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British Invasion
by Rebecca

It all started when mom announced she was going off to England to visit her sister and her family whom she hadn't seen in over ten years. Dad was swamped at his job and wouldn't be able to take anytime off and even though it was June and I was home from my Freshman year at the University, I didn't want to go. I wanted to stay home and fuck my girlfriend and with mom gone for a month and dad busy at work, I would get plenty of fucking time.

My plan was holding up and the first week mom was away Deb and I fucked and sucked in every room of the house. She even slept over a couple of nights without dad knowing. Then I got the phone call that would kick off a chain of events that changed everyone's life. It was mom from England and she had a "great" idea she needed to tell me. I listened as she told me that Annie, my 19 year-old cousin was coming to stay with dad and I while she was away. She told me since I didn't plan on working this summer, I would earn my keep as a tour guided and take care of my cousin. I was not happy at all because it would cut into my fucking time, but I soon realized mom wasn't asking me to do this. She gave me Annie's flight info and told me to pick her up at the airport on Tuesday. Fuckin fantastic!

I'd only met Annie once, when our families met at Disney World ten years ago. I was 9 and she was 8 and we got along well for the week we were there. I remember how odd Annie looked, she told me then that they called her raggedy Ann because of her bright orange hair and freckles and I couldn't help laughing when she told me this. She was taller then me back then. I tried to convince myself that things would be okay. We had a nice pool in the backyard and I figured while Annie was sunning herself Deb and I could get in some fuck sessions. I should tell you that my Deb was a 5'4" blonde, petite with cupcake sized titties and the worlds most perfect ass. She looked like a model, she was that pretty. She also has a shaved pussy that I can never get enough of. That's why I was so obsessed with getting fuck time with my little honey.

Deb slept over that Monday night and was going to go to the airport with me on Tuesday to pick up Annie. Deb and I had a great night and fucked until 2 am before finally falling asleep. She asked me if she had to be nervous about me and my cousin since she was 19 and would be living here. I laughed and told her the last time I saw my cousin she looked like Howdie Doody in a dress. Deb told me not to be so sure, "ten years can really change a little kid" was the last thing she said before we fell asleep.

I opened my eyes and it was morning. I jumped when I saw my dad standing by my open bedroom door. He was staring at the bed. I looked next to me and saw Deb had kicked off the covers and her naked upturned butt was what my dad was staring at. I thought I saw him adjust his crotch before motioning me outside. He walked out and I found a pair of shorts and joined him in the kitchen. "Your mother would kill you if she knew Deb was sleeping here" he said and poured me a cup of coffee. "It was just last night, she's coming to the airport with me" the look I got told me dad knew I was full of shit and knew last night wasn't the first night Deb stayed over. "Take the Range Rover, I want to make sure you get there" dad flipped me the keys. He wasn't too sure how reliable my old Camaro was so he took it the 20 minutes to work and I got to take the Range Rover to Kennedy Airport, an hours drive.

Dad left and I woke Deb up by licking her upturned ass. She smiled and didn't move, enjoying my tongue. I licked her ass hole and her shaved slit for another minute or two before I slapped her ass and told her we better get in the shower because we had to pick Annie up at 10 am and was already 8:15. Needless to say, once in the shower Deb dropped to her knees, took my 7" cock into her mouth and after I was rock hard told me I better finish what I started. I fucked her doggie style standing in the shower. Fortunately we were both really worked up and I was able to last long enough to make her cum before I shot my cum all over her perfect ass.

"How are we suppose to recognize her?" Deb asked as we waited for the International arrivals. I told her to look for someone with bright orange hair and we both laughed. Sure enough though, when her flight arrived and the 250 or so people arriving from London started to make it past the gates, we both saw the red hair over the crowd. I walked over to her as she was searching the crowd for me. When I was close enough I saw a rather chubby, plain red headed girl. I don't know why but I sensed a moment of disappointment. "Annie?" I smiled, and the girl looked at me funny. "Robbie?" I turned and was face to face with a beautiful, red haired woman. "I think you're harassing the wrong Brit," she said and gave me a big hug. I immediately felt the swell of her breasts through the long baggy blouse she was wearing. I was speechless. "What's wrong with you, cousin?" and I just smiled a stupid smile and told her she sure had changed.

Deb was over in a minute and I could see her smile was one mixed with jealousy and a bit of concern that this knock out redhead would be living with me for three weeks. Annie hugged Deb and we headed for the luggage. I felt this odd, guilty feeling of arousal at seeing my cousin.

Annie was an inch or two taller then Deb. Her bright orange hair had turned a chestnut or auburn color, much easier on the eyes. Her eyes were greener then I remembered and her tight jeans revealed a well developed ass. She was wearing an oversized shirt and I couldn't tell how big her chest was. Then I told myself it was my cousin, but it still didn't stop my cock from stirring a little.

