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Blackmailing My Mother Pt. IV
by Knight Mooves

The bright morning sun illuminated the bedroom as it beamed through the panoramic windows. The unexpected rays shun so bright that they brought tears to my eyes. I had never been awaken by the sunlight in my room before and couldn't understand why this was happening. It was only when I managed to pull myself up and out of bed that I realised I was not in my room. This was my parent's room and their bed I had just dragged myself out of. Suddenly the passion and explosive memory of making love to my mother on the previous night all came back to me. I stared at the messed up bed and saw dry cum stains on the sheets where mom had aimed one of my many bursts of semen. Her bra, panties and high-heeled shoes were still lying on the floor next to my clothes. The clock showed 9:14 as I walked my ragged body into the shower wondering where mom was.

Many thoughts ran through my mind as the semi - cold water splashed against my naked body. I stood motionless; allowing the water to pour down my still dormant flesh as the internal camera in my head began replaying the events that took place this past weekend. So many boys fantasize about having sex with their mom's and I was fortunate enough to have had the fantasy come true. In fact, my mother had committed herself to being my sex slave. I noticed my rod down below start to awaken as the thoughts of me pounding away at mom's pussy all came back. My soapy hand slowly caressed my hardening shaft as images of mom moaning and begging me to make her cum scrolled through my head.

Mom had left a note on the kitchen counter letting me know that she had an appointment with her hairdresser that morning and would be back in the afternoon. I wondered what she was thinking, how she felt this morning when she got up. It was the first time mom had ever had sex with such intensity. Even in their younger days, mom tells me dad had no time for foreplay. There was no doubting she enjoyed last night. My concern was more with the mental guilt she had about incest. It's something that she was completely unprepared for, unlike me who had been living the illusion throughout my teenage years. I resolved to hand over the videotapes I had if this was still bothering her. It dawned on me that blackmailing her was sweet but I only wanted her if she wanted me back. I spent the better part of the day lying in the sun, cooling off in the pool and thinking about the past as well as the future.

It was mid-day when I heard a voice shout "Hey handsome, what's the matter did I wear you out last night". It was mom walking through the patio doors towards the pool. She had a tight white T-shirt with awesome cleavage, skin tight denim shorts and white high-heeled sandals laced up to her ankles. Mom looked like a 20-year-old babe. I was relieved with her comment about wearing me out. Maybe she had come to terms with the incestuous relationship we were developing.

She hopped on to my laps, wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a quick peck on the lips. "How's my sexy son" she smiled.

"He could use a long passionate kiss" I replied. Mom giggled, tilted her head to the side and locked her lips on mine. Our tongues slow danced as they explored the inside of each other's mouth. We held the kiss for over 5 minutes and finally snapped out of it with both of us breathing heavily.

"How are you feeling David?" she asked as her hand caressed my chest.

"I'm feeling great. In fact I was just lying here re-living last night's events, letting my cock grow harder and harder. I could use a little relief."

"Come upstairs with me and I'll show you what I bought. Then I'll give that cock of yours the relief it needs." Mom took me by the hand and pulled me to her bedroom where she tore open a bag containing sexy black chiffon, knee high dress. "The museum is throwing a fundraiser that I absolutely have to attend tonight and your going to be my date. Do you think you can handle seeing me in this dress in public" she smirked. I put my hand behind her head and pushed it down in between my legs. Mom's fingers expertly pulled my cock out of my shorts and began pumping the shaft. Suddenly my body went numb as her warm tongue traveled the length of my dick and then around the most sensitive areas. She slowly pulled the skin back on the head and let the tip of her tongue flick the tip of my cock. Mom enjoyed toying with my rod claiming it was something she never did with dad. Her other hand applied pressure on that sensitive area between my balls and butthole. Her head began bobbing faster and faster along with the gentle caresses on my testicles. I held my breath and felt the sperm rocket out of my cock and down her throat. My hand held her head down as she still needed to be thought how to completely finish a man off before coming up for air. A few more days and she would be an expert cocksucker.

"Wow" she sighed smacking her lips. "All this protein your feeding me is going to be great for my diet. Do you always cum that thick. I mean we had sex all of last night and you just shot a load down my throat like you hadn't cum in weeks. You're going to have to be patient as I learn how to handle this whole situation properly". I laughed at her thoughtful comments. She was truly looking forward to succumbing to my sexual desires.

