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Black Lover Girl
by TDM

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

The negro's reaction was immediate. He began squirming in his chair. Convulsing as her raspy tongue licked his sensitive cock head. "Oh shit, goddamn. Don't stop. Goddamn." Anita bobbed up and down on the tool. Recreating the feel of a vagina with her hot moist mouth, and furthering the sensation with her sucking action and licking tongue. In moments, he was growing larger. So abruptly, as if it was being inflated with an air hose. Wider, thicker. 10 inches long. Thicker. 11 inches long. Anita was reaching nearly halfway down the spear on her downward bobs, and began rotating her mouth so that she could bring her tongue more easily to bear on all sides of the penis. Turning her head clockwise then back, then counterclockwise and back.

Anita would squeeze the shaft from time to time. When it was so hard that there was no give (I could see the strain in her arm muscles and bare back) she knew it was at it's fullest glory. 11 inches, more than twice as thick as my own white dick. In fact the thick throbbing vein running along the underside of the cock was near the size of my cock. It was slightly curved, like a banana, upward towards his pot belly. Anita was trying to let her saliva run out her mouth, but the negro cock was so thick and wide that it was a tight seal pushing between her stretched lips. The large veins all over the cock were like speed bumps, creating slurping sounds whenever they passed in and out of Anita's face.

After about 10 minutes, Anita took her mouth from the cock. Letting her mouth open over the dick, she let flow a huge amount of saliva, which dripped heavily onto the cock. So that it's slickness glistened in the light.

"Where you think you goin' Bitch!" His strong hand grabbed Anita's head by her long hair, yanking her back down. Nearly breaking her neck with the violent pull. He stood as he placed his other hand on the back of Anita's head. Then plunged his black spear once more into her mouth. Now standing, he was in control. Pushing down hard on the back of her head and thrusting with his hips, the cock head rammed into the back of her mouth. The impact was painful. Anita gagged so loudly, that a few probably heard her back in the main room.

The negro was not happy that 4 inches of his meat had not yet enjoyed the wonderful sensations that awaited inside Anita's head. Her eyes bulged out significantly as the black man forced himself down into her throat. Inch by inch it sank out of view. In a minute it was in. Giving new meaning to the term deep throat. The cockhead reached down her throat, lodging between her collarbones. He began fucking her neck. Pulling out 4 inches then pushing back in. It became clear from the black girl's more and more frantic movements that her air had run out. So he would pull further back out after two more fuck strokes, well, maybe three. Oh, it felt so good. Just a fourth. And a fifth stroke.

Anita clasped her small hands onto the sides of the man's jeans. Feebly yanking and pulling on them. He held her face against him. Grinding her beautiful cheekbones into his brillo like pubic hair. Pressing his full balls against her chin.

Then he released her. With a few gasps she regained herself. Her giant chest riding over her expanding lungs with each breath. "Damn negro! You wanna kill me?" He shrugged and sat down, then patted his lap.

"Come here sugar." He said.

Anita moved over top him, placing her long sexy legs outside his. Spreading them wide to straddle the seated man. The 11 inch black veiny banana stood up. Raging hard, and covered with Anita's saliva. Again she paused to look over at me.

"So you want to marry me? Why don't you imagine me in my white wedding gown right now." Glancing down, she positioned herself over top the hard throbbing missile, and pulled the skimpy G-string out from in front of her shaved pussy.

"Am I in my wedding dress?" I nodded yes.


"I said yes, yes you are."

The John was looking up at her and her young hot body, it was for sure this was some kind of psycho chick. What the hell, I'll fuck her brains out.

"Have you picked out my ring?"

"I've already bought it."

Another glance confirmed that the cock was near touching her swollen pussy lips. "Let's exchange vows right now, don't you want to? Watch real close now."

My tears were streaming now, and she saw. "Yes. Yes, I Do." Watching as she had asked.

"I Douughhhh!" Dropping down on the incredibly wide 11 inch cock with her body weight, it punched into her cunt. Knocking the air out of her. About 7 inches had penetrated the girl. So wide, more so than a soda can. Anita's mouth hung open and her eyes were scrunched shut. Then she pulled up, only to drop herself again. Now drawing her high heels off the floor as she fell upon it, impaling herself.

"AAghhhh! So good negro!" She gasped. A moments recovery. Then another drop onto the dick. She picked up her pace slowly but steadily. Also, she began to except more of it. 8 inches. A dozen more drops, then 9 inches.

She was bouncing passionately upon him now. Kicking herself up so that it nearly pulled out her pussy, then again taking her feet from the floor, slamming the cock into her. "Oh Negro! Ughh! Ughh! Negro!"

Her muscled legs worked hard to maintain the furious fuck pace. Clenching her calves with each upward movement, then her thighs as she held her legs in the air to maximize the dick thrust into her insides. Her massive black tits danced and swayed mightily.

"Aagh! Uh! Uah!"

