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Bliss in the Master's Chambers
by PeterBam

For My Master's chamber:

When we awoke, Tamara handed me a note from the Master.

The note read:

Bliss, you are to dismiss Carin, telling her to report to my chambers, you are then to have Tamara prepare you for my pleasure tonight. She will know what to do, do not resist her.

"Tamara, I want you to prepare me for our Master's pleasure." I ordered.

Tamara smiled, "Yes Mistress." She got up and went to our closet.

She came out with several items from the drawer and laid them on the bed. Taking my hand she led me to the shower, and thoroughly washed my body, she sat me down and lathered my pussy with shaving cream, and shaved my pussy baby smooth. She then patted me dry and led me to the toilet and had me bend over. She filled the enema bag with warm water, coating the nozzle with Vaseline she inserted it into my ass and let the fluid fill me. She had me sit on the toilet and empty my bowels, and then started the procedure again, filling me and having me empty my bowels again. She then wiped me clean, applied the Master's favorite scented oil to my body and led me back to my bed. She had me to lay on the bed face down with my ass in the air. I felt her cold lubricated finger enter my ass, making sure I was well lubricated, she took the anal plug that she had gotten from the drawer and slowly inserted it into my ass.

Next she had me roll over, and she squeezed my nipples making them hard and sensitive. She then applied the nipple clips, tightening them down until I screamed in pain and pleasure.

Her finger moved to my pussy, I was wet, and she applied clips to my outer and inner labia. She then strapped on the thigh bands and hooked them to the pussy clips, so that when I spread my thighs my pussy laid wide open, vulnerable for examination.

By now my clit had slipped through its ring, she attached a clit clip to it and snugged it into place, keeping my clit from slipping back into its hiding place. Finally she attached a chain to the nipple clips connecting them to my clit ring.

Finally with a touch of red lips gloss she was finished.

My pussy, throbbing, my juices flowing as she led me to the Masters chamber.

She kissed me and I dismissed her.

I entered your chamber and knelt at the foot of your bed. My knees spread wide, my pussy open and dripping, sitting back on my heels, I was reminded of the anal plug, my hands behind my back, my tits straining against the clips, my clit on fire, my chin on my throbbing chest.

I wait for my Master.

The Master's Pleasure

"My sweet baby Bliss!" You hear my voice as I enter the room.

I am naked and hard, my cock juts out from my loins as I offer you my hand and order you to stand!

I lean you back onto an armchair, holding on to the armrest, I tell you to spread your legs wide! Since you have the clamps on your inner and outer labia this opens your cunt wide! I have a little pre-cum on the head of my cock. My body now between your thighs, I let my hard cock rest at the opening to your pussy, just pulsing and gently rubbing against your wet hole, making sure not to enter your cunt!

While doing this I massage your taut hard tummy and slowly work my way to your clit! I hear a couple of deep moans escape your mouth as your breathing gets to be more rapid, more jagged!

My fingers start to enter your wet pussy first one then two and finally three fingers I begin to finger fuck you gently! My cock has crept down into the crack of your ass sliding over your asshole apply pressure to your ass plug, I stroke that area slowly, deliberately!

As you start to call my name I remind you that you are not to speak, and that you will not come until I tell you that it is alright! My fingers in your cunt are making it hard for you to control your orgasm!

I know my little slave, I know that she will obey me! I bury my thumb in my four fingers entering your pussy now and slowly, ever so slowly, I push, inch by inch, I push my fist into your cunt, until your cunt swallows my fist and closes around my wrist! Your breathing is very rapid at this point and your juices run so freely! You love the full feeling in your twat as I slowly start to move my fist in and out of you!

I withdraw my hand slowly and offer it for you to lick clean. You lick my hand with such eagerness that I have to slow down you down!

I move to my bed and lie down on my back and order you come to my bed.

I tell you to bring your cunt over my face, letting you offer me your beautiful cunt to lick and suck! I tell you to spread your thighs as far as you can so that the clamps attached to the thigh bands are doing what they are supposed to do, spreading your cunt wide open!

You beg to be allowed to move over me in the sixty-nine position, a request that I deny you.