Deb and Annie hit it off immediately and talked the entire car ride home. Annie filled us in on the guy she was suppose to Mary but she had called off the wedding 5 months ago. She'd be 20 in a month and felt that was too young, besides she said, there were things she was just now discovering about herself and she wasn't ready to give it up yet. I hoped what she discovered was how much she wanted to fuck her cousin. Everything about Annie was turning me on.

We had decided that our first order of business would be to swim when we got home. Annie said her pale complexion could use a bit of American summer sun. Deb told me to stop by her house so she could pick up her bathing suit. By noon we were at my house and after I showed Annie her room, she and Deb changed together. I was a bit pissed because of course I wanted a glimpse of Deb naked before the pool. My disappointment at not seeing Deb naked was replaced by seeing the two of them in bikinis.

I had seen Deb's before, the tiny bright orange bikini, the bottom a narrow patch of material in the front and back. The top was just two strips of material that barely covered her light brown areolas and shear enough to show her lovely nipples when they got hard. Annie was wearing a yellow thong that showed off her amazing ass. The top was a bit bigger, but it had to be. I was no expert but my guess was D-cups compared to Deb's pretty B-cups. Man, my cock started doing flip flops in my trunks. "Is it okay if I wear this suit?" she asked me. "I know you Americas can be uptight about nudity" she finished, and spun slightly to show me her suit. "No objections here" I said and Deb gave me a playful smack on the arm. "Except that me and your cousin are going to be disturbed by that lump all day" I couldn't believe two things. One, how hard my cock had become in a matter of two minutes, and two, that my girlfriend was pointing it out to my knockout cousin.

"Why are we wearing these silly suits anyway?" Annie asked and she looked at the both of us. I would've been naked in 3 seconds if my girlfriend wasn't right there. Annie kept looking at us with a "well?" kind of look. My cousin was in America less then three hours and she was turning my world topsy-turvey.

Then to my amazement, Deb did something that would change the three of our lives... she undid her top and let out her titties, her nipples were so hard already. I noticed my cousin admired them as much as I did. Annie took off her top and there they were.. two of the most perfect tits I ever saw. They were big and had very little sag to them. The nipples were dark pink and very hard. The areolas were also huge and a lighter pink and had raised bumps all over them. My cock was now throbbing, pounding in my trunks. "Now you show us something" Annie said. I stood up from the lounge chair and turned my back to them. My cock looked bigger then its normal 7", man was I hotter then hell.

Deb's eyes widened when I turned around, she had seen my cock a thousand times but as I said, today it was bigger. My cousin smiled a big smile. She stood up and so did Deb. I watched as Annie kneeled in front of my girlfriend and peeled Debs bottoms down and off. Annie gave Deb a kiss just below her belly button before she stood up. I began to wonder what went on when they put on their suits earlier. Annie stood and turned around. Deb whispered in my ear "She has the most beautiful little pussy" I swear I almost came right then.

I watched my girlfriend remove my cousins thong bikini bottoms. Annie ass was almost nice enough to give Deb's a run for the money. Deb touched her ass, then kissed it before she stood back up. Annie turned around and I saw her orange bush for the first time. I also could see her pussy lips because she had her feet a foot apart. Just like that, not another word was spoken and the two girls knelt in front of me. Both their mouths went right after my hard on. Deb wrapped her lips around the shaft while my cousins tongue danced on my shaved balls. I was so close to cumming that I pulled my cock away and suggested we go in the house so the neighbors didn't get the whole show.

The three of us made it into the house and went into the living room, not bothering to make our way upstairs. They laid me on the thick carpet and went after my cock again. I was grateful for the few minutes of a break or else I would've cum already. Annie swallowed my cock, down to my balls, my cock felt awesome buried in her throat. She did this several times. Then she moved aside a bit and Deb and Annie treated my cock like corn on the cob. They each nibbled at it, top to bottom. When I saw Deb and my cousin kissing around my cock head I told them I was gonna cum. They kept their mouths together and over my cock and I exploded a torrent of hot cum into both their mouths. Afterwards I watched them kiss passionately, my cum all over their lips.

I reached out for Deb but she whispered that I should sit and relax, I could watch but not participate until they said I could. So I sat my sweaty ass down in dads leather recliner and watched as they began to make out. The kissing led to fondling which led to each girl taking the others nipple in her mouth for a minute or two. I was stroking my cock which was hard as steel again. Deb had her first orgasm when Annie started to finger bang her.

Next the lovely ladies slipped into the 69 position and I watched with a mixture of jealousy and lust as Annie lowered her red haired muff onto Deb's waiting tongue. I watched my girlfriend make my cousin cum several times and Annie made Deb cum at least five times, maybe more. I came for the second time all over my chest and belly. They broke their 69 position and I joined the two of them on the floor. I was still horny but I just came hard twice and needed a rest. It seemed the girls needed a rest too. I was in heaven, the three of us fell asleep in a naked, sweaty heap on the living room floor.


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