A glaze came to Anita's eyes. The kind, intelligent spark that I had seen and loved in her young almond shaped eyes, seemed to be being drained out her by the monstrous log pummeling up between her legs. What remained was a bestial, grunting animal. Her eyes lost and unfocused, her senses transferred to her jack hammer fucking. She placed her arms around her black John's massive shoulders. He then grabbed hold her huge tits with his powerful hands. Pulling down hard on them with each down stroke, adding his immense strength to her body weight to crash his cock harder and harder into her. 10 inches deep. Then finally, 11 inches. Each stroke encompassing the entire black cock.

"Oh god fucking negro! Aghhh! Uh!"

The two blacks fucked, straining into each other. Veins puffed out on Anita's neck and the black John's forehead. Their grunting became more and more the sounds of wild animals coupling. The constant slapping of their pelvis's smacking then grinding together.

"Ah! Ughh! Yes! Deeper! Ah! So hard baby! AGHH!!!"

Anita shrieked. Pushed to orgasm, then beyond. She convulsed for what seemed like 15 minutes on top of the black stick. Her juicy cum squirting out the sides of her pussy. Their violent fucking now sounding with loud slurping sounds along with the constant slapping of flesh on flesh.

A couple minutes later, it was the black man's turn to roll his eyes back.

"Ah! Girl! Ughh! You're my little negro! I'm coming!"

Anita had felt the increasing tremble of the negro's cock. Then expertly dismounted, seizing the member in her black hand. Pumping it furiously. It was slick with her juice. She moved her face about 6 inches from the cockhead, opening her mouth wide to stick out her tongue. As the John's eyes were rolling around, she looked over at me, to share the moment with me.

She had aimed carefully. The big gob of thick semen streamed straight into her waiting mouth. The tail of it falling across her tongue. She continued her pumping of the greasy cock shaft. As the second shot flew into her mouth, Anita smiled warmly at me. She was not paying attention, and the third cum shot nearly missed her mouth. The big load splashed against the inside of her left cheek. He was still cuming forcefully. The fourth jet didn't quite shoot as far, splashing into her chin. Covering her chin entirely in a sheet of white cum. Some of the fourth shot had landed on the very edge of her tongue. There it hung thickly, threatening to drip, but not dropping. The white semen hung from her chin in a half dozen thick strands, which did not break or drip, but hung there like ornaments.

Anita moved her mouth closer, to catch the rest of the ejaculation. The man was now focusing on Anita, so she returned his stare. So that she was looking into his eyes as his load continued to spurt into her open mouth. She was now about 2 inches from his dick, and moved so that his cock was higher than her mouth. Three more spurts flew into her mouth. The expulsion velocity had lessened, but not the quantity. Big load after big load fired onto her pallet.

Nearing a dozen cum spurts, Anita moved her hand up to the mushroom head. Masturbating the end and tip of the cock as fast as she could to syphon out every drop. The thick cum syrup was now running from the cum slot. Anita held her mouth so that it dripped down into her mouth. Then she plunged the cock into her mouth, bobbing quickly over the head. Licking the head and sucking hard, her cheeks drawing inwards. She was rewarded with four more hot cum shots directly onto her warm mouth. She never took her eyes away from her black John's eyes.

She held the convulsing mushroom in her mouth for a minute. Then let it out with a loud 'pop'. She rose up further on her knees, to rub the greasy cock against her tits. Transferring the large quantity of her cum and his own from his happy penis to her big black breasts. While doing this she opened her young face, showing him the great quantity of his spunk she held. Sticking her tongue in and out. Letting it submerge in the goo when her tongue retreated into her mouth, then being coated with his sex slime when she stuck it out. She giggled like the child she was inside.

Then with a glance at me, she began to swallow it. It took three loud gulps for her to be finished. Both of us watched her throat convulse, knowing that each time a large amount of cum traveled from her mouth, down her slender neck, into her belly. Then she stood from her John. The cum had begun to drip from her chin onto her black tits. There it ran slowly into the goop she had rubbed onto herself from the black man's cock. She smiled and rubbed the sperm into her tit flesh. She stood right in front of him so that he could watch. Slowly, luxuriously, she massaged his slick cream into her young chest.

After a few minutes, Anita changed the subject. "Okay mister, my 20 bucks. I gotta get going here."

This made him upset for reasons known only to him. He grabbed Anita by the arm, spinning her around.


Then pushed her down to her hands and knees. His 20 dollar bill was rolled up, and he jammed it up Anita's tight asshole.

"Agghhh! You fucking bastard!"

Using two fingers, he pushed it deep. Then stood and walked from the disgusting room.

It took Anita a minute to rise from the floor. She stood before me, topless in her high heels. Her G-string was still pulled to the side, the flimsy material not moving back in place. My dreams of a house, and a home with Anita. A family. It was all gone. She would never marry me, I knew. My life would never know happiness. My tears started anew.

Anita put her hands on her hips, and walked towards me. Her cum greasy tits swaying back and forth. Her chin still dripping into her cleavage. I was crying, I was an emotional mess.

"What the fuck are you still doing here, stupid asshole? Don't you have church or something tomorrow? I got about five more hours work here. GET THE HELL OUT! And don't come around my house or call or anything like that. I'm not going to see you again."

Then she noticed that my hand had been holding a 50 dollar bill. A quirky look came to her face.

I could always see her Saturday nights.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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