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Boutique Magic
by Tawny T

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 6 parts for faster page loading.

She laid her head on my shoulder and her body pressed lightly against mine. I smelled her subtle perfume and the press of her breasts against mine was exciting. I stroked her hair and kissed her cheek. She looked into my eyes and my knees melted. She kissed me so softly on the lips I almost cried. A wonderful warm sensation filled my body. It was like the first time I felt a deep moving love for a boy when I was younger, an unforgettable experience.

She stepped back and managed a smile, wiping the tears from her eyes. She turned and went to the desk and filled out Bitsy's paycheck. I took the tapes and locked them in the safe, just in case Bitsy tried to cause trouble. We made small talk till we heard Bitsy at the door. Carol inspected the dresses, there was a total of five expensive dresses. . She gave Bitsy her paycheck and ushered her out, neither exchanged a word. Carol said she was guessing that Bitsy had stolen more than just the two dresses. She was right. We locked up and she gave me a quick soft kiss on the cheek. "You're a good, true friend." She said before she turned and walked to her car. I drove home in a trance.

I told Ron about the evening and he agreed that we'd done the correct thing. Then he had me tell him every little detail of the video film. We wound up on the floor fucking like crazy.

We hired another salesgirl, an older, mature, married woman, very attractive, knowledgeable, and sophisticated. She came with glowing references that all checked out. We worked with her and the assistant manager, as they would have to take over for a week, when Carol and I went to the style show in Vegas. I was excited about the coming trip. I'd reserved a suite in the posh hotel, so Carol and I would be staying together. After our ordeal with Bitsy, Carol and I were closer than ever.

A week later we stepped into the suite at the Vegas hotel. The suite was beautiful and the view of the desert was superb. We had separate bedrooms. After settling in, we changed and went down to register, and meet old friends and business acquaintances from previous shows. An inter-national show, we renewed friendships with fashion people from around the world, here to see what those upstarts in the US of A had to offer.

After a sumptuous dinner, Carol excused herself and I told her I would be up a little later. We wanted to be fresh for the coming day. An hour later I let myself into the suite. The lights were low and Carol met me at the door with a drink. Her long black hair was down, covering her shoulders. It as the first time I'd ever seen it down, she usually wears it in a stylish bun, or French swirl.

She was stunning in a deep blue peignoir that was all but transparent. It revealed her superb body. I could just make out the dark triangle of her pussy , and her lovely pear shaped breasts were molded by the filmy material. Her dark nipples drew my eyes like magnets.

My stomach fluttered. "Wow, I really like that outfit. Really elegant, and very sexy!"

"Thank you. I have a surprise for you." She said as I sipped my drink. "I drew a bath for you, 'milady. Just my way of saying 'thanks' for the other night. Why don't you take a long soak, before you go to bed? It always helps me relax. "

I couldn't think of a single reason not to. I moved to the bathroom and found that she had placed scented candles in several places. The lights were out and the soft light was wonderful. I undressed and slipped into the huge tub. Thousands of bubbles floated on the surface. The water was just the right temperature. I closed my eyes, thinking of her beautiful body barely concealed by her peignoir. My hand slipped down, and I gently rubbed my clit. Water has always made me feel so sensuous.

After a few minutes Carol appeared at the door. The light behind her silhouetted her body. She looked gorgeous. "Would you like your back scrubbed?" Her eyes went downward, and I wondered if she could see my hand on my pussy through the bubbles and cloudy water.

"I'd love it. Water always makes me feel so sexy, so sensuous!" She moved close and took a huge natural sponge, dipped it into the water, soaped it, and as I leaned forward ran it over my back. It felt wonderful. I looked over and the edge of her gown had slipped down into the water. I suddenly became bold.

"Your gown is getting wet. Why don't you take it off. It's so beautiful. It's a shame to get it wet. Don't you think so?" I asked looking up at her. Her smile said that she saw right through me.

"Of course." She stood up and slipped the peignoir off, and the thin gown beneath it. She has a superb body and I couldn't stop an involuntarily gasp of admiration. Her breasts are large and pear shaped, the large aureoles rounded cones, the nipples erect. They were the most erotic breasts I ever remember seeing.

"God, you have beautiful breasts!" I managed to gasp. She reached down and stroked them, lifting them slightly. They settled, bobbing slightly. My eyes dropped lower and took in her dark haired pussy, the pubic hair clipped short. Her pussy cleft is deep, and her inner lips barely showed , dark and swollen.

