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Blackmailing My Mother Pt. II
by Knight Mooves

I woke up early that Sunday morning and went straight for the computer across from my bed. I entered my favorite chat room to see if "Cman" my cyber buddy was on. "Cman" was a 26-year-old Hollywood Cameraman that specialized in filming and editing. We often hit on the same women in the chat room and competed to see who would be the one cybering at the end of the night. We actually met a couple of times for beers at one of the local hangouts. "Cman" would often teach me about the right way to go after a woman. He knew about my fantasy with mom and would often kid me about it. He claimed it was OK, that I would grow out of it. I told him about last night and how I needed his help to get back at her. He was the only 26-year-old I could trust for what I had in mind. I gave him my address and told him to be here at 3PM.

I tried to stay out of my mother's way that morning. When we eventually did run into each other, I apologized about what I had done and all she could do is tell me how terrible it was. "I know you're growing into a man David, but get a grip, I'm your mother. Now lets try to forget about it and move on."

Later that day she put on her two piece bikini and went out to sit by the pool. At about 2:30 I went out and offered to refill her ice tea. Once in the house I pulled a couple of her sleeping pills out of the medicine cabinet and ground them into the drink.

"Thank you David, I needed a cold refill," she said when I returned with the drink. "This California sun is dehydrating me." I went back into the house and watched from the window as the pills took effect. The doorbell rang promptly at three and I asked "Cman" to come in and wait quietly in my bedroom. Things were moving along quickly now and I needed to put my plan into effect.

I ran back out at about 3:15 and told my mom I had an electrician up stairs working on my video camera. She was upset that I would let a stranger in when she was not fully clothed and tried to get up so she could put some clothes on. The pills had made her wobbly and very drowsy.

"I think this sun really got to me Dave, help me to the house." I walked her back into the living room and sat her on the couch. I called "Cman" to come down so he could meet my mother. She sat there becoming more and more drowsy with each passing minute. "Cman" appeared with a video camera in hand and introduced himself. Mom tried to speak but was too overtaken with her inability to stay awake. I looked at my buddy and gave him the signal.

"You need a new Head on the camera Dave," he said. "In fact if you go buy one now at the electronics store, I'll have it all ready within the hour. I'll stay behind and clean the rest of the camera while you go to the store."

I looked at my mother and told her in a loud tone that I was going to the store. "Did you hear me mom, I won't be long. Just lie down," I shouted. She was almost completely passed out. I needed "Cman" to do his thing while she was at least semi-conscious. At my signal he quickly put the camera on a table facing the couch mom was lying on and hit the record button. I stood back behind the living room door and remained quite as I watched my buddy take a seat next to mom.

He put one arm around her shoulders and the other on her thighs. He wasted no time grinding his hand into the thin fabric of her bikini bottom. My mother squirmed and mumbled something about wanting him to stop but he kept right on going. Her feeble resistance made her like a willing participant. "Cman" unhooked her top and let her tits drop. God they were awesome. I wanted so badly to go touch them and put her nipples in my mouth. She tried to push his head back when he went for her breasts but it looked more like a playful, teasing type of push. "Cman" kept positioning her face away from the camera in order to conceal the look of agony that came over her every now and then. I motioned for him to hurry up as he began to remove her bottom. He picked up her legs, spread them and positioned mom on her back.

Her bush was there for the world to see. I wanted to pull my cock out and massage it but I couldn't in front of my friend. Instead I just watched in awe as he buried his face into her cunt and began lapping up her syrup. She let out a weak squeal and was by now almost asleep. I motioned to him that he should place her arms around his neck. "Cman" grabbed her arms and wrapped them around his neck, under his shirt so that they would not slip off. My mom looked like she was purposely holding his head against her pussy and driving his tongue deeper into her. Then he moved over her and began kissing mom while he unbuttoned his pants.

"Hey," I whispered "no penetration, remember."

