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Blackmailing My Mother Pt. III
by Knight Mooves

I entered mom's bedroom unannounced and found her standing there naked. "Don't you knock before you enter your mothers room?" she hissed trying to cover up with a towel.

I moved in on her, gave her a hug and said "How many guys knock before they walk into their woman's room?" Then I leaned in and gave her a good long French Kiss. It was an awesome feeling exploring mom's mouth with my tongue. She continued to struggle a little but I could sense mom beginning to enjoy it more and more. I looked down at the bed and saw that she had laid out all her lingerie. I picked out a pair of black thigh highs, black sheer bra and black high heels for her pretty feet. Then I went into her closet and picked out the shortest skirt I could find. A cute pink number that fell to her knees which was still way too high for my taste. Finally I selected a T-shirt she hadn't worn in years because it had become to tight. That was perfect for me.

Mom looked up and said, "You can't be serious. First you eat me, then you have me swallow your cum and now you want me to dress like a whore. You are sick. Oh well, what we do in the house can't hurt."

"Uh, mom, you and I are going to hit the town. I want to show off my woman in public!" I roared with excitement. My mother's eyes began to get watery again as she pleaded for me not to humiliate her. I finally shouted, "I love you, I want you! I think you're the sexiest woman I have ever seen. I don't want to humiliate you. I want to show the woman I love a good time. Now please mom, get dressed."

She quietly moved to her dresser and pulled out a pair of white panties. I quickly told her to put those down. "I gave you your wardrobe hun, now follow my commands please".

"No panties, in public. I can't believe what you are doing to me. You insist on degrading me."

"By the end of the evening, you're going to thank me, mom. Now get dressed, I have reservations at a The Piano Bar Restaurant just out side of town. No one will see us there." She dressed and we left.

It was incredible to have mom sitting in the passenger seat with no panties on while I drove. I put my hands on her thigh and stopped to kiss her at every red light. We stopped at a sex boutique just before heading out of town and asked her to follow me inside. I opened the car door for her and watched her legs move towards me. The skin above her thigh high stockings was completely exposed as she stepped out of the car. I wrapped my arm around her waist and walked into the store with my new girlfriend. We headed straight for the skirts section where I ordered her to try on a black, super tight, super short skirt.

"This will barely cover the top of my stockings David. Can't you come up with something better?"

"My girl, my slave, my choice. I want my baby in the shortest skirt possible. Now go put it on while I go pay." My cock was about to explode as I thought of her in a hooker outfit. The guy working the cash register smiled as he took my money and said, "Your girlfriend is going to look hot in that skirt."

"That's my mom!" I said with pride. His jaw dropped just as my mother was coming out of the back of the store. She looked like she belonged in a Playboy magazine with 5 men all over her. I pulled her to me and put my tongue in her mouth right in front of the clerk. Mom would have never done this had she known that I told the guy she was my mother. He stared in amazement as this mid-thirties woman French kissed a teenager.

I continued fondling her tits in the car while we drove to the restaurant. Mom was becoming used to the attention and looked like she was beginning to enjoy it too. I placed her hand on my cock and asked that she play with it while I drove. It got so hard that at one point I stopped the car in a parking lot and asked her to go down on me.

"Why do you force me to do this in public David. Can't you let me take care of you in private?" I simply pushed her head down into my laps and commanded her to suck off her son. I could once again feel her warm saliva swallow up my dick whole into her mouth. I never really saw her give my father much head. I thought she was pretty good for a woman who had very little practice. That tingling sensation started up in my balls again and I quickly moved her off of me.

"Ok sexy, enough. I don't want to shoot my load just yet and lose that edge. I plan on enjoying this evening with a hard on all night," I explained.

We got the restaurant and parked the car. I rushed over to the other side and opened the door for her. She smiled as she thought I was being a gentleman. I just wanted a glimpse of her pussy as she stepped out of the car. I pulled her to me and wrapped my arms around her waist. Looking into her eyes I said, "You are the most beautiful girlfriend I have ever had."

She looked back, smiled somewhat and in a gentle tone replied, "You're a handsome boy, David, and certainly know how to treat a woman. I just... I still feel very uncomfortable about this."

"Kiss me now mom, lose your inhibitions and give yourself to me," I ordered. She leaned in and this time willingly drove her tongue deep into my mouth. Our hands were all over each other as our heads swayed from side to side and our lips locked into a very long embrace. We finally went in and were shown to our table I could see the men sitting with their wives glancing at mom as we walked to our spot. She looked incredibly hot and she was all mine.

