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Boutique Magic
by Tawny T

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 6 parts for faster page loading.

Jean is a natural redhead. One of those fortunate ones who has fair smooth skin, almost flawless. Her strawberry hair is cut in a soft bob framing a classic face with sensuous lips, and emerald green eyes. She has a beautiful body, full rounded breasts with pale aureole, and long jutting nipples. Her bikini bottom seems to always be slipping up into her pussy, delineating her womanhood. Her long fingers now rubbed my body, almost stroking me. I felt her fingers untie the knots to my top and she stroked my back with scented tanning lotion. She moved down and untied my bottom and put lotion on my ass.

"Do you think I'll get burned there?" I asked laughing.

"You never can tell. You have such a beautiful ass, I don't think we should take chances. Right Carol?"

Carol laughed. "God no! You let her ass burn and I'll burn your ass!"

"Promise?" Jean quipped back.

I moaned as her hands moved over my ass, then down to my thighs. I raised my hips slightly as she pulled my bottom off completely. I looked around. The deck on the roof had rail that was about four feet high with canvas screen attached. People on the lake couldn't see me. I spread my thighs more and closed my eyes.

Jean moved down my legs covering them, and my feet with lotion. She slid her fingers between each toe. It felt wonderful. Moving up she stroked my thighs again, this time stroking my inner thighs. Her fingers brushed my pussy lips. I sighed. She slid a finger along my pussy lips ever so lightly.

"Don't want to get a sunburn there. It's very painful, I know. I did it once - only once!" She chuckled.

"Then you'd better put a little more." I said, my voice suddenly hoarse. Her fingers went to the bottle then back to my pussy lips. Her touch was so soft. She ran her fingers up and down my lips several times slightly penetrating me. I trembled.

"That side is done. Turn over" She said as she slapped my ass lightly. I turned over. She took a towel and put it over my eyes to cut the glare. I lay naked before her.

"You have a very beautiful body. Doesn't she Carol?"

"She does indeed has a most beautiful body. You do a really good job on her." Carol said, accenting the 'good job'.

Jean put more lotion on her hands and stroked it on my shoulders and neck. When her hands moved to my breasts I groaned and involuntarily arched my back. Her hands moved over and over my breasts. I felt my nipples erect still more than they already were. My nipples are rather prominent and long, and when they get hard they are as long as the first joint on my little finger. Jean caught them and rolled them between her fingers. It felt so good.

She stroked my breasts again. Murmuring, "God, you have sexy breasts." She squeezed them lightly again, then moved down. When she got to my stomach she ran her hands over and over it. She moved down and did the front of my thighs, I parted my thighs wider and knew she could see my pussy lips.

"Isn't her pussy beautiful. When it opens, it's like a flower." Carol said, her voice nearer. "Wait till you slip your tongue into it. Her pussy juices are so sweet"

Jeez, I was burning up. My pussy was on fire, my nipples felt like they had needles sticking in them. I could feel my pussy lubricate, my clit harden. These two were really doing a number on me. I had to make myself relax. Jean put lotion on my legs, working downward then back up.

As she moved closer to my pussy, my thighs parted still more, opening for her touch I burned for. She oiled my thighs, moving up and up. When her fingers brushed my pussy lips I cried out. Her hand pressed outward softly. I needed no encouragement to spread my thighs even wider. Her breath felt like fire as her mouth neared my pussy. When her soft tongue finally did touch my pussy lips, parting my flesh, I had a tremendous orgasm, just from one touch on my pussy! Her hands stroked me. I felt another pair of hands stroke my face and smelled Carol's perfume a moment before her lips touched mine. I pulled her face against mine, my tongue thrusting into her mouth.

I moaned into her mouth as Jean's tongue probed my opening, and her lips spread wide, covering my pussy. She tongued my pussy for the longest time, driving me slowly toward another climax. When I came, my body thrashed in ecstasy. Several times more she slowly brought me to a climax till I was completely spent. I lay there in the sun till they told me to turn over, to avoid burning.

Kitty pulled into an inlet off the lake, between towering ruby rock walls, and dropped anchor. She had dropped a second anchor and explained how it kept the boat from swinging in the wind, or current and hitting the rocks. The only sounds here were an occasional jet far overhead, or the sound of a desert quail calling.