He gave me a sly smile and said, "Forget it kid, I'm too far gone. Your mom is gonna have a pussy full of me in a few seconds." My heart raced and my mind was thinking fast. I knew mom was on the pill and there was little chance of pregnancy. I figured "Cman" was clean, he had been dating the same woman for 4 years. Regardless, he had her legs up over his shoulders and his cock lined up against the entrance of her pussy. In one powerful thrust he rammed his dick deep into her. My sleeping mother barely lifted her arms and let out another squeal. I watched my friend pump the woman of my dreams for about 10 minutes and then he unloaded inside of her.

He finally stood, pulled up his pants and turned the camera off. "Ok Dave, back to my place so we can edit this thing into an Oscar winning porno flick. Hey you don't mind that I let loose on your mom do you. I just couldn't hold back."

"Not at all, I enjoyed it and she deserved it for last night." I moved close to her and watched her sleeping. My hand was drawn to her nipples and caressed them softly. The smell of "Cman's" cum in her pussy permeated throughout the room. I slipped my fingers into her pussy and felt the sperm lined walls of her womb. Then my buddy reminded me that we needed to get her bikini back on and clean her up. We did and left for his studio where he did a masterful job of making the video look real. She looked like a woman who thoroughly enjoyed being fucked by a man other than her husband. I had him make a few copies for me and made sure to take the original back. I didn't want this in circulation. I had all the ammunition needed to blackmail my mother for many years to come.

Mom was taking a bath when I got home. I knocked on the door and asked if she was OK. What if she knew what had gone on - what if she was not completely asleep? Again I asked, "Mom, everything OK?"

"Yeah, honey. I just dosed off for about 3 hours and now have a nap hangover. I just popped a couple Tylenol's and thought I'd relax in the tub."

"No problem mom," I replied in relief. "You just looked so out of it when I went out and was a little concerned. I'll go down and put some steaks on the grill."

"Thanks honey, I'll be down in a few."

We had a nice quiet dinner that night and it looked like mom was completely unaware of the events of the day. She did look very mellow and had a smile on the whole night. I went to bed early and watched the video of my mom getting fucked over and over. The next morning mom went to the grocery store, which gave me a chance to prepare the first screening of her debut performance. I was so scared and yet realized that I needed to be strong for this. She was going to want my head, literally. I needed to overpower her with self-confidence and determination.

She came home at about noon and I helped her get the bags out of the car. When everything was put away I asked her to meet me in the living room for a chat. "What's wrong, you sounded serious? Don't tell me it's about the wedding because that's all forgotten."

"No it's not mom. Please sit. The doorbell rang this morning while you were away. There was no one at the door when I went to answer, only a box with this note." I handed her a type written note addressed to no one in particular that said, "Thanks for the good time. You can keep the tapes, they're no good to me." I explained how I opened the box and found videotapes, which I viewed. The box had 15 copies of the same 20-minute tape.

"What on earth was on the tape?" she asked.

"Mom, you know what you do with your personal life is your business. I really don't want to question the way you live," I explained. She was looking at me now completely confused. "It's just that I feel a certain loyalty to the family and don't like watching dad being taken for a fool".

"What are you talking about?" she asked. With a trembling hand I turned on the TV, hit the play button and held my breath. This moment would define the rest of our lives.

An image of mom sitting on the couch with her white bikini appeared on the screen. Her eyes grew big and remained fixated on the TV. A man appeared from behind the camera and sat next to her. What happened next made her jaw drop, she went numb from head to toe. "What... what... what the fuck is that" she asked in a desperate panic. "Who the fuck is that, when did this happen... what... who...?"

I felt horrible. She thought she was going out of her mind. I had to think back to the way she belittled me Saturday night to give me the strength to keep going. Mom came straight for me, ripped the remote out of my hands and then tore the tape out of the VCR. She had beads of sweat forming on her brow and began to shake uncontrollably. I very quietly stood back and allowed her to think this through. She couldn't remember that I was the one who let this man in. My mother had no clue who he was, when it happened and why she couldn't remember.