"I'm glad to see you show no remorse. I was a little concerned that you would go back to your old conservative ways and try to push me around. It's much more fun when you are a willing partner in the relationship".

"Honey, you made me realise what I was missing all these years. I was a frustrated bitch who needed a man to show her how to release the pressure. That man happens to be my son. I know it's not right but it makes sense for us to capture the moment and not worry about the future. So if it's OK with you I would very much like to continue this sexual relationship we have and want you to help me grow sexually". I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Mom had actually given this some serious thought and come to the conclusion I was hoping for. I knew then I was going to fuck her brains out every chance I got.

I pushed her on to her back and quickly removed her shorts. I was shocked to see my conservative mother was wearing no panties. "Did you have to rush out the door this morning"? I kidded.

"Actually, I've decided to become more sexually liberated. If I'm going to fuck my own son, I might as well try to compete with his 20-year-old girlfriends. Do you approve of me wearing no panties?" she teased.

My cock sprang back to life as she caressed my chest with her naked foot. I drove it deep into her cunt and pounded furiously, trying to make her pay being such a tease. "Tell me mother" I asked desperately trying to control my breathing. "Do you enjoy teasing your own son. Maybe your just a natural... cockteaser". The dirty talk was making both of us crazy, the moans increased along with the pace of our fucking. "I never realised my bitchy mom could be such a tease. "Do you enjoy turning on other men" I continued.

Suddenly and much to my surprise she responded "Yes...uh....uh...I do. Is that ...uh...Is that OK with you honey"?

I never expected mom to answer. It was just erotic chatter meant to heighten the sexual intensity. I needed to explore how far she would go in this state of mind. I've heard people can reveal their deepest fantasies while in the throws of heated sexual activity. "I like the fact that you want to tease other men mom. In fact...uh...uh...I encourage you to behave like a true cockteaser when out in public with me". I tried hard to fight off another imminent orgasm. It was necessary for me to get into her head and not lose this opportunity. She wrapped her hands around my ass and begged that I pound her faster. "Answer a few questions and I'll give you the fuck of a lifetime mom".

" David, don't stop. I'll tell you anything you want just...please keep pounding my pussy" she lamented.

"Do you think I can watch you tease some stranger in a bar one night" I asked as my heart began beating feverishly.

"Yes" she cried increasing her pace.

"Do you think..." I was overwhelmed with the next question I was about to ask. "Do you think I could watch a man hitting on you and then picking you up. I'd want to watch you have sex with a total stranger mom". The image of mom behaving like a whore and allowing herself to be "pick-up" had made the semen rush to the head of my dick. I slowed down, feeling the need to hear her answer".

"Oh baby, I'd love to put on a show for you. Awww...but...uh...only if you're in the room. I'll fuck another man if I can suck your cock at the same time. I' anything for you David. Ohhhhh...kiss me hard...please".

I propelled my tongue into her mouth and gave her pussy a last stroke before discharging a barrage of semen bursts into her wanting cunt. I continued stroking as my cock emptied itself completely into my mother.

We kissed, moaned and held each other as the intensity of the orgasm had sapped us of our energy. I rolled off of her and pulled her head to my chest. We both stared up at the ceiling and listened to our breathing return too normal. "Did you mean it mom? Do you want me to help you fulfil your fantasy"?

She sighed and stroked my thighs with her soft hand. "Only if you're there to share the experience with me. David, I want to do all the things with you that most women experience with their husbands. You're my lover and I want you to help me grow sexually".

I don't know what came over me but I felt I needed to ask where my father would fit into all of this. "What about dad"?

Mom sighed and replied "Leave your father to me. I do love the man you know but more as a friend. After the last few days with you I realise a woman needs more than friendship from her husband. I need the passion and intensity that you have. It's just not in your father's nature to show this kind of sexual energy and awareness. Anyway David, don't let my relationship with him get in the way of what we have. His new position as Regional Manager will be keeping him out of the house on many nights and that should allow us the freedom we need to have our fun".

Life was good. In fact it was downright awesome. My mother wanted me as much as I wanted her. It was time for us to shower and get ready for her evening at the museum. Then I was going to take her to The Steam Room Nightclub where every Tuesday was ladies night. It was time to watch my mom in action and help her have two cocks at once.

To Be Continued...

More to come in the next part. Your feedback is appreciated.


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