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Baja Mexico
by Leslie

My husband and I decided to go to Loreto in Baja California for a vacation. What we liked about the idea was that it was an adults only resort (no screaming kids around), and there was a championship golf course for Frank.

It was an all inclusive resort. All food and drinks were included in the price along with air fare and lodging in a little bungalow at the resort. The weather was beautiful. The ocean breeze was stimulating and the ambiance was gentle and unhurried. A person could lie out on the beach and read all day, go fishing, golfing, play volleyball, drink, or just soak in the Jacuzzi. There also were rental boats, kayaks and some side excursions offered.

There was a normal pretty beach, and a small 3' high bamboo fence that separated it from the clothing optional beach. The large Jacuzzi was also clothing optional at all times. It was rather exciting seeing all these nude people just walking around with drinks in their hands.

Frank and I decided to go to the nude beach. We felt OK about it, because we didn't know anyone and had no reason to feel embarrassed. Frank is 6' tall 185 lbs and in great shape. I'm 5'6" 128 and very trim. We laid out for a while and then went into the water to cool down. A waiter came by and we ordered some frothy drinks and sat back on the lounges and soaked up some sun. I became aware of the bodies around me and felt very good about myself. Frank was reading, so I got up and walked down to the water in all my glory. I went in up to my knees and splashed some water on me and looked around at the people on the beach. I made eye contact, but just briefly with at least a dozen men that were checking me out. It made me feel sexy and adventurous.

When I returned to the lounge chair, the drink was waiting for me and I sipped it down slowly. I took the orange slice and placed it between my lips and nibbled at it until the fruit was in my mouth and the rind was dangling above my face. I caught some movement to my right and noticed a man staring at me. I smiled at him and licked my lips. He smiled back and waved his hand in front of his face in a simulated fanning motion. I guess he thought the way I ate the orange slice was sexy or something. Anyway he was young and I looked over at him again and smiled.

Frank sat up and said that it was 11 am and he was going to the golf course to play. I told him I would just stay here or at the pool and we would meet up later. Frank suggested that I check out the excursion list. Maybe there was something I'd be interested in. I said OK.

Frank left and I applied some more lotion on my reddening skin. A voice behind me asked, "Would you like me to apply some lotion to your back? It looks like it's getting pretty red." It was the fan man. I handed him the tube and turned sideways on the lounge. He began to apply the lotion to my shoulders and back. It felt cool and nice. His hands were strong and warm. I looked back over my shoulder at him. He was very handsome and had a terrific body with a penis a little bigger than Franks and a lot more stomach muscles than Frank had had in years. He looked at me and smiled. "Anywhere else in need of lotion?"

I lifted my arms up over my head and asked him to put some on the sides of my back. He applied more lotion to his hands and began to rub lotion from my hip up to my underarm along the side of my body. His hand brushed against the side of my breast and made me quiver a little. Then he went to the other side and sat down next to me, facing me and applied lotion on my left side. This time the palm of his hand lingered on the swelling of my breast for a split second and our eyes met and then I looked down in a display of demureness.

I thanked him. His name was Dan. He was from Texas. Vacationing here with a cousin that was out fishing. I introduced myself and told him that my husband was off to play golf. We chatted a bit and then walked to the water and got wet. The sun was hot. I told him I was going to check out the excursion list to see if there was anywhere interesting to go. I put my bikini back on and he grabbed his shorts and put them on and joined me for the walk to the excursion hut. We browsed the list and asked some questions. There was a bus trip into town. I thought that sounded too touristy. There was a 10 minute bus ride and nature hike into the mountains. Kayak rentals and a journey to a cove 1/2 a mile down the beach. And finally a bird watching walk and picnic lunch. Dan said he had nothing to do and if I didn't mind, he would join me on any excursion of my choice. I thought for a moment and chose the Kayak/Cove outing.

We each took a list of what to bring and agreed to meet at noon.