"And my pussy. Do you like it too?" She asked. She ran her hand over her pubes, and a finger disappeared into her crevice momentarily. She moved into the tub behind me, sat down, and let her legs straddle my body. She took the sponge again and stroked my back. "When you saw Bitsy and I making love, it excited you, didn't it? Your hand dropped to your pussy, and you rubbed it while you watched. Stop me if I'm wrong, but I believe that you'd like to make love with me. Am I right?" The sponge moved around to brush the side of one breast.

"Mnnn, yes. I almost went crazy with lust when I saw you two together. I'd never actually seen two women making love. It set me on fire!" I managed to say, voice trembling. "But, I've never done it with a woman before, I don't know what to do."

"Darling, I'll be happy to teach you. I've wanted you since the first time we met. We became friends and I didn't want to do anything to spoil our friendship." She dropped the sponge and her slick hands moved around to slip under my breasts, to lift, and gently squeezed them. I moaned my approval. I covered her hands with mine and pressed her hands harder against my aching breasts.

She kissed the nape of my neck, her tongue tasted my skin. I trembled. Slowly she washed me. She moved around in front and had me stand. Her soapy hands moved over my body slowly, caressing every inch. Fingers slipped between my pussy lips soaping me, I gasped as she slid a finger carefully up inside me. When she slid her finger upward and stroked my clit, I almost came.

She moved behind me and her hands fondled my ass, and again slid fingers inward to titillate my anus. When she had finished, she poured water over me to wash me off, then took a huge soft towel and dried me off. Still damp, we moved, hand in hand into her bedroom. Candles burned beside the bed. One wall was a huge mirror and she positioned me facing the mirror. She stood behind me and stroked my body.

"Look in the mirror! You are fantastically beautiful, just as I knew you would be. Your breasts are superb." She ran her hands under my full breasts, and lifted them. They have settled only slightly as I've gotten older. I've been told I have the breasts of a woman fifteen years my junior. Her hands moved down to my slightly rounded stomach, then down to me pussy. I keep my pussy hair cropped fairly close and I moaned as she slid a finger down to my cleft, dipping a finger inward. It slid easily between my wet inner lips.

"You are so wet. I'll bet your pussy juice tastes like ambrosia." I cried out as her wet finger slipped higher and found my swollen clit. "Yes, that sweet clit is hard and ready for my lips and tongue. I really love to lick and suck a woman's pussy." She moved me to the bed. We lay down and our bodies flowed together.

The wonderful moment was shattered as the telephone rang. Instinctively I reached for it. It was Ron. His first question was what was I doing. "Well, you called at a really inopportune moment." I said smiling at Carol. She nodded and giggled. "Carol and I just had a wonderful bath, she bathed me, and you called right at the start of a beautiful seduction. She'd just slipped a finger into my pussy, and stroked my clit. Perhaps I could call you after we make love.

"I really want to make love to her, and lick and suck my first pussy. Incidentally, she has the most beautiful body, the breasts of a Goddess. I wish you were here to see us. I really think you'd like it. I love you too! I'll call you later. Why don't you take that thick cock out, and stroke it just a little, and think of what Carol is going to do to my body, and what I'll do to her. Don't come yet though, wait till I tell you all the delicious details." I reached over and hung up the phone.

"You are really something. I can't believe you told your husband that! You must have some relationship." Carol said as she moved closer to me.

"We sure do. I told him about the incident with you and Carol in the store. It got me so hot I had to be fucked the moment we got in our garage. He was the one who suggested that you and I should make love." I told her kissing her soft lips.

"We three are going to have a real relationship. I can see that. Now, no more talk. I want to initiate you into the joys of Sapphitic love." Her body moved against mine and her lips pressed so softly and tenderly, I almost cried. Words cannot tell how I felt for the next hour or so.

Carol kissed, caressed, stroked every inch of my body, slowly, lovingly. I have never felt so loved. Her touch, her caresses, and kisses were so soft, so knowing. No man had ever made love to me so tenderly, or thoroughly as Carol did.

There was on urgency, no haste. Slowly she brought me to the threshold of an orgasm again and again. Her lips moved on my spread pussy, her sometimes hard, sometimes soft tongue licked, probing me till finally, with a long series of flicks with her tongue she drove me over the edge to one of the most soul shattering, wonderful climaxes of my life.

