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Bondage Fantasy
by Indy Dark

She does / He does. It was nice to be away from the kids. Dinner was wonderful and they danced again like it was the first time. He had made the arrangements which was nice for a change and she was enjoying the ride up the highway to a secluded motel. Nice but nothing fancy.

She thought it odd that he had already checked in but really thought nothing of it. She had other things on her mind. Soon they were entwined and naked and she was loving every minute of it. He was worshipping her and she was soaking it in. Then, he stopped... looked deep into her eyes and said he had a surprise for her. Reaching under the bed he pulled out a silk scarf and gently blindfolded her. She could feel him binding her wrists and pulling them towards the corners of the bed. It was nothing he hadn't done before. Hmmm the last time he did this there was warm oil and the scent of roses. It was fun and she anticipated something similar.

Then she heard him on the telephone? "We're ready."


Do you trust me? He said. "Yes, you know I do." She replied. No, I mean do you REALLY trust me? She was now more curious than anything, yet she stumbled with the words. Ye Yes she finally stammered out. "What are you going to do"?? She was more than curious now. It's a surprise! He replied, trust me! you will enjoy it. She felt him get off the bed. Then a knock at the door that sent a shiver up her spine. INDY! She attempted to sit straight up in bed but was restrained. She desperately tried to see from under the scarf but to no avail.

Cheryl, this is Maria. Maria this is Cheryl. INDY No! She tried to make it sound forceful but it didn't somehow come out that way. She was relieved deep down that it was a woman and not another man but pushed those feelings aside; afraid to find comfort in that thought.

Long fingernails traced the inside of her thigh, quickening her pulse. Indy Please! His voice then came from the other side of the room by the chair..."I think she likes it". She was getting a whiff of perfume now..hmmm nice, not dimestore stuff but different. She felt the fingernails trace the centerline of her body to in between her breasts and then on her nipples. Then a toss of hair across her face and a tongue on the lobe of her ear. Noooah! She tried to pull away but in doing so only exposed her neck more. The sucking on her neck and the smell of the shampooed hair across her face was almost more than she could stand. "I think she likes it!" came the voice from across the room. The kisses were now exploring her and after what seemed like a very long time, ended up at her lips. The kiss was soft yet deep, she could feel the gloss of the lips, she enjoyed it briefly then succommed to the apprehension of the moment and pulled away Noooah, Please No! "I think she likes it" came his voice. FUCK YOU she cried and strained forward against the restraints. The kisses moved lower and began taking her nipples in. The long fingernails began to play with her pubic hair just above where she really wanted them to be. Her breath was getting shallow and quick. She felt the pressure as the weight was shifted from beside her to between her legs. She could feel nylon legs against her bare ones. She gasped when the kisses started moving lower.

Indyyyyy..... "I think she likes it". Indyyy I don't know if I can do this PLEASE! Ohhhhh shit! The fingernails were digging into her thighs as the tongue found her wet flesh. Ohhh god Indyyy...The pressure was right on the money and then suddenly pulled away. INDY! Please no more! But as she was speaking the words her hips were rotating upward searching for the pleasure. She could not deny that it was what she wanted. Indy from the chair yet again.."I think she likes it". Yes, YES OK you asshole? I like it... I fucking like it. The words were not all the way out before the pleasure was back. She rotated her hips to afford maximum exposure and spread wide as the restraints would allow. The feel of the fingernails in her thighs were erotic and every time the position changed and this fall of hair came up her chest tickling her nipples she drifted higher to orgasm. "I think she likes it"...yes was her reply... soft and barely audible she just wanted him to shut up at this moment. She did not wish to be distracted.

She was nearing orgasm when she felt and heard the hummm of a vibrator dancing around her asshole. For a moment she feared it would be inserted but it wasn't. Her clitoris was on fire and felt huge as it was being serviced and the vibrator found it's mark somewhere between her soaking wetness and the forbidden territory of her asshole. She came in waves and felt the vibrator filling her. It took her breath away until it finally became too much and her body language signaled a reprieve. She was soaking in the moment, when she felt the fingernails caressing with hot oil. It warmed her though she was not anywhere close to chilled. She heard the door open and close and was disappointed that she did not see her lover. She felt one wrist restraint being undone.

Keeping up the charade of proper responses she proceeded to cuss Indy for the experience. As she removed the silk from her eyes she surveyed the room and was surprised to see:

A long-haired wig...with a cotton ball tied to it? Perfume on it! THE perfume...A pair of panty hose, lip gloss, and guitar picks like a banjo player would wear. Indy? ..Inndy! Her mind was trying to piece it all together when his voice came from the small tape recorder and speaker on the chair..."I think she likes it".

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