We all trooped to the 'galley' and prepared dinner. Jean and Kitty had brought steaks and we grilled them 'topside' on a barbecue grill. There was a table on the upper deck and we had a fantastic view, as the sunset painted the rock walls an even deeper red. There were almost no insects to pester us, but after the sun set, we donned light jackets against the desert night chill. We ate thick delicious steaks, western fries, ranch beans, salad and a wonderful wine.

After dinner we all trooped to the 'galley' and quickly cleaned up our dinner dishes. We moved into the spacious lounge, made drinks and got comfortable. Kitty came over and sat down near me. Kitty is a tall blonde, with the looks of a model and the body of show girl, with long shapely legs that stretch forever. Her short hair framed a classic face, and her eyes are deep blue.

"I'm really glad you came along. I've noticed you at a couple of the shows but we never seemed to get together. We both think the world of Carol. She told me that she was the first women you'd made love to. She also tells me that you are a very good lover. I was just a little jealous this afternoon while Jean was making love to you. I had to keep my eye out for other boats, but I loved watching her make love to you. She's really skilled. She's taught me a lot since we've been friends." She said smiling at me.

"Are you Gay." I asked.

She laughed, "Not exclusively, I'd say bi-sexual. I'm married with two small children. My husband knew when he married me that I liked women too. He accepted that and he likes to hear the details. He, Jean and I have had many threesomes. Jean is my best friend, and there is no jealousy when he's fucking her.

"His favorite, and mine, is for him to fuck us when we're in a 69. He'll swap from one pussy to the other as we eat each other. You should try it sometime, its wonderful. The best of both worlds. I love to lick his cock as it slips in and out of Jean, covered with her sweet pussy juices."

"Certainly sounds like fun. I'm sure my husband would love to have Carol in bed with us." I said, feeling my pussy give out warm wet feelings. I knew Ron would love it. I imagined I would too

"Carol said you told him all about your lovemaking. You were even telling him what she was doing while she licked your delicious pussy. Sounds like you have one wonderful husband. Mine loves to hear about my escapades, too. I've even video taped a couple of lovemaking sessions with friends - of course with their permission." She hastened to add.

"I'd like to see that sometime." I said looking into her deep blue eyes.

"Well, I just happen to have brought one tape. Jean hasn't seen it, and I brought it along to show her. We have a VCR onboard. Would you like to see it now?" I nodded agreement. She got up and turned the big screen TV on, and put a tape in the VCR.

"Jean, this is a tape I made that weekend with Peg, down in Tobago. Polly was there and she videotaped it. I think you and Carol will like it." They moved so they could see the screen. The boat has it's own generator in the 'hold' and makes only a low hum 'topside'.

The scene started with a beautiful tropical beach, panned to a cabin, then you're inside. On the bed a beautiful woman lies on the bed naked. She wakes and stretches. She's tall and slender, with small pert breasts, with pointed nipples. She stretches and calls out for Kitty. No answer.

"Damn, I wake up all hot and bothered, and Kitty's not here." She says pouting. She reaches in a bedside drawer and takes out a gold colored vibrator. For the next few minutes she strokes herself with it, slipping it into her pussy. She strums her clit as she slides the vibrator in and out. In a frenzy she brings herself off. She lays panting.

"Well, it looks like I'm a little late. Sorry, I had to go to the market and get some groceries." Kitty says, coming into the room and sitting on the bed. "I'm not too late am I?"

"No, Darling, I just got started. I really need you. We had a wonderful time last night, but I didn't get all the loving I wanted. I just came, but I'm still hot. Come here, I need you!"

Kitty moved to the bed and sat down. Peg moves close and they kiss, tongues slipping out. Peg slowly undressed Kitty and they lie back. They kiss and caress. Here is Kitty next to me and I'm watching her on TV. I reached over and kissed her neck. She pulled me to her. We sat close and as we watched the video.

On the screen, Peg is between Kitty's thighs, her tongue slipping in and out of Kitty's shaved pussy. Over the years, I'd toyed with the idea of shaving my pussy. It looked very sexy. One shot shows Kitty's head and beautiful full, rounded breasts, I noticed that she has her nipples pierced and small gold rings dangle from each. Peg moves her head, parting Kitty's pussy and I discover she also has a gold ring in each side of her labia.

