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Big Foot
by Dr. Bull

Yowl was lonely, he felt he was the last of his kind, the others had gone as their ancient customs had provided. As if by instinct they knew when it was the end of their time, and they went to be with their ancestors deep in the caves beyond the living levels. His father crippled in a fall, went below when he was small, the Old One, his mothers father, had taught him their ways. How not to be seen, where to find food, storing for cold times, along with his mother, they were all he knew.

The Old One told of times when there were many, until the "Naked Ones" came. The stories tell not where they came from only that they came, the Old One told how they were to be avoided. The Naked ones fought with their own kind, killed the animals, and chased the "people". The People lived with the land, eating what it provided, not needing the hides to cover their bodies. They as the four footers were equipped with natural covering; their large feet hardened with generations of walking yet had kept a sensitivity that allowed silent walking. Their sight and hearing acute to their surroundings and was far better than the Naked Ones. Contact was avoided at all times; it was better to live in peace.

But now Yowl was alone, the Old One went below five colds before, his mother during the last cold, since the Old One had left he had looked for more of the "People" his searches taking him many days from their cave home, to find a mate. At first he avoided anything with the smell of the "Naked Ones" on it, but found this limited his searches. Their trails were hard and black, hollow rocks with naked ones in them rolled down the trail and he was afraid. The rocks make loud noises and smelled bad, at night the rocks were silent and the naked ones in their funny colored skins would go into them and sleep. Yowl would sneak closer at night to watch them. Often some of the naked ones would wander into his world, deep into the forest walking as he did, wearing their funny hides and sleeping under other hides, he watched these closely to see if the stories were true. The males seemed hostile often wanting to control or change the forest, where the females were gentler like him; they seemed to enjoy just being there. Yowl learned their schedule, for four suns there were few of them around then on the darkening of the fifth sun they would come spend two suns here in the big spaces with no trees, then leave.

It was one of the quiet times when they were gone when Yowl felt very lonely, and today he sat, just listening.

Sara and Jessie had been best friends since the third grade, Girl Scouts, band, and everything else they had done together. Shared boy friends, broken hearts, and dreams. When they graduated high school they ended up across the country in different colleges, their summers filled with jobs, and internships, and new careers after graduation. Both had been luck securing jobs in the same community, Jessie a computer programmer, and Sara a CPA. They started planning their first vacation together since they were kids. Both wanted out of their offices and back to nature like they had as kids.

It was a beautiful Tuesday in May; temp at about 85 and sunny it felt good to be alive! They drove up the old logging road in a Jeep they borrowed from Sara's father, following instructions to a "great little stream" the old fisherman at the Big Foot Bait & Tackle shop had told them about. It was out of the way, but they wanted to rekindle their friendship with out outside influences. They had shamelessly flirted with the old man getting him to tell them about his secrete fishing hole and the warm springs near by. Stories about the Sasquach were fairy tales told by drunken tourists and old coots. But the old fisherman wove his yarns and they loved it. Jesse in her old bibs and white tee shirt with no bra, and Sara in a tube top and shorts made the old guy remember his glory days and wish he could join them for a night. But daydreams are for old fools and he smiled as the girls left the store. He followed watching their cute asses as they carried their supplies to the back of the rag topped Jeep. He sat at the log bench just out side the door as the girls disappeared around the back of the Jeep, "what do you say Jessie, want to give the old guy a real tip" Sara asked?

"What have you got in mind?" Jessie sheepishly smiled back. Her friend always made things interesting, and Jessie had a feeling things were about to get interesting.

The old man had just lit his pipe and leaned back half closing his eyes daydreaming of being forty years younger and how they didn't make girls like that in his day. When both girls stepped around the Jeep topless. Sara's wearing just her shorts and hiking boots and Jessie had the straps unhooked on her bibs, they were barely hanging onto her hips, their shirts nowhere in sight. "Bye Pops!" the girls giggled, and drove off in the Jeep. As the old man picked his pipe up off the ground where it had fallen, he went back inside with the first real hard on he could remember in years.