I played with her pussy and she caressed my cock throughout dinner. The waiter tried to sneak a peek every now and then at the action under the table. Mom was really getting into this. A man sitting to the left of mom was having dinner with a woman and kept taking long glances at her exposed legs. I asked her to give the guy a treat and show a little more of herself.

"David I've never done anything like this. It's not right for to... oh what the hell." She pushed her chair back a little so that the table napkin would not hide her legs. Then my mother crossed her legs in such a way that revealed her entire black stocking, the sexy elastic at the top as well as a good portion of skin between her skirt and stocking. The guy at the next table almost choked on the food he was having. He stared for so long that the woman with him turned to see what he was looking at. This resulted in a heated discussion between them. The woman once again turned to look at mom who pretended not to notice anything. She got up and discreetly came over to our table.

"You should be ashamed, exposing yourself in public like this and in front of your boyfriend!" she whispered.

Mom gave her an intense look and said, "He's my son and the outfit is for his benefit. Tell your husband to keep his eyes on you." The woman headed for the washroom and we both had a good laugh.

I was so excited that mom was really getting into this. We later danced just the way two lovers would. Kissing and holding on to each other tightly as we swayed to the music. I had my hands up her short skirt during one of the slow songs and gave a few men a good look at her cheeks.

We got home at around 11 and found the answering machine flashing. She walked over to see who had called and I followed behind her. I ran my hands up the front of her legs and began fingering her clit with my fingers as the first message played. It was dad wanting to know where everyone was. Mom stopped momentarily as reality began to set in. I thought this was the end. My father's voice may have shaken her up. She turned, looked into my eyes and asked that I continue fingering her pussy. That was all the confirmation I needed to know that mom's pussy was now all mine.

"Please David, make love to my pussy the way only you can. Show your mom a good time!" she moaned. I responded by tearing off her T-Shirt and sliding her skirt up the her thigh. Mom sat on the kitchen counter, spread her legs wide open and asked that I go to lunch on her. My tongue drove deep into her cunt like a missile heading for its target. I must have licked her for about a good thirty minutes. The dim lights, a few glasses of wine and her willingness to give herself to me was pushing my cock out of my pants. It occurred to that that the pussy I was eating was the same place I came out of. I spent nine months trying to get out of her womb and the rest of my life looking to get back in. When my tongue became to sore to continue I raised my head and found tears flowing down her face amidst all the moaning.

"Don't tell me you still can't get comfortable with this mom" I pleaded.

"Oh no David honey. I'm crying because for the first time in my life I feel like a real woman and it took my son to make me realize what great sex was all about. Isn't it time you put your cock in me". With that I picked her up off the counter and laid her down on the couch. She unzipped my pants and casually let them fall to the ground. I positioned myself in between her legs and placed the tip of my dick right up against her cunt. "Ok honey, now ram it in me" she begged.

"Mom, if I put my dick in your pussy, things will never be the same again. Is this what you want". As badly as I wanted this, I still did not want to lose her.

"Yes, yes, please do it".

"Are you prepared to be my sex slave and let me have you anywhere and anytime. This is more than a one night stand for me".

"David, if you fuck me good, I'll be your woman forever. Please son, take care of your moms pussy".

"One more thing mom. You will have to ask for my permission to fuck dad. If I ever catch you screwing around with him without my knowledge, I'll release the tapes".

"Oh baby, don't you get it" she said as ground her hips into me. "I'm your woman now. You are the only man for me".

I slid my dick into her blazing hot pussy and quickly became overwhelmed with the emotion of watching my mom lying underneath me. I was screwing my mother, the woman who raised me, the woman of my dreams. We kissed the whole time my cock made love to her cunt. She held me tight and cried out my name as we approached the most incredible climax we both had ever experienced. My mother and I let out one long moan as I injected her pussy with my sperm. She closed her eyes and reveled in the thrill of having my hot spunk coat the walls of her pussy. "Please don't stop cumming David, keep filling me up son". We held on to each other for the rest of the night and continued making love throughout the next day. It was only Monday which gave me 3 more nights alone with my girlfriend. It was time to plan the rest of our week. I was curious to find out what she meant when she said she would do anything for me.

So what did you think about my blackmailing scheme?


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