By now I'd just removed Kitty's bra, and as I pulled it free, I saw her pierced nipples with small gold rings inserted, and a gold chain stretched from nipple to nipple. She was watching for my reaction and chuckled when my eye brows shot up. I cupped her lovely breasts, firm and soft skinned. I reached down and pulled at the chain very gently. Her breasts jiggled slightly. It was very sexy.

On screen, Peg licks and sucks Kitty's spread pussy. I think, how beautiful her pussy is. Kitty wiggles he ass as I slip her shorts and panties off. I moved so I could see her pussy and she still had it clean shaven. And there was a tiny gold chain attached to a ring in each lip of her labia. I reached down and fondled it. She squeezed my arm. "Not now, I want you to wait. Waiting will make it better. Watch this scene. I think you'll find it interesting."

We sat touching, her hand caressing my breast. I stroked her back. Peg, on screen, was thrusting three fingers inside Kitty, her hand moving fast. She rotated her wrist as she thrust it in and out. Kitty's body was thrusting back, her body tense with her coming climax. "Now, Baby, now, I'm coming. Oh God, rub my clit, hard. Now !"

Peg slid her wet hand out and it was a blur as she rubbed her fingers back and forth on Kitty's clit. Kitty's body went rigid and she cried out as she came. From her spread pussy spurted one jet after another of her juices. It spurted out at least two feet. I had heard of this happening to some women, but had never seen it. My first thought was that it was urine. She orgasm stopped. Peg's hand continued its frantic rubbing and Kitty quickly began to thrash and cry out. Again her body went rigid and this time as she climaxed Peg moved her head down, opened her mouth and stream after stream shot out onto her face and into her mouth. She turned toward the camera and licked her fingers, and wiped the juices off of her face into her mouth.

"God, I love pussy juice" she said looking up at Kitty. Kitty pulled her up and kissed her. She licked her own juices off of Peg's face. They kissed and soon were making love again. This time they went into a 69 and had several climaxes. In the final scene, the camera was placed looking directly up at Kitty's pussy. Kitty used a large dildo on herself and at the last moment pulled it out and rubbed her clit frantically. Her juices shot out directly at the camera, and ran down a piece of glass or plastic used to protect the camera. We all clapped as the screen went blank.

Carol looked at me and said, "If you go down on Kitty, wear your snorkeling mask, or be prepared for a dunking. The first time it happened to me, I thought she'd peed on me. I was mad till I realized that it wasn't pee. She really gushes. It's pussy juice. She just squirts it out.

"Scientists had seen this a few times, and said it was urine, pushed out by the orgasmic contractions. Then they made some tests and found it was secretions from the vagina. My husband loves to bring me off and watch it. It's not apparent when we fuck, except that I'm very wet."

"Very wet doesn't cover it !" Jean laughed. "The girl's a geyser. She does have a sweet pussy though. Speaking of Pussies, Carol, bring your sweet pussy over here. It been too long since I've tasted it. We'll let those two get better acquainted." She and Carol melted together. Carol glanced over at me and I winked. I didn't feel any jealousy as they kissed.

Kitty pushed me back on the couch and slid between my spread thighs. Her full deep breasts pressed against me as she slid up my body. The gold chain tickled my skin. Her breasts rubbed mine, and she moved her body from side to side caressing me. My nipples, already hard, stiffened still more. Her aureoles are silver dollar sized, now they crinkle in excitement, her nipples stiffen.

She leaned down and kissed me. Her lips were so soft and sweet, her kiss so soft. I flicked her lips with my tongue and she sighed. Her hips pressed against mine, her smooth pussy mound rubbing against my spread pussy. I had the fleeting thought that I wished I had a cock, and could thrust it up into this lovely woman. I stroked her breasts, her skin was so soft, her large breasts firm.

I slid my hands down and pressed her hips against mine, rotating my pelvis against hers. My pussy was spread wide and her mound felt so good against my open wet flesh. She rotated her hips up and down, her mound moving against mine.

"Lets move onto the floor. I want to give you the experience of a lifetime." She whispered. She slipped off me and we moved to the deep pile carpeted floor. She reached over on the coffee table and pulled a silk scarf. "Trust me?" She asked. I nodded. She took the scarf and folded it and slipped it over my eyes, tying it behind my head. "Lie back and just feel. You are among friends, very good friends."

