stud pierced into her navel. She then went to her arms, rubbing the oil over and around her arms, expertly rubbing her hands up and down over her arms, like they were a hard cock ready to explode cum all over her.

She then rubbed oil over her thighs and legs next, seeming to enjoy every stroke of her expert hands over her supple, firm thighs. When she finished, she looked around quickly, but did not see me a few feet away, mesmerised by her large, pert breasts, gorgeous pubic mound, and silky, tan thighs. I could not help but touch myself after seeing they way she applied the oil over herself; I imagined that it was me who was getting oiled as she ran her soft, expert hands over my body, and finally my throbbing, hard cock and balls as she skillfully manipulated me until I shot my hot wad all over her, and then watched as she licked every drop off of herself with great relish. She looked around quickly, then smiled as she lay down on her blanket. I noticed her hands work their way down to her red mound as she parted her lips slightly and smiled faintly. I imagined that this was her first time being nude in a public place, and she found herself so excited by it that she could not help but please herself, her gorgeous body shuddering in passion as anyone who wanted to looked on her.

She sighed quietly, then began to massage the beautiful, tight, and perfectly formed pussy between her firm thighs. I imagined that it was me between those thighs, hungrily drinking her hot, sweet juices as I snaked my tongue in and around her dripping hole while my hands massaged her ample breasts, bringing her to climax after climax. I began to massage myself up and down then, my balls aching to release my wad inside her.

She began to massage faster, allowing one passionate groan escape her mouth while one of her hands went to her mouth and she tasted herself while she continued to masturbate, in plain view of anyone that wished to watch. Hearing her groan drove me mad, as I imagined placing my cock between those same lips and letting her hungrily suck all of my juices out of me while I continued to eat her out, my hands and tongue probing her hot, wet cunt and ass. I quickened my own pace a little, to keep up with her own.

I saw myself bringing her to climax again and again with my tongue and fingers, then turning around and sliding my rock hard cock in her, teasing her at first by slipping my bulbous head in and out of her until she screamed for me to go in hard and deep. Then I would slowly penetrate her tight, dripping pussy, making her feel every inch as I slowly pushed in and pulled out, driving her into a frenzy with my slow, steady strokes.

Then the woman moaned louder, showing that her self-made orgasm was approaching. She continued to finger herself as she furiously massaged her own breasts with her free hand while she thrashed and moved her hips up and down on her beach towel. I noticed her towel was completely soaked through with her pussy juices and sweat, which drove me that much farther to my own orgasm. I imagined my cock penetrating her faster and faster while she thrashed beneath me, pleading for me to make her cum again. I saw myself kissing her, sticking my tongue into her mouth and allowing her to taste her own juices from in and around my mouth, then kissing and nibbling her slender, long neck all over while my hands rubbed and squeezed her perky, firm breasts as she came underneath me, her vagina contracting around my cock, her juices exploding around my cock and completely drenching my balls and her thighs, turning our lower halves into one large, wet, slippery morass of cum and sweat. She then came, screaming into the tranquil summer day as she drove her fingers into her as deep and hard as she could, and squeezed her left breast until it turned an even deeper shade of red from loss of circulation. I then came myself, my own cum shooting out and dribbling over my hand and front as I imagined my own throbbing manhood being inside her tight, contracting pussy while she came, bucking and screaming underneath me. When my orgasm subsided and I composed myself enough to look over at her, I noticed that a puddle of pussy juice and cum had accumulated on the towel where her hips had been. She was a gusher.

She then stood shakily, and looked around again. This time she noticed me, laying there on my own towel, softening cock in hand, pre-cum and cum dribbling down my shaft and all over my hand. She blushed, turning an even deeper shade of red than she had been in orgasm, and made an attempt to cover herself with her towel, which only got her slippery and wet from her own juices as they dripped down over her hips, thighs, and long, tan, sexy legs. She then tied her bikini top back on, although so quickly only one rosy pink nipple and tan, sweaty, firm breast got covered in her first attempt. After she covered herself, she hastily gathered her things and left the beach rather quickly, almost running away. People looked after her, looking at her soaken-through towel and half-on bikini top. Still, no-one noticed me as I slipped into the water to swim a bit and wash the cum away as I recovered from my beach encounter.


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