"Where were you yesterday?" she shouted.

"I was out all afternoon remember. You were busy screwing some stranger," I added.

"Screwing some... I was fucking raped and I can't remember it!" she cried out.

"Oh come on, mom. You looked like you enjoyed every minute of it. Did you see a screaming woman raped on that tape? That was very consensual. The least you could do is take your affairs out of the house".

"Affair!" she shouted back. "Get out!!! Get out of the house!!" She ran to her room crying with tape in hand. She would no doubt look at the rest of it in her room. I waited patiently in the kitchen for her to get a hold of herself. Mom came down 30 minutes later, her eyes were red with tears. "I'm calling the cops" she announced. Oh damn, I thought. Time to move quickly.

"Mom, sit down and think this through. You don't want this to get out do you. Rape, consensual, whatever. You should keep this quiet and hope he never comes back. Actually the fact that he sent all the copies of the tape probably means that he will never bother you again."

"The copies!!! I want them now!" she demanded.

"Not so fast mom. Listen to my proposal and you just may get out of this unscathed." I got up, held out my hand and asked her to join me in the living room. She was crying as she followed me on to the couch. I sat next to her and put my arms around her shoulders. I explained that we were the only ones who knew and had control of the copies. It's not like she was physically hurt. Again she asked for the copies and I finally let out my offer.

"I want to tell dad, but on the other hand don't want to see you hurt. I love and adore you. You know that." I squeezed her shoulders tighter now and pulled her to me for a hug. I could feel her breasts against my chest. "I won't tell anyone mom. I don't want to see you embarrassed in front of your friends and family, I promise not to tell and keep the tapes out of circulation if you just, .. help me."

She stopped her sobbing and looked up with her inquiring eyes fixed on mine. Her eyebrows assumed that position she normally got just before she blew her top. "What do you mean. What do you mean by help!" I gently placed my hand on her lap and gave her thigh a squeeze.

"You know," I said. "I am a growing boy with needs and questions about the birds and the bees. Maybe you could be my sexual mentor." I couldn't believe I got the words out of my mouth. This was the woman who would kick the crap out of me when I misbehaved and who had the power to ground me when I was younger.

She sullenly got up, looked down and screamed "You are out of your sick mind you... you... bastard!" and ran back to her room. I left the house as I felt she needed to be alone to think about her options. I headed for a bar where I gulped down a few beers and contemplated what I had just done.

It was late afternoon by the time I got home. I entered the house and found mom sitting on the couch with the lights dimmed down low. "What are you doing sitting in the dark I asked?"

"Just thinking about the position I'm in. First I find out I got raped by a total stranger and then my own son tries to use it against me. What is it you want from me exactly?" I jumped at the opening and took a seat on the chair facing her.

"Mom I could do things to you that dad never does. I'll give you orgasms you like you've never had. I love you and want to show you how much by pleasing you," Again my heart was beating rapidly as I anticipated her reaction.

"Honey, I love you too but you're my son, I'm your mother. These fantasies you have are... they're... sick! Just what do you expect to happen by trying to black mail me?"

I asked her to start by removing the red blouse she had on. Mom looked at me for about 30 seconds and then began to undo the buttons on the blouse. With a snarl on her face she said, "OK, you pig, look all you want!" and dropped the blouse to the ground. Her black bra gave her beautiful tits the most incredible cleavage.

"Take off the bra," I said in a low tone. "Oh, stand up in front of me when you do that," I added.

Mom stood about 3 feet in front of me and exposed her breasts. The brown areola's decorated her perky nipples just perfectly. She was trying hard to hide her embarrassment and keep her eyes away from mine. I dropped to my knees in front of her and began undoing the zipper on her shorts. I could hear mom begin to cry again as the shorts slid down to her ankles. I had a decision to make. Removing the panties could devastate her but it was a chance I had to take. I had gone too far now. I placed my fingers on the elastic of the panties and began to pull down. She started to run just as the panties hit her knees. I grabbed her waist and wrestled her naked body down to the couch where I immediately moved on top of her. "No... No ..... S T O P ....!!"
"David, don't rape your own mother !!!! You'll never forgive yourself!! she cried.

