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Boutique Magic
by Tawny T

This story was split into 6 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 6 parts for faster page loading.

To make the video more interesting, Kitty and I put on sheer gowns, hers black, mine white. We made up a scenario and started with Kitty on the couch alone. I came in served her a drink, and we chatted sitting on the couch. As I filled her glass, I "accidentally" spilled some on the bosom of her gown. I took a towel and began to wipe it off.

"Are you trying to seduce me?" She smiled up at me.

"The thought had crossed my mind. You're so beautiful."

"Thank you, so are you. Do you like women?" She asked.

"It's a new experience for me, but yes, I like women, very much." I pulled her gown open, slid it from her shoulders.

Kneeling between her spread thighs, I kissed her. I slipped my hand beneath her full breasts and lifted them slightly, weighing them in my hands. From the corner of my eye, I could see Jean move closer. I bent and kissed the slope of her breast. I kissed down to the nipple, and tongued the large aureole. I pulled at the nipple and lifted the ring through her nipple.

"I like this. Very sexy!" I played with the ring and chain as Jean moved the camera inches away. I kissed her nipple, and sucked it, then flicked it with my tongue.

"I have another pair of rings, and a chain in another place." Kitty said her voice husky.

"A very secret place?" I asked.

"Very secret. It guards the entrance to a wet, pink cave, that has a spring in it. Only a chosen few are allowed to enter." She placed her hand under her breast and lifted it slightly to my mouth. "Bite, it just a little. I like a little pain. You do too, I'll bet." I caught her nipple with my teeth and as Jean moved the camera very close, I pulled, stretching it.

"Yesss!" She hissed. I shook my head, making her lovely breast wobble. "Yes. Oh, God, yes." Her taut nipple slipped from my teeth, I caught it again, pulled and shook it. She loved it. Pulling, I caught her breast, kneading, milking it with both hands. I took the chain and pulled upward jiggling her full breasts, stretching her nipples. She moaned her pleasure. I played with her breasts, so full, so sweet to lick, and kiss.

Both cameras were on us. I was wet, my pussy on fire. She raised her hips while I slid her gown off. I kissed my way down her body, tonguing her navel, her thighs. She lay back, spread her thighs. I kissed her inner thighs, her bare mound, moving around her pussy, teasing her. I spread her pussy slowly, Jean's camera was just beside me, very close. Her pussy was wet, the inner lips gleaming.

Through each pussy lip was a small gold ring, and a small gold chain connected the two. The chain was long enough that her husband could fuck her without it getting in the way, or a woman could slip a tongue up inside her. I caught her outer lips and pulled them, tugging them outward. She moaned. I tugged harder and she sighed with pleasure. I nibbled on her labia. A long hissing sound told me she liked it.

With the camera inches away, centered on her spread pussy, I extended my tongue as far as I could and slowly moved it to the very center of her pussy. Her core was wet, a tiny pool of her juices at the vaginal opening. Her core was deep pink. A beautiful deep pink. She jerked as my tongue touched her and slid inside. I wished it was six inches long. I moved my head back and forth, thrusting in and out. Her juices tasted so sweet. I pressed my lips to her opening and sucked. He juices ran into my mouth, sweet and slightly salty. She cried out my name.

I licked and sucked her for a long time. Her juices ran down my chin. Her hips thrust upward and her hands held my head, urging me upward. I moved up and saw the sheath of her clit at the top. Her clit was firm and hard, the tip just peeping out. I pressed her skin upward slowly and her large pink clit slid out. The head was much larger than mine, larger than any I'd ever seen. I caught it between my lips and sucked on it. She cried out.

I have always been able to roll my tongue into a tube, and suddenly I realized that this would be perfect. I extended my tongue, and rolled it into a tube. I heard a gasp from Carol very close by. Jean's camera moved very close as she realized what I was going to do.

Moving closer, I placed my tongue around Kitty's large clit, giving her a 'pussy' to fuck. She hadn't seen what I was going to do but the moment my tongue encircled her clit she screamed her joy. The taste buds gave a slightly rough surface. I moved my tongue forward and back, her clit sliding inside the tube. She said later it was like nothing anyone had ever done to her. She thrust her hips in time to my tongue and reached down to pull upward on her pussy, exposing still more of her erect clit. With the stimulation clear around her clit head, it was only moments till she exploded. I felt her tense and slipped two, then three fingers up inside her slippery tunnel. Moments later she came, and her juices flooded my hand, juice spurted out on my chin, neck and breasts.

Some even hit my open lips and I tasted her sweet juices. It was sweet and salty, truly her pussy juices. Her climax went on and on till finally, she pushed my head away and covered her spread pussy with her hands. I licked her wet thighs and loved the taste of her. She moved her hands and I slowly licked her wet spread pussy flesh, avoiding her sensitive clit.

