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Bubblebath Heaven
by Achilles

I laid there beside you and watched you sleep: a gentle smile came across my face just entranced by your beauty. All of those months of talking and learning about one another, the yearning was so powerful that I thought I would die unless I could see you. Now here you are laying beside me, your soft gentle breathing making me sigh and wish I never had to let you go. You looked so exhausted, which you should be after our twelfth session of love making since this morning.

Well it was in the evening, we had quite an incredible day. I knew it was not over yet. I gently brushed your hair away from your cheek and laid a soft kiss on your lips, and whispered that I loved you. I could see you smile even in your sleep. I quietly moved my naked body from yours, letting you rest on the mattress I had laid out on the living room floor. You had been asleep for over two hours so I had to hurry for what I had planned for the rest of the night. I quickly moved throughout the house setting up my plan. Luckily I had time to move everything to the bedroom so I would not rouse you as I started.

An hour later you awoke with start feeling the mattress for me, until you felt the piece of paper next to you. It was a note that I had left you next to a rose on my pillow. I was in the bedroom so I could not see your reaction, I just heard you rise to your feet and walk your way into the bedroom. When you entered the bedroom I could hear you gasp, I snuck into the bathroom where you could not see me. The room was filled with scented candles bringing a soft gentle glow to the room. I could just feel your smile through the door. I heard the door knob open and you walked in to the bathroom. I had also filled the bathroom with candles, there was soft music playing in the background. The tub was filled with bubble bath and rose petals, a bottle of wine was chilling next to it and a small tray filled with strawberries and wine was sitting on the edge of the tub. Watching your eyes gleam as you looked at the sights around just made me feel so warm inside. I looked at you and said, "Care to join me my dear?"

With a long sigh and a soft whisper you replied, "Yes."

I was laying in the tub my feet were almost touching the faucet. You put your feet into the tub slowly letting your body get used to the heat. After you felt comfortable, you laid down letting your body slide down mine until your bottom was cupping my hardness. A soft giggle came from you as you said, "Problem honey?"

"Not with you here," I replied. "As for that we shall deal with it later." I could feel your back press against my chest, as you laid down against me.

"Purrrrrr," is all you could say as I wrapped my arms around you hugging you tightly to me.

I reached over and poured us two glasses of wine, as I brought them to us I small bit dribbled on to your shoulder. Reaching down I gently sucked it off of your body. I could feel your body melt next to mine. I moved the tray of strawberries and cream in front of us and reached over you to grab one and dip it into the whip and brought it to your lips. You seductively opened your mouth and licked the cream from the fruit. Your action caused me to stir, I knew you felt it and you wiggled your behind against me squeezing your cheeks together trapping me between them. Moving the strawberry back to your mouth you took a bite letting your tongue touch my fingertips.

"Mmmmm," you said, "that was delicious."

Smiling, I replied, "So are you," as I tossed the fruit aside and pulled your hair back, laying tender kisses upon your neck.

"Micheal," you said, "this feels like a dream."

"No dream could be this wonderful," I said as I touched your chin and turned you towards me and let my mouth find yours for a passionate kiss.

After a couple glasses of wine and a partial bowl of strawberries I could feel your body relax and lay against me. I moved the tray and took our glasses away.

"I feel so wonderful right now Mike, you make me that way."

"I do whatever I can to make you happy Tammy, you are everything to me." I moved my hands from around your waist just beneath your breasts up to your arms. I let our fingers intertwine, both of us squeezing at the same time. I released my grip and let my fingers lightly touch your skin as I traced them up your arms, I could feel goose bumps as my path continued. Once my hands were up as far as I could go I placed my whole hands on your arms and took the same trail back down to your fingers letting them intertwine again.

Moving my head, I placed my mouth once again on the small of your neck letting my tongue make slow circles as my head moved down to your shoulders. I could feel your fingers tighten around mine then release. As they did I moved my hands up your body again, this time I stopped at your breast. Cupping each one in my palms and gently started kneading them as my tongue moved all throughout your back and neck. As my hands began squeezing and caressing your breasts my fingers took your nipples and began to tweak and pull on them causing instant hardness. Your lower body began to rock against mine letting my penis caress between your cheeks stimulating your butt hole. Your hands grabbed mine and moved my hand between your legs as you pressed you body forward awaiting my touch.

I let my fingers move slowly up and down the length of your slit touching it just enough to make you shiver.

"Mike, make me cum," you panted. I let my touch get a little harder and took your clit between two fingers and let the tips move down your lips, letting each finger keep in contact. I could feel you moisten immediately, even in the water. I let go of your clit and placed my whole hand on your sweetness, I just slowly moved my hand up and down you never losing contact with your love button. As my motions increased I let two fingers slide inside you, still never letting your clitoris go. After numerous strokes your body began to thrust forward wanting more of my fingers. I knew you were close, so I stopped and pulled my hand away.

With almost a scream you asked, "What are you doing, I was just about to cum honey."

I placed my hand on your hips and moved your body higher on to me. Letting my hardness come into contact with your velvety flesh. Neither of us tried to guide me into you, our bodies just knew as you lowered yourself to me.

The first feeling of my flesh against yours made me gasp for air, I loved how your body just seemed to melt with mine, nothing seemed more natural. After you had impaled me completely, I lifted my knees a bit and placed your legs upon mine. I placed one hand on your button once again, with the other, I moved to your breast, while I slowly thrust upwards into you. Moving both hands simultaneously while my hips pushed into you. I could feel the water push into you along with myself then pull back out as I withdrew. Water began to splash out of the tub as our urgencies increased, your back was pressing against my chest then releasing as we matched our thrusts.

"I am going to cummmmm," you screamed as you pushed down hard against me, I moved my hands to your waist pushing you down hard on me as I thrust upwards forcefully. I felt your body erupt in orgasm as I let my seed fill your insides. We laid there tense and excited until the wave had finished. Our bodies relaxed and we both easily sank back into the tub. I wrapped my arms around you, again hugging you tightly.

"Can I keep you forever?" is all I could say as I squeezed you again.


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