I went back to my room feeling a little like I had just made a date behind my husband's back. It made me feel slightly wicked but nice. I stripped off my bikini and jumped into the shower. My skin felt soft and smooth. I caught my reflection in the mirror just as my hands were soaping my inner thighs and I felt a tingling. I took control and finished my shower and dried myself off. Then 10 minutes with the hair dryer. I applied a very small amount of make up and slid into another bikini with a crop top and some shorts to go over it. I grabbed my sunglasses and a baseball hat. Checking the list, I added some sun tan lotion and a towel. At 11:55 I saw Dan approaching the excursion hut. He looked even younger and more handsome than before. He was wearing some tennis shorts, tennis shoes and a tank top. Sunglasses, hat and towel in his hands. The hut helper gave us a pre-made picnic lunch bag and two paddles to set the Kayak in motion.

We were given directions, helped into the in front...Dan in the rear and we were off. We paddled out about 100 yards and turned left toward the cove down the coast. I thought it was going to be a group of people all going at the same time....but it turned out to be just us.

We talked while we paddled. He was very nice and paid attention to what I said....which was like a novelty. Frank only pretended to listen these days. It was warm out on the water and Dan lifted his tank top over his head and stowed it inside his space. I did the same with my shirt. We paddled against a small current and it wasn't easy for me. I looked back at Dan and saw his muscles bulging in his shoulders and upper arms. I caught a glimpse of his stomach muscles as they tightened and relaxed while he stroked.

The cove came into view and when we turned into it the current was gone and the paddling became much easier. The cliffs inside the cove were steep and lush. Birds were chirping and a small waterfall made a patting sound on the top of the water. It was very still and quiet. Private.

There was really no beach to speak of and so we pulled the Kayak onto a strip of land that was about 5 feet wide and turned it sideways so it was completely out of the water. There was a path leading through the greenery that looked like it lead up into the mountains. "Follow me" said Dan. We picked up our lunches and towels and started to walk away from the boat and along a path the wound back toward the beach. It became quite steep and Dan reached out and pulled me by the hand whenever he thought it might be tough for me. Finally we made it to a point that opened up and we found ourselves on a narrow rock ledge with the ocean and cove below us. We kept on for another 30 feet and it turned and opened up to a 10 foot wide area that looked like someone had a campfire recently.

After seeing me wipe my brow with my towel, Dan suggested that we eat our lunches here overlooking the cove. I agreed, but then we both heard the sound of rushing water and continued around a corner and saw a lovely area that looked like a lagoon with a pretty waterfall and rock platform next to the top of the waterfall. We walked on for only a minute or two and found ourselves on the platform looking down into the lagoon. It was so beautiful and secluded. It was cooler and more comfortable under the high vegetation that surrounded the lagoon.

We spread our towels out and sat down to eat. There was a turkey sandwich, and orange, a bag of chips and a bottle of water. We opened the bottles and ate and drank quietly until Dan asked me if I thought my husband would approve of me going off alone with another man to a secluded and romantic spot like this.

I told him no....he would certainly not approve. "What about you? Does it make you feel sneaky or just adventurous?"

I said....."A little of both, I guess." He just smiled and took a sip from his water bottle.

After we finished eating, Dan asked me if I wanted to continue our hike, go for a swim or head back. I opted for a swim. He stood up and surveyed the water in the lagoon. It looked very deep. We could seethe kelp near the perimeter down at least 20 feet. Dan said he was going to jump into the lagoon and wasI up for doing it too. I said."You first." With that he suggested that we keep our tennis shoes on so we could walk back up for our stuff and slipped off his tennis shorts. I expected to see a pair of bathing trunks under his shorts, be he was naked and partially aroused. His penis hung heavily and limply on his thigh. He caught my gaze and replied that I had already seen him naked before, so what the hell. And with that, he jumped off the platform and landed in the cool water with his hands protecting his vital parts as he crashed through the water. He came up smiling and waved me in. I slipped out of my shorts and adjusted my bikini into place.

Dan's voice was strong and urging." Take off your suit's only fair." I hesitated for a second or two and he laughed at me and called me a chicken. The top and bottom hit the rocks at my feet at almost the same time and I was airborn and then wet. It was exhilarating and fun. I came up laughing and smiling. He held his hand out to me and helped me toward the shore. I pulled away and dove down deeply into the water until I was about 15 feet or so down and then looked up to see him swimming down to me with a big smile on his face. We swam around a bit. He splashed me and I splashed him back. We were having a great time. Then he reached over and pushed my head down into the water and I suddenly found myself 4 feet down. I came up laughing and tried to push him down, but he easily deflected my hands and wrapped his arms around me to stop me from becoming the attacker. As I looked up at him he brought his face close to mine and kissed me. I was shocked but thrilled. I kissed him back lightly and laughed as I swam to the shore.

