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Blackmailing My Mother Pt. I
by Knight Mooves

"Damn it. Why can't you ever wait for me to cum. All you have to do is be patient. Twenty years and you still don't know how to get me off. Some husband I married!" my mother shouted.

I hurried back to my room as my mother would certainly be headed for the washroom after her weekly attempt at sex with my father. I had been watching this routine since I was thirteen and five years later I still can't get enough of watching my mother having sex with dad. Every Friday night at 10 PM they would head to bed and try their best to get each other off. My dad was a hard worker and honest family man but a lousy lover. He had this habit of getting off within 90 seconds of penetrating my mom and this drove her out of her mind. The activity usually led to my mother berating him for leaving her wet and frustrated. I on the other hand got off watching her undress and spread her legs for him.

My mom has been the object of my fantasies throughout my teenage years. In fact I often masturbate myself to sleep thinking about her moaning and driving her hips into dad as she tries to meet his thrusts. She is a hot looking 41-year-old woman with sexy blond streaks in her hair, perky 36C breasts and a firm 5'7" body. She works out regularly and takes good care of her skin by applying her beauty cream religiously. I am a fairly good looking 19-year-old college student home for the summer. Over the course of the school year I dated a different girl every week and still continued to fantasize about my mother. It was a fantasy that simply consumed me.

I was lying in bed listening to my parents argue about this last failed attempt at good sex. This argument was particularly heated as my father was leaving on a one-week business trip in the morning, which meant he would not be going to my cousins wedding tomorrow night. My mom hated going to big family functions alone. When dad insisted that I escort her to the wedding, I almost came in my pants. Mom and I had a good relationship but she had no idea I had sexual feelings for her. Her strong Catholic upbringing would make her stomach turn if she ever found out. I fell asleep that Friday night masturbating to the thought of being my mother's date in less than 24 hours.

It was a beautiful Saturday in July with clear blue skies and a cool breeze. Dad left for the airport earlier in the day and mom had gone to the hairdresser to get her hair and nails done. I just hung out in our pool imagining what it was going to be like to dance with mom. She got back at around three and headed straight for the shower while I freshened up downstairs.

My date finally came down at about 4:30 and I just about made every limb in my body go numb. She had this tight black dress that fell just above the knee with a low cut neckline that gave her awesome cleavage. The tanned skin on her arms, legs, and face made the dress that much more stunning. Mom also had tan colored nylon pantyhose with sexy black high heels that added at least 2 inches to her body. Her ass looked great in the dress. "What are you looking at?" she said not noticing the look of lust on my face.

"You look ..... real good," I responded.

"Yeah well, too bad your dad's not here to see this dress. I bought for him with the hope that it would turn... oh, forget it". She wanted to turn on my dad with it and was disappointed that there was no man around to impress. This was going to be my night. I decided I was at some point in time going to put a move on my mom.

I occasionally glanced at her legs from the passenger seat as we drove to the wedding hall. If I could have only caressed her thighs while she drove! The drive took about thirty minutes and I had to do the kissy, kissy thing with my aunts when we got there. I was in my first year of college and they still treated me like a kid. I could see a few men including my dad's brothers do a double take when they saw mom come in.

We joined some relatives at our table for what was to be a very average meal. I didn't care about the food though as my mind wondered how and when I was going to hit on mom. I figured I could ask her to dance at some point, maybe ask her to take a walk with me outside. I refused to believe this would not work. Any negative thoughts would surely make me lose the nerve I was so desperately trying to build up. The band started playing at about 9 and I asked mom to join me on the dance floor. We danced to about 4 disco songs and worked up quite the sweat. On our way off the floor I put my arm around her waist and asked if she wanted a drink from the bar. She wanted a Scotch and I made sure to get a double.

The July heat and the dancing made her drink that ice cold glass of Scotch in just a few sips. I quickly got her another and then asked her to dance some more. This went on for about an hour when finally the lights dimmed and the first slow song of the evening came on. I made sure to get to her before anyone else did. The men in the room kept eyeing her legs through the silky pantyhose and would have jumped at the opportunity to get their hands on her. I put one hand in hers, the other around her waist and kept about 8 inches in between us. We talked and laughed about how strange looking some of our relatives had become over the years. She seemed to be having a good time or maybe it was the booze making her giggly. Regardless, I could smell her sexy perfume at this distance and feel the heat emanating from her warm body.

The first slow song ended and another came on. "We should head back to the table," she said. I was not going to lose my one and only chance, it was time. "Oh come on mom, how often do I get the chance to dance this close with a stunningly beautiful older woman."

My heart raced as the words exited my mouth. She gave me this weird look and laughed, "Save that crap for your girlfriends." Once again she began to walk away and I drew her back in.

"Please mom. Just this one more." She reluctantly agreed and resumed the same position only this time I dropped both my arms down to her waist. She uncomfortably placed her hands on my shoulders and tried to re-establish the distance between us. I began to slowly move in closer as the song progressed. We weren't talking anymore and she kept her head turned to the side trying not to look directly at me. The distance between us had diminished to a couple of inches.

"This is nice, mom," I said softly. All she did was mention how ridiculous my uncle looked in his cheap suit. She wasn't even paying attention to me. This had its advantages. On one hand she was oblivious to the hard-on in my pants, on the other I could probably pull her towards me without her noticing. I took a deep breath and went for broke by moving right up against her. The bulge in my pants was pressed up to her black dress. I was lost in the sensation of having my cock right up against her sweet spot.

Suddenly my mother pulled away and said, "What the fuck do you think you're doing, you pig? I'm your mother, not some cheap bimbo you're used to getting your way with. Now, go sit down David and try hard not to let anyone see the crap you just pulled."

I was mortified and headed straight for the door hoping to find some corner where no one would see me. My worst fears had come true, my fantasy shattered.

I stayed away from her the rest of the night and hitched a ride home with my cousin Gary. I lay in bed that night lost in thought. I would imagine her feel, her perfume and silky legs. Then suddenly she'd turn into my patronizing bitch of a mother and scold me. Damn it, it made me furious. I was 18 and she treated me like I was 8. Somehow, some way I needed to get back at her and regain my self-respect. I also knew the time had come, I needed to fuck her and put her in her place.

More to come in Part II...


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