I have different plans for you for this night! Making a mental note of your disobedience, I clamp my arms around your thighs and ass cheeks as you lower your twat to my lips and I greedily start licking and sucking all your delicious juices!

I curl my tongue and delve deep, very deep into your pussy applying pressure to your G-Spot with my tongue. I tongue fuck you as you scream my name and beg for me to let you cum!

A request which I repeatedly deny and warn you not to speak again!

My arms and hands around your ass cheeks, grabbing a hold of the ass plug I begin to fuck your asshole with it! Your clit is held by the clamp attached to your nipples and it is unable to feel the wrath of my tongue at this point!

I pull the plug from your asshole, your hole is wide open! Pushing you backward, I position my dripping wet cock at the entrance to your asshole and unceremoniously plunge deep into your bowels and start to fuck you wildly with long and deep hard strokes, lifting my hips off the bed driving deeper into your ass with each stroke!

I feel my cum beginning to boil up deep within my balls and decide that the time has come to reward you for the wonderful ways you have pleased your Master!

I withdraw my cock from your deliciously tight ass and tell you that you are now allowed to cum and will do so in my mouth! You quickly scoot up and position yourself over my face, presenting your cunt to my lips!

I quickly remove all the clamps from your labia and your clit and your cunt lips close! I place my entire mouth over your labia and clit at the same time and start to suck hard, sucking your labia and clit deep into my mouth!

All the pent up emotions from you are too much and you immediately begin to cum! You cum so hard that you squirt, and squirt and squirt and seem to be unable to stop. Your delicious cum squirting right into my waiting mouth! I try to swallow as much as I can saving some for you but there is so much it dribbles down my chin and onto my neck! Your whole body is convulsing and shaking from this wonderful release finally approved by your Master!

Finally not having spoken a single word I straighten up from under you and offer you a taste of your wonderful cum, which you greedily take from my lips! Wrapping my arms around you I thrust my cock into your sopping wet pussy and begin impaling you on my raging cock.

Holding you tight against me I roll you onto your back with you deeply impaled on my cock. Our mouths still locked together, I fuck you, ramming my cock into you filling you. Fucking you harder and harder, your pussy clenching my raging bull cock. Your cunt gushing around my cock as I bang your twat, bang you to oblivion! Ramming it into you my body begins to stiffen, to shudder, I thrust deep into your womb and fire my seed deep inside you. Holding you tight, our mouth still locked together, I suck the breath out of you, your body goes limp and I collapse on top of you, my cock still throbbing inside you!

You awake to a sharp pain and the smell of burning flesh, as I finish pushing the needle slowly through your outer labia. I push the diamond stud through the hole snapping it in place and kissing it gently.

I attach my leash to your collar and lead you to my dungeon.

You know what is coming, you know you have been disobedient.

Bliss in the Dungeon

Once in the Dungeon, Bliss immediately assumed her slave position. The Master smiled and told her to stand facing the wall to her right.

Her eyes opened wide, she stared at a male figure shackled to the wall. A ball gag in his mouth, and his cock and balls secured in a Gates of Hell.

"Bliss, this is Alex. He is on loan from his Mistress. He is here to observe your punishment." Her Master gloated.

Bliss could not believe her master would do this to her, humiliate her in front of a stranger.

"Oh, Master please don't do this." She begged.

"Bliss." Her Master ordered. "I want you to kiss his cock."

Bliss did as she was ordered, she crawled over in front of Alex and kissed his throbbing tool.

Alex groaned as her lips touched the tip of his hardening cock. The rings around his cock tightening. His shaft straining and turning a bright red-purple.

The Master pulled Bliss away from this whipping boy.

"Up on the rack Bliss!" He ordered. "Spread your legs and lie back!"

The Master secured her wrists and ankles, exposing her pussy to Alex.

"Bliss you must learn discipline, if you are to be my slave and Mistress to Carin and Tamara. I will not tolerate insubordination." Said the Master.

Taking a Cat-O-Nine tails, the Master proceeded to whip Bliss's body. Striking her breast, her thighs, her arm pits, over and over again, leaving her a quivering mass of hot flesh.