As the girls rolled out on the highway laughing Jessie reached for the shirts they had tossed to the front from the back door. Sara suggested "what do you say we leave em off? The breeze feels good, and it kinda turns me on." Jessie laughed an "OK" at her and after five miles, and two smiling truckers, they turned off the highway on the dirt road "Pops" had told them about. Sara had reddish brown hair that hung nearly to her waist, an avid mountain bike rider she was in excellent shape, and Jessie watched Sara as she drove them up the rocky road. With each bounce Sara's firm 36DD breasts would bounce, her dark nipples hardened by the breeze, and it excited her.

In college Jessie's only experience with another woman was a botched attempted by her former boy friend to have two girls at once, she hardly knew the other girl and left before things had really started. It felt strange to even think this way about her friend.

As for Sara the flash for the old man really got her started, she noticed her friend's watching her tits, she was proud of their ample size and the fact that Jessie was looking at them made her pussy wet with anticipation. Jessie had told her of the bad experience but Sara had had many good times with other women and hoped she could seduce Jessie.

Fifteen miles up a road seldom traveled they found the old logging camp that "Pops" told them about, "the only standing out house for miles" it was a comfort the girls had not expected but appreciated.

The girls set up camp near the privy and decided to go exploring the old clear cut was had grown back creating a wonderful bounty of wild flowers and grass. The animals seemed to hardly notice the two topless beauties that had joined them. They ate a simple lunch and wandered towards the stream with their fishing poles.

Up the mountain Yowl heard the Jeep as it entered his domain, companionship even from a distance was better than the emptiness he felt. It took only minutes for him to reach the edge of camp his nose telling him two females were here, he skirted the camp towards the creek. From a bushy rise he watched the females play in the stream, they seemed to be catching the wiggling ones that live there. They had the top half of their "hides" removed their breasts bouncing as they splashed in the stream, as they splashed each other more of their hides were taken off soon they were splashing each others hairless bodies. Although they were different from his people they were very much the same. To see these two strange females playing stirred Yowl his large penis grew, built like a horse Yowl's penis retracted into a protective sheath the extended when needed. And something told Yowl's body he was going to need it.

The girls had good luck fishing, catching enough for dinner rather rapidly. Sara made an off-handed remark about the coveralls Jessie was wearing, and Jessie's answer was to kick cold water towards Sara splashing her shorts and onto her breast's, the water fight was on. In ten minutes both girls were soaked and laughing hard, the only winner was their unknown watcher. They pealed what remained of their clothing off and hung them in the bushes to dry together the fell on the small sand beach giggling. Jessie's black pussy hair glistened and her nipples were hard from the cold water. Sara was hot the days adventures made her ready she leaned over and gently kissed Jessie full on the lips, at first Jessie hesitated then kissed her back full and hard

Their hot bodies messed together caressing each others breasts, Sara's tongue darted in and out of Jesse's mouth her hand lowered it's self to her love box where she went to work on Jessies's clit. Her juices flowed across Sara's fingers her back arched for more as Sara slipped first one then two fingers deep inside Jessie.

Yowl watched from his ledge for a few minutes the smell of the women was becoming stronger, stirring senses that he didn't know he had. Slowly he worked his way towards the small beach and was with in a couple yards as the two girls started into a sixty-nine position the scent from their pussy's were driving him wild. His eighteen inch cock was rock hard and had taken control of his mind, no longer was he a cautious creature of nature. Unbridled lust had over whelmed his nature he was a creature of the wild, and the prey he needed was before him. His hunting instincts knew he must make no sudden moves that would frighten his prey, he quietly slid out from behind the bush he had hidden behind and stood ten feet from the girls, they were still so absorbed in each other they did not notice him.

Jessie had her face buried deep in Sara's pussy, her body was tingling as she felt Sara going deeper with her tongue, obviously her friend had done this before, and Jessie was in pure ecstasy. She had already cum three times and felt her friend swelling and the two of them were cumming together this time. The pair collapsed together, as she rolled off her friend Jessie heard a moan, she glanced over her head and into the deepest bluest kindest eyes she had ever seen. Sara screamed and ran toward the stream, but Jessie kept looking at those eyes, such gentile kind eyes with pain in the background. She looked at Yowl, his large shoulders drooped, his hands at his side he seemed to not be a threat, but the biggest penis she had ever seen was swollen and pointed in her direction. Slowly ever so slowly Jessie reached for the massive unit never taking her eyes from his. As she touched the head Yowl moaned, "It's OK" Jessie quietly said to him.