We lay kissing softly, then she began again. I lost count of the times I climaxed. She knew when, and exactly where to caress, kiss, and fondle me. Her clever fingers probed my mouth, my pussy and even my ass. Finally I was totally spent.

We got up and had a couple more drinks, and it was my time to lead her to the bed. I told her that I had never done this before and I really didn't know what to do. She told me lovingly, to just make love to her, the exact same way that I liked to be made love to.

I started by kissing her very tenderly, my tongue gently probing her mouth, tasting, licking her lips. I slid my hands over her superb breasts lightly, then over her chest, down her smooth flat stomach, teasing her pubic hair, then stroking her spread thighs. I did this over and over till she was moaning her need. Her body smelled so sweet as I licked downward. When I came to her breasts, I stroked each one with both hands, from base to nipple, then rolled her nipples to hard points. I placed my lips over her nipples and gently sucked, tasting a woman's nipple for the first time. I sucked them over and over again.

Moving downward I kissed her smooth skin, licked it, till finally I slipped down between her spread thighs. Pressing her thighs apart, I looked at her dark pouting pussy lips that gleamed with her juices. Gently I placed a finger on either side and parted her lips. Her core was a pink flower, wet with rain. A droplet of her juices appeared at the apex, then slowly slid downward. Fascinated, I bent forward, her sweet sex odor in my nostrils, so sweet, so feminine. I leaned further, opened my mouth and placed my tongue on her spread sex. I gently licked her sweet juices.

She cried out. I moaned with pleasure as I tasted my first woman. Her juices were slightly salty and sweet. I thrust my tongue into her core, my lips sucking, and was rewarded with her abundant juices. I flattened my tongue and licked up and down her sweet slit over and over, then stiffened my tongue and slid it into her sweet tunnel.

I lost track of time. I couldn't get enough of her sweet pussy. Somewhere I slid first one, then two fingers up inside her, twisting my hand as she'd done to me earlier. She began to pant and beg me to suck her clit. I spread her lips wide, pushing upward, and her beautiful pink clit peeped out of its sheath. It about the size of a bean, pink, the head rather pointed. I sucked it gently, then laved it with my tongue. Her hips thrust upward and her moans told me that I must be doing something right. As she had told me, I kissed, and sucked her clit the way I like my clit made love to.

One of the strangest things about this making love to another woman was, that it felt like someone was sucking my own clit. I almost came myself several times as I made love to her. Her fingers ran through my hair, pressing my head against her pussy. She began to beg me to lick and suck her harder, and faster.

I increased the speed of my lovemaking and had to hold onto her hips firmly to keep my head against her pussy, her hips were moving so. When she came, her cries filled the room. Her pussy was running with her juices and my face wet with her pussy juice. She came at least three times before she pushed me away, moaning "no more, no more."

I was on fire, I'd almost climaxed with her. She took one look at my distressed face and pulled me close to her. Her hand dove between my legs, a finger slid inside me and then began to flick my clit till her finger was a blur. I came almost immediately.

We lay kissing then I picked up the phone and called Ron. Carol caressed my body and licked her pussy juices from my face. Ron answered on the first ring. "Are you hard?" I asked.

"Oh, God, yes. I've been imagining you two making love. I haven't come, but my cock is as hard as a rock!" He said, his voice hoarse.

"Carol, made love to me for what must have been an hour. She licked, sucked, finger fucked my pussy till I almost fainted. Right now she's licking her pussy juices from my face. Darling, I made love to her, and you were right, I love it. Her pussy is so sweet. No wonder you love to go down on me! I almost came while I brought her off. I brought her off at least three times." I said proudly. Carol laughed out loud. Ron laughed on the other end.

"She has a finger in my pussy right now, and is kissing her way down my body. She just brought me off with her hand a minute ago and I'm wet and hot again.. Oh, she just spread my pussy lips wide and, Shit! Her tongue is up in my pussy, she's sucking my pussy. God!

"Oh Honey, stroke that big cock of yours, 'cause I'm going to come. Shit! Yes, Oh Carol, suck my clit, now, now! Ohhhh!" My body exploded as Carol's sweet mouth brought me off again. I could hear Ron's roar as he exploded on the other end. I lay panting, and could hear his heavy breathing .