"If you relax, you'll find I have no intention of raping you," I managed to let out while holding her down. Finally I dove for her pussy and drove my tongue deep into her cunt. I fought to hold her waist down and pull her to me while she desperately attempted to free herself. My tongue had gotten a hold of her clit and my hot saliva began coating her pink spot. Suddenly I could sense the strength sap out of her.

"Stop David" she cried. "It isn't... uh... uh... right ... you're... uh... oh... uh... my son... you're my... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I couldn't believe my ears. My excitement shot up and completely evaporated whatever fear I was feeling. She was beginning to enjoy this. Mom let her hands fall to her side and just let herself go. I had no resistance whatsoever and had attained a very rapid licking pace. I engulfed her pussy and at one point had my full face up her cunt. My dream was coming true.

My mother was letting her juices flow out of her body and into my mouth willingly. Mom didn't say much from that point on and fought furiously to keep her moans to a minimum. I licked and licked taking her clit in between my teeth then letting go. My tongue slid into her vagina in an effort to lick the walls of her pussy. This went on for about ten minutes when suddenly her whole body began to shudder uncontrollably and she cried "noooooooooo, uh.......uh....... awwwwwwwwwwwww!"

I had just given my mother an orgasm. I quickly slid my fingers into her pussy and massaged her G-Spot. This sent her into what was a second set of rocking orgasms. She grabbed my arms and dug her nails into my arms as her eyes finally met mine. She had this helpless look on her face. The look begged for me to go on while her face kept reminding her of how wrong this was. I left her pussy and decided I was going to put my tongue in her mouth. She fought me at first and then eventually gave that up too. I force fed my tongue into hers while the bulge in my pants dug into her cunt. I couldn't stop kissing and went on endlessly. The saliva dripped out of mouth and all over her chin. I was not normally this sloppy with my women but then again, I had never had sex with my mother before.

I finally stopped and sat up next to her. Mom just lay there motionless. "Has dad ever done that to you before. Has he ever made love to your pussy the way I just did" I muttered still breathing hard. She simply stared at the ceiling trying to get her breathing under control. "It wasn't right," I heard her mumble in a low tone.

"Maybe, but it felt damn good, didn't it?" I responded. I unzipped my pants and pulled my rock hard cock out. "You're turn, mom. Make love to your son's cock, it's the least you can do."

She slowly rolled over and placed her head in my laps. My mother dropped her mouth onto my dick and buried my tool whole. I let out a loud moan and placed my hands in behind her head. I thought of the nights I spent masturbating thinking about this moment. Her hot, motherly saliva dripped down my shaft and sent a tingle throughout my body. I watched the woman who raised me perform oral on me like an expert hooker. All she needed was some trashy clothes to fill the look. "Oh mom, oh mom, oh mmmommy please let me come in your mouth!" I begged.

"No way!" she shot back. "Your father doesn't even do that"

"Please, I promise to keep the tapes secret if you swallow my cum." It took all of 6 strokes before I shot my wad deep into her throat. I bucked my hips upward and held her head down to make sure she took it all in. My slave didn't lose a single drop. Mom sobbed and gagged a little as she lifted her head and stammered "I hope you enjoyed it. I'll never do that again!!!"

I pulled her up to me and held her tight. "I love you mom. I want you to be my woman, whether you like it or not," I replied. "In fact not only will you do it again, but I will coach you so that you become the best cock sucker in the city. Keep pleasing me and no one sees the video." For a moment, she seemed to hug back. "Please tell me you enjoyed it" I asked.

"I've never cum like that before David. It still doesn't make it right," she replied with a slight sob.

It was only 6 PM. I asked her to go upstairs, shower and pull out all her lingerie. I was talking my new girlfriend out for a drink.

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