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Blind Faith
by Leigh Brant

Tyann woke up from what seemed like a very long, hard sleep. You know the kind where if feels like you slept for days. Not knowing what time it was or where she was, she began to panic. Then footsteps started coming down the hall very slowly. Slow enough to make her anticipation grow stronger and stronger. Tyann was straining her ears to hear every move the person made hoping this would give away some sort of clue as to who it was.

She could feel the blindfold on over her eyes keeping her in darkness, the restraints tied around both her wrists and her ankles keeping her from moving anywhere and her nakedness, suddenly realizing that she was not wearing any clothing. Struggling to get free Tyann could feel the restraints pulling tighter and tighter. Finally realizing she would get no where she gave up.

The foot steps moving down the hall still, getting closer and closer with every step now. She hears a hand rest on the doorknob and she can hear it slowly turning. Tyann felt a sense of anticipation and fear sweep over her body all at once causing a slight tremble to cross her body, making her nipples perk up.

Sensing there is someone in the room Tyann asks, "Who is there?" No answer so she asks again! Still when no one answers she lay quietly listening to the person breathe. As this person starts walking towards the bed Tyann begins to tug on her restraints trying to free herself only to find that the harder she tries the tighter they become.

She feels someone slide onto the bed, between her spread legs, and lightly kiss the lips of her pussy. Feeling a warm tingling feeling spread throughout her body, she moans softly, but you can still sense the fear - even in her moan. Tyann feels a tongue lightly dancing across her pussy lips, almost as if her pussy were an ice cream cone. A hand starts to lightly move up her stomach, which is moving up and down very heavily both with anticipation and fear. Tracing her belly button and moving up further, running a finger gently across her left nipple sending shocks roaring through Tyann's body. Her breath becoming very deep as she becomes more and more aroused and begins to forget how frightened she is!

A hand slides between Tyann's legs. Running up and down her pussy lips, a finger just lightly brushing the clit. Feeling a finger suddenly slam into her at the exact same time her left nipple is being pinched very hard. She cries out in pain ... but by the reaction her body gives off her captor can sense that she is enjoying herself. Kissing up Tyann's body and placing hot lips around her right nipple, her captor starts to suck very hard all the while sliding a finger in and out of her pussy, faster and faster gaining speed with every thrust. Tyann moans loudly feeling the finger slam in and out of her hot, wet pussy. Finger fucking her harder and harder as her captors’ lips move from nipple to nipple. Biting them lightly, teeth being dragged along them, sucking them all the way into a hot mouth. Tyann feeling herself getting closer and closer to climax starts to arch her back trying to slam her pussy as hard as she can down on the fingers that are probing her hot cunt.

Sensing that Tyann is about to reach climax, her captor slides off of her body and quickly left the room closing the door behind.

Tyann's pussy drips with her sweet juices and all she can do is lay there, feeling her whole body on fire, wishing the person would come back and fuck her hard. Lying in the dark, listening, she hears nothing. She closes her eyes and eventually drifts off to sleep, still dripping wet.

* * * * *

Her eyes fly open, all is still dark and she is breathing hard, her chest moving up and down at very fast speeds. She feels someone between her legs sucking on her clit, hard, biting it and sending shivers through her entire body. She feels a finger, maybe two, slamming hard into her pussy, stretching it, making her cry out hurting her so good! Tyann's back arches up as she lets out a cry of pure ecstasy. Her juices flowing over her captors tongue. Breathing hard, her body quivering, she feels the restraints on her legs start to get pulled up lifting her ass off of the bed, at least a good foot. She feels hands on her ass smearing her own sweet cum all over her asshole. Finally feeling his hard, throbbing cock against her tight, hot asshole, he slowly slides the head of it in. Tyann draws a sharp breath and bites her bottom lip to keep the scream sealed within the depths of her. Sliding his cock in further now, inch by inch, stretching her tight asshole. Tyann moans loudly feeling his cock begin to slam fuck her ass. Her body swinging back and forth hitting his cock as it rams into her. Her captor starts to finger fuck her pussy, his thumb moving over her clit fucking both of her holes like mad. Her breathes becoming shorter and faster, feeling her cum start to run down the crack of her ass coating his cock as it slides in and out. Tyann lets out a scream of complete and total pleasure, feeling her body spasm uncontrollably and then darkness - passing out

* * * * *

Being awakened by a soft, tender kiss on the lips, Tyann opens her eyes to see her loving husband lying next to her. A devilish grin spreads across his face and as she begins to say something he smacks her ass, smiles, and kisses her again.


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