"Jessie" Sara whispered under her breath, "what are you doing?"

"It's OK, he won't hurt us" Jessie said still looking into those beautiful eyes, she had both hands on his massive shaft, stroking up and down, tracing her fingers slowly around the head then down the length to the base. She slid closer to him wrapping her breasts around it, and started moving them up and down the shaft as her lips reached the head she took what she could deep into her mouth. Sara watched her friend as she went down on the huge animal, at first she was scared... repulsed by it, but as she watched her friend she realized it wasn't a threat, at least for now. Sara moved beside her friend reaching down and grasping the monsters testicles, they were huge each the size of a coffee cup her actions seemed to further the beasts pleasure. His hair was incredibly soft and the feel of it against the girl's nude bodies felt wonderful, much like sex on a bearskin rug.

Yowl reached slowly with his massive paws, caressing both girls softly as they used their mouths and hands on his swollen member. He felt his muscles tighten, the spasms started low and he felt himself cumming, it came in waves and what seemed like bucketful's. The girls tried to catch what they could but the massive amounts over filled them and spilled out covering their bodies, like a warm bath it kept coming and the girls smeared it over each others bodies. As he finished Yowl sat down, the girls rolled onto the sand beside him unable to believe what had happen.

The girls moved towards the stream to clean themselves off, as they washed each other they watched as Yowl watched them. "He seems intelligent" Sara said, "but where did he come from?"

"Big foot stories always sounded like some rag mag put on or horror story" agreed Jessie, "but this is beyond any story I ever read."

"Do you suppose it would fuck us? And will that huge thing fit?" asked Sara.

"I don't know" Jessie replied "but I'm going to find out." She smiled at her friend and headed back towards Yowl as she approached she heard deep breathing as if he were asleep. She started rubbing the soft fur on his belly working her hand toward his monstrous cock lying half-hard from deep inside him she heard a rumble a purr as if from a really big kitten. Her hand reached the shaft as she saw Sara on the other side of him, his cock responded to her touch and she knew if it was going to fit she would have to get it in her before it reached full size. She slid her legs over his stomach and put her pussy ate the tip of his huge cock. Sara guided the cock into her friend.

Yowl eyes came open just as the dark haired naked one was getting on top of him; he felt her warm pussy slid slowly, tightly down his manhood. The warm moist feeling engulfed his senses, never had he felt this he felt himself swelling within the dark haired one. The red one was rubbing his fur and across his chest the smell from her lower region was enticing he gently raised her from beside him and sat her on his face. His broad tongue lapped upward into the patch of red fur at her center.

Jessie was amazed at first that the huge member fit in her tight clit, and as it grew her pleasure grew with it she started cumming after the fourth or fifth slow stroke down his long member. Never had anyone made her react this way before, she watched as the beast picked up Sara and placed her on his face. The girls took hold of each other and kissed deeply, both in their own state of ecstasy.

Sara had been a bit frightened when he first took hold of her but was thrilled by the large flat tongue that was entering her womanhood, bigger and deeper than any tongue that had gone before. She kissed her friend and fondled her breasts, the gentle touch of the beasts huge rough fingers worked over her breasts, her nipples hardened with pleasure. In waves she came over and again her juices flowing over the face of her strange lover.

Yowl could feel the pressure building, as he started cumming the pressure, within Jesse's pussy pushed her off his huge cock, and she slid down holding it between herself and Sara. His cum splashed over them coating their tits with sticky goo, Jessie handled it like a hose shooting it on to her self then onto Sara's breasts and face. The three collapsed together in a heap on the beach, the warm sand stuck to their bodies and they napped.

Yowl slept for a time then his sensitive hearing heard the motor of another of the naked ones moving rocks, he moved from where the two girls lay and slipped back into the woods. A mile up stream he paused and cleaned himself in a pool, the taste and smell on his fur was enjoyable, but blocked his natural senses.

The girls woke a while later exhausted but well satisfied; they talked as the cleaned themselves in the stream about their strange lover, what was he? Where did he come from? Would they see him again? Jessie moved slowly after her experience but nothing was damaged from his thrusts but she was a bit sore. They gathered their clothing and the fish, they returned to camp for dinner and bed it had been a long yet wondrous day. What would tomorrow bring?


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