I lay still for several minutes, heard strange little noises, then I heard rustling sounds and then soft hands slid lovingly over my body. Three pairs of soft, knowing hands moved over me. I sighed deeply. Lips closed over each nipple, sucking, teeth gently nipping. My thighs were spread wide, and I felt lips and a wet tongue lave my thighs. Someone kissed my lips and I smelled Carol's subtle perfume. Our tongues fenced. A soft cheek rubbed my inner thighs, and fingers played over my spread pussy. I had never felt so loved. Three lovely women were making love to me at the same time.

With the blindfold on, it made it more erotic as I couldn't anticipate their actions, or see who was doing what. Carol's lips left mine, and I felt another tongue slowly move across my lips. Kitty? No, I recognized Jean's perfume. Kitty must be between my thighs. I kissed Jean back sliding my tongue into her hot mouth.

I cried out as Kitty (?), slid her flattened tongue full length up and down my pussy. I knew my juices were seeping out of my core, I could feel my pussy lubricating. She placed fingers on either side of my pussy, caught my outer lips and pulled them, stretching them, giving me a delicious hurt. She pulled them wide, and it gave me a erotic feeling, knowing she was looking into my very core. I cried out as her mouth came down against my spread pussy and her pointed tongue probed inside me. She has a long tongue and it wiggled inside me. Her lips sucked hard and I knew my juices were flowing into her mouth.

As Kitty sucked and tongue fucked my pussy, Jean and Carol were not idle, and their fingers, lips and tongues moved over my body. They seemed to know my every nerve that enflamed my passion. Hands stroked, kneaded my breasts, ran over my stomach, the sides of my breasts, my face, lips sucked my nipples.

Kitty's fingers moved to the top of my pussy, and pulled upward on the skin. I felt my swollen, aching clit slide out of its sheath. Her hot breath on my clit sent a shiver of delight through me a moment before her lips closed around the head, and she sucked it gently. A finger slid into my ass, and another into my pussy, a very unique experience.

She sucked my clit, pulsating her suction, making my clit swell till it felt about to burst. Her fingers began to stroke faster inside my pussy and ass. No one had ever done that at the same time. Her tongue flicked against my clit, strumming it. I began to moan with pleasure.

The three women intensified their erotic attention to me. Fingers rolled my nipples, then pulled hard on them, exactly the way I loved it. The delicious pleasure/pain shot through me and seemed to go straight to my aching clit. A mouth covered mine, a tongue darted inside.

My body began to tremble with the pleasure, and I cried out, my cry muffled by the mouth kissing me. My body bowed upward and a thousand skyrockets went off in my head as my clit was strummed with lightning speed by Kitty's knowing tongue. I came! I exploded! I don't remember ever having such a long, such an intense climax in my life. It seemed to go on and on. My body went out of control.

Finally, spent, I collapsed, gasping for breath. Gentle hands stroked me, lips softly kissed me. The blindfold was untied and I looked up at three beautiful smiling faces, looking down at me. I reached up and brought each face down to me and kissed their lips. Kitty's lips and face were wet, and I recognized my smell and taste on her. Carol handed me a drink and they moved close to touch and caress me.

"God, I've never felt anything like that in my life. It was the most intense and wonderful orgasm of my life. You three are wonders! Thank you. It was beyond words!" I said with a tear in my eye. It had been one of the most wonderfully erotic experiences of my life.

They said that the pleasure had been theirs too. I knew what they meant. As we talked, they stroked me gently. I happened to look to one side and sitting on the coffee table was a camcorder on a tripod, pointed at us, it's recording light blinking.

"You taped it! Wonderful! Wonderful! I want a copy to show to my husband. He'll have an orgasm just looking at it. I tell him about everything I do. Everything! It really excites him."

"I'm glad, we would have erased it if you'd objected." Kitty said kissing my lips. "My husband will love it too."

"Leave it on. I want to make love to you too. Turn about is fair play. Right?" I asked kissing her sweet lips.

"Absolutely. Jean, why don't you be the camera operator?" She turned to me. "She's really good at it. It's better when you have someone behind the camera. The view changes and you can get different angles. OK?" I enthusiastically agreed. "Carol, there's another camcorder in that desk. If you'll use it, we can have two views and cut them together. It will make for a much better tape." Minutes later, Carol and Jean were ready and they'd decided how they wanted to cover our lovemaking.



This story was split into 6 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 6 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Tawny T.

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