Carol took the phone from my hand. "Hello Ron, I just want to thank you for your wonderful suggestion that we make love. You already know what a wonderful wife you have, and she a very accomplished lover too. We just made love, and I have her sweet pussy juice all over my face. Her pussy is really delicious isn't it? I promise I'll give her back though. If she doesn't mind, I'd still like to borrow her from time to time. For her first time with a woman, she's very good. She's told me what a good lover you are. I promise to bring her back an even better lover." She handed the phone back to me.

"See, Honey, I'm having a real good time in Vegas. I'll bet you wish you were a fly on the wall don't you?" I quipped. We talked for a few minutes more then we hung up. We decided to finish off the champagne, the went to bed. We were both satiated and tired. We snuggled together and went to sleep.

I awoke first and looked at Carol lying beside me, dark shiny hair spread over the pillow. She lay on her back, legs sprawled wide. Slowly, I moved down in the bed, under the covers. Carefully I slid up between her thighs and wetting a finger, was able to slip it up inside her. She moaned, but didn't waken. As I slid my finger slowly into her, her thighs spread still more. Carefully, I moved up till my head was against her pussy. I slipped my tongue out and probed her pussy.

The sweet odor of her sex was just a little stronger than the night before, but I loved it. I licked up and down her slit till she moaned, then I moved up slightly to find her clit. As I licked it, I could feel it harden. From above, I heard her husky voice, "You Vixen! I can't believe that I'm the first woman you've ever made love to. Damn, you're good." She threw back the covers. "Come here Lover, let me introduce you to the joys of a feminine sixty-nine. You're going to love this."

We turned and lay on our sides and slid our mouths against each others pussies. It was so warm and soft, so different from a man. We lapped and tongued, and I thoroughly loved it. We had several wonderful climaxes together. It was so fantastic to kiss a woman's secret lips, and have yours pleasured at the same time.

We showered together, laughing, slipping our fingers inside the other, probing, having fun like two teenagers. After breakfast, we went to the style show downstairs in our hotel. We spent the day looking at fashions, talking to manufacturers, stylists, and designers. We dined with business associates then called it a day, business wise.

"How would you like to go to a very unique club I know? Have a few drinks and relax. It's quiet and I think you'll find it very interesting." Carol asked, a naughty gleam in her eye. We both needed to unwind so I readily agreed. We dressed casually, skirts, sweaters over thin blouses, and low heels. We caught a cab and fifteen minutes later walked into a very unobtrusive and almost hidden night club. The club was very tastefully done. The lighting was low, and so was the music, soft slow jazz with a good beat. We found a booth and a stunning waitress with a very low cut top, that showed her ample bosom to the best advantage, and tights took our order. The drinks came quickly and were very good. When my eyes became accustomed to the dim light, and I noticed that there wasn't a man in the whole place.

"So, this is your 'interesting place'? Am I correct in that there are only women in here?" The women looked like a bunch of college post grads, or doctors wives. No bizarre dress, no leather and chains.

Carol laughed. "Just ordinary women, who prefer the company of other women. Anyone 'real butch' is made unwelcome. Nan, the owner looks like a doll, but can throw you through the wall if necessary. She's a 10th Dan Black belt. Won the Nationals several times. No one 'fucks' with her. Want to dance?" She asked. I nodded.

There was a small dance floor and several women moving slowly, bodies close. It felt strange to dance with another woman. Carol led and I loved the smell of her subtle perfume, the feel of her body against mine. I began to get aroused and told her so. Her only acknowledgment was to pull me close, and gently press her hips against mine. As we danced I looked over the other women dancing. They were pressed together, a hand caressing a back, ass, or sometimes fondling a breast. I saw several kissing. In the booths, women kissed and I saw more than one hand high up between thighs. We went back to our table. I became warmer and shed my sweater. Carol smiled at me.

"Go into the ladies room, and take off your bra and panties." I lifted an eyebrow. "For me?" I went into the restroom and slipped my panties off. A damp spot showed on them. I slid a finger into my slit and found it very wet. I took off my bra. I had on a thin silk blouse, and my nipples made two pink circles, my breasts bobbed as I moved. My nipples were very erect. I went back to the table, bra and panties in my purse.



This story was split into 6 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 6 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Tawny T.

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