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Bisexual Orgy Pt. I
by Bram Speer

"Where's Willa?" Vickie Layton asked Lou as he entered the Layton house.

Lou wagged his head. "She's at home. She didn't want to leave the house."

Vickie wryly smiled and shook her head. "She never leaves the house. She never gets out. Did you tell her we wanted both of you to come over?"

"Yes, I told her. But, she..." he wagged his head again.

"Hey, Lou," Jay Layton called out from his seat on the living room sofa.

"Go join Jay," Vickie said. "I'll fix us all a drink."

Lou watched Vickie as she walked to the kitchen. She was dressed in a short tight skirt and tight blouse. She was gorgeous with her long wispy reddish-auburn hair, hazel eyes and creamy skin. She was short and compact, but stacked. Lou felt a stirring in his groin.

"Willa couldn't make it, hunh?" Jay asked.

"No. I guess she's what you would call a homebody."

"Too bad. I was hoping we could have a foursome tonight - for trivia pursuit, or whatever." Jay chuckled. "Looks as if we've got Vickie outnumbered, but I think she can take care of both of us." He chuckled again and swiped his hand across his crotch.

Lou smiled uncertainly at the innuendo. He didn't know whether Jay was serious or not. Jay was Lou's coworker and he was always making double entendres about his wife.

Vickie arrived with drinks and sat on the sofa between Lou and Jay.

"I was just telling Lou that with Willa not here, we've got you outnumbered, honey," Jay said. "Two on one." He placed his hand on his wife's leg and stroked it.

"Yes, I really need Willa here," Vickie said. "It would even up the odds. It would be two on two."

"Or four on four," Jay smiled.

Lou watched Jay stroke his wife's leg, and his prick stirred and began to grow. Vickie was so damned tough. He had fantasized about fucking her.

"Let's watch a movie," Jay said. "A Swedish film."

He put a tape in the VCR and sat back down on the sofa. Vickie sprawled between the two men, and her skirt had ridden up. Lou looked at her creamy bare legs and his cock jerked and stiffened.

The film was hot. It showed two men and a woman sucking and fucking. Lou's dick was now stiff and throbbing. He saw that Jay had unbuttoned Vickie's blouse and had his hand down on her breasts stroking and massaging them.

Vickie moved her hand down to Jay's crotch and rubbed it.

All three of them were breathing hard now. Lou gasped when Vickie reached over and stroked his crotch. His peter was now hard and pulsating.

Jay unhooked his wife's bra and took it off, and her firm round breasts perked out. He went down on one of them, licking and sucking it.

Vickie unzipped their flies and jacked their pricks. Lou let out a groan and fell upon her tit. She panted and ground her breasts on the men's mouths.

Lou flicked her nipple with his tongue as he sucked the nub of her titty.

Jay got up on his knees beside his wife and guided his cock to her mouth. Lou's eyes widened as he saw Vickie open her lips and take the dick in. Jay slid his peter into his wife's mouth, and Lou felt his prick throb and ache in its hardness. His heart thumped and his throat and mouth grew dry as he looked at Jay's cock. It was thick and meaty, and Jay was nice-looking, handsome and rugged. Lou felt turned on, and he felt an urge to suck Jay's dick.

Vickie slid her mouth off her husband's peter and went down on Lou. She sucked him good and hard, bobbing her head back and forth on his meat. Lou hissed and gasped at the sensation of her warm wet mouth sliding up and down on his prick. He plunged his cock in and proceeded to frig her mouth. He panted in ecstasy as he face-fucked the sexy red-haired woman. He had fantasized about fucking Vickie and now that fantasy was coming true.

Jay pulled his wife's panties off and she lifted her legs and drew them back. He began licking and sucking her breasts, and Lou headed for her pussy. He gawked at it. Her cunt was beautiful. It looked like a golden-red peach. With a groan of lust, he fell upon it, burying his face in it.

Vickie reared up, mashing and grinding her yoni on his mouth. "Oh, ah, yes, lick me, Lou, eat my pussy, oh yes, eat me out."