I moved up and we kissed deeply. Her eyes had a strange stare. Minutes later she kissed me deeply and thanked me for the wonderful orgasm. She said she had almost been in a trance after her shattering orgasm. She wasn't sure what I had done to her. When I told her, she said that it was a first, and she hoped certainly not the last time it happened. I promised that I would be happy to oblige her. We lay kissing and laughing.

Jean and Carol said that they had gotten it all on video, and that it should be tremendous. Jean laughed. "Particularly that finale! I've never seen anything like it. When Kitty came, her juices sprayed all over the place. Should be spectacular!" They didn't have any TV editing equipment on the boat, but Jean said she had some at home. They replayed the taping. I could see it would be sensational when spliced together.

While Kitty and I cuddled and kissed, Jean and Carol made love. They said watching us had really gotten them hot. Watching them got me hot, and Kitty slipped between my thighs. While I watched, she brought me to a climax moments after Jean and Carol came. We trooped into the shower and it was slightly cramped but there were no complaints.

Afterward, we talked for a long time, then went to bed. Carol and I slept cuddled together, naked. I awoke to the smell of frying bacon and we had a hearty breakfast. We moved the boat and motored up the river further. The scenery was breathtaking and we saw fewer boats as the canyon narrowed. Kitty picked a side canyon she said had a waterfall, and we dropped anchor. Water spilled down into a pool, ferns and small trees grew and we bathed in the crystal water. Tiny fish darted past us.

We had a light lunch then moved up stream. We anchored in the shade of the cliff, and as the water was deep decided to swim. As we hadn't seen any boats in quite a while, we all took off our bikinis and had a grand time diving off the upper deck. We frolicked like water nymphs, wonderfully naked. The water felt so wonderful on my naked flesh. Jean and Kitty took turns shooting videos of us. Carol is a wonderful swimmer and diver and she entertained us with her fancy dives off the upper deck. Looking at those three beauties got me hot. Their naked, wet bodies were an aphrodisiac.

We heard a throbbing noise echoing up the canyons and someone yelled. "Boat coming." We grabbed our bikinis and were just starting to put them on when a speed boat, loaded with men came around the bend. The nose came down as they chopped power. They'd caught four women with almost no clothes on. Catcalls and whistles came thick and fast.

"You knew we were comin', didn't you little Darlins'" one man called, obviously drunk. They all had either a beer or whiskey bottle in their hands. They were in their mid twenties, and very drunk.

"We may have trouble." Kitty said, slipping on her bikini top. "Go to the lounge and get the shotgun, its in the cabinet in the center, shells with it!" Slipping on my bikini top, I hurried down the ladder. Moments later I was back on the bridge, loaded shotgun held low, out of sight.

The boat full of men had come closer, their comments courser, vulgar. "You rich bitches need a big cock up your tight ass to loosen you up. Right Guys? We're just the studs to do it." The man behind the wheel shouted grabbing his crotch. They moved closer, then stopped, drifting closer.

"Back off!" Kitty yelled.

"Or what? You're up shit creek with out a paddle, Cunt. You can't outrun us and there are six of us. We want pussy! Right fellows?" There was a chorus of 'yeahs, pussy,' 'git some cunt', from the others. Their boat moved forward again.

Kitty reached to a long narrow cabinet to her right and pulled the door open. My eyes widened when I recognized an AK-47 Russian assault weapon, with a 30 round banana clip magazine. She pulled it out, expertly pulled back the bolt and flipped off the safety. It was out of sight of the boat.

"Ready?" She said low to me. I was ready.

"Or what? How about this, Shithead!" Kitty yelled. The rifle came to her shoulder as their heads turned toward her. The rifle cracked twice in rapid succession. A Styrofoam cooler on the bow of their boat literally exploded as the two high speed bullets hit and several beer cans exploded. It was like a slow motion movie. The lid flew upward, sailing up at least eight feet. The gun came to my shoulder, and as all eyes followed the cooler lid, I tracked and pulled the trigger. Several hundred pellets hit the top at the same instant, and it disintegrated in a shower of white chaff. The brave - would be rapists - dived for the bottom of the boat. Hands came up in surrender.

"Now get the hell out of here! I've got twenty eight rounds left in this magazine. I can literally cut your boat in half. Go butt-fuck each other. Move!" Kitty snapped, motioning with the rifle at the shoulder.

They came up, hands high. "Shit, get out of here, that's an AK-47. It can rip this boat apart." One man said. The boat turned quickly and a couple of the men almost tumbled out the back as the boat shot away. Kitty took the round out of the chamber, replaced the spent rounds and put it back in the locker. I returned the shotgun below and when I came back she was on a radio telephone. I heard her describe the boat, its identification number, and how many men were in it. She hung up.

"The police?" I asked.

"Nope." She grinned mischievously. "Better than the police! The guy that owns the boat. It will take them at least 45 minutes to get back to the marina. Those bozos will be met by some really tough customers. I guarantee they'll never even think of bothering anyone like that again, if they are still able." She saw my look. "Don't ask." She kissed me, her body against mine.