We made it to the shore and I was shivering a little and my towel was up on the ledge above the lagoon. He reached over and put his arms around me. "Is this better?" I didn't answer. My nipples were like rocks and I had goose bumps all over me. He bagan to rub my skin on my arms and shoulders vigorously to build up some friction. It was working. I looked down to see his penis had lengthened and was not laying down as it was before. It was partially rigid and jerked as he moved his hands over my arms and shoulders. He then moved behind me and rubbed my back and but his arms encircled me and I felt his now fully erect manhood pushing into my lower back. He moved his arms so his forearms covered my breasts and nipples and made me feel warmer and the goose bumps began to diminish. Then he slid his arms outward and cupped both my breasts in his strong hands as he leaned forward to kiss the nape of my neck. I wanted to resist. Everything that was reasonable, sensible and morally correct told me to break away for his arms, hands and lips. But I felt a rush of power flowing through my bones and it made me stay. I accepted his caresses, kisses and the prodding of his giant erection without reservation.

He lifted me to my feet and we climbed to the ledge. I couldn't take my eyes off his erection for very long and my pussy was as wet as any part of me. I yearned to have him make love to me. When we got to the towels, Dan spread them out and took me into his arms. My heart was racing as I reached down and wrapped my hand around his penis. We both shuddered at the same time and he kissed me deeply and caressed my breasts with his strong hands. I slid from his grasp and sank slowly to my knees. I licked the head of his penis and let my tongue swirl around it and poked my tongue into the opening. I held his balls in the palm of my hand and caressed them as I took him into my mouth for the first time. His erection was larger than Frank's in both length and girth and it was a new feeling for me and was making my heart race at a fever pitch. I took him deeply into my mouth and felt his penis push at the top of my throat.

I relaxed my throat and took him all in until his pubic hair was touching my nose. He was groaning and his knees buckled under the sheer pleasure of my oral onslaught. My hand left his balls and began to slide back and forth on his shaft as I allowed his penis to withdraw from my mouth until only an inch or two was remaining. I sucked in 2 or 3 inches more as my hand moved to the tempo of my mouth. As I looked up at him, I noticed his head was back and his eyes were closed tightly. I began to suck more hungrily and my hands and mouth moved on his shaft with increased speed and pressure. His body was rigid and he looked down at me and told me he was going to cum. This only made me shift into overdrive and the friction of my hand and mouth quickly pushed him over the edge. He groaned and bucked and unleashed a flood of cum that filled my mouth and was forced down my throat. Cum escaped my lips and dribbled down my chin as I continued to milk him dry. His legs buckled as his penis began to slacken and I sucked him gently until he could cum no more.

Dan was sweating and breathing like he had run a marathon. He collapsed on the towel on his back and looked up at me, still on my knees. He reached over and fondled my breasts and pinched my nipples gently. Then he put his hand on my side and pulled me to him. We embraced and kissed. He tasted his own cum on my lips and smiled.

I was still erotically engaged and I swung a leg over his head and pushed my pussy down onto his waiting mouth. He ate me for what seemed like forever. I climaxed with his tongue deep inside me and my juices covered his face. When I reached down to his penis, it was hard again and I told him to fuck me. He lay me back and lifted my legs and entered me in one slow but forceful move. It was wonderful. He pumped in and out of me until we had a simultaneous orgasm and we were completely spent, both physically and emotionally. It was the most intense love making session I had ever had.

The sun was getting pretty low on the horizon and the air had become much cooler. We put our suits, shorts and tennis shoes on and grabbed our towels. We jumped off the ledge and swam to shore to get into the kayak. The water felt cool and wonderful. We hardly spoke until we were almost back to the main landing. I told him that I would never forget this afternoon of pleasure as long as I lived. We shook hands like strangers once on shore and went our separate ways.

It makes me wet and horny just to think about it.


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