He licked and sucked her clit, flicking and rubbing his tongue on it and sucking it with his lips. Ah, but she had a sweet-tasting cunt, the sweetest Lou had ever tasted. He tongue-fucked her, swirling and jamming and jabbing his tongue in her quim.

He felt a warm wet mouth on his dick. He looked down and saw Jay's head at his crotch.

Lou groaned and sank his peter into his friend's mouth. Jay sucked avidly on his prick, swirling his tongue on it as he slid his lips up and down. Lou hunched Jay's face, frigging the man's mouth. A jolt of pure lust stabbed through his body. A man was sucking his cock, and a handsome, rugged-looking man at that.

Jay slid his mouth off Lou's dick, grasped it and pulled it toward Vickie. "Fuck her, Lou," he said. "Fuck her now."

Lou mounted Vickie, clutched her smooth soft rump and pushed forward. "Hunhh!" he cried aloud as he thrust his peter into her cunt.

"Fuck my wife," Jay said. "Fuck her good."

Lou drove his hard prick up Vickie's quim. God, it felt so good! Her quiff was super warm and minty; it gripped his cock like a vise. "Oh yeah - unh - ahh!" he grunted as he dug his dick deep in her yoni. Ah, she was so beautiful and sexy, her pussy was so hot and moist and snug, and he'd dreamed about fucking her, and now he was doing it.

She wrapped her arms and legs around him and heaved her hips up. "Ahh - give it to me, Lou," she breathed out huskily. "Oh yes, give me all your prick."

He gave a lunge and sank every inch of his peter in her, then began screwing her in earnest, pumping his cock in her delicious cunt.

"Is he fucking you good, honey?" Jay asked.

"Oh yes, ah, and it feels so fucking good," she panted. "Ah, he's pumping the meat to me, he's fucking me so good!"

Lou saw that Jay was kneeling right beside him. His thick dick stood out rigid and throbbing. It was right there by Lou's head. He grasped the big prick and went down on it. He sucked Jay's peter with relish, gobbling up the meaty cock, bobbing his head up and down on it.

Jay clutched Lou's head and frigged his mouth and cried out, "Suck my dick! Fuck my wife!"

"Oh god, oh darling, I'm going to cum!" Vickie panted. "Now! Oh, Lou, cum with me, cum in me now!"

"Do it, Lou," Jay gasped. "Cum in her. Squirt cum in my wife's cunt."

Jay slid his prick out of Lou's mouth, and Lou plunged his peter as far as it would go up Vickie's quiff and let her have it. He spewed a thick glob of semen deep in her yoni.

"Oh god, Jesus Christ!" she cried. "Hot fucking cum deep in my pussy!"

Lou pumped gob after gob of cum in Vickie's quim, shooting his load in her, emptying his balls of sperm. Then he pulled out and rolled off, and Jay immediately took his place. He frigged his wife hard and fast, ramming his big rigid cock in her, pounding the meat in her cunt. "Oh, you sweet hot-fucking pussy you!" he shouted as he spurted cum deep in her quiff....

They sprawled on the sofa, temporarily satiated, watching the fuck film on the VCR. "That girl looks like Willa," Vickie said, indicating the woman in the film.

"Yeah, she does," Jay said.

Lou looked at the woman in the movie. She was sucking a man's prick as another man pumped her pussy from behind. She did resemble his wife. She was pretty with long brownish-blond hair, blue-green eyes, tawny skin, big-boned and full-bodied.

"Does look like Willa," Lou said. "But she would never be in that position - with two men. Willa is..." he wagged his head, "conservative, I guess you could say - when it comes to sex."

"Is she?" Vickie asked.

"Yeah. She...well, she's rather inhibited. She's rather squeamish about experimenting. She seems to like it in just one way - the old missionary position. She balks if I try to introduce something else - like licking her pussy, or sucking my dick, or trying some position other than the missionary."

"I'd like to fuck Willa," Jay said. "Fuck her mouth and fuck her from behind."

"So would I," Lou said, and they all laughed.

"We'll have to find some way to have Willa join us," Vickie said. "I'd love for all four of us to be together and lick and suck and fuck."


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