The Master turned to Alex and snapped the cat sharply over his throbbing cock!

Picking up a riding crop, the Master tapped Alex's balls until Alex whined, the Master gave him one last hard smack with the riding crop.

The Master returned his attention to his baby Bliss. Smacking her clit with the crop. The Master slapped the inside of her thighs...and repeatedly smacked her pussy until she was withering before him.

"Bliss! He is watching you... He can see your dripping cunt! Look Bliss, his cock is so big and hard! Look he is dripping for you Bliss!"

Bliss shook her head. Smack her Master knew she what she wanted, what she needed.

He began to thrash her pussy with the crop... Bliss withered her body stiffened!

"Who told you, you could cum you cunt? Her Master screamed! "You fucking slut! You Whore! Who told you to cum?"

Releasing her binding, the Master grabbed her hair, and threw her to the floor! "Suck my cock you bitch! Suck it now!" he commanded! Bliss crawled over to him and quickly sucked his cock into her mouth!

"Enough you slut! Crawl over and suck Alex through the gates. I want to see him cum...He will never fuck you baby! He will be lucky to leave here alive... Suck his dick!"

"Faster you fucking whore! Suck that cock!"

"Stop you fucking Bitch! You fucking slut! He is not aloud to cum!"

Alex's cock was stiff and throbbing, the head a deep shiny purple, aching for release. The Hell's Gate constricting around his shaft, he groaned through his gag as Bliss's mouth pulled off his member!

Bliss quickly kneeled before her Master, her knees spread wide, her hands behind her back, chin against her chest. The Master lifted her chin, stepped back and release a torrent of blows with the Cat-o-Nine tails across her tits. She winced but made no sound fearing further punishment.

The Master pushed her back, leaning her back so that she supported herself with her hands behind her. The Master straddled her and placed his cock against her lips.

"Open your fucking mouth you slut!" he growled. "When my cock is at your lips you will kiss it once and then take it as deep as you can!" He turned at the waist and she felt the whip's sting on both her thighs and her twat!

"Suck me now you bitch!" As again and again the whip tasted her thighs and her pussy!

Suddenly he turned, his cock deep in Bliss's throat and the whip landed sharply on Alex's swollen throbbing cock!

"You want my slave, you miserable excuse for a man?" The Master grunted between clenched teeth.

"You wanted her to suck your cock like this, don't you." This time the whip came from another angle and tasted Alex's balls and ass.

"You miserable piece of shit!" He grunted as he fired a load of cum down Bliss's throat.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and covered her face with his cum, pulling her by the hair he turned her around and placed her lips at the head of Alex's cock. "Lick it you slut, you fucking whore! Lick it, do not suck, lick just the head."

Alex's body began to tremble as Bliss enthusiastically administered her Master's will.

Bliss could taste his pre-cum, the slime coating her tongue. Alex groaned and the Master pulled her away, leaving his cock bobbing in front of her face.

The Master was tiring of this game, he tied silk scarves around Bliss's wrist and secured them around Alex's thighs. He placed a full-face mask over Bliss's head, opening the mouth hole and making sure the eye flaps were closed. He ran a strap behind Alex's ass, took hold of his cock and forced Bliss's mouth down on it. He pushed Bliss's head forward until the mask was smashed against Alex's pubic hair. He pushed the strap through the loops on the back of the Mask and cinched it tight.

The head of Alex's cock throbbed against the back of Bliss's throat.

The Master lifted Bliss's ass and slip the Sybian up under her. He then secured her thighs to the Sybian so she could not move. He turned the control to the lowest setting. Bliss moaned.

"Bliss." The Master instructed her. "You are to keep Alex hard, he is not to cum, and neither are you. Do you understand?" That said the Master left.

To be continued...

Please send comments, suggestions and ideas to Alex is a loyal reader who wrote us about wanting to be on the wall watching. You could be next.

My sweet Bliss, my baby Bliss, you have pleased me beyond words and I hope that your Master in some small way can help you in your further development in being a good slave to me and a fair but strict Mistress to Tamara and Carin! I love you very much!

Master Peter


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