I kissed her back. "You're incredible!" She just smiled and slapped my butt.

"You're OK yourself. Incidentally, very nice shooting! That exploding lid put the icing on the cake. You're quick, and good." She started the engine, and raised the anchors.

We explored another side canyon, and saw several deer up on the slopes. Kitty got the jet skis out and with the electric winches put them overboard. We swung the runabout over the side and Jean and I got out the skis while Kitty ran the boat and Carol sat beside her watching out for us.

It had been a while since I'd been on water skis, but it came back quickly. We took turns on the skis and had a wonderful time. We saw only one other boat, a family, they waved. We came back for lunch, and after lunch Kitty and I took the jet skis out for a run. It was so wonderful on the lake. She motioned me to follow her.

We went up a very narrow winding box canyon and finally stopped on a lovely sandy beach. A small waterfall ran down one side. We got out, the sheer cliffs surrounded us, the water was the only way in. It was completely quiet save for the quiet splash of the waterfall. Kitty took a large beach towel out of the storage space on the jet ski. She moved to me and without a word, slipped off my bikini. With two tugs she was beautifully naked.

She took my hand and led me to the waterfall. We moved under the cool water, letting it play over our bodies. We moved together, naked wet body to naked wet body. One of the most sensuous feelings on earth, I believe.

"You are such a wonderful woman. Jean and I talked about you after we were in bed. We both think you are really something." She kissed me, her body moving sensuously against mine. Her leg pressed between mine, I thrust my pelvis against it.

"You're something yourself. You have one of the most exotic, sexy bodies, I've ever seen. Those chains in your nipples and pussy lips add to your erotic look. I might have to get my nipples pierced." I said pulling gently on the chain between her full breasts.

"What about these sweet pussy lips?" She asked as her hand moved down between us to cup my mound. I arched my hips forward, and a finger slipped between my lips and lightly stroked my already swollen clit. I moaned.

"That, I'm not too sure of! Isn't it uncomfortable sometimes?" I asked my hips thrusting against her hand.

"At first, but you get used to it. I love the feel of the chain. I go without panties a lot, and it swings and tickles your thighs a little. Makes you very conscious of your pussy. Sometimes I let my thighs spread and give a little show, to a man or woman. I love the look of surprise when they see the gold chain. One beautiful woman followed me into the restroom and begged me to let her just see it. I teased her, then let her look. She went wild! Wanted to suck my pussy right there. I didn't let her though."

"What about when you're fucking. Doesn't it get in the way?" I asked, my hand pulling gently on her pussy chain. "You have to be careful. If it's a rough and tumble, all out, fast and furious fuck, then I take it off. My husband loves it." She answered, her hips pressing against my hand.

We stood kissing, fingers exploring till we both were panting. We moved to a sandy spot, spread the towel, and lay down together. For almost the next hour, we made slow, wonderful love. We took turns eating each other, then moved into a side by side 69 and feasted on each others pussies for a long time. Each time, I had marveled how much pussy juice she produced.

The last time, I stroked her swollen clit while I fastened my mouth to her opening, and when she came, she filled my mouth with her sweet salty juices. I exploded when she came, her mouth working it's magic on my own pussy. We lay licking each other, slowly recovering. We washed off under the waterfall again and dressing, sped back to the boat.

No one was in sight when we arrived. We tied up the jet skis and went on board. Carol and Jean were in the bedroom, making love. Jean was on her knees on the bed, her pert ass at the edge. Carol stood behind her fucking her with a large strap-on dildo. I'd never seen this in real life before, and was fascinated. I moved closer and watched as Carol thrust her hips, expertly fucking Jean. I watched as Jean's pussy lips pulled outward as if reluctant to allow the large monster to move out of her pussy. Carol's hands fondled Jean's beautiful rounded breasts, and pulled at her nipples. They hardly noticed us as we came closer.

"Yes, fuck me deep, you sweet Bitch. Ram it in me. Yes, like that. Pull my nipples, harder, harder. Oh, yes like that. Fuck me! Fuck me!" Jean cried passionately. Carol's thighs and belly slapped against Jean, and reminded me of passionate fuckings Ron had given me. Kitty moved to a bedside drawer and my eyes went wide when she came back with a short whip. It had many pieces of leather on the end, and I imagined it would not hurt, just sting delightfully. Ron and I had talked about getting one, but never had. He knew I liked my nipples playfully pulled, and got off on a little pain.

Kitty moved closer and as Carol pulled her hips back, flipped the whip down on Jean's ass. She yelped her pleasure. "Yes, you know I love it. Hit my ass." She cried, looking around at Kitty. Her green eyes were ablaze. Kitty timed her strokes to coincide with Carols withdrawal. I watched fascinated as the long dildo slid far out, then back into Jean's pussy. It was fully ten inches long and as big around as my wrist. Carol would push it fully into Jean on the in stroke. Ron's cock is big, but not that long.



This story was split into 6 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 6 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Tawny T.

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