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Bisexuality is Okay
by WeJaySal

Near the Beginning... this is a story that is not only true, but also pretty much as it happened...

I was the typical kid back in the late 60's. Never doubted that I liked girls!! Sure many nights were me and my fist stroking away in the privacy of my bedroom, but then the weekends I would go to the drive-in with my date and get laid and/or a blow job.

I went in the military at 18 and had enlisted because I didn't like the looks of my #4 call up with Selective Service. I sure didn't want to go to Nam to carry an M-16 and maybe get shot at, so I figured the Air Force was my best bet! It didn't take long for my orders to come through and send me across the "pond". But by then I had heard the stories of the Orientals, and besides I had "rosy palm and her daughters". There was a delay in my trip, as I had to stop in Hawaii to take some further schooling... little did I know at 18 there was another side to sex... and maybe now as I look back 30 years that is why I consider myself bisexual...I love a lady and love to eat pussy and fuck it, but at the same time enjoy a cock in my hand... or mouth... or at times deep up inside me, filling me.

Arriving in Hawaii and getting settled one of the first things was to hit the beach and get some sun. Did I ever get some sun!! Beet red!!! I got back to the barracks and took a cool shower and putting on my jockey briefs laid face down on my bunk and was miserable. My roommate, an older guy (don't forget at 18 someone 10 years older was "old") came in and began to laugh. On a white sheet there was a red outline of a human being!! I didn't see much humor and when he asked if I wanted him to put some lotion on I jumped at the chance... he squirted the lotion on my back and rubbed it in and the coolness was the best feeling ever.

He finished my back and did the backs of my legs and thighs, as his hands got close to my crotch my cock began to get hard. He asked if I wanted my chest done, so I rolled over and he began to put the suntan lotion on my legs and thighs. All the time my cock was hard as a rock and I knew that he could see it. I was kind of embarrassed but just I kept my eyes closed and enjoyed the relief from the sunburn. He did my chest and down my belly and along the edge of my jockeys. As he finished I thanked him and rolled back over. I couldn't believe how horny I was and wanted to jack off.

I knew though that I had to wait until later when he was asleep and I could take care of my full balls. Damn, I was horny!! You see, at that time I hadn't been circumcised and the foreskin wouldn't slip back over the head so as a youngster I had learned that by holding the shaft and putting my thumb into the foreskin I could circle it faster and faster and get myself off. It was great cause when I began to cum I could pull the foreskin up and hold all my cum inside it and stroking my shaft with the other hand that when I let it go it would shoot up onto my chest, and sometimes even hit my face.

I put on a pair of shorts and was trying to figure if I wanted to get some supper or being so burnt that I would just stay in the room. Gary (my roommate) ordered a pizza and brought it back so we sat and ate it and drank a few beers. He went to the latrine to shower so I got my clothes off and slid in between the sheets and was going to try and get off before he got back, but he walked back in the room before I could even get close. I rolled onto my side and waited for him to settle.

Finally, I could hear his breathing even out and knew he had gone off to sleep. Rolling onto my back and pulling the covers down past my waist I began stroking my shaft and slipping my thumb into the fold of my cockskin. Closing my eyes I could feel his touch on my thighs and putting myself back home at the drive in feeling my girls hands cupping my balls and stroking my shaft. My thumb moved quicker and faster and I was lost in the "feelings". I felt the edge of my bunk compress and when I opened my eyes he was sitting there, naked, and watching me.

"Oh shit" I thought and tried getting the covers up. He stopped me and asked if I was jacking off, as he had never seen anyone do it that way. His cock was standing tall I noticed and his breathing was short. I began to explain to him that this was the only way I knew of how to jack off. I couldn't get the foreskin back and that this was how I did it. While I was trying to explain and my mind trying to figure out how to get out of "getting caught" his hand had cupped my balls. Gently he fondled them and my mind was in a turmoil, all the while his hand was stroking up and down his cock. I glanced and then couldn't take my eyes off his hand.

Blatantly staring I watched as the pre-cum leaked from the tip of his cock. I felt his hand steal up to my cock and he began stroking my shaft in time with his own strokes. I had never felt something like this before and I could feel the cum building in my balls into my tight pee hole. Damn!! I was going to blow my wad if he didn't stop. My hands were gripping the edges of the sheets on my bed. I didn't know what to do with them. I didn't know what to do but I couldn't take my eyes of his hand on his cock and my hand reached for him and my fingers wrapped around his shaft.

Sitting on the edge of my bunk he put one leg over me so I could see his cock and balls in the subdued light coming through the window. I had an ungodly urge to suck him, but watching the pre-cum slip over the head of his cock and onto my hand I couldn't stop stroking him. The sound was intoxicating as it began to "slurp". I felt a pressure against my asshole and before I could react his finger pushed into me. The cum shot out of my cock, up in the air, and down on my belly. Before I could react his mouth was sucking me dry and his finger was buried deep inside me. The more his finger pumped the more I shot into his mouth. He sucked me until there was nothing left.

He was beginning to shake and I was so "wasted" from cumming I couldn't keep up the pace on his cock. He pulled his finger out of me, and straddling my legs he grabbed his cock in his fist and as I watched he began cumming, shooting his cum all over my cock and balls. The last thing I remembered that night was his mouth taking my flaccid cock in his mouth and cleaning his cum from my cock and his fingers gently massaging the cum into my bag.

The next morning I woke up cumming in his mouth and opening my eyes his fist bringing the first loads of cum from his cock onto my belly and bedsheets. As I lay there on the bed and he was getting his uniform on to go to work he told me that there were some friends he wanted me to meet, and my remaining 6 weeks there would be "interesting"... Maybe the next time I'll continue on with my life story...

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